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Logan peeks into the room, happy to see that it's empty so he can have some time alone with Jaylin. He was here earlier on the day, but shortly after he arrived Jaylin her parents came to visit her and after that some of their friends as well, to which Logan went outside to take a walk. It's hard finding a moment alone with her parents visiting her every day and some of her other family members and their friends as well. Jaylin was moved from the ICU to a step-down unit a few days ago. She needs less monitoring than necessary while in Intensive Care Units, but requires more monitoring than typical patients on the main unit. This also meant their friends could visit her. Their friends have all been nothing but wonderful and supportive, doing what they can to help, which Logan is extremely thankful for, but sometimes he wants to visit her in peace. Logan steps into the room and walks around to the other side of the bed.

"Good afternoon, beautiful. I'm back." he says softly as he leans forward and kisses Jaylin her cheek.

The scrapes and bruises were already healing nicely. As well as the cut on her forehead.

"It's still a good day to wake up today. The weather is really nice." he adds but it stays quiet in the room, besides the repetitive beeping of the patient monitor and the dripping of the IV next to the bed and the soft ticking of the big clock on the wall above the door.

He sighs as takes off his jacket and drapes it over the back of the chair and pulls the chair closer to the bed and sits down.

"You know, I just went outside for a walk and I got so hot that I took my shirt off, which means I'm shirtless right now." Logan tries again, knowing that normally Jaylin would respond to it right away, but he doesn't get a response from her this time.

He has been saying all sorts of things to try and get her to wake up, from 'there is a fire' to 'I want to make love to you' and even the more desperate ones like 'if you love me, you open your eyes', but none of them worked.

He takes her hand and strokes the back of it with his thumb as he starts his daily routine of telling her what's going on outside of the hospital, while he takes her fingers and guides them touch his cheeks and dimples. She often would poke his dimples, they were one thing she loved about him. Logan read a lot about doing little things like this in the past two weeks, little things that would help make contact with Jaylin.

"Want to listen to some music?" he asks after a while as he wants to grab Jaylin her Ipod out of the inner pocket of his jacket but accidentally grabs something else.

He pulls his hand back holding the item and looks at the small blue velvet box. He opens it and looks at the engagement ring sitting inside the box. It has five smaller diamonds on both sides hugging a bigger round diamond in the middle. He knew right away that that was the perfect ring for Jaylin when he saw it.

Instantly all the memories start flooding back to his mind of that faithful night seventeen days ago, the night he was supposed to become engaged to the love of his life, but instead he got a phone call that changed everything.

"I've been carrying this around for the past two weeks." Logan says as he leaves the box open and places it on the bedside table.

The sun peeks through the window and immediately different colors start appearing and dance around on the table next to the box as the sunlight falls onto the big diamond in the middle.

"I have been hiding the ring for the past 3 months and I've had in my pocket ever since I got that horrible phone call." Logan adds as he reaches back into his inner pocket to grab the Ipod and starts the music that Jaylin loves.

Slowly the soft music of Celine Dion starts filling the room. She is a big fan of her and for the past two weeks Logan has been playing her music every day in the hopes it would help to wake her up.

Logan holds Jaylin her hand again as he looks around the boring room. The walls are a plain shade of white, decorated with a glistening shape dancing along the wall, formed by the bright sun shining onto the bedrail. It catches his attention and makes him think of Jaylin dressed up in a gorgeous white wedding dress. The wall behind her is painted in an unflattering mint green hue, which reminds Logan of Jaylin her beautiful eyes, which also happens to be her favorite color- green.

"I need you to open your eyes! I need you to look at me with those beautiful eyes of yours, so that I can give you this ring and ask you to become my wife and we can start planning our future!" Logan says as he leans forward with his elbows on the bed.

"Please Jay! You need to wake up! This wasn't how it was supposed to go! This wasn't how I planned everything! Please!" Logan pleads, his voice cracking as he closes his eyes and places a kiss on the back of Jaylin her hand.

A few tear are making their way down his cheeks as he is saying a few silent prayers, one of many that he has been saying every day for the past seventeen days. He intertwines their fingers and lays their hands back down on the bed as keeps their fingers intertwined. He lays his arm next to hers and leans forward to lay his head on his arm. He closes his eyes for a few minutes, needing rest. Getting through the nights are hard when he's lying awake, worrying about Jaylin. If Logan finally does manage to fall asleep, the same scenarios keep playing in his head, from the moment he got the devastating news, to scenarios of what could have happened to Jaylin, or even images from the future of the unborn child that they lost. It always ends the same, with him waking up screaming and sweating like crazy.

Logan jolts up a while later, once again woken up by the same clip playing in his mind of what could have happened to Jaylin. As he leans up he notices he had subconsciously moved his free hand up in his sleep, which is now resting onto Jaylin her stomach. Immediately the memories start flooding back of when Jaylin told him she might be pregnant and then not long after they found out she doesn't have a big chance of ever getting pregnant.

