A Primrose in Neverland Part Two

After hiding the orb, the pirates had returned to the Jolly Roger, thinking they had won.

Jimmy had been completely different since Primrose's death. He'd been pale as milk, he seemed completely empty and devoid of emotion when one looked at him and he kept gazing out of the window in Bonny's cabin. It was as though Primrose's death had broken both his heart and his spirit in so many ways.

After seeing the image of Jimmy's lost love in his watch and how much the girl resembled her, Bonny had put two and two together and knew the connection.

"You've barely said more two words in hours, Hook," said Bonny. She found his brooding completely irritating and boring, and was trying to snap him out of it. "I can understand why you're upset and why you were so protective of that girl. She was the daughter of your lost love, wasn't she?"

"You see nothing," growled Jimmy.

"I see plenty!" she snapped. "And I also see that you need to stop acting like a mopey child and move on with your life! Take this like a man, Hook! The girl's dead and she's never coming back! You should rejoice, for the stars have finally turned in our favor at last! When Starkey's finished with the Chief's daughter, she'll tell us whatever we need to know about whatever we want and we shall rule over whatever world we please!" She placed her hand on his shoulder and started combing his hair with her fingers, but he just let out a snarl and pulled away.

"Don't touch me!" he hissed. "You're a bigger fool than I thought you were, if you honestly believe she'll tell you anything, especially after what you did to Primrose."

Bonny glared at him. "Watch your tongue, Hook! Starkey's never let me down before. I don't see why he will now."

"There's a first time for everything," said Jimmy. He yanked his coat off the hook it rested on and began preparing to leave.

"And just what do you think you're doing?" demanded Bonny.

"I'm leaving as you can plainly see!" said Jimmy, angrily.

"Oh, no you're not. I'm not done—"

She was cut off when Jimmy pinned her to the wall with a sword to her throat. "Listen to me, witch," he hissed. "You don't tell me what to do anymore. I am my own man and I'm not one of your pack dogs! I don't know what you did to me, but your little spell wore off when you slew Primrose! I want nothing more to do with you, accursed witch!"

"I can change that," said Bonny. She managed to reach inside her pocket for the last remains of the red dust and blew it onto him. Not being more careful to watch her was a foolish error on Jimmy's part, for now he was back under her control.

He blinked a few times and wrinkled his nose before his eyes changed color once more. He acted as though he'd just woken up after receiving a blow to the head. "What was I doing?" he asked, as he lowered his blade.

"You were going to hang up your coat, put your sword away and come up with a new plan for me, James," said Bonny, sweetly. She called him Hook when she was annoyed with him and James if she was happy with him.

Jimmy did as he was told. He lowered the blade, hung up his coat before examined a map on the table.

"This is the fairies colony, which is surrounded by impregnable mountains, correct?" he said. When she nodded, he continued. "What about this ravine by the Corge Settlement?"

"It's fifty feet wide," said Bonny, pleased he was back to being hers again, even if it wasn't real. "We'd be sitting ducks if we tried going there, though."

"Not if we roped across," said Jimmy. "And we brought Princess Tiger Lily as a hostage."

"That's a big risk, but it's one worth taking," said Bonny, after a moment's consideration. "We'll set off at first dawn and I'll bring ten of my best men with me. But what, pray tell, are we to do with the orb now that it's in our possession?"

"Easy," said Jimmy. He had a dangerous glint in his eye and was holding close as he ran his hand through her hair. "I intend to use it to return to London after I have the power of the mineral dust coursing through my veins. I will be a god amongst men and rule over the same London society that banished me to the savages of the East End! Countless scores will be settled! And you shall be my Queen, Liz, if you wish it."

Bonny grinned a sickening delighted grin as she placed her hand on his cheek. "I do wish it," she said. "Kiss me, my dear sweet James Hook."

He did just that, and though he was smiling on the outside, he was screaming at himself on the inside.


Meanwhile, contrary to what people believed, Primrose was not dead. Not just yet.

Because of Bonny's actions, Primrose was barely alive when Terence found her on the forest floor while Fludd's city burned itself to the ground. She could not move and was severely injured. She needed help before it was too late.

Terence had grown fond of the redheaded girl in the short space of time she'd been in Neverland and sensed something special in her. Unwilling to let an innocent life perish, Terence called upon the assistance of his people to help save her.

Primrose was carried away by several of the fairies to their home where she was placed into a thin, delicate nightgown made of fragile white silk before she taken to the a large cavern with two hot springs. The entire area was glittering and glowing with the mineral dust, but Primrose could barely hear what was going on around her, never mind see it. So, she could not even properly take in the beauty of the majestic sight.

It wasn't until she fully immersed in one of the two pools that she woke up and became aware of her surroundings. She found herself in glittering water, and heard the sound of a strange yet beautiful song being sung by the fairies. Through the ice, she could see Terence flying in a certain direction and followed him until she came to the other end and emerged from the second pool, gasping for breath and with her wounds closed up.

Shakily, she climbed out of the pool and then rested on her back. She was completely soaked and slowly drying off. Her hair was out of its braid and lay sprayed about everywhere. She closed her eyes for a few moments as the bright lights of the cavern hit her. She blinked slowly when Terence came into view. He was hovering near her face.

"Terence, is that you?" murmured Primrose. Her vision was just barely clearing up.

Yes, Primrose, it is I, said Terence. How're you feeling?

"Tired," said Primrose. That was only to be expected as she hadn't slept properly in months. "What's happened and where am I?"

You're in my home. This is the colony of the fairies, said Terence. I had you brought here by my people after you were wounded. Had we not acted, you would've perished.

"Then I owe you my life," said Primrose, softly. "But why did you save me? All the trouble of late is my fault. My family's being here, the fire at Fludd's village…"

Hush, it is not your fault, Primrose. You spoke a little in your sleep. We know what happened. Your family activated the orb first, not you. You followed them to save them and you've only tried to help them. You've never even given up on your friend Jimmy, when others in your place would've, said Terence. And as for Professor Fludd's village, that tragedy was done by the pirates, not you. You tried to stop them and you are not to blame for their own actions.

"If you say so," said Primrose. Her mind agreed with him, even if her heart didn't. Then she frowned in confusion. "Wait, how is it I can hear you speaking English when you're not moving your lips and I could hear you before when Tiger Lily couldn't?"

Terence chuckled. You ask a lot of questions. I'm using my mind to converse with you, that's why it looks strange when I talk to you. As for the rest, you're more special than you know. Your scarlet hair allows you to see and hear what others cannot. Unless others have our consent, they cannot hear our people. But you can hear us always, unlike the others who reside here.

Primrose was surprised. But perhaps, she should've expected it. After all, in all the storybooks, those with red hair were either lucky or granted special wishes. But those were just books. Instead of speaking on that, she just asked, "Why was I in that pool?"

You were in there for several reasons, the treatment of your wounds being one of them. We've also made you like us, Primrose. Now, you'll be able to fly.

"Fly?" she said, stunned. "But how?"

The ability to fly is easily granted if one knows how to do it. For the first time, our dust must be spread all over a person and then they must think happy thoughts while one of us is near, singing or hum our song, explained Terence. After that, it's merely happy thoughts to keep one afloat.

"Fascinating," said Primrose. She wanted to know more, but now wasn't the time as she had more pressing matters to deal with. "Where's my friend Tiger Lily? Is she here too?"

No, I'm sorry to say that your friend's been captured by the pirates, said Terence, sadly. She was taken before we could act.

"I've got to save her. I've—ah!" When Primrose to sit up, she fell back down clutching her side in agony where her knife wound had once been. She bit her lip and tried to conceal her pain, but Terence saw right through her.

Easy, Primrose, easy, soothed Terence. Just breathe slowly and deeply for a few moments. The pain will cease soon enough.

"If my wound's gone, then why do I hurt so much?" she asked, when the pain had ceased.

We've managed to close your wound, but it is not yet fully healed. You can regain some of your strength, but it'll be many days before you'll fully recovered, explained Terence. Right now, you need to rest. Are you cold?

"Very," said Primrose, as she shivered. The cavern was quite chilly and the thin gown she wore didn't provide much warmth.

Terence covered her with a large blanket that provided her with immediate warmth and shielded her from the coldness of the cave.

"Thank you," said Primrose, gratefully, as she wrapped the blanket tight around herself and warmed up. "Thank you for everything."

No thanks are needed. Just sleep for a few moments. When you awaken, you'll feel a little stronger. When that happens, you'll find your clothes mended and ready for you and then you'll meet Queen Clarion and her Council who rule over my people. Just sleep, Primrose. You're safe here, said Terence. Sleep. Much will be explained when you've awakened.

Primrose didn't reply. She just felt her eyes closing and allowed herself to succumb to the sleep she needed and for the first time in over three months, she had a peaceful, dreamless sleep.


When Primrose woke up a few hours later, her hair was back in its usual braid, she was still a bit weak, but she felt stronger than before. As long as she was careful, her wound didn't hurt too much. She changed into her clothes which were warm and mended with silk from the fairies' farms before Terence escorted her through the magnificent world of the fairies before she was brought to Queen Clarion and the members of her Council which were the four ministers of the seasons.

Queen Clarion was stunningly beautiful with dark golden hair done in an elegant bun, a shimmering golden gown, delicate golden wings and an equally beautiful golden dress. She reminded Primrose of the china figurines she'd seen in the shops of London. The four ministers were equally beautiful and each either a robe or a dress colored in the season of which they were in charge.

Welcome Primrose Pan, to our kingdom, said Queen Clarion.

"It's an honor to be here, Your Majesty," said Primrose, curtsying. She may not have met royalty before, but she always remembered her manners. "I owe you my life and for that I am grateful."

Your thanks are accepted, Miss Pan. Yet I sense that you wonder why it is we saved you, said the Minister of Winter.

Primrose didn't reply for it was true.

We saw no reason not to save you. You are not our enemy. Your life means a great deal, to many souls here and you are Terence's friend, said Queen Clarion gently.

You carry a great load in your heart, but you've still maintained your innocence and you're unlike others we've seen come here, said the Minister of Autumn. Innocence is a quality we share. And you're special in more ways than you will ever know.

Right now, we need your help, Primrose, said the Minister of Summer. The pirates have always posed a threat to us, but never before have they been so dangerous to our world. Not until the orb here came into their possession. Will you help us stop this madness?

"Of course I will. I'll do whatever I can, but I fail to see how much help I can be. I'm just one girl who's trying to save her family," said Primrose, honestly. She'd help out, but she didn't know what to do.

