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Logan turns around in bed and stretches out his arm, trying to hold on to the person that is usually asleep next to him, just as the alarm clock starts ringing. Logan wakes up and notices the bed is empty. He groans as he turns around and turns off the alarm clock as he looks at the picture next to it. He falls down on his back with a sigh as he moves his hands through his hair, it was only a dream, just like every other night. He throws the blankets off of him and gets out of bed, before grabbing his clothes and heads to the bathroom to take a quick shower. When he gets out he looks at himself in the mirror, only to be greeted by a sad looking reflection of himself. He lets his hands roam over his face, big bags are hanging under his eyes from the lack of sleep and he didn't care to shave, so he collected a good amount of scruff on his chin. With a groan he grabs his razor and starts shaving. He has to take care of himself at one point, today might be the day. After the shave, he quickly fixes his hair before he heads into the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal. He's not hungry, but he forces himself to at least eat something before everyone starts bothering him about it again. After he's done he places the empty bowl in the sink, before he grabs his car keys and jacket and heads out.

After a short drive he arrives at his destination where he quickly parks his car and heads inside. Several people greet him as he goes upstairs, but he hardly responds to them, he just wants to get to his destination. After arriving at the room, Logan opens the door and walks inside and hangs up his jacket before walking up to the bed.

"Good morning beautiful!" Logan whispers before leaning in and placing a kiss on Jaylin her cheek.

"Don't you think it's time to wake up today?" he adds as he nestles his nose against her cheek before inhaling her scent.

He misses her scent. She doesn't even smell the same anymore, instead she smells like hospitals always smells. But most of all he misses her, her smile, her laugh, her silly jokes, her arms around him, her lips on his, just all of her.

He grabs the chair next to the bed and sits down before he holds her hand and starts telling her about everything that has been going on in the world.

This has been the same routine every day for the past two weeks, waking up, taking a shower and get breakfast before heading out to the hospital to spend the day with his girlfriend Jaylin, and who has been in a coma for the past two weeks after being involved in a serious car accident, before heading back home, eat some dinner and go to bed and then do it all over the next day. Logan remembers it like it happened just yesterday.

*Flashback 2 weeks ago*

"Come on, baby. Stay in bed a little while longer." Logan whined as he grabbed Jaylin her hands and pulled her back into bed.

"You know I can't, baby. I gotta go to work. We can't all be as lucky as you and have two days off and enjoy a long weekend." Jaylin giggled.

"Then call in sick." Logan murmured against her skin as he placed soft kisses in her neck.

"Baby, I can't. I have an important presentation today. I need to take a shower and get ready." Jaylin groaned.

"Then I'll take a shower with you. That way we save water and we can have some fun at the same time." Logan growled seductively.

"No, I'll be late. I'm gonna take a quick shower and get ready by myself, with you around I'll never get ready, cause you won't give me the chance." Jaylin answered pushing Logan away.

"I would never do such a thing!" Logan answered as he holding a hand over his heart pretending to be hurt while batting his eyelashes.

"Right." Jaylin answered drawing out the word while giving him a questioning look.

"Okay, maybe I would. But I miss you!" Logan whined.

"I know, baby. I miss you too! I'm sorry I had to do so much preparation for the presentation for the past few days. We hardly had any time together. But, the presentation is today, so that means no more preparation..." Jaylin started.

"Which means fun time for Logan tonight!" Logan growled as he grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over on her back.

Before she could even register what was going on, Logan had pinned her down to the bed, as he placed kisses from her ear down to her neck.

"L-Logan, s-stop." Jaylin moaned.

"I want you so bad!" Logan growled while grinding his hips to hers.

"Down boy!" Jaylin giggled.

Logan made the mistake of letting go of her hands to move his hands under her shirt and massage her breasts, leaving her the chance to flip Logan back over and straddling him.

"Spoilsport!" Logan whined.

"Right now I'm going to take a shower, alone, and when I get back from work tonight..." Jaylin answered as she trailed her finger over Logan's bare chest down to his boxers.

"We'll have some fun." she added as she traced the already forming small bulge inside, giving it a soft squeeze, making Logan buck his hips, before she climbed off the bed and headed to the bathroom.

"You're such a tease!" Logan groaned, earning a giggle coming from the bathroom.

"Just wait till I get my hands on you tonight! You'll be in so much trouble, you wish you had called in sick!" Logan growled.

"Oh, now I'm scared!" Jaylin joked as she poked her head around the corner and throwing his own shirt she was wearing earlier towards him, before disappearing again.

Logan laughed as he got up and headed downstairs to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Not long after Jaylin appeared in the kitchen all dressed.

"You look pretty." Logan smiled as he handed her a cup of coffee.

"Thank you." Jaylin smiled as she took the cup and gave him a kiss.

