What Should've Happened Part 2!


(On to the Fan fiction….)

"Oh, once I get my hands on you I'll spank you like there's no freaking tomorrow!" yelled Flaming C.

"Oh, in that case, DERONIMO!" yelled Robin as he jumped on the flying Flaming C and sent him crashing to the ground.

"Robin!" yelled Flash (surprisingly). Too bad for him, all he managed to do was topple himself and Plastic Man and Elastic Man.

Too bad for Kid Flash, he was too busy looking at the toppled heroes to even notice the pole until WAPAM! Immediately, Kid Flash was out cold.

Not soon after, a kryptonite stone on a green arrow hit Superboy on the back and locked on.

Superboy collapsed immediately. Not soon after that though, Green Arrow removed the stone and sat him by Kid Flash.

All that were left was Robin and Aqualad.

WOOSH! I take that back, Robin was the only one left. Once he saw Aqualad with a Baterang in his leg, Robin sped up more. Even Flash was surprised by his sped.

Then, Batman stopped and yelled "Robin if you don't come back here right this second, you will have no Chocolate Chip Cookies for a whole MONTH!"

Robin immediately stopped. He turned around to see Batman and the rest of the League four hundred meters away.

Robin looked back at the road then Batman. Back at the road then Batman and Alfred. Road. Batman. Road. Batman. Road. Batman. Road. He then sighed in defeat. He ran back to Batman who had a cookie in his hand.

Robin smiled brightly before he bite into the warm sweet treat.

Everyone started walking back.

"Robin how could you?" Aqualad, Superboy, and Kid Flash, who regained conscious, said together.

"HE HAS COOKIES, HOW COULD YOU NOT?" Robin yelled at them, then took another bite from the cookie.

They all got up and took their punishment.

But now, the League and Superboy, Kid Flash, and Aqualad knew Robin's weakness.

Warm, gooey, Chocolate Chip Cookies.


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