There is much you can do, said the Minister of Spring. Your new powers will help you in your quest to stop the pirates from misusing the orb.

And in return for your help, we shall do whatever it is you ask of us, said Queen Clarion. What is it you seek here?

"I want to send my family back to their home in the other world if they wish it and undo whatever hold Bonny has on my friend Jimmy," said Primrose. "Some would say he's lost, but I know him. He's a good man. He never would've joined up with her willingly and I saw his eyes change color. Something's not right. Do you know what she's done to him?"

Unfortunately, from what you've told us, we do. Many millennia ago, there was a small cavern here that was full of a mineral that power to charm the hearts of men, like a 'love spell,' as your kind would say, said Queen Clarion, gravely. We thought we destroyed the cavern and what it held, but a little of dust survived. It was hidden away until the pirates stole it. That was a grave mistake on our part.

"With all due respect, we all make mistakes, Your Majesty. How much of that dust does Bonny have and how do I break the spell?" asked Primrose.

The little vial she stole is enough for using it twice and twice is more than enough. If used once, it requires a great sorrow of the heart to break the spell. If used twice, something dear to the cursed one's heart must be touched by my power and then it must be placed on their heart. Once that is done, the love dust will never work again, even if she has more with her. Do you have any small object of great value to Jimmy's heart with you, Primrose? asked Queen Clarion.

Primrose looked and found the pocket watch Jimmy had had in Fludd's village in her coat pocket. If Jimmy had her mother's picture all this time, then it had to mean something to him, didn't it? If Primrose's supposed death had broken the spell once, then the watch would break the spell again.

"I believe I do," she said. She held out the watch and then Queen Clarion touched it, causing it to glow for a moment.

Now you must use it to save him and guard it with your life, for without it, you cannot undo what has been done, said Queen Clarion.

"I will, Your Majesty," she promised. She felt quite happy. Now she could save Jimmy and she'd be one step closer to fulfilling her plans.

But it will take a little while before the spell's completely reversed. And as for the orb, when you have it, you must give it to us so that we may do what's necessary to keep others like the pirates away from our world after your family's sent home, said the Minister of Winter. After that, you may do as you see fit it with it.

Before that, you must learn how to use your powers properly, said the Minister of Autumn.

"Learn from whom?"

Young Terence has asked to be your guide and we've deemed him suitable for you, said the Minister of Summer. He'll also be your protector for as long as you remain here.

Take great care, Primrose Pan. The fate of so much and so many, lies in your hands, said the Minister of Spring.

And remember you are never alone, said Queen Clarion, as the five fairies flew away.

Primrose turned to Terence. "So, what now?"

Now, I teach you how to fly, said Terence. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and think of happy thoughts. The happiest you can think of.

Primrose did as she was told and was soon flying high the air without even realizing it. When she opened her eyes, however, she let out a startled yell as she was higher than she'd ever been before—high enough she could see every inch of Neverland and it scared her half to death.

"Oh, my—!" she exclaimed.

Prim, breathe normally! said Terence, as she began to fly straight down. Trust in yourself. Relax. Everything will be fine. You just need to stay calm and think of happy thoughts! Feel the wind on your face, it's carrying you wherever you choose to go!

After a few moments, Primrose relaxed and was soon hovering several feet above the sea. She felt calmer, but not entirely.

See what you can accomplish when you're calmer? said Terence. Soon, you shall ride the wind's back and be as graceful and skilled as my people are with the power of flight. You need only to trust in yourself and in your heart to control it.

"You could've given me a little warning, though," said Primrose. She enjoyed being able to fly, but she'd never been so high before and if she'd known about it, she probably wouldn't have panicked in the first place.

You can do this, Prim. Just don't ever doubt yourself and you'll be fine, said Terence. Now, follow me. You've got a lot to learn.

They spent the next few hours flying and soon Primrose was a skilled master of it. She loved it all, feeling the wind on her face, having no restraints and feeling so incredibly free. She only wished her family could know the joy she felt in that moment.

She let out a happy yell. "This is amazing!"

In all the excitement, she nearly crashed into one of the fairies' homes and she seemed to be losing control of her steering.

Steady, Primrose! Let the wind guide you. Primrose, lean into the breeze! You're going too fast. Short, slow breaths! ordered Terence.

Primrose finally crashed and landed on her side after hitting her head. She closed her eyes for a few moments as Terence landed beside her.

Primrose, are you alright? asked Terence, sounding worried. Prim? Prim!

"Boo!" said Primrose. She laughed when Terence fell backwards, looking startled. "Got you, didn't I?"

I can't teach you if you act like a child! said Terence, disapprovingly.

"But I thought that's what you liked about me," teased Primrose. But her smile quickly turned to a grimace of pain because her wound was acting up again.

Perhaps we should've waited. Your wound will take several days before it's healed properly, said Terence, worried.

"I can't wait several days! I've taken too much time as it is. I've got to save Tiger Lily and my family," said Primrose. "Once I get the orb, I'll send my family home."

I understand. But you must rest for at least a few moments. You're no good to your loved ones if you can't even walk, never mind fly. Just take it easy.

Primrose just nodded and then slowly sat up before she breathed slowly for a few moments.

"Will it be dark soon?" she asked.

Yes. Why?

"I think I know how to find the orb's location. If the stories are right, pirates are superstitious. They'll probably blab out everything to a ghost," said Primrose, grinning. As far as the pirates knew, she was dead. Why would they think she'd survived Bonny's sword and the fall back in Fludd's city?

Terence actually looked just as excited at this.


That night after Primrose had gained a little more rest and was feeling stronger, she flew over to the Jolly Roger. Terence hadn't particularly wanted to, but he'd stayed behind after she pointed out that she couldn't pretend to be a ghost if he was seen with her. After a thorough search of the ship for the orb had proved fruitless, she flew onto the ship's deck and found two pirates there, one of whom was Smee.

Upon seeing Primrose flying in the air with a sword in her hands, Smee briefly covered his eyes in a panic and exclaimed. "Oh my…sweet mother of—!"

"Surprised to see me, Smee?" said Primrose, coldly. "You shouldn't be. Ghosts always haunt the place where those who did them great wrong live and it was your captain who stole my life from me." She was having difficulty restraining her cocky smile and laughing at the looks on Smee and the other pirate's faces. Pirates were so gullible.

"What do you seek here, specter?" asked Smee, looking terrified. "Whatever it is, I shall do my best to help you obtain it."

"I want to know where your precious captain hid the alchemist's glass orb," said Primrose. "Tell me and I shall spare your life."

Smee looked surprised at her request. "I don't know where it is. None of us do. Cap'n Bonny took it somewhere ashore."

Primrose flew closer to him and held her sword to his throat. "If you're lying to me, you'll consider death a merciful punishment."

"I swear on my life and the Holy Book, spirit, I am not lying!" said Smee, insistently. "They wouldn't bring the orb onboard. It's too sensitive, so they buried it somewhere on Blood Island."

I don't believe it. He's telling the truth. From the look in Smee's eyes, she could tell he wasn't lying. It was an old trick Jimmy had taught her. "Blood Island?" she repeated, as she lowered her sword a little.

Smee nodded. "Captain Bonny and Master Hook took it out in the middle of the night when we was all a-sleeping! I swear to you, merciful spirit, they are the only ones who know where the orb is hidden."

Well, at least I know which part of Neverland to search for the orb. "Very well then," said Primrose. She held up her blade. "The Chief's daughter isn't on this ship. Where has your captain taken her? Tell me no lies and I shall leave you in peace!"

Smee's face fell. "The Princess?" he said. "She's been taken with Bonny and Hook and about ten of our men. I can show you where they're going on a map, if you'll allow me, spirit."

"Do it!"

Smee quickly obeyed and showed Primrose on a map where Bonny and Jimmy had taken Tiger Lily. Primrose then thanked Smee for his assistance and warned him if this turned out to be a pack of lies, she'd haunt him for the rest of eternity before taking off.


The following morning, Primrose tracked Bonny and the rest of the pirates to the ravine where man-eating spiders lived. From her hiding place, she could see they were roping their way across the treacherous ravine as the only way across was by a giant blanket of thick spider's webbing, larger than anything Primrose had ever seen. She wasn't entirely surprised but nor was she pleased to see Jimmy with his hair down, wearing pirate jewelry—necklaces, gold hoop earring and all—and even a scarlet pirate's suit. Bonny was going to pay dearly for her actions.

Primrose watched carefully, waiting for the opportune moment to make her move.

When some of the webbing under Tiger Lily's feet broke, Starkey and Smee tried to pull her up and were failing miserably. This gave Primrose the perfect chance to free her friends. Swiftly and silently, she flew behind Tiger Lily and cut the rope that was holding her before lowering her down to the ravine floor.

Tiger Lily screamed as she had her eyes closed and didn't know what was going on until Primrose talked to her.

"Tiger Lily, it's okay! It's okay, I've got you. Just open your eyes, hold me tight and breathe," said Primrose, soothingly.

Within a few moments, Tiger Lily relaxed and soon after, they were safely on the ravine floor. Tiger Lily looked shocked yet relieved to see Primrose as she hugged her.

"Thank the Great Spirits you're alive!" said Tiger Lily. She stared at her when they pulled apart. "But how is this possible?"

"It's a long story. The tree spirits—ow!" Primrose fell to her knees as she clutched her side as fresh surges of pain shot through her. Her wound was still not yet healed and was hurting her terribly. Would it never stop?

"Primrose, you're hurt," said Tiger Lily, worried as she looked over her friend.

"I'm fine. Just help me stand up," said Primrose, as she bit her lip in pain.

Tiger Lily wrapped Primrose's arm around her shoulders and helped her to stand while gazing upon her in awe. "The mineral dust is in your skin!" she breathed. "How did this happen?"

"I don't have time to explain," said Primrose. The pain was receding now. "Listen, you need to get out of here. Go back to your village, tell my boys I'm okay. Tell them I'm going to find the orb and undo the spell Bonny has on Jimmy so he'll be back to himself. I'll be back as soon as I can to take us all home."


"Don't worry about me. Just do as I tell you," interrupted Primrose. "Just get out of here and save yourself. I'll be fine. Do you understand?"

"Yes, but—"

"Then go," said Primrose, pleadingly. "Please, Tiger Lily, go. I have to save Jimmy and I can't risk losing a friend in the process."

Tiger Lily looked touched and then she nodded before Primrose took off.

Primrose flew back up to the webbing and then faced the pirates and Jimmy.

Jimmy looked surprised to see her, but the pirates looked even more shocked for they had all believed Primrose to be dead.

