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Bardock and Pan were walking through the Saiyan camp. Pan got many stares from the Saiyans they passed by. Some were unreadable expressions, some were shock, most were anger or general confusion.

"Grandpa Bardock, why do they keep staring at me?" Pan asked him.

Bardock didn't pause in his stride as he kept walking through the various groups. He took a minute to answer her question as he was looking around the various groups.

"My best guess would be that they're shocked that a living person is down here in Hell. I don't know if they're more surprised that you're a child stuck down here or one-fourth Saiyan," He responded.

Pan looked up confused. "How do they know I'm a Saiyan? I don't have a tail and it's difficult to tell the difference between a Human and a Saiyan without one," She asked.

Bardock came to stop and scanned the area for a minute. "You have to remember that everyone here hasn't seen a Human before. Not many people out in the Universe look like us. This is surprising considering how massive the Universe really is. Also most of us have figured out how to sense energy and yours is very similar to ours," He answered.

Pan stood behind him in thought. Suddenly her body froze as she remembered something.

"I forgot about the sword! I think Granduncle Raditz still has it!" Pan exclaimed.

A few Saiyans around them started to chuckle at her exclamation. "Granduncle Raditz?" Many of them sniggered at their direction.

Bardock rolled his eyes. "Pan I don't know how I'm going to make this clear, you don't need to call me great-grandpa or Raditz Granduncle. Do I really have to beat that into you? I'm too old to be disciplining kids and I'll get your sword once I drop you off with my crew," He told her.

Pan was silent for another minute, but didn't think Bardock was too serious. She was brought up to be respectful of her elders that deserved it. So far neither Bardock nor Raditz treated her too badly.

"Where in this infernal pit did they set up camp? They were right here before I left with Raditz for patrol…" Bardock muttered to himself.

Suddenly a female voice cried out from the crowd. "Hey Bardock over here!"

Both Pan and Bardock turned to their left and saw a female Saiyan walking over to them. She had short black hair and strangely she had purple eyes instead of the usual black like other Saiyans. She wore battle armor similar to Bardock and also had on a pink jumpsuit underneath it. On her kneecaps were what looked like knee guards used by small kids first learning how to ride a two-wheel bike for the first time.

"Fasha where is everyone? Why did you move the camp?" He asked the approaching female.

The Saiyan known as Fasha walked toward them. It took her a minute to get over to them since she had to walk around the camps of Saiyans.

"An hour after you two left orders from the top told us to relocate more toward the border. Tora's one of the few that can understand the Wanders. Since he knows their language our camp was forced to move closer to them," She answered him.

She finally noticed Pan there and her left eyebrow rose. "Care to explain why we have a living child here. Last I check no one was allowed down here that was not a Saiyan," She said.

"She's my great-granddaughter. I'll explain when we get back there. I don't want to repeat this tale twice. Just know that for now she's allowed to be among us," He told her.

"King Vegeta said she walk around here freely?" She asked surprised.

"No, but he didn't say that she could not. Now show me the way," He ordered her.

"You gonna ask politely?" She challenged him.

"I'm not in the mood for games Fasha. Take us there now!" He ordered her again.

"Not with that attitude buddy. Learn to control your frustration and then I might. I'm already dead so what can you possibly do to me?" She shot back.

Bardock fumed for a minute, but heaved a heavy sigh. As much as he hated to admit it she was right. He was tired and getting attacked by King Vegeta unexpectedly annoyed him greatly.

"I apologize, now can you please show us the way?" He asked her.

Fasha smiled at him. "There was that so hard? Now follow me we're gonna fly over everyone. I'm not going to walk through these cramped camps again. Hope you can keep up kid," She said to Pan.

She took off into the sky with Pan and Bardock following. Pan stuck close to Bardock as they took off. "Women…" Bardock muttered to himself.

"I heard that!" Fasha called out from ahead.

Bardock wasn't even going to ask how she heard him in the first place.

For a good five minutes they flew in silence. Pan saw hundreds of millions of Saiyans below her all clustered together. She couldn't imagine living in such cramped conditions. The only area that looked like there wasn't a cluster of Saiyans was behind them where King Vegeta made his abode.

Finally the camps started to thin out a bit. They started to descend at a slow pace. Finally Pan noticed further ahead there was a single line of empty space; except for two camps that looked like they served as a gate between the millions of camps.

Fasha landed in the camp in between three other Saiyans sitting around a campfire. They looked up and saw Fasha landing with Bardock and Pan.

