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The challenger's head was down as if sleeping. He slowly lifted his head and stared directly at two people in front of him. His blood red eyes focused only on Mr. Buu and Uub.

"We will handle this," Mr. Buu said slowly walking forward.

"Good, because he requested that only you two face him. Have fun facing your 'younger brother'," Daimaō said mockingly to the both of them.

Uub unconsciously walked forward as if entranced by this creature. The creature felt familiar to him. He walked behind Mr. Buu and they cleared the door's entrance. It slowly closed behind them and the door faded away into nothingness.

The creature's height was the same as Uub; its entire body was pink that looked a lot like bubble gum. It wore white baggy pants with a belt and a unique golden belt buckle with a cursive looking M. His aura was pure evil, but not to the extent of the Demon King's. Their opponent's energy felt more childlike in nature. Like all he needed was to be taught that what he was doing was wrong. That with time and a whole lot of patience he could change.

They both held eye contact for a moment and suddenly Uub felt something in his head. He wasn't sure what it was. And before he could pinpoint it, the feeling left once the creature's gaze shifted to Mr. Buu.

The child like creature finally opened its mouth and spoke. "Me Buu, not you, or you!" He shouted pointing to the both of them.

Suddenly the creature powered up and began banging on its chest and screaming like a gorilla. Slowly dust clouds were forming around him and his shouts were getting louder.

After ten seconds Uub had enough since he couldn't handle the noise. He powered up and vanished in blinding speeds. He appeared behind Buu and aimed a kick to the back of his face. Before it connected the child like creature kicked its own leg up backwards and it somehow stretched blocking Uub's attack.

Suddenly the upper half of his body turned around and his hands started glowing pink. Two massive energy spheres appeared in his hands. Buu or Kid Buu as Uub thought of him had a very insane smile on his face.

Before the attack was launched; however, Mr. Buu appeared and head butted the grinning child like creature away. He followed up with a powerful Super Kamehameha that blew the creature away.

"Mr. Buu…what is that creature and why does he look like you?" Uub asked bewildered.

"No time to explain Uub, just open your mind and Buu will try to explain what you need to know quickly, before he comes back," Mr. Buu said in a worried tone.

Uub lowered the mental defenses that Goku quickly taught him in the time chamber. Suddenly his brain was being fed information at an incredibly speed. He saw various images and heard various voices all shouting at him. He couldn't piece it all together, but from what Uub could understand Mr. Buu was once identical to their opponent. His body went through various changes from absorption of others. He saw an overly muscular version of the child, Mr. Buu, a grey tall skinny Buu, an adult form of their child like adversary that went through various changes and then back to the child again.

Mr. Buu then separated from the child version of himself and fought him till the child died from Goku's hands. Before Uub could dwell on these images more he was snapped back to reality.

"Uub, if smaller Buu tries to absorb you, put up a Ki shield. It should protect you from being absorbed. Only other advice Buu can give you is to stay alive, no matter what okay?" Mr. Buu asked him.

Uub blinked and slowly nodded. Suddenly he felt a massive spike of power and he felt this smaller Buu or Kid Buu as he nicknamed him come charging at him.

Uub could barely keep their opponent in eyesight. He was coming at speeds Uub thought were impossible. Mr. Buu suddenly charged at his smaller counterpart trying to intercept him. Mr. Buu's tentacle started glowing and he aimed it at his smaller counterpart.

"Turn into chocolate!" He yelled and a pink zigzagging energy beam protruded from his tentacle.

Kid Buu's eyes widened and he allowed his body to form a gaping hole. It went through him and struck the rock formation behind him. The rocks turned into a bunch of chocolate bars on impact.

Kid Buu looked back at the attack with confusion. He was told by his creators that the fat, older Djinn had many of his abilities, but he didn't think it was to this extent. He made a mental note to be careful and watch out for that attack.

The child like monster then manipulated his body so it sprung out at high speeds towards Mr. Buu. He then coiled himself around Mr. Buu's body in an attempt to squeeze the life out of him. His head was stretched a couple of feet above and he grinned at his actions.

Uub charged forward with a yell and aimed a punch at the smaller Djinn's head. The monster didn't even acknowledge Uub's punch when it connected. To him it was a gnat trying to bite at his head. Too Uub; however, his hand felt like it just hit metal and he thought for sure he just broke his hand.

Kidd Buu turned his head to face the human. His lips formed into a frown as he stared at him. Suddenly two arms came out of his supposed ears and started strangling Uub.