"Is it really you?" he asked.

"Yes. I'm back from the dead," said Primrose.

"How did you survive?" asked Jimmy.

"I have friends in high places," said Primrose. As if for proof, she floated a few feet, showing them she could fly.

The pirates looked shocked, especially Starkey, who exclaimed something in Spanish while clutching his heart.

"She's covered in the mineral dust!" exclaimed Bonny. She looked almost excited. "You were saved by those fairies, weren't you?"

"As I said, Bonny, I have friends in high places. Unlike you, who needs to use tricks to gain an ally," snarled Primrose. "You can say that Jimmy joined you out of his free will, but I know the truth, you old codfish! But that's not important now. Where did you hide Fludd's orb?"

"I can't tell you that!" barked Jimmy.

"I beg to differ, Jimmy," said Primrose. Quickly, she flew above them, doing a little twist and flip as she did so, before holding her blade to Jimmy's throat.

"Threatening me won't gain you what you seek, Prim!" said Jimmy.

"Who said anything about threatening you?" said Primrose. With her free hand, she took out the pocket watch and quickly placed it on his heart. Immediately, Jimmy glowed and gasped for breath as he fell to his knees before shakily standing up.

Please let that work.

But she had no time to dwell on that. She pocketed the watch before turned her attention to Bonny as she released Jimmy. "Maybe you'll tell me once you're given a little incentive." She sliced through the webbing under Bonny's feet, causing her to fall and cling to the rope that held her for dear life.

Primrose could not help but smirk as she flew down to Bonny's level. She didn't take pleasure from what she was doing, but desperate times called for desperate measures. She held her sword to one of the two ropes that held up Bonny.

"You can make this a lot easier on yourself if you just tell me what I want to know," said Primrose. "Tell me where the orb is or I'll cut the rope and I won't bother trying to catch you as you fall. Where is the orb?"

"I'm not telling you a thing, you filthy brat," said Bonny.

"Your funeral, then," said Primrose.

She began cutting the rope. She'd just cut the first one and was about to start on the second when she saw the smug look on Bonny's face and a feeling of terror washed over her. Something was wrong, really wrong. Before she could act, she suddenly found herself being covered in webbing from an enormous spider, which Bonny quickly killed and then Primrose slipped into unconsciousness before she was taken away by the pirates.


Meanwhile, the Lost Boys were worrying themselves ill over Primrose and Tiger Lily for it had been a great deal longer than they'd expected the two girls to be gone. While they'd been given food, shelter, a change of clothes and had gained many friends, it didn't make them worry any less. Curly was still being angry, pigheaded idiot, but that was just him.

Relief when they saw Tiger Lily return to the camp quickly turned to worry when they saw their missing redheaded girl was still missing.

They could not gain answers until Tiger Lily was examined by the Kaw's medicine woman. After which, Tiger Lily sat around the campfire and told them what had happened after she'd left with Primrose. While the Lost Boys found the tale thrilling and were glad to hear that Primrose had somehow escaped death itself and was now a skilled flyer, they were not so happy to hear that she had been taken.

"So, Bonny took Prim back to the Jolly Roger?" said Nibs.

Tiger Lily nodded.

"Did she undo whatever Bonny did to Jimmy?" asked Fox.

"I believe so. I couldn't see much, but I could see he was glowing and he looked like the good man Primrose told me he was," said Tiger Lily. "I believe since they saved her from the spiders, she's still alive and they intend to keep her that way."

"Why would they take Prim? She'd never help them," said Tootles.

"She knows the secret of the tree spirits and they still have Jimmy with them. Perhaps they think they can use him to make her do as they wish," said Tiger Lily. She looked a little sad. "I'm sorry I couldn't help her."

"You did your best, Tiger Lily," said Fox, as he squeezed her hand. "You've done more than enough for us, thank you. You should go rest now. You've had quite the journey."

Tiger Lily nodded and then departed from them.

"Now, what're we going to do? How're we going to get Primrose out?" asked Tootles.

"Who says we should even bother?" said Curly. "She got herself into this mess. She knew the way home, but didn't bother telling any of us. She could've just taken us all back and we could've all gone home, but no, she had to go and risk her neck to save Jimmy! It's her own fault, she's a prisoner!"

"She was trying to do what she thought was best!" said Fox, angrily. "And for someone who wants to leave so badly, I didn't see you volunteering to go with her to find our way back before she left! She risked her life for all of us because she cares about us. If we can't even show her the same courtesy, we shouldn't even call ourselves her friends!"

"Fox is right. Prim's always put family first and cared about us. It's time we showed her the same loyalty," said Twins.

"But she's the reason we're even in this mess. She went after the orb because of some stupid dreams," reminded Nibs.

"But she didn't ask us to go with her to find the orb because she didn't want to risk us getting nicked. If she didn't care about us, she could've just lied about Jimmy changing his mind about the job and had us all go with her," said Slightly. "Besides, it's not the same without her and Jimmy. I miss them."

"It's safer, you mean," grumbled Curly. "Who says we're not better off without them?"

Fox sighed in exasperation. Curly had been acting like this ever since they'd come to Neverland and it'd gotten worse since they'd all been invited to join in the crocodile hunt. He seemed to think that the hunt would prove himself to be a great warrior and earn himself as much respect as Primrose and Jimmy had.

"You know, with the way you're acting, I can't believe Primrose thought you'd make a good second in command for me," said Fox, angrily.

Curly faced Fox, looking genuinely surprised. "She thought what?"

"Prim used to tell me in private that if anything happened to her and I took over for her, you'd make a good second for me. She said you were a fellow of honor, good judgment and loyalty. Guess she was wrong, wasn't she?" said Fox, as he went to their wigwam.

Curly was speechless as he hadn't known this until now and he didn't know what to think, never mind what to say.

During the crocodile hunt the following day, Curly learned the hard way about true respect and humility. He'd been sent out first to deal with the sleeping crocodile they sought to hunt, only to accidentally awaken it. When he'd been unable to move out of fear, another Kaw boy had saved his life by poking the beast in the nose with a sharp stick and then leading it into a trap where it was promptly dealt with and used for dinner.

During dinner that evening, Curly sat alone brooding by one of the fires, feeling regretful and ashamed over his actions. However, he was cheered up when Shaka brought over the Kaw boy who'd saved him earlier. Curly then learned that Cheal, the Kaw boy, had once been in Curly's position at his first crocodile hunt, but unlike Curly, he'd fled from the village for many days. When he'd returned, Shaka had told him, "Fear is good. Fear is part of us." But he'd been too ashamed to listen.

Curly had helped Cheal prove to everyone, including himself, that he had great courage after all and Cheal was deeply grateful. Cheal gave Curly his father's bear tooth as a token of his gratitude. That alone, changed Curly entirely and he was able to make amends to the Lost Boys, especially Fox.


Primrose lay on a bed in the brig of the Jolly Roger.

She was barely conscious and was being tended to by the ship's physician. Bonny came in and knelt down beside her.

"I knew it was possible to take their power," said Bonny. She leaned towards Primrose's ear. "Wake up, little flower. There's more to the flying, isn't there? The power lives inside of you, doesn't it? Tell me what that's like! Wake up! What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?"

But Primrose barely had enough strength to open her eyes, never mind speak. She remained as she was, still and nearly asleep.

"It's no good, Captain," said the physician. "She's getting weaker. She seems to be wounded from the inside. I've done what I can for her, but she's ill and I fear unless she starts healing now, she won't last the night."

Bonny wasn't pleased by this and let out an angry yell of frustration before storming off to her cabin in a huff.

Hours later, after a long and fitful sleep, Primrose was starting to awaken when she heard a loud noise and then felt a familiar touch gently touching her face.

"Prim. Primrose, wake up," said a familiar voice.

Primrose's eyes fluttered open and through a fevered haze, she saw Jimmy. She knew at once he back to being her Jimmy. Not the pirate James Hook, just Jimmy. Jimmy was still in his pirate's garb, but she knew the look in his eyes. It was impossible to fake.

"Jimmy," she said, hoarsely. "Ow." She clutched her side in pain yet again.

"Shh. Don't try to talk just yet," whispered Jimmy. He helped her sit up and then held a cup filled with a strange liquid to her lips. "Drink this. It'll numb the pain and make you heal faster."

Primrose obeyed and drank the potion before she laid back down as Jimmy stroked her hair tenderly, just like he used to. The pain from her wound immediately went numb and she began to feel better, both from the potion and from Jimmy's fatherly touch.

Jimmy looked regretful and there was a glitter of tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry, Prim. I'm so sorry. I never wanted this. I'm going to make everything better, I promise." He scooped her into his arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck and fell back asleep, feeling safe.


When Primrose woke up, she was back in the forest, wrapped up in Jimmy's coat for a blanket.

She sat up slowly, noticing the pain was gone and she could breathe easily again. She was feeling a great deal better than she had before. She blinked a few times as her vision cleared and then she smiled when she saw Jimmy sitting beside her, looking over a map. He no longer wore his pirate's attire and he looked like his old self again.

"Jimmy?" she said.

Jimmy nearly jumped out of his skin, but then relaxed when he saw Primrose awake and well. "Primrose," he murmured. "How're you feeling?"

"Better," said Primrose. "What happened? How'd we get away?"

"After I woke up and you were brought onboard the Jolly Roger, I challenged the men to a drinking contest, but didn't let them know I'd drugged the wine with a little of the sleeping draught I'd smuggled in my pocket from London," said Jimmy. "After that, I locked Bonny up in her chambers after drugging her and then stole away on a rowboat until I stopped here."

"So, you're really back?" asked Primrose, hopeful. "It's really you?"

Jimmy nodded, smiling. "I'm back."

Feeling overjoyed, Primrose sat up and hugged him tight and cried a bit into his shoulder. Jimmy responded by holding her just as tightly as he stroked her hair, just as he did before when she was younger.

"I'm so glad you're back. I was so afraid I'd lost you," she said.

"I know. I'm sorry.I could see everything that was happening, but I couldn't stop myself," said Jimmy, softly. "She drugged me somehow when I wasn't expecting it. She kept me under her control. I tried to fight it, but I couldn't, until you freed me. I'm so sorry. I never meant anything cruel I said and I would never willingly hurt you. I'm sorry."

"Shut up. You're back. That's all I care about," said Primrose, as she tightened her grip on him. "You're back. You're really back."

"And I'm never leaving you again," said Jimmy. He sighed. "Oh, Prim, when I thought you were lost to me, she had to dose me again to stop me from trying to find you. I nearly went with you. I was so glad when you came back alive. You've no idea."