*Flashback 18 months ago*

Jaylin woke up once again feeling sick. She got out of bed and ran to the bathroom to empty her stomach. This had been going on for about a week now in which she had stayed home from work. And to top that she had missed her period. When she returned to the bedroom she noticed a pack of crackers on Logan's pillow, and underneath it a note. She crawled onto the bed and took the note to read it.

Good morning beautiful,

I hope you are feeling better today! I didn't want to wake you up when I left for work, since sleep heals the body. I left some crackers on my pillow and if you look on your nightstand there is some ginger ale, as well as some water and more crackers.

Jaylin looked over to see that the drinks and crackers were actually there. She smiled at Logan's sweet gesture as she continued to read.

Drink plenty of fluids and eat the crackers. If you're getting out of bed there is also some cerial in the kitchen. We also have cheese, apples and peanut butter and chamomile tea in case you want any of that. Take plenty of rest!

I'll be home as soon as I can after work. Text me when you wake up.

I love you, baby girl! I'll see you tonight!

xx Logan

Jaylin smiled when she finished the note. She crawled back into bed, grabbed her phone and texted Logan while eating some of the crackers and drinking some ginger ale. It didn't take long to get a sweet reply from Logan. He had offered to stay home from work to take care of her, but Jaylin didn't want that.

She hadn't done a pregnancy test yet, because she had been feeling so sick. And she didn't want to worry Logan with it. They both thought it was probably a stomach flu, it had been going around after all. After she had enough she got up and headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower and returned to the bedroom to get dressed in some sweatpants and one of Logan's sweaters. She dressed up warm and headed out to walk to the drugstore that was nearby to get a pregnancy test. When she returned she immediately went to the bathroom to take the test.

She set her phone alarm to three minutes, which seemed like a lifetime. As soon as the alarm went off she noticed there were two pink lines on the stick, indicating she was pregnant.

Jaylin couldn't be more happy. She laid her hand on her stomach and softly rubbed it as she smiled. After she hid the test she went into the kitchen and made some apple slices with peanut butter and grabbed some ginger ale and took it to the living room. She grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch and curled herself in it as she ate the apple slices and watched some tv.

A few hours had passed when she felt something stroke her cheek. She slowly opened her eyes, only to be greeted by Logan smiling at her.

"Hi, baby girl. How are you feeling?" he asked softly.

"Better." Jaylin smiled making Logan smile as well.

"Good! My mom called me a while ago, saying she made chicken soup for you, she made me pick it up on my way from work. Do you want some?"

Jaylin nodded and sat up.

"My parents and Presley sent their love." Logan said as he placed a kiss on her forehead.

Jaylin smiled in return before Logan got up and headed into the kitchen and returned not long after that with a bowl of hot steaming chicken soup and some pasta that his mom had made for him.

After dinner they decided to watch some tv. Jaylin curled up against Logan and he let her decide what to watch.

"Do you want to see that movie?" Jaylin asked after a commercial, saying the movie Nine Months with Hugh Grant would be on next, came on.

"Sure." Logan answered as he kissed the top of her head.

During the movie Jaylin was thinking if she should tell Logan now or not. The movie is about a guy who freaks out when he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant. Jaylin decided she'd carefully ask Logan about it first. He didn't responded in a strange way to the movie, but then again it was only a movie.

"Logan?" Jaylin asked softly.

"Hmm?" Logan hummed in return.

"What do you think about having kids?" Jaylin asked softly.

"What brought this on?" Logan asked confused as he leaned back and looked at her.

"I was thinking about the future and everything and I was just wondering. Don't you ever think about it?"

"Sometimes I do." Logan answered.

"What do you see in your future?" Jaylin asked a bit nervous.

"Well, I see us together, happy, with a few kids running around and maybe a dog." Logan started imagining.

"So you do want kids?"

"We're still young, so we have time, but yes, I do want kids with you." Logan smiled.

This made Jaylin smile. She snuggled closer to Logan and placed her head back on his chest and her arm around his waist.

"Imagine a little boy, who's a spitting image of you, running around. Having your amazing eyes and your adorable dimples." Jaylin smiled as she looked back up and poked his dimple that had appeared as he smiled at the imagination.

"What about a little girl who's as cute as you. With your beautiful eyes and your cute nose." Logan smiled as he softly tapped her nose making her giggle before she started yawning.

"You tired?" Logan asked to which Jaylin nodded.

"Come on, let's get some sleep." Logan added.

They both got up and headed to bed.


Two days later Jaylin was feeling better and she had made an appointment with the doctor for the test. She didn't tell Logan, because she didn't want him to worry. It was a Friday, so Jaylin decided to stay home and go back to work after the weekend.