"You not worth it! You weak! Buu will finish you off when he's done with the fat one!" He yelled at him.

His arms stretched out from his ears and slammed Uub into the ground multiple times till he threw him off into the distance not caring where he went.

Kid Buu then turned his attention back to Mr. Buu and his body began glowing pink.

"Buu make you go boom! Buu will destroy this planet if he must to prove he is the strongest Buu ever!" He roared.

Uub barely conscious tried his best to get up, but his body wouldn't budge. Just when he felt the release of a massive energy build up, a pink glob of goo wrapped itself around him. His eyes closed and he knew no more.

Old Kai had entered a meditative stance and began relaxing his body. He needed to be at peace with his mind and body in order to make this work properly. He took a deep breath and slowly allowed his soul to open itself up to the Galaxy Kais.

Using soul energy was very, very risky as he told the warrior Pikkon. Normally the body generated its own energy. Some of it was created into Ki; some was small bits of energy to fuel cells, the electric synapses within the nervous system, or whatever it needed for the physical body to survive. Deep within a living person, there lived their soul which was created for them. Some view the soul entering the body at the time of conception, while others saw it as coming along later in a baby's development. Either way by the time the baby is born, it has a soul.

The energy of the soul is a lot more pure and is not bound by the mortal laws of the Universe. The energy the soul creates can even defy the laws of science. In the mortal Universe every species has a physical limit they can train up to. For some people like the Saiyans, it can be almost limitless to most eyes, but eventually their bodies will age and slowly decay. Even in their old age when their bodies succumb to the stress of their years, they still fought to keep themselves in shape and usually their mental prowess was sharpened to assess their situations better. Nameks used their Ki energy similar to the Saiyans, but developed their own form of Ki energy that most called 'magic'. Whilst it was similar to what users like Bibidi used, it was different on how it was used really as a luxury power for the Nameks than trying to bend the forces of the Universe to their bidding.

The soul's energy was just about limitless. It's the closest thing in the Universe to the idea of infinite energy that comes from a natural source, than being created through artificial science or magic. Unlike a physical body, the soul does not age, nor does it get sick naturally. It stays in the same state as it was on its creation. An example is how the dead warriors of Otherworld have a body made up entirely of their souls. Their bodies no longer had a 'mortal shell' so they weren't confine to the weaknesses of their old bodies (In fact it was a recurring joke that the oldest warriors forgot what being sick felt like). Their newer bodies were fueled by their soul's energy alone which explained why they gained strength they could never achieve when they were alive since they didn't have their species physiology limiting them.

Finally after concentrating Old Kai felt himself transcend into a world beyond what was seen. His soul was processing a lot of information at an alarming rate. If he wasn't as trained as much as he was, the shock would have destroyed his soul and he would've ceased to exist. Slowly he allowed his soul to adjust to this ethereal plane of existence. 'Above him' he could sense the evil and hatred of the millions of Demons. It was like a thick cloud of darkness hovering far above, blocking everything out and trying to destroy everything that radiated light, sound, and even emotion. He started to focus on the five small beings around him. His soul drifted over to the dark blue outline of King Kai's soul. Old Kai slowly informed him that he had done enough and would take over his post so he could rest. King Kai's highlighted soul jumped in surprise. Old Kai could feel his shock and the others almost snapped out of their own trances when they felt King Kai's sudden change of emotion. Old Kai gently sent waves of assurance of who he was and that he would take over as anchor of the spell. King Kai slowly agreed and he relinquished control of the barrier spell to Elder Kai.

To outsiders watching this, it was rather dull. It looked like Old Kai had just entered a meditative state and he was just deep inside his mind. Even to someone with advanced Ki sensing and telepathic abilities, the person would be tricked into thinking the six Kais were just meditating and speaking to each other through their heads. The only thing an outsider would notice is that Old Kai's floating body slowly started to twitch every now and then, till finally he shot up his own purple light into the air, merging with the others and strengthening the invisible barrier.

Pikkon lead Kibito Kai toward the other side of the planet. As they got close to their destination Kibito Kai saw there was a small opening within the shield up ahead in the lower atmosphere of the planet. It was wide enough to let have two Demons fly in, but only if they were flying right next to each other. They poured in groups of two every second they could. Many fighters were trying to hold them off, but every time one Demon was killed, another would take their place. Kibito Kai surveyed the area and looked for the people that needed the most help.

He saw a tall man with blond hair, purple eyes. He had an orange headband on his head. He wore ancient white robes with light brown boots on his feet. The man was currently helping someone that looked like scaly water creature getting to his feet.