"I think I do," said Primrose. They pulled apart. "So, what do we do now?"

"Now, we find the boys, get the orb and go back to London," said Jimmy. "I remember when the little she-devil put it. It's in the caves on Blood Island. It's a labyrinth there, dangerous and the perfect place for hiding things you don't want others to find. Few ever go there. Can you walk or do you need help?"

"I think I'm okay. I feel better than before," said Primrose. With Jimmy's help, she stood up, and found she could walk unaided. "Come on. Let's get the boys and go home."

"Lead the way, then," said Jimmy, smiling.

He took her hand in his and off they went into the forest to get their boys and then return to London at last.

A little way into the journey, Primrose remembered something and stopped walking. She then pulled out the pocket watch and held it out to Jimmy. "Here. This is yours."

But Jimmy shook his head and pressed it back into her hand. "I've had this for a long time. It's high time it was passed down to you. Your mother would've wanted you to have it one day."

"Thank you," said Primrose. Then she saw he was looking at her. "What is it?"

"Nothing, it's just…I see your mother in you. You look almost exactly like her, except for your eyes," said Jimmy, softly.

"So, you really did know my mother," said Primrose, as they resumed their walk through the forest.

"Yes, I did. We met a long time ago, when we were both young and ambitious. Jennifer Pan, or Jenny as I called her, was the most beautiful as well as the kindest woman I'd ever met," said Jimmy, thoughtfully.

"Did you know her husband, too?"

"Yes, I did. Hank Banning was a bit of a stuffed shirt in my opinion, but he was a good man," said Jimmy. "He was wealthy, respectable and likeable amongst his peers. Why don't you refer to him as your father?"

"That man wasn't my father. He didn't take good care of my mother and he wasn't there for us," said Primrose. She could hardly blame the man for dying, but she could blame him for not being more considerate of her mother's future. "Besides, he never came for me. You did. Mother always told me that one day, someone would come and find us and take care of us. You came for me and took care of me. Not him."

Jimmy smiled softly.

"So, how did you know my mother? Were you good friends?"

"We were more than just friends. Jenny was once my betrothed," admitted Jimmy.

Primrose stopped in her tracks and stared. "What?"She'd never once expected to hear this. Jimmy and my mother were once engaged to be married? Why didn't I know this before now? Was this why Jimmy took me in?

"A long time ago, I was a wealthy man in the arms trade, well-off and respectable, and your mother was the finest actress in London. She performed at only the best theatres in London. We met at the Grand Old Club. I courted her and before long, we were deeply in love," said Jimmy. "She was too good for me, far better than I ever deserved, but she didn't care. When I asked her to marry me, she said yes and she gave me the watch as a token of her love."

"So, what happened with the two of you?" asked Primrose. She knew Jimmy hadn't married her mother, so what could've broken their engagement?

Jimmy looked sad. "In the middle of our wedding preparations, I suddenly found myself with nothing because one of my foolish workers bankrupted my work by investing all my money into a swindler's promises. Suddenly, I couldn't give Jenny anything now and her parents threatened to disown her if she didn't marry Hank, my wealthy rival for your mother's affections. Jenny still wanted me, but we both knew I had to have something for us both otherwise we'd never survive. So, we came up with a plan. She would marry him, but as soon as I had built something for us, I'd come back and we'd disappear together forever where no one could ever find us."

"What happened? Why didn't you come back before?" asked Primrose. Why wasn't he there when my mother died? Where was he? Why didn't my mother ever tell me about any of this? Didn't she think I had a right to know?

"We tried to keep in touch, but eventually lost all contact after six weeks because I had to go far abroad. By the time I had something for us, it was five years later and I found out that Jenny's parents had left her with nothing and her husband had died of scarlet fever only six weeks into their marriage. I learned she'd been fired from the theatre, and she had nothing as her husband had foolishly gambled away their fortune. She took a job at the workhouse just to survive. I went in search of her and learned that she'd died six months prior to my arrival." Jimmy looked as though he might weep, at this point.

Primrose's throat tightened as she thought back to that tragic time when her mother had died from a whooping cough from her endless days in that terrible workhouse. Jenny had died in her sleep while holding Primrose close. But not before she'd told her daughter that she was loved and one day her daddy would come and take care of her. When Jimmy had found Primrose in the workhouse and had taken her away, she'd automatically assumed he was her father, not knowing until later that Jimmy wasn't her mother's husband and therefore could not possibly be her father. But she hadn't cared. In her opinion, Jimmy was her father in the ways that mattered most.

"Were you disappointed when you found only me instead?" she asked, without thinking.

Jimmy immediately shook his head. "Not in the slightest," he said. "Even before I knew you were Jenny's, I thought of you as my own and loved you the minute I first saw you that day. How could I not?"

Primrose smiled. "Thanks, Jimmy." It meant a great deal to her to hear him say that. Truth be told, she'd thought of him as her father ever since they'd met. Without thinking, Primrose reached into her coat and pulled out a worn out envelope with her name on it.

"What's that?" asked Jimmy.

"My mother gave this to me, right before she died. She told me when the time was right, I was to read it because it contained information I'd need to know someday," said Primrose. "I've had it for ten years, and I've never had the courage to read it before. I feel like reading it now." She never knew why she couldn't open it before. But all this talk about her mother and the situation made her want to open it.

"Then read it you should," said Jimmy.

Primrose carefully opened the envelope and read the following message.

"'My dearest Primrose,

As I write this, you've just turned three and things have not gone the way I had expected for my life. If you're reading this, it can only mean that I'm gone. I can only pray that you were not left alone when this occurred and you're in another's loving care. I'm writing because I like to be prepared and in case anything happens and I don't tell you everything, this letter will contain information you need to know.

First of all, I want you to know that I've always loved you. You've been my entire world from the moment I first learned I was expecting you and I have no regrets about you. You're one of the best parts of my life. I know someday, you'll be as brave your father and just as adventurous. You have his eyes and I know you'll have his spirit when you grow up. I also hope that you have my heart as well. And I also hope that you'll lead a good, happy life with people who love you.

Prim, there's something I need to tell you, something I've never told anyone before. Remember how I told you stories about James Hook? Well, we were once in love and planned to be married. Sadly, this could not happen for a lot of grown-up reasons. He was forced to leave so he could give us both a chance at a good life. We lost touch after six weeks and by then, I was married to Hank because I had no other choice.

Please don't think ill of me. We cannot choose whom we fall in love with and it doesn't mean I didn't care about Hank. While my heart will always belong to James, I'm grateful for Hank's kindness and I respected him. He was a good and kind man.

But that isn't the point. Prim, everyone believes you are Hank's daughter, but the truth is, you aren't. Two weeks after I lost Hank and lost touch with James, I found out I was eight weeks along with you. Since it was a well-kept secret that Hank could never give any woman a child, it was clear to me whose child you are. You are the daughter of James Hook, the finest man that I have ever known in my lifetime.

Please don't hate him for not being here. He never would've left us if he had the choice and I know if there was any way I could contact him, he'd be here right now, for both of us. Whenever we talked about children, he always said he'd like to name a girl Primrose after our favorite flower or perhaps Peter, after his father. He wanted a child that was ours just as much as I did. One day, James will return, and whether I'm here or not, I know he'll love you as much as I do and he'll protect you forever. I just know it.

If I'm not here when he comes, tell him I have and will always love him. I will never give up on him and whether it's here on Earth or in heaven, I'll wait for him always. I know he thinks he was never good enough for me, but he was perfect in my eyes. He meant to world to me before and he means the world to me now.

Remember to always follow your heart and I'll always be with you, my darling child.

Love always,

Your mother, Jennifer Pan.'"

Primrose dropped the letter and nearly fainted in shock. Jimmy didn't look much better either and it was no wonder. Jimmy was Primrose's real father! For ten years, that information had been kept away in a letter that was never opened until now.

Primrose couldn't believe how blind she'd been. All this time, she'd had family by blood still with her and hadn't known it because she'd been too much of a coward to read a mere letter by her mother. Now, so much made sense. How did she not notice that her eyes were just like Jimmy's or how alike the two of them were? How could she have been so blind?

"Primrose," said Jimmy. He seemed to have recovered from his shock. In fact, he looked almost afraid. "Are you okay with this?"

"Okay?" said Primrose, sounding as though she was going to cry. She just wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. "I'm more than okay, Father. Now, I can finally call you that, like I've always wanted to." I have a father. I actually have a father!

Jimmy just smiled and returned the embrace. "Thank you," he said. "And Prim, I want you to know, that if I had known about you, nothing would've stopped me from coming back sooner for you both."

"I know," said Primrose. She really knew.

They resumed their journey and along the way, Primrose and Jimmy agreed that once they had the orb and the boys with them, they'd take it to the fairies and have them do what they had to do with it. Later, Primrose told Jimmy what had happened when they'd been separated. Jimmy found it all fascinating. But what Primrose found even more intriguing was that she seemed to be in tune with Neverland. She seemed to know where things she couldn't possibly have known were and so much more.

"So, Jimmy, what'll happen when we go back?" asked Primrose.

"I imagine things will go back to the way they were, yet things won't be quite so normal, if that makes sense," said Jimmy.

"It'll be easier for me to do jobs in the East End, now that I can fly," said Primrose, smiling. Yet though part of her was happy at the thought of returning to London, another part of her never wanted to leave Neverland.

"It'll come in handy, but you might want to fly in London only at night. We wouldn't want to cause a panic," said Jimmy, chuckling.

"Or maybe it'll just be easier to stay here," said Primrose.

"Maybe, but we'll have to talk with the boys first," said Jimmy.

They stopped in their tracks when they came closer to the Kaw's mountain passage.

"I'd better speak with the guard. I don't think he'll let you into the camp until I tell him what's happened. Would you mind waiting here a moment?" asked Primrose.

Jimmy shook his head. "Go. I'll be waiting here."

Primrose went up ahead and met the guard at the entrance of the mountain pass. His name was Iron Cloud and he looked both shocked and pleased to see Primrose.

"Primrose!" he said. "You're safe. Tiger Lily said you'd been captured by the pirates. What happened to you?"

Primrose felt relieved to hear her friend was safe and yet a tad puzzled as to how he was speaking English so well when she could've sworn he couldn't before. "It's a long story. I'll explain later. Listen, I got Jimmy back to his old self. We know how to get back to London and we've come for the boys before we leave."

"Where is Jimmy now?" asked Iron Cloud.

"Waiting about twenty yards that way," said Primrose, pointing behind her. "We wanted to wait until you said it was okay for him to come through here. Is it?"