Jaylin was in the exam room, looking around a bit nervously as the doctor walked back in with the test results.

"Miss Brown, I'm sorry to tell you, but the tests came out negative." The doctor said.


"You are not pregnant. I'm sorry." The doctor explained, making Jaylin look surprised.


"Baby, I'm home." Logan called as he walked in the house.

He had just come home from work but found the house empty.

"Jay? Where are you?"

Still no answer. He decided to send her a text message. She probably ran out to the store. Just as he was busy writing the message he jumped up as the front door went open and slammed shut.

"Jay?" Logan called as he got up from the couch and headed to the hallway.

Even before he could say hi, Jaylin rushed passed him and ran upstairs without saying anything.

"Jaylin, wait! What's going on?" he asked as he ran after her.

As soon as Jaylin was upstairs she ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Logan tried to open the door, only to find it locked.

"Jay? Can you open the door? Please?" Logan asked as he knocked on the door.

He got no answer. All he could hear was Jaylin crying.

"Baby, what happened? What's going on? Please, talk to me." he asked worried as he kept on knocking on the door.

Still no answer.

"Jay! Open the door!" he pleaded as his knocking turned into banging.

"Jay, let me in! Don't make me break..." he said sternly when he was interrupted by the sound of the door unlocking.

He opened the door and found Jaylin sitting on the edge of the bathtub crying.

"Baby, what's going on? What happened?" he asked worried as he sat down next to her and pulled her in for a hug.

"I thought I was pregnant, but I'm not." Jaylin answered crying.

"What?" Logan asked surprised.

Jaylin shoved the pregnancy test, that she took a few days before, in his hand.

"Baby, I don't understand. Doesn't two lines mean you're pregnant?"

"I took this two days ago. And I just came from the doctor, I wanted to make sure I was pregnant before I would tell you. The doctor said I wasn't pregnant." Jaylin cried.

"Baby, then we'll try again. It's okay. Our time will come. It's gonna be okay. One day soon, we'll get pregnant and it's gonna be amazing!" Logan comforted her.

"No, it's not! We won't have that!" Jaylin answered even more upset as she got up and quickly walked to the bedroom.

Logan followed her right away and found Jaylin sitting on the bed crying.

"Baby, our day will come."

"No, it won't. The doctor didn't just say I wasn't pregnant, but that I'll probably never get... I can't..." she cried but couldn't finish her sentences.

"You can't get pregnant? They told you you'll never be able to have kids?" Logan asked shocked to which Jaylin nodded as more tears were making their way down her cheeks.

"Baby's, it's okay." Logan comforted her.

"No, it's not. I want to have a family with you."

"We will get a second opinion and a third one if we have to. We'll get the best doctor out there." Logan answered as he pulled Jaylin in for a hug.

"But what if..." she sobbed in his chest.

"Hey, look at me." Logan said as he broke the hug and placed his hands on both sides of her face and made her look at him.

"All that matters is that I love you! I love you so much! We will get through this, okay?" he reassured her.

Jaylin nodded and leaned forward to hug Logan tightly before she broke down crying. Logan wrapped his arms tightly around her and kept whispering 'it's gonna be okay' and 'I love you' in her ear.

"I-I-I" Jaylin sobbed.


They went for a second opinion and even a third. Both times they got the same answer. Jaylin had polycystic ovary syndrome, PCOS for short. They were sent to the hospital to see doctor Baker who was specialized in fertility problems.

Jaylin got medication and they would test it for a year to see if it would work, the body needed time to react to the medication. After that they could try IFV treatments or surrogacy or adoption.

Jaylin was upset for weeks. Logan tried to help her as well as her friends and family. It became almost an obsession for her. Everything revolved about getting pregnant.

Several months went by and every month they tried again, but each time it ended in a negative pregnancy test.

"It's gonna be okay. The year hasn't passed yet. And if it doesn't work we could..." Logan comforted Jaylin after another negative test.

"No! I want a baby made by us! I want a baby that looks like you or me! I want..." Jaylin cried as she knew what Logan was going to say.

"Baby, look at me! One day we will have a family! We will have our little miracle! I promise you! But you need to promise me something! You're putting too much pressure on yourself! I can't see you suffering like this! I need you to take it easy. We're only 22 years old. We're still young, we will have a family one day! I promise you! But please stop putting so much pressure on yourself, or it's going to kill you! It's killing me to see you like this! I can't take this anymore! Please!" Logan pleaded with tears in his eyes.

Jaylin nodded before she hugged him tightly as they both cried for a while.

*End flashback*

Logan notices some tears rolling down his cheeks as he remembers everything.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Mr. Mitchell, but visiting hours are nearly over." a nurse says as she walked in the room.

The nurse he got to know as Stephanie.