They quickly had breakfast before Jaylin had to leave for work.

"I will see you tonight!" she smiled.

"You just wait for tonight!" Logan smirked as he wrapped his arms around her.

"I can't wait!" Jaylin laughed before giving Logan a kiss.

"Good luck with the presentation! I love you!"

"Thank you! I love you too, baby!" Jaylin smiled.

After a few more kisses Jaylin left for work. Logan got a quick shower before he headed to get all the items he needed for that night.


Several hours had gone by and Logan was all ready. He texted Jaylin a few times, making sure she wouldn't be home too early. He went by everything again to make sure it was all perfect. Candles... check, rose petals... check, outfit... check, dinner... check, chocolate covered strawberries... check and the ring... check. Everything was perfect and all Logan could do was wait for his girlfriend to come home.

The time she normally would be home passed by, but still no Jaylin. Thirty minutes passed by and still nothing. Logan decided to call her and leave a message. When the phone goes straight to her voicemail Logan is not too worried, because he knows she never answers the phone when she is driving in her car.

Another hour and three more voicemail messages and three text messages later, and still no sign of Jaylin. Logan was starting to get more and more worried every minute. He picked up the phone and called her number again.

"Hey baby, it's me. I don't know if you heard my four other voicemails or read my texts, but normally you would have been home an hour a half ago. I'm really getting worried now! I don't like this at all! If you're out with some co-workers, that's fine, but please call me! Please call me as soon as you hear this message, okay? I love you, babe!" Logan answered after the beep before hanging up the phone.

Just as he went back to watch some more tv, his phone started ringing.

"Baby, is that you? I'm so glad you called! Where are you? Are you okay?" Logan asked right away as he picked up the phone as fast as lightening.

"Hello, is this Mr. Logan Mitchell speaking?" a male voice asked.

"Yes, I'm Logan Mitchell. Who is this?" Logan asked confused.

"My name is dr. Stevens from the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. You are related to miss Jaylin Brown? Your name was on her emergency contact information." the man asked.

"She is my girlfriend. What happened to her? Is she okay?" Logan asked as fear set in.

"I am sorry to inform you, but miss Brown has been involved in a serious car accident earlier tonight."

"What?! I-is s-she okay?" Logan stuttered with a lump in his throat.

"The paramedics brought her here not too long ago and we have been examining her. She is stable for now, but is it possible for you to come down to the hospital to sign some papers for her further examination and possible operation?" the doctor answered.

"Yes! I'm on my way!" Logan answered as he stood up and blew out some of the candles that were still burning.

"Okay, you can go to the emergency room and ask for me at the front desk, my name is dr. Stevens."

"I'll be there in 15 minutes!" Logan answered and hung up the phone as he already headed out the door to his car.

The drive to the hospital was short. Logan quickly parked his car and headed inside and ran to the ER, and headed straight to the front desk.

"Hello sir, how can I help you?" a young nurse behind the desk asked.

"Hi, I got called by dr. Stevens about my girlfriend Jaylin Brown. She was in a car accident earlier tonight. I am supposed to meet dr. Stevens." Logan answered a bit nervous.

"Ah, we spoke earlier on the phone. I am dr. Stevens." a man answered coming up from behind out of a room holding some papers as he held out his hand.

"Logan Mitchell." Logan answered as he shook it.

"Where's Jaylin? How is she?" Logan asked worried.

"Please come with me." the doctor answered.

Logan nodded and followed him to an empty room. Once they arrived Logan sat down and dr. Stevens closed the door before he sat down next to Logan.

"I am sorry we had to meet under these circumstances. It took a while for the police to recover miss Brown her purse to show id and the person to contact in case of emergencies. I understood from the police that the accident happened about two hours ago. Now, from what I understood from the paramedics is that it took the fire department over an hour to get miss Brown out of the vehicle and then the paramedics needed some time to stabilize her before they were able to take her to the hospital. The driver from the other car didn't survive the accident." dr. Stevens explained.

"But how did it happen?" Logan asked surprised.

"I'm not sure. The police is probably still investigating everything and they will contact you either tonight or tomorrow." the doctor explained.

"Miss Brown sustained multiple injuries, she has a cut on her head that we need to stitch up and we made an MRI and it showed some swelling in the brain as well as some brain damage. We don't know what the consequences will be since she is in a coma right now. We hope she will wake up soon, but that is all up to her. The sooner she wakes up, the better. She is getting medication to help keep the swelling down." he adds.

"Luckily we didn't see any signs of a skull fracture or any damage on the spine in the neck or back. She did however break her right wrist, as well as her left ankle and on her left leg she has a cut that need stitches and her spleen is ruptured. We'll need to perform surgery on that right away to see how much damage there is and possibly remove the spleen as there can leak blood into her abdomen which can be fatal. And that is why we needed you to come down to sign these forms." the doctor answered handing the papers to Logan, who signed them right away.