Iron Cloud paused for a moment in thought before nodding. "Bring him and be quick about it. Your boys have been worried about you and will be pleased to see you safe."

However, before Primrose could go back for Jimmy, she found herself being surrounded by Bonny and her men, who knocked out Iron Cloud and were not only heavily armed, but also holding Jimmy hostage.

Primrose looked horrified while Bonny just looked exceedingly pleased and smug.

"Excellent work, girl, leading us to the mountain passage. I thought something seemed off when Jimmy didn't put up a fuss when you were taken onboard. Good thing I had you both followed by my trusty parrot here, isn't it?" said Bonny, pointing to the ratty old bird on her shoulder.

"I didn't know, Prim! I didn't know!" said Jimmy.

"I know, Jimmy," said Primrose. But I should've. "What do you want with us, Bonny?"

"It's simple enough, really. You're going to take us through the fairies' colony and show us the secret of the mineral dust or you'll actually be an orphan, understood?" said Bonny.

Primrose nodded. She had no other choice, but to obey. She'd come close to losing Jimmy once. She could not do it again. But that didn't mean she couldn't still warn her friends and try to stop the pirates. Desperate, Primrose tried calling out for Terence with her mind.

Terence, if you can hear me, you need to warn your people there's danger coming! Evacuate the village! The pirates are coming and they've got Jimmy and I as their prisoners! Warn the Kaw that they're coming!

Much to her relief, she heard Terence's reply.

I'll do what I can, Prim. But you must stop them from reaching the village!

I will, I promise.

Aloud she said, "I know a way to where they mine the mineral dust. We can go that way and avoid the fairies and the Kaw all together. No one will get caught or find us until it's too late."

Bonny looked pleased by this. "Very well, we'll go your way girl. Lead the way."

Primrose swallowed painfully as she was bound and then she led the pirates to the cavern where she'd been restored her life and granted the power of flight. There was no sign of any of the fairies anywhere.

"What do we do, brat?" demanded Bonny. "How does it work?"

"Enter that pool there and come out through that one over there," said Primrose, pointing to each pool with her head as she spoke. "You'll be completely soaked in the mineral dust. After that, it's just thinking happy thoughts."

"Very well," said Bonny. She pointed to one of her men. "Test it. See if she's lying or not."

The pirate didn't look like he wanted to obey, but nevertheless, he did. He entered the pool and did everything Primrose did. When he emerged, he briefly flew into the air as he glowed a brilliant glow, but then, much to their horror, he was gone in a flash of light and was no more.

Bonny growled in anger as she slapped Primrose hard across the cheek and then grabbed Primrose's hair. "What went wrong?" she demanded.

"He did everything I did, except…" Primrose's blood ran cold as she realized she'd forgotten the one thing needed to fly safely for the first time.

"EXCEPT WHAT?" yelled Bonny. "What didn't you tell us, you wretched little brat?"

"Let Jimmy go and I'll tell you," lied Primrose. She could see he looked furious and four men were having difficulty restraining him, even though he was bound.

"You think me foolish as your father, you evil little brat?" hissed Bonny. "I let him go and lose my leverage. No. I won't be letting him go. You'll tell me or you'll be fatherless for the rest of eternity!"

Just then, countless Kaw arrived, armed and firing off their arrows. In the ensuring scuffle, Primrose managed to break free of the pirate holding her as Jimmy managed to escape his own bonds. She then flew up into the air and managed to grab Jimmy's outreaching hand. With a bit of difficulty, as Jimmy was a lot bigger than her and therefore heavier, Primrose managed to fly them away until she collapsed from exhaustion.

From where they were, they heard the sounds of a terrible battle and lives being lost until silence finally fell. The battle was over, but who had won, neither of them could say for they didn't know. After undoing each other's bonds, Primrose wept as Jimmy held her, her heart heavy with guilt and sorrow. Neverland seemed to weep with her, for it rained heavily all around them and soaked them until they took shelter.

"It's okay, Prim, it's okay," murmured Jimmy. "Don't cry. It's okay."

"Nothing's ever going to be okay, Jimmy," said Primrose, sadly as her tears slowly ceased. "The fairies and Kaw will never forgive me for this."

"If they're truly your friends, they will and they won't blame you for what happened. You did what anyone else would've in your position. You're only human, Prim," said Jimmy, gently. He helped her to stand as the rain ceased. "Come on, we'll find somewhere to stay for the night and figure out what to do in the morning."


However, before they could find shelter, three fairies who were literally, mad with anger appeared before them.

Primrose Pan, how dare you cause us so much trouble when we showed you only kindness and trusted you with our secrets? yelled the first fairy. You allowed the greedy and wicked pirates to enter our home!

"I'm sorry," said Primrose. "We were followed. We didn't know!"

Jimmy just stared in confusion as he could not hear the fairies speak.

You should've known! Now, because of you, lives have been lost and secrets exposed that we must undo and recreate! The Queen was a fool to trust you! said the second fairy.

"It was an accident! We weren't trying to cause any harm!" said Primrose, as she and Jimmy started backing away.

And yet you did. For what you've done, you must be punished severely. We will do what the Queen and your 'protector' will not! For now and for the rest of eternity, you shall not remember anything about your life before you came to Neverland! declared the third fairy.

Primrose fell to the ground, clutching her head in agony as the three fairies attacked her mind and tried to make her forget her past.

"STOP IT! WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING, STOP IT!" yelled Jimmy, as he tried to get them away from Primrose.

Fortunately, Queen Clarion and Terence appeared, having heard Jimmy's yells.

When Terence was angry, he could not control the astral energy he had inside him. He let it loose upon the fairies harming Primrose, which sent them away before the Queen swooped down on them, looking equally furious.

How dare you act behind my back? This girl made a mistake. She did not harm us intentionally. Primrose Pan and all who are allies with her are under my protection. As punishment, you shall not return to the colony until one year hence. If I ever hear of something like this happening again, those involved will be exiled forevermore. Now, GO!

"Primrose?" said Jimmy, worried. He knelt by his daughter, who didn't respond to his touch. She was silent and her expression empty. "What did they do to you?"

They tried to erase her mind of everything she ever knew before she came here, said Terence, looking worried. Were we too late to stop it?

I don't believe so. But nevertheless, restoring her will take time and until then, she must be protected, said Queen Clarion.

"But where can we go?" asked Jimmy. Any other time, he would've marveled at hearing the fairies speak, but for the moment, he was more concerned for his daughter. "How long will restoring her take? Will the Kaw allow us to stay with them?"

There's no way of knowing how long it will take. As for the Kaw, they may be angry, but they never turn away one in need of help, said Terence. He picked up Primrose's flute, which had fallen out of her pocket. I'll return as quickly as I can with the Kaw, I promise.


Jimmy and Primrose had been taken to the Kaw's camp after Terence had brought Tiger Lily to them after showing the Kaw girl Primrose's flute. Jimmy had carried Primrose to the camp under Tiger Lily's close watch.

However, despite being welcomed into the camp, all was not well.

Some of the Kaw were upset over what had occurred in the mountains. While the Lost Boys had been surprised to learn that Jimmy was Primrose's birth father and had eagerly welcomed him back among them, they did not take nearly as well to seeing what had befallen their beloved redheaded leader.

Primrose was no longer a silent mess. Rather, she seemed to have gone completely mad. She said and did things no one would've expected from her. Though Jimmy had strongly protested and even Tiger Lily had tried to speak on her behalf, the Chief had ordered Primrose be locked up in a pit until the madness was gone—partially because she needed to be kept locked away until she was her old self and partially because she was being punished for her unwitting role in the pirates entering the mountain passage.

Jimmy sat with the Lost Boys in their wigwam, talking and trying to figure out what to do next. But what they were to do, none of them knew.

"What're we going to do? We can't just leave her down there!" said Tootles. He'd just checked on Primrose and she was still mad as a hatter.

"But say we do get her out, what then? Run for the hills?" asked Nibs. "The Kaw, the pirates and Prim are the only ones who know this world. We don't. We wouldn't last a week without someone knowing the way. And besides, what do we do then, live in the wild?"

"Primrose wouldn't let that happen and neither will I," said Jimmy.

"No offense, Jimmy, but your daughter's gaga. She's lost her marbles and the Kaw have thrown her into a pit!" said Twins.

"The Indians know what they're doing," said Slightly. "Maybe she should stay there for now."

"That doesn't mean any of us have to like it. It feels wrong leaving her there," said Fox. He blamed himself for what had happened and wished he'd gone along with Primrose when he'd had the chance.

"Curly, you've been awfully quiet. What say you?" asked Jimmy.

Curly hadn't said a word throughout the whole discussion and now all eyes were upon him as he stopped fiddling with his bear tooth necklace and looked up at them.

"Three months back, before all of this started, Tom McKenna and his gang had me trapped down a blind alley. There were four of them and only one of me and they had knives. 'Let's make him suffer,' said Tom. I knew I was dead. I started whistling our S.O.S. signal, even though I didn't think anyone could hear me. Then out of nowhere, Primrose appeared," said Curly, softly. "'We're in luck, lads,' said Tom. 'Two for the price of one.' I looked at Prim and she wasn't scared, not one bit. She was just smiling the cocky smile of hers. 'Go ahead!' she said. 'And tomorrow, fifty snipes just like us will come looking for you.' That actually scared them all off and they never bothered us again."

"You didn't tell us about this," said Nibs, frowning.

"Prim kept it quiet. She could've made me look like a fool, but she didn't. She just said she was glad I was okay and never mentioned it again. We only told Jimmy about it because it gave me a nightmare once," said Curly. "She respected me to keep the incident between us because it mattered to me and she came for me even though she didn't have to. But I couldn't respect her enough when something mattered to her or help her when she needed it. Enough of that, I say! We survived the streets because we stuck together. We looked out for each other, even when the odds were stacked against us! I thought the rules might work different here, but they don't. Primrose has always helped us. It's time we helped her."

"Curly's right," said Jimmy. He rose up. "Primrose could've easily given up on me after Bonny used me as her little slave, but she didn't. She fought for me because she thought I was worth fighting for. Bonny's got more up her sleeve than just one forbidden entrance into the fairies' mineral dust cavern. If we stick together and fight as one, we can stop Bonny and get Primrose back to normal. Who's with me?"

They all cheered in agreement and then made their plans before they enacted them. After distracting the guard over Primrose's prison, they got her out, knocked her out and tied her up before taking her away where it'd take a bit of time before they were found.