"Come one Arqua get up on your feet. We're nowhere near finished with this lot," He said trying to get his comrade to his feet.

Above him a Demon had locked sites with him. It was a large, reptilian creature. Its black eyes gleaming with malice and hatred at the pair below him. He bared his teeth against the man and dive bombed for him.

Kibito Kai took flight and intercepted him. He grabbed the Demon by its neck before it reached the unsuspecting man. He then threw the Demon toward the opening and slamming the poor creature into the others. Kibito Kai then glared at the opening and his eyes began glowing blue.

The Demons were unprepared for what happened next. One moment they were trying to get in and kill the Otherworld fighters, the next they were all pushed back by an invisible force that sent the massive line of them flying. With Demons no longer at the opening, it sealed itself shut. Many Demons began pounding on it in rage, trying desperately to open the rift back up.

Suddenly Kibito Kai felt a huge increase in energy around the shield. There weren't as many weaknesses in it as before. Judging by the different energy signatures the only Demons left were the ones that got in before the rift closed. However, they were being quickly taken care of.

The tall blond man stood up and nodded toward Kibito Kai. "Thank you stranger. I haven't seen you around here before, but I every fighter is welcomed here. Arqua got hit by his blindside and was knocked down. He should be okay I think. Name's Olibu by the way and you?" He asked holding his hand out.

Kibito Kai wasn't a total stranger to Earth customs so he took Olibu's hand and shook it. "My name is Kibito Kai. I'm one of the Supreme Kais," He told him.

Olibu's face was in shock. He quickly withdrew his hand and bowed to him. "My apologies sir, I was unaware of who you are. Please forgive me, for not showing you the proper respect," He said humbly with his head down in shame.

Kibito Kai only shook his head and brought Olibu to his feet. "There is no need for that. Now is the time when all people. Kai or otherwise must join together to defeat this evil. I want it known that I would like to be treated as anyone else for the time being. We need to be on equal grounds with each other if we're to succeed here. Also I think the two of us may have angered our…friends out there," He said pointing to the sky and chuckling.

Sure enough it looked like the Demons were now on enraged. They kept firing energy attacks at the shield, punching it, or physically ramming against it. If Kibito Kai was correct, he could see one Demon staring at him and doing everything he could to get to him.

"How did the shield get stronger? Did someone donate their energy to Grand Kai and the others?" Olibu asked.

Kibito stared above and was examining it. "No, my best guess is that my ancestor Old Kai has linked himself up with the Galaxy Kais. For now we have time to rest, regroup, address the wounded, and plan our defenses," Kibito Kai said.

Arqua tried to stand on his feet, but stumbled and his comrade caught him. "Hang in there; maybe that blow to your head did a bigger number on you than we thought," Olibu said.

Arqua nodded and he allowed Olibu to help him fly off back away from the fighting while Kibito Kai looked around the area.

Most of the Demons were being eradicated around him. It didn't look like anyone needed his help so he followed after Olibu to meet up with Pikkon and the others.

Pan followed the two men who claimed to be her distant kin from her father's side. She never heard of her great-grandfather or her granduncle before their claim. However, the resemblance between them and her grandfather were there. So she agreed to follow them, thinking it was better to follow them, than being alone and discovered by some Demon.

Before they left Raditz had picked up the sword for her and put it back into its scabbard. As he picked it up his facial expression changed. He examined the sword and swung it around a little.

"Be careful, you've never used a sword in your life before and you may hurt yourself, you fool!" His father barked at him.

Raditz merely rolled his eyes. "Oh please like you care about my wellbeing anyway. It's no secret Kakarot's your favorite offspring. You wouldn't care if I impaled myself right now and vanished from existence would you?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Bardock didn't answer and only glared at his eldest son while he put the sword away. Raditz was silent till he voiced his thoughts out loud. "Besides there's something alluring about this sword that just draws you into it. Whoever made this must have been an excellent smith. Most of the weapons I saw were crude or the weapon itself had terrible balance,"

"Did you ever stop to think that those 'crude swords' never fit with you, because they weren't made for someone of your species? Seriously how stupid are you?" Bardock asked.

Raditz merely shook his head. "Alright, so now what do we do? Take her back to the camp? You do realize she has a good chance of being killed. Your great-granddaughter or not, King Vegeta has outlawed any strangers to enter our area," Raditz said.

"No, he only outlawed any non-Saiyans to enter our encampment. She is still part Saiyan. So what if she doesn't have a tail? There are some that don't have any tails and they're allowed in," Bardock said.

