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Fire…and death were everywhere. Everything was a glorious sight before him. It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. To see this amount of destruction brought him joy unparalleled by anything else in his life. His offspring were wreaking havoc as were his orders. For two years he'd led his forces across this pitiful planet with his campaign to become the unquestioned ruler of all. Oh sure, there were fighters a plenty at first that caused some trouble, but he was a very patient being. Unlike these poor fools he had time to spare. No matter his losses he'd laugh in front of his forces not caring how long it took. The planet's armies were rendered asunder by him showing a fraction of his power. Although he wasn't as powerful as he was before he split from HIM...it was enough to conquer the world as he was born to do.

The being then stopped looking out into the vast distance where his offspring were and sat silent for a moment. He began contemplating this thought that has been gnawing at him since his creation by his despicable counterpart. He remembered being way more powerful than he or his counterpart were at their current state. It didn't make sense. How he could he have lost so much strength that fast? He could have destroyed this entire world at a mere flick of the finger if he was in control of the person he was before the split of himself and his "good" counterpart. Now he struggled making a hole within the planet with a generic Ki blast at least a mile into the planet. It frustrated him to no end. He needed to regain the power that he had. After he'd finish with this world he'd begin to train harder than ever to regain the power he had. Then he'd move on to other worlds to expand his terrible image and have people nearly die of fear from just HEARING his name.

He grinned at the thought of what this could bring. He laughed at the thought of seeing more destruction not on just this planet but many others. He would become the most powerful being in the Universe nothing would stop him. His "good" counterpart wouldn't take him on a head on fight…he knew the consequences of what would happen and he was too much of a coward to save the world he was charged to watch and protect. Some "guardian" he was.

He was snapped out of his horrid thoughts by one of his children calling from below his throne of decaying bodies.

"My lord! Our scouts have returned and have found a temple in the mountains. There appear to be monks that study martial arts. Do we have your permission to attack?" The creature asked his lord.

His master was silent for a moment till he jumped down from his throne at unseen speeds. He walked to the end of the tower that he used a fortress for his campaign. Looking out the window into the first city he and his forces destroyed he was silent for two long minutes.

Suddenly he turned to his offspring and grinned in a horrible manner.

"Very well. I guess it's been a while since you all had some fun. And what kind of a father would I be if I didn't let my children have "fun" once in a while? In fact I will personally accompany you so we can have some "family time". Who knows maybe someone can finally give me a challenge for once?" The proclaimed father announced to his offspring.

"It shall be as you command, my lord!" The hideous creature said flying off to the masses of other foul creatures below them to tell them of the wonderful news.

The being went back to his throne and decided to meditate till morning. He wanted to clear his mind for a few hours to see if he could find the solution to his problem of regaining the power he lost.

"Soon all will feel the wrath of King Piccolo!" The being exclaimed quietly to himself.

Piccolo snapped out of his meditation and was breathing heavily. He found himself shaking a bit and tried to calm himself for a minute.

This was the sixth time in a week that he had memories of his father haunting his meditation. This once was even worse than the others. Piccolo could have sworn he was the Demon King issuing the orders and not just remembering that day.

Ever since he was born, Piccolo had all of the memories his father had. He couldn't explain it, but they felt like they were his…but at the same time, they felt fake. He remembered shifting through them one by one since they were giving him a massive headache and wanted to figure out what they meant after he was born. When he made the proclamation that he was King Piccolo reincarnated at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament he wasn't completely lying. Yes he had all of his father's memories and had a small bit of his essence so he would look and act like his father; however, he wasn't King Piccolo himself. The evil that consumed his sire wasn't as potent in him. He still couldn't explain it and sometimes found himself thinking what exactly was he. Was he just a clone created to carry out the original's wishes only? Or was he an actual being but just forced to act the way he did when he was young because of his father's crazy ideas?

Piccolo shook his head. He shouldn't be worrying about something as trivial as that. His father was dead and long gone for almost 30 years. He was more powerful than his father ever dreamed.

"Even if the old bastard somehow showed up on Earth again…Vegeta's daughter Bra could beat him and she doesn't even train." Piccolo said chuckling to himself.

Piccolo stood up and flew from the waterfall he was so fond of and went to Bulma's house to attend the party he was invited to.

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