"We're getting nowhere," said Slightly, after two fruitless hours of trying to convince Primrose of her identity. She seemed to think she was a fairy and flat-out refused to believe she was actually just a human girl who'd gotten lucky.

"Slightly's right. Primroe doesn't believe us and unless we can think of something that'll trigger her memories, she'll be like this forever," said Tootles, grimly.

"For the last time, untie me or else you're going to regret it, you little rats!" barked Primrose, as she struggled against her bonds.

"Wait, I've got an idea," said Curly. Primrose's flute had been given to him and he took it out of his pocket. "Primrose is always playing this. Maybe it'll snap her out of it. Who's good with this thing besides Prim?"

"I can try," offered Fox.

He took the offered flute and began playing a familiar tune. Recognition crossed Primrose's face and after a few moments, she looked like her normal self again. She smiled her famous cocky smile of hers.

"Well, I see my boys have all gone native!" she joked.

"Oh, thank heavens," said Jimmy, relieved as the Lost Boys cheered. He quickly untied her before she was engulfed in a tight group hug by the Lost Boys. "You're back to normal. What's the last thing you remember?"

"Last thing I remember is being attacked by those angry fairies because of what Bonny did," said Primrose, concerned. "Why? What happened? What did I do?"

They exchanged uneasy looks, but Primrose stared them down and they told her what had happened. Primrose looked a little upset, but she quickly masked her emotions and returned to the situation.

"So, what's the plan?" asked Curly.

"Remember the orb that brought us here? It has a twin. It's hidden on the caves of Blood Island. We can use it to get home," said Primrose.

"How do we get there?" asked Fox.

"We don't. You can't get over these mountains. There's nothing but ice and rocks up there and you can't go back into the forest, so you're going to have to sit tight. I'll fly to Blood Island and get the orb," said Primrose.

"You're not going there alone," said Jimmy, firmly. "Get Terence and have him come with you. If you need to get backup, you can at least send him to us."

"Okay, I will," promised Primrose. She was about to fly off when Curly stopped her.

"Prim, wait. I'm sorry about what I said before," said Curly, looking truly regretful. "I didn't mean any of it. I was just hurt and angry and I let my emotions get the better of me. I'm sorry."

"It's okay, Curly," said Primrose. "I understand. Let's just promise not to let anything like that to happen again and call it good, okay?"

Curly smiled. "Okay."

Jimmy hugged her before she left.

"Be careful and stay safe," whispered Jimmy.

"I will if you will," said Primrose. "I love you Father."

"I love you too. Go," said Jimmy.

And with that, Primrose leapt off the cliff and flew away.


Primrose flew over the hills and mountains of Neverland until she came to the Jolly Roger. She knew she should've flown to the fairies colony to find Terence or continued toward Blood Island, but something inside her told her something was wrong and she found herself flying towards it and hiding at the stern just as Terence flew towards her.

"Ter, you're okay!" said Primrose. "I'm so glad to see you."

As I am glad to see you, Primrose. I see we both had the same idea, said Terence. Something feels wrong, doesn't it?

"Very," admitted Primrose.

Smee's voice distracted her from talking further as she listened to him talking to Starkey at the helm of the ship.

"Can you believe it?" said Smee.

"Believe what? Captain Bonny's plan? I don't have to. I've always believed in that woman. She's unlike any other," said Starkey. "She can accomplish anything."

"But she's completely changed from not wanting anyone here to suddenly wanting people here all because of that little red book and what Hook told her when he was under her spell. She's never done anything like this. What if she can't get us an army with that little book of Hook's like she says she can?" said Smee.

Primrose's blood ran cold and she couldn't believe what she'd just heard. Bonny had Jimmy's book of arms contacts and was planning to bring an army to Neverland! Apparently, the modern world's temptations had become too much for the wicked old codfish to resist and now she intended to use the modern world's resources to conquer Neverland.

"Then we come home without her and I'm in charge," said Starkey, dismissively. "Once we cross this peninsula, Blood Island's straight ahead. We've got work to do, Smee. Let's not mess it up or Bonny will have our heads."

This is not good. They're headed for the orb! said Terence, sounding worried. If we sit tight, they'll lead us right to it.

"But we can't face them alone and if we fail to stop them, the Kaw and my family will be sitting ducks and wiped out," said Primrose, frowning.

So, what do we do then?

"We'll follow the pirates and as soon as we can see the orb, we'll take it from them and get it to your Queen before they can use it. Before we do that, we need to warn the others. Go warn my family. They're at a cliff a few miles away from the Kaw's camp."

Alright, but what'll you do?

"I'll warn Tiger Lily and then meet you back here," said Primrose. "Go, quickly!"

Terence nodded and then they both took off in separate directions.

When Primrose returned to the Kaw village, she found Tiger Lily entering her house to return an item. The Princess had her back turned until Primrose spoke to her.

"Tiger Lily," said Primrose.

Tiger Lily let out a gasp and looked startled.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you," said Primrose, softly. "I came here to warn you. Terence and I have been following the pirates. They're headed to the caves of Blood Island to use Fludd's orb to get to London. From there, they'll use Jimmy's old connections to bring back an army to conquer Neverland and wipe out any who stand in their way, including your tribe."

Instead of believing her, Tiger Lily just scoffed and gave Primrose a cold look. "So, was it all an act, then? You were trying to fool us."

"Of course I wasn't!" said Primrose, hurt. How can she even think that of me? I thought we were friends!

"And leading the pirates through the mountain pass and straight into the cavern of the tree spirits' mineral dust, was that you?" demanded Tiger Lily.

"You don't understand. I didn't have a choice!" said Primrose.

Tiger Lily just turned away. Clearly, she didn't believe her.

"Tiger Lily, please, hear me out," begged Primrose. "I understand that you must be angry with me and probably don't want to listen, but you must. Bonny and her crew are headed for the orb now. If you don't get everyone together to stop them before they reach the island, you'll all be destroyed. I'll do what I can, stall them, whatever, but I can't do this on my own!"

"Fight them?" said Tiger Lily, angrily as she glared at her. "I thought you were with them! Did you really think that we'd go out on our boats and into the ocean, so you and your friends could have a little target practice?"

"You really think I'd do that to you?" said Primrose, sounding hurt and angry as a tear slid down her cheek. "You think I'd do that you, when I think of you as the sister that I never had and your tribe a second family?"

Tiger Lily looked shocked at Primrose's confession, and opened her mouth to talk, but Primrose didn't give her a chance.

"Do you really want to know what happened at the mountain passage? I didn't lead them to it. After I broke the spell on Jimmy, I got hurt and taken on the pirates' ship. Jimmy got me out of there and we were going to take the orb to the fairies and use it to take our family home. But we had to check on the boys first. Jimmy agreed to wait for me while I went to speak with the guard about letting him through it. He wasn't anywhere near it until the guard said it was okay. But it turned out, Bonny knew what was going on and she had us followed without our knowledge!

"Before I knew what was happening, she had over a dozen, all of them armed with guns and my own father at gunpoint! She threatened to kill Jimmy if I didn't do as she commanded. I did everything I could to stop her, including warning Terence to clear out his village and to warn you because I was trying to protect you all from what they were doing! No one was supposed to get hurt, let alone killed! Jimmy and I didn't want any of that. We didn't even know we were being followed! What would you have done if you were in my place, Tiger Lily?"

Tears were sliding down Tiger Lily's cheeks and she seemed unable to speak.

"The guilt will remain with me forever and some of the fairies already punished me by making me go mad. My friends barely undid their work in time. That's why I acted like a fool when you found me. But regardless, my actions were my own. So, if you seek to punish me further, do as you like. I won't stop you," said Primrose. "I deserve it."

But Tiger Lily just stood there and didn't say a word and nor did she act.

"Do what you think is best, but just remember what I said about the pirates," said Primrose.

Without waiting for a reply, Primrose took off through a hole in the ceiling and flew back to the Jolly Roger.

Terence was waiting for her by the ship. What happened? he asked.

"Let's just say we're on our own," said Primrose. She didn't want to talk about it. "Did you warn my family?"

Yes. I told them what's happening, said Terence. But what they intend to do, I don't know.

"If we're lucky, they'll go back to the Kaw's camp and they'll get Tiger Lily to listen," said Primrose. "Otherwise, we're in a bit of a pickle."

Indeed, said Terence.


Meanwhile, Jimmy and the Lost Boys had been found the Kaw and were dragged back to the camp to a stern-looking Chief and his daughter, who'd been discussing Primrose's warning.

"What is Primrose doing?" demanded Tiger Lily. She was beginning to regret being so harsh to her friend and wondering if Primrose had been telling the truth about the pirates.

"We're not telling you anything!" said Curly, glaring at Tiger Lily.

"Hush, Curly," said Fox.

"We won't hurt you. You are our friends, but we need to know what Primrose is doing," said Tiger Lily. "She came to me a short time ago and said that pirates are intending to use the orb to bring back an army from your world. Is this true?"

Jimmy exchanged looks with the boys before nodding.

"Yes. She sent Terence back to warn us. Bonny and her men are headed to Blood Island as we speak and Primrose intends to stop them by any means necessary," said Jimmy. "If she's right, we're all in danger."

Right after Jimmy said this, a meeting with the entire Kaw tribe was called. Tiger Lily spoke to her people, translating for those who did not speak English and informing them of what Jimmy and the Lost Boys knew. Unfortunately, while some of the Kaw believed Primrose's warning, others needed a little more persuasion before launching an attack, the Chief being one of them.

"I believe Primrose is telling the truth," said Tiger Lily.

"We must close the mountain passage for good!" said the Chief.

"If Primrose is right, closing the mountain pass won't help!" said Tiger Lily. "They'll crush us with their modern weapons!"

The Kaw all looked either curious or a tad skeptical at hearing this and Tiger Lily had Jimmy stand up and speak of the modern world.

"I was the arms' trade before Primrose was born. Foolishly, I kept a list of my contacts and where to find the best weapons on my person. It was stolen from me by Captain Bonny," said Jimmy. "With that list and if you know what you're doing, you can get any kind of weapon for a price in the military or behind closed doors."

Tiger Lily translated for him and they all looked a little frightened.

"Tell us about the weapons of the modern world," said Tiger Lily.

"Guns are far more advanced than they were before you came here. You can shoot someone from more than a hundred feet away if you know what you're doing. There're grenades. Grenades are small items that you throw and they cause as much damage as a fire rock falling from the sky. And that's just the beginning of it all. Worst of all, there's poisonous gas."

Tiger Lily translated and then said to Jimmy, "They want to know what poisonous gas is."