"That's only the first of our ancestral groups. And if you put her there, she'll be torn apart by their brutality. You know out of the three areas of our people, the quickest and painless death would be with ours," Raditz responded.

Bardock put one hand on his hip and shook his head. "Look I'll think of something, but we really need to get her out of here. If a Demon were to spot her, she'd be destroyed both physically and mentally that make our ancestors look like a group of harmless sheep," He told him.

Raditz sighed "Fine whatever, I'm just not going to back you up on this when we approach King Vegeta. This is your idea and you're bearing the consequences alone," The long haired Saiyan said.

So that's where Pan was now walking on a path in the mountains of Hell with two dead family members that couldn't be more different if they wanted to. Bardock seemed to give off a more analytical vibe while Raditz reminded her more of her grandfather of just going in without thinking.

When they started she asked why they couldn't just fly, but Raditz in an annoyed voice responded that they needed to not be noticed by the enemy scouts so they had to walk. During the long walk they had to hide in a cave for an hour when they saw a Demon in the distance approaching them. He seemed to be following a patrol path, because he eventually flew away after circling around their area for the entire hour. At first they were hesitant to stay in the cave since they saw the remains of a fire and by the looks of it, it was used not too long ago. However, they had to take their chances and wait in the cave.

Pan had some questions she wanted answered, but remembered Piccolo telling her that sometimes it was best to be patient and wait to ask. During their hideout in the cave she decided to ask them both a question.

"Excuse me great-grandpa and granduncle…what did you mean earlier by saying there were three camps of Saiyans?"

Both of them snapped out of their thoughts and gave her a strange look. Raditz opened his mouth first to respond. "First off, don't call me granduncle, just call me Raditz. Saiyans only address their parents with the title of 'mother and father'. Everyone else is addressed by their first name. Second, it's because we separated ourselves based on our time period," He told her before going to the cave entrance and looking above.

Pan still looked confused so Bardock decided to explain a bit more. "Basically we're separated by three major events. The first group which is the second largest and is the most…'primitive' to put it lightly, are those before one Legendary Super Saiyan destroyed our original home planet. The second group of people, which is the smallest, are those that traveled the stars until we settled on what was Planet Vegeta, and finally the biggest group is made up of those from when we conquered the planet up until its destruction by Frieza," Bardock told her.

Pan started to understand and slowly mulled it over. There were a lot of Saiyans down here then. Does that mean she was the descendant of monsters and evil people then? If so many were down here than they must have done some horrible things.

Bardock seemed to have read her mind and spoke again. "Call us what you will Pan, but we are a race of warriors. Our whole race is built upon the idea to be the strongest fighter out there. To some we're seen as low level grunts, to others we're respected warriors, and to a select few we're mindless brutes that only enjoy killing others…although that last line of thinking isn't too far off from what we became after we landed on Planet Vegeta…" Bardock said trialing off.

They were quiet for the remainder of the time and sat in silence. When the Demon above left, they resumed their long trek through the mountains. Pan didn't mind the walk. To be honest it felt nice to walk somewhere and take in the scenery instead of flying past everything at high speeds. While the landscape was mostly, dark, and depressing; it was nice to see the different shapes of land she had never seen before.

After another half an hour of walking, Pan started to sense a multitude of people deep within the heart of the mountains. Bardock led her carefully around a difficult path and it wounded around a steep corner. When they cleared it she looked around into the plain below.

Far below her they were many, many people. Looking down she could see that the people were separated. To the far left of the valley there was the smallest encampment. Most of the people she sensed weren't very strong. In fact she could bet that she could face a good chunk of them in a sparing contest and still come out on top. To the far right there was a bigger encampment and she felt the people there closer to her level of strength. Perhaps even a bit stronger than her. She wasn't sure how she would stack up against them.

The middle; however, she knew she had almost no chance against them. Their level of strength varied all over the place. She couldn't begin to decide who was the weakest and strongest, because there were so many. She stared out at the masses below with awe that this many people could exist or even fit into this massive plane.

Finally Bardock told her they were going to fly down, but she had to stay close to him and not get lost once they touched the ground. They flew down on the outskirts of the middle camp. Bardock stood in front of her and Raditz grudgingly stood behind her, per his father's orders. Swiftly they walked in between people. Not acknowledging anyone that called out to them in friendly or even in hostile way. After reaching the top part of the encampment they were met by ten Saiyans clad in various armor similar to her great-grandfather. Behind them stood a massive tent. Obviously their leader was in it.