"I know." Logan answers as he quickly wipes his tears away.

"I was just coming to check her vitals. I was in here a while ago, but you seemed to be sleeping then."

Logan just nods in response.

"She will wake up soon. I see how you are trying to contact her, by playing her favorite music and talking to her, and bringing other items along that she can feel or smell. Those things are really good." Stephanie tells him as she checks Jaylin her vitals.

"I feel weird doing all that stuff." Logan confesses.

"It's not weird. They can still often hear us. And all those things are helping her to remember what she has waiting for her to come back to. She will wake up soon, you have to believe that. She has every reason to come back to her family and friends and you." Stephanie smiles.

"I will give you a few minutes to say goodbye." she adds before she leaves the room.

"Thank you." Logan answers as he gets up.

"I have to go now. I will be back tomorrow morning, okay? I love you!" he softly tells Jaylin as he kisses her cheek.

He feels a soft twitch of her index finger which makes him smile. It's not the first time he felt it. He has seen her mouth move a little, as well as her eyebrow and nose. Patients in a coma often can make little movements like this.

Logan remembers the first time she did it thinking she was waking up, he immediately called for the doctor, who told him that this would happen and that they are muscle twitches. He also read about it that that you should let the person know you felt or saw the movement.

"I felt that, baby. I felt your finger move. Can you do that again for me?" Logan asks.

He waits for a while, but nothing happens.

"That's okay, baby. I'm proud of you. We'll try again tomorrow. Go and rest for now. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you!" Logan softly says before he kisses her cheek and leaves the room.

Logan sighs as he gets into his car, knowing that probably another long restless night will be waiting for him.


The next morning Logan wakes up screaming and sweating, and very tired. Again he didn't get much sleep, he spent half the night lying awake worrying about Jaylin, and the other half sleeping with scenario's playing in his head of what could have happened.

He gets out of bed to take a quick shower before heading downstairs to grab some cereal. He wants to get back to the hospital as quickly as possible so that he can spend as much time with Jaylin, he is already later than usual since he didn't get much sleep.

Not long after he finishes his breakfast, he is already sitting in his car, driving the now too familiar way to the hospital. Once he arrives there he quickly parks his car before he goes inside and heads up to Jaylin her floor.

"Mr. Mitchell, I was about to call you." doctor Stevens said, who was standing at the nurses station, as he saw Logan.

"Why? Is everything okay with Jaylin?" Logan asked, instantly worried.

"I would like to talk to you for a moment, would you mind coming to my office?" the doctor asked as he pointed to his office that was on the other wing.

Logan nodded and followed him to his office.

"What is going on? Is something wrong with Jaylin?" Logan asked worried as they stepped into the office.

"Please take a seat." the doctor tells him as he closes the door and walks around the desk to take a seat on his chair.

"I was about to call you when an emergency happened. And then I just saw you arrive, so I can tell you this now. Miss Brown woke up earlier this morning." the doctor tells him just as he sits down.

When the doctor looks up, the chair across from the desk is empty and the door of his office is open.

Logan is running as fast as he can to Jaylin her room. When he arrives there, he sees that she isn't awake. He walks up to the other side of the bed and takes her left hand in his and strokes her cheek with the other.

"Jaylin? Jay, It's me. Can you hear me? Please open your eyes. Baby, I'm here, please open your eyes." Logan pleads.

"Mr. Mitchell." He looks up when he hears the doctor, who walked into the room, call his name.

"You said she woke up! Why isn't she awake?" Logan asks upset.

"She started panicking when she woke up and it was getting dangerous to which we decided to give her a mild sedative. She wasn't listening to anything. I would like you to come back to my office so we can talk a bit more. I have some things to discuss with you." Doctor Stevens tells him.

"I want to be here when she wakes up!" Logan answers.

"The sedative will wear out in a bit. I would really like to discuss a few things with you. Please come back to my office."

Logan nods and places a kiss on Jaylin her forehead.

"I will be right back." he softly says before he lets go of her hand and follows the doctor.

"L-Logan?" a cracking voice stopped him dead in his tracks.

He quickly turns around, thinking his mind is playing tricks on him, but when he does he sees Jaylin blinking her eyes and looking around.

"I'm here." Logan answers and walks back to the other side of the bed as fast as he can.

He takes her hand in his again and strokes her cheek with the other.

She looks at him and gives a soft smile.

"Hi baby, I missed looking into your beautiful eyes." he says with a soft voice.

"W-where's S-Sarah?" Jaylin manages to ask.

"My ex, Sarah?" Logan asks confused.

He scrunches his eyebrows as Jaylin nods softly.

"Y-you w-went out... l-last night." she manages to say.

"What are you talking about? We broke up three years ago." Logan answers making Jaylin give him a confused look.

"What is going on here?" Logan asks as he looks up at the doctor.


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