"Imagine smoke that you can't see," said Jimmy. "It rides the wind and the minute it enters your lungs, you can't breathe and you feel excruciating pain, and within a few minutes, you're dead. You never expect it and you can't stop it once it's there."

All of the Kaw tribe looked terrified now, but Jimmy wasn't done yet.

"Recently, I discovered Primrose is my daughter by blood. And she's out there risking her life a world that's not even hers and for people she barely knows because she cares! She doesn't quit, she's strong and she's willing to fight for you, for us all. Are any of you willing to fight for her?"

That won them over.

Jimmy, the Lost Boys, along with every male Kaw who was old enough to fight quickly armed themselves and went out into the canoes while the women and children, minus Tiger Lily, remained at the camp. A battle was underway, one that would determine the fate of them all.


As the battle to overtake the Jolly Roger and stop the pirates on the ship was underway, Primrose followed Bonny and her men to the caves.

The pirate captain had half a dozen of her crew with her and they were all headed straight for the orb with the intent of conquering Neverland with the resources of Primrose's world. She remained out of sight and stealthy entered the caves after the pirates did.

It was dark, treacherous and a labyrinth, just as Jimmy had told her it was. She watched the pirates cross a dangerous bridge full of stalagmites over a waterfall and a seemingly bottomless dark pool where one crocodile was sitting below waiting for someone to become its next meal. She then flew in a dark corner, watching as they came upon a large section of rock that was sticking out from the cave floor.

Bonny took out her blade and cut into one of the stalagmites, revealing the orb's hiding place. The glass ball glowed brightly in the darkness of the cave. She faced her men with a sly look on her face. "Are you ready?"

"I'm sorry, but I can't wait any longer, Ter. We have to act, now!" said Primrose. If they waited until the pirates were gone, they were doomed. They had to be stopped, now.

Quickly, she flew straight down and knocked over Bonny and several of her men. Bonny got back on her feet just as quickly and as they both drew their blades, they engaged in a duel.

"You've interfered one time too many in my plans, you filthy brat!" said Bonny.

"Come and get me, you old codfish!" said Primrose.

They fought. They kept matching or dodging one another's blows as they were both highly skilled with blades. Primrose managed to twist around a stalagmite and then jam her elbow under Bonny's chin, causing the pirate woman to painfully bite her mouth before they resumed their fight. Primrose had an advantage as she could fly and Bonny couldn't. She soared just out of Bonny's reach and felt a tad smug about it when Bonny tried to failed to get her with her sword several times.

Primrose then flew above her and fought her from above. As their duel continued to rage, Starkey tried to end things by shooting Primrose, only to miss as she spotted him and flew away just in time before she could be hit. However, he also barely missed Bonny.

"Don't use your guns in here or you'll kill us all, you idiots!" screeched Bonny.

Primrose flew all around into the darkest, highest places of the cave, laughing like a child as she did so. Since everything echoed in the cave, Primrose's voice carried everywhere so they could not determine for certain where the girl was hiding.

"Come on out and fight, coward!" yelled Bonny.

"As they say back in my world, it takes one to know one!" said Primrose, mockingly. Bonny was nothing but a coward in her mind, pure and simple.

"We're wasting time over this foolishness!" said Starkey, impatiently. "Let us take this fight to the streets of London!"

He was about to strike the orb, but Primrose had flown back down and was now trying to stop him by blocking his blade with her own.

"Don't you dare, you stinking pirate!" she yelled. She knocked him down before she took off again. She flew all around the ceiling, narrowly dodging the bullets of their guns (some of the pirates didn't listen to Bonny's command) and also narrowly avoiding a potential cave-in as the gunfire had had quite an effect on the unsafe cave.

She then tried to stealthily grab the orb, only for Bonny to be prepared for her and hold a sword to Primrose's throat. They fought again, but this time, Primrose had help as Jimmy and the others had tracked them down and were now in the cave.

While Bonny's men fought Primrose's allies, Primrose dealt with Bonny. Though Bonny was definitely not an honorable fighter, for she had Starkey try and stop Primrose by grabbing her ankle with tight rope from behind after Primrose was disarmed. Fortunately, Terence stopped Bonny's next attack by getting right in her face and leaving a fair amount of scratches on the woman's face.

Primrose then dove below and not only freed herself, but tied the rope around a stalagmite, tricking them. She flew back up and went to the orb, only for Bonny to approach her.

"Listen to me, girl, I know we got off on the wrong foot, but it doesn't have to be this way. You're a smart girl with knowledge of the modern world and the power of the mineral dust. I know Neverland like the back of my hand and I know how to run a team of men," said Bonny, sweetly. "We can end this silly fighting if we join forces and be allies, Pan. Just think of what we could accomplish together as partners. Think of it. Will you take my hand and join me, girl?"

Primrose couldn't believe what she was hearing, but she masked her emotions well as she met Bonny's dark gaze.

"You kidnapped my family, held my boys prisoners, used my father, nearly killed the people I love and have caused nothing but destruction and trouble for my world," said Primrose. Her tone was dangerously calm and yet it was growing angrier with every word she said. "I'D RATHER DIE THAN JOIN THE LIKES OF YOU, YOU WITCH!"

She angrily flew up into the air, grabbed her blade from where it had fallen and fought Bonny hard and well. She intended to defeat Bonny with no help whatsoever. In the ensuring fight, Bonny lost her right hand, which held her sword. The pirate fell to her knees in agony as Primrose grabbed the hand after taking the sword out of it. She flew up into the air and down below was a crocodile who'd just swallowed Starkey's pocket watch that had fallen out of his pocket.

"Hey, Tick-Tock, got a little dinner for you!" yelled Primrose, as she fed the hungry beast.

Primrose then flew back to Bonny and tightly wrapped a cloth around Bonny's wrist as the woman breathed heavily from the pain.

"Why are you helping me?" demanded Bonny, as she leaned against a large chunk of rock. "Why don't you just finish me off?"

"I'm not like you, Bonny. I'm honorable and I don't take pleasure from another's pain," hissed Primrose. She did not pity Bonny, but neither was she cruel enough to leave her suffering in pain. There was enough compassion in her heart to show Bonny even the smallest amount of kindness, which was more than that woman deserved. "You can tell me to grow up and be a woman, but the last thing I want is to be like you!"

At that moment, the cave started to collapse, causing everyone to yell and flee. Jimmy, however, just ran towards the orb and Primrose as he was unwilling to lose his daughter again.

"Father, what're you doing? You've got to get out of here!" yelled Primrose, as the cave shook and collapsed around them.

"I'm not leaving without you!" said Jimmy.

I know a way out! said Terence. But we have to go, now! Follow me!

"Grab onto me and don't let go!" said Primrose.

With great difficulty, Primrose managed to carry Jimmy and the orb out of the cave just as it collapsed, leaving whoever was left in there, (most likely Bonny and Starkey) trapped inside. Once they were safe, they collapsed onto the ground, and caught their breaths before they started laughing and they hugged each other tight.

"Thanks for not giving up on me, Father," said Primrose.

"The same to you," said Jimmy.

Much as I am loathe to break up this moment, but we have unfinished business with the orb, said Terence, gently.

Primrose and Jimmy pulled apart and then Jimmy took the orb into his hands.

"Well, then, let's get started," said Jimmy. "And I know just the place to begin."


Back at the Kaw's camp the following day, the Indians were happily celebrating the pirates' banishment to the outer island and the safety of their world. But at the same time, there was a fair bit of mourning going on, as a few of the Kaw had been lost and a funeral was held for them. Also, everyone believed Jimmy and Primrose to be lost forever and there was no way back to London now that the orb was supposedly buried in the cave.

Tootles seemed especially gloomy as he and the other Lost Boys took a little walk around the camp. They'd been given a canoe and oars of their own and were free to reside in the spare wigwam for as long as they liked, but somehow, they weren't quite up to celebrating in their good fortune of being alive, still having one another and having a home.

"Why the long face, Toots?" asked Slightly.

"I'm just thinking about Jimmy and Prim. I miss them," said Tootles.

"We all miss them," said Nibs, in agreement.

Tootles just sighed. He sighed. "So, is this to be our home for the rest of eternity?" Neverland was fantastic and none of them would mind living there forever, but without their two missing people, the idea seemed a little less enjoyable. "What will we do with ourselves?"

"Look after each other, live with the Kaw, fight a pirate or two, and try not to drive each other mad for the rest of eternity," said Fox, shrugging. "Same as we've always done."

"Hang on, what's that noise?" asked Twins.

A certain familiar tune played on a certain instrument hit their ears as their faces lit up.

Much to the Lost Boys' joy and relief, Jimmy then emerged from behind one of the totems and Primrose emerged from behind the other playing her flute. They both looked alive and well and were smiling broadly.

"Jimmy! Primrose!" they cried.

An enormous group hug with many a smile went underway between the Lost Boys, Jimmy and Primrose.

"Hello, lads," said Jimmy, smiling. "Are you all alright?"

"We're fine. But, how'd you two get out of the caves?" asked Curly.

"Terence knew a passage out and we were able to fly out of there with the orb," said Primrose. "It was close, but it worked. We got out just in time and after that, we took a little trip back to London to tie up loose ends. We paid a visit to Fludd's friends and when they weren't looking, we borrowed their orb and took it somewhere safe."

"You actually went back to London?" said Tootles, surprised.

They both nodded.

"The house is fixed and everything's in order for our return. The orbs have both been enchanted to not cause so much damage when they're used, so returning home won't be a problem anymore," said Jimmy. "Once we get back, we'll hide the orb London somewhere that no one will think to look and keep Neverland safe as Primrose promised the fairies."

"That's great," said Nibs, smiling. "So, are we returning to London, then?"

"If that's what you all want, then we'll leave whenever you're ready," said Primrose, smiling. But no one noticed that her smile didn't quite reach her eyes or that she slipped something into Jimmy's coat pocket. "Just follow us."

Together, they all went down to a large grassy area where the orb lay gleaming in the grass. Jimmy knelt down and then struck it hard, but not before Primrose carefully snuck away when they had their backs turned and flew up high into the sky where the orb's transportation spell didn't reach.


The orb transported them straight back into their old home of the Fencing Academy, which had been fully repaired of the damage done by the first spell and everything back in its rightful place. Everyone immediately sank into worn out furniture upon their arrival.

"I can't believe we're actually back," said Twins. "I'm glad to be back, but I think I'll actually miss Neverland."

"I think we all will," said Nibs. A world of eternal youth and full of countless adventures was tempting to all, but the time had come for a little peace and quiet.