"I do however have some other bad news to tell you. Shortly after miss Brown was brought in she started losing blood from in between her legs. We examined what caused it and I am sorry to have to tell you this, but unfortunately miss Brown suffered a miscarriage." the doctor added.

"W-what? T-that can't be! S-she was... W-we tried... I-It was... W-we couldn't..." Logan stuttered confused, not being able to form a whole sentence.

"I saw in the computer that miss Brown had been seeing dr. Baker last year for polycystic ovary syndrome."

"Y-yes, we uhm... we..." Logan answered just in complete shock.

"I read the file quickly. I know what had been going on. When she was brought in we did an ultrasound to see if there was any internal damage and noticed there was a fetus, but it wasn't showing any activity. With the blood loss that started, there was no denying in the fact that she was suffering a miscarriage. The steering wheel must have delivered a hard blow to her stomach with the crash which probably caused the trauma and started the miscarriage. I'd say she was about 7 weeks pregnant. I'm really sorry for your loss!" the doctor answered.

"The chance for her to get pregnant in a natural way was highly unlikely. But we're still young, so we tried for a year with medication that she got and see if it would help. If not there would be other options. We hadn't talked about our other options yet... I can't believe it!" Logan answered while running his hands through his hair.

The sound of a beeper going off filled the room.

"An OR just became available. Again, I'm really sorry for your loss. But I'd better get back and get miss Brown up to the OR. The surgery will take about 2 hours. If you make sure to stay around in the waiting area, I will inform you as soon as we're done." the doctor answered as he got up and left the room with Logan right behind him. As they arrived at the ER room, where Jaylin was lying in, nurses were just rolling the stretcher and some machines, that she was hooked onto, out of the room.

"Can I see her?" Logan asked quickly.

"We should be getting up to the OR." the doctor answered as he turned around.

"Please?" Logan pleaded, his voice breaking.

"Only for a minute." The doctor answered as he stepped aside.

Logan walked up to the left side of the stretcher and was shocked by what he saw, his girlfriend covered in scrapes and bruises, a bandage on her forehead, a splint on her right arm, clothes covered in blood, it was a sight he hoped never to see.

"Hey baby. You're gonna be okay! Everything is gonna be okay! I just need you to come back to me!" Logan softly spoke into Jaylin her ear, while trying not to break down as he held her hand and softly squeezed it and used his other hand to stroke her cheek.

"We really need to get to the OR, Mr. Mitchell." the doctor interrupted Logan.

"I love you! So much! Just please come back!" Logan pleaded as he placed a kiss on her cheek.

The nurses rolled the stretcher away, causing Logan's and Jaylin her hand to drift apart. Logan could only stand there and watch as the woman he loved was being taken into surgery.

Once the doors closed he headed into the bathroom. His hands gripped the sink, anger and sadness were building up inside of him and as he looked in the mirror the anger took over. He tried to yank the sink off the wall, but as Logan noticed it wouldn't come off the sadness took over. He took a few steps back until his back hit the wall, where he slid down against it and pulled his knees up to his chest, as his elbows leaned on his knees, his hands were pulling his hair as tears started to make their way down his cheeks as he just broke down completely. Not only was his girlfriend involved in a serious car accident and was currently in a coma, but they lost their baby too. A baby they didn't even know about, that wasn't expected but more than welcome, and that all changed in an instant. He didn't even know how to tell Jaylin the news, he knew it would break her heart, she had been wanting kids, and the news of her possibly not being able to have kids of her own, broke her once already. How was Logan supposed to tell her that she lost the baby that she had been wanting so much?


After a while of crying, Logan calmed down a bit. He got up, splashed some water on his face and headed to the waiting area where he started the painful task of calling Jaylin her parents, his parents and a few friends and tell them the horrible news. Soon after Logan wasn't in the waiting area alone anymore as Jaylin her parents, his parents and two of their closest friends joined him.

Two and a half hours later doctor Stevens came into the waiting area, making everyone jump up.

"How is she doing? Is she okay?" Logan asked worried.

"We were performing laparoscopic surgery to examine the damage on the spleen, but it was too severely damaged, so we had to do a laparoscopic splenectomy. She won't have any problems without a spleen, although the yearly flu shot is recommended and she needs to be careful with traveling to other countries. We made 3 tiny incisions on her left side and 1 slightly bigger incision near her pelvis where we took out the spleen. The surgery was a success. We stitched up the cut on her head and the one on her left leg and put her right wrist and left ankle in a cast. All we can do now is wait for her to wake up." the doctor answered.

"When will that be?" Jaylin her mom asked worried.