The Saiyan in the middle approached them. He was tall, bald, had a mustache, and had gold and black armor on. He smiled cockily to Bardock.

"So the mighty Bardock has decided to grace us with his presence. What do you have to report this time? I'm guessing you and Raditz just got back from your scouting trip?" He asked him.

Bardock nodded ignoring the Saiyan's attempts to get under his skin. "Yes and I have something to report to King Vegeta. I request a private audience with him Nappa," He told him.

Nappa's face lost its grin and he stared pointedly at Bardock. "You know the rules, anything you find you report to me first, and then if I deem it important enough you can tell him personally. Otherwise I tell him myself when my shift has ended. He's very busy trying to keep everyone happy you know," He told him.

"Yes, but what I have could give us a chance to face against these Demons and stop them from destroying everything," Bardock said.

"You heard his decree. We're not siding with anyone. It'll be best for us to just stay out of it. Even with your 'gift of foresight' you're not sure who's going to win this. The King doesn't wish to be with the losing side and be punished. We're fine where we are. We'll strike when we see when it profits us the most," Nappa said.

Bardock scoffed at him. "Profits us the most? Are we really without honor? Whatever happened to that whole Saiyan pride that King Vegeta kept talking about before all this happened? Are we really cowards that we'll hide away and wait for the victor, then join up with them as pathetic indecisive people?" Bardock asked him.

"You have no right to challenge King Vegeta. Especially since this was decided amongst the three leaders of each Saiyan group. Some of us actually would like to continue our existence in the afterlife and not be extinct here as well," Nappa hissed with his eyes hardening.

"Now you either have something to report to me or leave till you're back on duty. Is that clear?" Nappa asked him.

Bardock sighed seeing no way around this. He stepped aside and brought Pan before him. His arm resting on her shoulder

Nappa noticed that she didn't have a halo above her head so he looked surprised. "Who's this? I've never seen her before. Where's her halo?" He asked.

"This happens to be my great-granddaughter Pan. I found her up in the mountains and took her here. She is our guest," He told him.

Pan looked confused at his statement. She was about to say something, but his grip on her shoulder tightened.

"Guest? We don't take guests Bardock, you know that! Our orders are to eradicate anyone who finds us, lest we be discovered! Why have you disobeyed King Vegeta's direct orders?!" Nappa asked.

"Because, dimwit she is valuable to us. If my son and his friends do happen to stop these Demons, we can claim that we saved her from being captured by their enemies. Thus we won't be punished by King Yemma and the others," Bardock said calmly.

"And what if the Demons do win their war what then? What use is she to us then?" Nappa asked her.

"Then she'll fight with us for our independence from those tyrants just like every Saiyan here. Now step aside Nappa, or do I have to force you?" Bardock asked him.

Nappa merely huffed at Bardock and didn't move. The other elites watched Nappa and waited for his orders.

"This constitutes as something important does it not? Even if the Demons win she will be a great asset to us. Move aside so we can see the King," Bardock told him quietly.

Nappa growled at him. "Follow me then…" He grumbled and the three of them followed Nappa ahead to the big tent.

Pan could her Raditz chuckling quietly behind her as they pressed on. She didn't understand it, but judging by Raditz's laughing demeanor, this Nappa didn't always get shown up too often.

Nappa stopped outside the tent and then called out. "King Vegeta, Bardock requests an audience with you. He has a…guest that he claims will be most beneficial to us and wants to discuss the matter with you," He said.

For a moment there was no response till they heard a tired voice. "Let them in and for your sake Bardock this had better be good. I haven't slept in three days,"

Nappa then opened the flap of the tent and let them in. They filed in, but Nappa grabbed Raditz by the shoulder stopping him. "You're going to be sparing me once you're done here. Don't think I didn't hear you chuckling behind my back." He told the long haired Saiyan.

Raditz groaned a bit in annoyance as acknowledgement before following his father in.

The inside didn't have the royalty look one might expect. There was a bed off to the side that looked only big enough for one person. There was a desk near it with a small stool. In the back there was a large wooden chair where the Saiyan King sat.

He looked exactly like the Vegeta she knew. Only he was much taller, he had a goatee which was red along with his flaming hair, and wore similar armor like the others, but there was a cape attached to it and a strange insignia on its chest.

King Vegeta looked up. His eyes were bloodshot and Pan could see how tired he was. He looked at them for a long minute till he opened his mouth.

"You had better have a good explanation for this Bardock…otherwise I may have you three locked away with a certain mad, raving, lunatic that just would just love to see you," King Vegeta said tiredly.

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