"But we'll never forget. None of us will," said Jimmy, as he placed the orb in a handbag. "And if we really need to or want to, we'll go back."

Curly, who'd been counting under his breath, then shot up from the chair he was sitting in, looking panicked. "Wait, where's Primrose?"

At the mention of his daughter's name, Jimmy looked around and saw that she was not among them. He called out for her, as did all the Lost Boys, but much to their horror; Primrose was nowhere to be found. She hadn't come through with them to London, but how and why?

Then Fox looked down and saw something on the floor.

"Jimmy, this fell out of your coat pocket," said Fox.

It was a rolled up piece of parchment and tied to it was Primrose's beloved flute. Jimmy quickly unrolled it and found it was a letter in Primrose's untidy scrawl, and a few words were slightly smeared due to marks made by Primrose's tears. Jimmy found himself restraining tears as he read the letter aloud to the boys.

"'Dear Father,

If you're reading this, then I'm gone and you've returned to London without me. I'm sorry, but this was the only way. There's a reason why I didn't come with you. It breaks my heart to have to do this and write this letter, and I can only hope that one day, you'll forgive me for not being able to tell you this before. Remember when we came back to fetch the boys and Terence pulled me away for a private word that left me looking upset afterward? I said it was nothing, but I lied. I was upset because I discovered something I'd never once expected would happen.

After I was injured, and the fairies healed me, something happened to me. Fludd said I was to be Neverland's savior and now I know why. Neverland is so much more than we once thought. It's alive and it was weakening. Before long, it would've ceased to exist, along with all its inhabitants. It needed a living human link to keep itself alive. While I was being healed by the fairies, Neverland was connecting itself to me in order to save itself from impending death. That's why I was having those dreams before we came here. It chose me to be its protector for a reason. Though I have no idea of what that reason might be.

Because of what's occurred, I'm connected to Neverland in a way that I never thought possible. It's a part of me and I'm a part of it. The weather reflects my emotions, I can sense so much, I can speak languages I never thought I could, and as long as I live and am happy, Neverland thrives. But if I die or grow up, Neverland dies with me. I was told that if this ever happened, the land would weep for me with a terrible storm and then it'd vanish forever along with everything and everyone there. I'm to be the girl who wouldn't grow up.

Please don't be angry with me. I swear to heaven I didn't know until after we dealt with Captain Bonny. When we returned after taking care of the orbs, Terence was told by Queen Clarion of the Fairies, who'd only just discovered it and then he told me. It was done without her knowledge or she would've at least asked me properly before it occurred, at the very least or found some way to prevent it if I hadn't wanted it. I was devastated to learn this and I knew I had to make a choice. I wanted to be with you and the boys in London, and I still do. But how could I have lived with myself, if I'd gone back and grown up, knowing that I was the reason so many lives and an entire world was lost? This world cannot perish because of one person's selfishness.

I think that if I hadn't known what this world had done or if it hadn't been done at all, that I would've been happy with us staying in either world. But how I could've chosen either world without being bound to Neverland, I know not, for they're both so wonderful. London's what I've always known and holds many a dear memory, and Neverland's everything I've always dreamed of—adventure, paradise and immortality. But each world's only perfect if you have someone you care about to share it with. Anyway, I made my choice and I've chosen to stay here, not just for myself, but for others.

I tried to tell you, but somehow I just couldn't. As much as I want to be with you, I care more for your happiness. I knew you and the boys would never have left Neverland if I'd told you the truth, but at the same time, I knew how much you all wanted to return home. You wanted to go back to London and it was in London you'd be happy. It was my fault all of this happened, so I did the only thing I could, though it broke my heart to do it, I made you believe I was coming with you before you were sent back. Now, you can return to the way things were before, before this mess started.

Regrettably, we can never be reunited. Because of a spell of the fairies' doing as they sought to protect Neverland from people like the pirates, both of the orbs' transportation spells no longer work since you've returned to London. Though we might be able to see each other through them, it'll only last for a moment and it cannot bring you back to Neverland and nor am I able to return to London, even for a moment to be with you again. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I didn't want this, believe me. This was the hardest choice I've ever had to make in my life, yet I believe it was the right one.

I don't want you to worry about me. Neverland will protect me, just as I will protect it and its inhabitants forever. Though they are not you, I shan't be alone. Terence will guide me and the Kaw will be there to look after me for eternity. But you'll still see me. Every night, just look for the second star on the right. It's not just Neverland's location, it's also a message. As long as that star shines, it means I'm alright and all's well in Neverland. I can see it on my end as well and it means you're all okay. So, no matter what, we'll always know.

Before I go, I just want to say a few things. Father, even before we found out the truth, I always thought of you as my real father. You saved my life, took care of me, protected me, taught me so much, gave me a home, a family and you loved me when no one else did. What more could I have asked for in a father? You were and shall always be the best of men to me. I love you so much, Father. I wish I could've been a better daughter to you.

Tell the boys that I'm sorry for what I did and I'm sorry I got them into such a mess. Tell them they'll always be my brave boys and that no matter what happens or what anyone tells me, I shall never, ever forget them and I'll miss them for the rest of eternity. I know Fox will do a good job in replacing me as their leader and I know he'll look after them just as I did before, with Curly as his second in command.

Keep them safe and tell them I'll always love them as my sons or little brothers, whichever they prefer. Finally, I know this is much to ask for, but I feel that I must. I want all of you to try and live for me. Live good and happy lives for me. Follow your dreams, get into trouble, cry, be happy, and just live. Live for me. That's all I ask of you. You and the Lost Boys will always be my family and I'll never stop thinking about you.

Love always,

Primrose Pan-Hook.

P.S., if you ever miss me, just play my flute and you'll feel me near you. I'll be with you always.'"

Tears slid down Jimmy's cheeks as he dropped the letter and then tried several times to return to Neverland by striking the orb. But Primrose was telling the truth. The orb no longer worked and they would be forever separated because Primrose believed she was giving up her own happiness for their own. But what Primrose hadn't known was that none of them had truly cared for where they were as long as they were together. If she had, she might not have acted as she did.

Jimmy eventually collapsed into his chair and wept into his hand as his heart was broken. None of the Lost Boys had ever seen him like that before. They were just as upset, but it was worse for Jimmy for Primrose had meant the world to him, even before he knew she was his daughter by birth.

"Jimmy?" said Nibs, hesitantly.

"I can't lose her again, Nibs," he whispered. He accepted the drink that Twins poured for him and quickly downed it. "Not again." Was he just destined to lose them all, his parents, his fiancée, and now his daughter?

The Lost Boys seemed to take a different approach on the situation. They now looked not only sympathetic, but also determined and unafraid.

"You won't lose her, Jimmy," said Fox, as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

"We'll get her back. I know we will," said Tootles, softly.

"We just can't give up on her. She wouldn't give up on us," said Twins.

"Yeah. Orb or no orb, we're not letting her go without a fight!" declared Slightly.

"All who're going to work to find a way back to Neverland and return our Primrose back to us, raise their right hands and say 'Neverland!'" said Curly.

They all did this without hesitation, which made Jimmy smile a little as he rose up with a new look of determination on his face. "Well then, let's get going. We've got a lot of work to do if we're to return our missing member."

It wouldn't be easy, but one way or another, they'd get their Primrose back.


When she had the chance, Primrose returned to the Kaw's camp and explained what had happened. They were all sympathetic and though some of them didn't look pleased with her choice, none of them questioned her. They offered her a place to stay if she ever needed it and people to talk to whenever she wanted it.

Knowing she might need a friend, Tiger Lily accompanied her to the orb's new hiding place and watched as Primrose placed Neverland's orb where no one would ever think of looking for it. Though its transportation spell no longer worked, Primrose was unwilling to risk it falling into the wrong hands and she wanted it somewhere only she knew of so that now and then, she might see her loved ones.

But that would not be often. While Primrose had never intended to become Neverland's link and didn't know if she would've chosen it had she been given the choice, it didn't matter for the deed had been done. She'd be drawn to the orb, chosen to be connected to the strange and fantastical world she had yet to fully understand, and to serve as its protector for a reason. Regardless of whether she knew that reason, mattered not. For now she had responsibilities to uphold and a new life to lead. This was her destiny now. Perhaps it was the one she was meant to lead all along. She would be the girl who wouldn't grow up for the rest of eternity.

While she knew her family wouldn't take kindly to what she'd done, she could only hope that they wouldn't hate her forever and one day they'd come to understand why she'd done it and move on with their lives. Becoming separated from them had been the hardest choice of her life, yet she had seen no other alternative and believed she'd done the right thing for all of them.

"Primrose, are you alright?" asked Tiger Lily, softly.

"I'm always alright," said Primrose, as they headed out. "Thank you for coming with me, Tiger Lily. I appreciate it."

"Any time," said Tiger Lily. She hugged Primrose tight. "You're not alone, sister. You'll always have people who care about you here and in the other world. Remember that."

Primrose returned the embrace, grateful for her friend's comfort. "I know," she said. They pulled apart after a few minutes and she put on her usual cocky smile. "So, what say I see how fast I can fly you home?"

Tiger Lily eagerly nodded and allowed Primrose to fly her home, but not before she made Primrose promise to visit the camp often.

Primrose then flew away to a mountain where Terence was waiting. He'd been unable to join her as his people had needed him for a little while. The weather reflected Primrose's emotions: slightly overcast with a hint of rain, yet there was sunlight peering through the clouds here and there. She was sad, but she was slowly cheering up.

"Hello, Terence," said Primrose. "Sorry to have kept you waiting."

Apologies are not needed, said Terence. He sat on her shoulder. Don't be sad for all eternity, Primrose. You will see them again, I promise. The spells on the orbs hadn't been of his doing and though he could not undo it, he would find a way to restore Primrose's family to her.

"Yes, I know," said Primrose, thinking he meant the orb. She smiled a little and the sun began to shine a little brighter. "So, what say you and I go have a little adventure?"

So soon after this last one? asked Terence, surprised.

"Why not? I haven't even scratched the surface of Neverland yet, there's all of eternity at my disposal. I can do as I please, live by my rules with no one to cheat me," said Primrose, cheerfully. She was sad, but she would be okay soon enough. She just needed a bit of time. And part of her was even a bit excited about what awaited her. I'll just pretend they're with me wherever I go and everything will be okay. I know it. "So, shall we go?"

Terence beamed. Let's go.

And with that, they took off into the skies, not truly knowing what awaited them. They had a long and powerful friendship blooming and a lifetime of adventures awaiting them.

The End

Or is it?