"We don't know. It can be a few days or it can be a few weeks or even longer. It's up to her at this point."

"Can we see her?" Logan asked.

"Are you all family of her?" the doctor asked.

"We're her parents." Jaylin her mom answers as she points to herself and her husband.

"And they are my parents and these are our 2 best friends." Logan adds as he points to his parents and friends.

"She will be moved to the ICU as part of the procedure, the nurses should be done with cleaning her up now. I will over look it this time, but normally only immediate family members are allowed on the ICU. You can all follow me." the doctor answered and led the way to the ICU.

Just as they all arrived at the ICU, the nurses were finished bringing Jaylin into her room.

"Only two people with her at once. And you can't stay too long." the doctor informed.

They all took turns with visiting her and staying for a little bit. As Logan's parents, Jaylin her parents and their friends left after they visited her, Logan went back in with her one last time.

"Hey baby, I know you can hear me." Logan softly spoke as he took her left hand in his and stroked her cheek with his other.

"I need you to come back to me, alright? I need you with me! It's killing me to see you like this! This wasn't what was supposed to happen tonight!" Logan added as tears started to form in eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize someone was still in here." a nurse said as she walked in and saw Logan.

"I'm sorry, but you can't be in here anymore. It's past visiting hours." the nurse informed Logan as she walked further in the room.

"I know. She had an operation earlier tonight and they brought her in here a while ago. I was just saying goodnight." Logan answered with his voice almost breaking.

The nurse felt her heart shatter as she looked at Logan.

"I'll be back in five minutes." the nurse said before leaving the room.

"Thank you." Logan managed to answer.

Logan closed his eyes, causing the tears to leave his eyes and roll down his cheeks, and took a deep breath before he spoke to Jaylin again.

"J-jay, I n-need you! Just come back! Open your beautiful eyes and tell me everything is going to be okay. I need to hear your voice, your laugh! I need to hold you in my arms again!" Logan stuttered as he was trying to stop himself from breaking down in front of Jaylin.

"P-please come back to me!" Logan pleaded as he squeezed her hand.

He leaned forward and kissed her cheek softly.

"P-please come back! I love you so much!" he whispered in her ear before placing another kiss on her cheek and letting his lips linger for a few seconds as he squeezed his eyes shut and let a few tears fall.

Logan slowly got back up and let go of Jaylin her hand before slowly walking to the door. Just as he opened the door, the nurse from earlier had returned.

"She has the best doctors taking care of her." the nurse said to him.

Logan nodded softly.

"Goodnight." he answered softly.

He just couldn't handle talking to her any longer, so he rushed out of the room and headed home.

When he walked into the living room and saw the things he had set up earlier that night, he just lost it. He moved his arms over the table and the dresser and just threw off the candles and rose petals and everything else on it, until he noticed a picture frame on the ground. It was a picture of him and Jaylin shortly after they got together. The glass broke when he had shoved it off the dresser by accident and it fell to the ground.

He picked up the picture frame and took out the picture causing him to accidentally cut himself on a piece of glass.

"Fuck!" he yelled and rushed to the kitchen to clean his finger under some water.

He looked at the picture that he had laid on the counter as he was drying his hands. He picked it up again and wanted to head back to the living room, but as soon as he turned around and took two steps he saw the dinner table where he had spent some time on decorating it earlier that day for a romantic dinner for Jaylin and himself. It all hit him at once. Tears were starting to form and he twisted his hands in his hair, pulling on it as he slowly backed away several steps until his back hit the big refrigerator, blocking him from going any further. He slid down until he sat on the ground and pulled his knees against his chest. He just sat there and broke down completely. Tears were streaming down his face and after a while he moved so he was laying on the floor in fetal position until he fell asleep.

*End of flashback*

Logan looks at his index finger as he remembers what happened. The cut on his finger had started to heal up. He had spent the whole night sleeping on the floor and woke up the next morning, his body all sore from the cold hard floor that his body wasn't accustomed to.

After getting himself cleaned up he headed back to the hospital where he would spend the entire day at Jaylin her bedside before heading back home at night and repeating the process the next day.

His body got to endure strange sleeping manners during the two weeks that have passed, from sleeping on a chair next to Jaylin her bed as he holds onto her hand to sleeping on the couch at home. Every day Jaylin her parents would come and visit her. Their friends had only been allowed to see her for a few minutes after she was just brought to the ICU. Normally only family members were allowed to visit patients on the ICU.

On the last day of that first weekend Logan had called up his boss to tell him the news and that he needed time off. His boss understood completely and gave him the time off that he needed.

For the past two weeks Logan's daily routine had been completely thrown off balance, his days were now completely devoted to spending as much time as possible with Jaylin. And no one knew how much longer this would take.


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