"Good to see you made it Bardock. Great to know that Fasha isn't as terrible with directions as she used to be," The first one said grinning.

"Shut it Shugesh! I'm not in the mood for your games," Fasha snapped.

"Whoa sorry, didn't know you were in such a cranky mood. Here I thought you be glad Tora was able to move us to a less crowded location," Shugesh quipped.

Fasha went over and smacked Shugesh in the head causing him to fall onto his back. The other two were laughing at him as he comically rolled around on the floor.

"Ooh careful Pumpkin or you might bust yourself open!" The tallest sitting male said.

The one named Shugesh got up slowly and growled. "Stop calling me that Borgos! You know I can't stand that nickname!" Shugesh snarled.

"Quiet the lot of you! I don't need you bickering like children!" Bardock shouted at them.

Pan was silent through this ordeal as she watched her grandfather interact this group. Based on how the others listened to Bardock without question, he must be the leader of this group.

"Hang on who's the kid? And where's her halo?" The unnamed Saiyan asked.

Bardock put a hand on Pan's shoulder once again. "Everyone this is my great-granddaughter Pan. She is the daughter Gohan," He told her.

Everyone focused their attention on the young Saiyan. Pan could tell that they were sizing her up. However, she wasn't sure if they could sense energy. She remembered her father telling her that Saiyans unlike Nameks have to learn to sense energy. She kept her power low just in case she did need to defend herself.

The unnamed Saiyan walked forward. He got down on one knee and stared into her eyes. She felt like he was searching for something within her. As if there was a hidden light in her eyes that he was trying to see.

"She has potential similar to her father. Based on what we've seen from glimpsing her father fight, I can say that if she survives to adulthood she can be a powerful warrior," He said.

Pan didn't respond as she was not sure what he was talking about. She was confused as by his statement, but didn't say anything.

"The name is Tora, second in command of Bardock's elite. Who are you?" Tora asked.

"My name is Pan. I'm the daughter of Son Gohan and Videl Satan," She responded with a small bow showing respect.

A small smile escaped Tora's lips as he nodded his head. "I do not know much of Earth culture, but I'm going to hazard a guess that is a way to show respect to your elders? You honor me. It's nice to see a Saiyan that understands the concept that isn't a Wanderer or a Primal," He said.

"Wander or Primal? What does that mean?" Pan asked confused more than ever.

"I will explain in a little bit once you get settled with us. Fasha get the girl some food. She looks a little hungry," Tora said standing up.

Fasha simply nodded and walked away behind Shugesh.

"Great-Grandpa Bardock what about the sword? I need that back as soon as possible?" She asked him.

Shugesh and Borgos tried to stifle their laughter. Tora simply smiled in amusement.

Bardock heaved a slow deep breath. He shook his head. "I know, I know I'm off to go get it. Tora make sure she doesn't wander off please," Bardock said walking away.

"You got it Bardock. I'll make sure she doesn't go anywhere," Tora said.

Bardock only glanced behind him before taking off. Before he was out of earshot Shugesh raised his hands and shouted above him.

"Try not to get lost great-grandpa Bardock!" He called out.

Shugesh was met with an energy ball slamming into his face and knocking him once again onto his back.

"So what's so special about this sword? It's obviously important to you," Tora asked.

Pan had been eating the little bit of food in silence for the past five minutes. Borgos and Shugesh had their backs turned to face the line of tents opposite of Pan. From her guess they were acting as some sort of lookout.

"We need it to fight the Demon King. From my understanding it's the only thing that can weaken him. The Elder Kai said something about an exorcism I think," Pan responded.

"An exorcism? I thought those were used to purge Demons from people in the mortal Universe. You seriously don't believe that stuff do you?" Fasha asked looking skeptical.

Pan nodded. "I do. I haven't seen an exorcism in person. But, I know how to do it with the sword. It's important I get it back to my father and grandpa. It's enchanted that only someone with a pure heart or a Kai can use it," She told the older Saiyan.

Tora was silent as he was in thought. He had heard of exorcisms from other cultures. In fact, some of the natives tried to use it on himself and the others a couple of times when they invaded planets to conquer.

"So let me guess only your goody-two shoes grandfather can use it?" Borgos asked looking over his shoulder at her.

To the amazement and slight shock of the other Saiyans Pan shook her head. "Nope not even my grandfather could hold the sword once the exorcism spell was activated. It actually burned his hand and he has a scar from the sword's handle," She told him.

"I'm rather surprised to hear that. From what we heard Kakarot is probably the only 'good' pure- blooded Saiyan to exist. I've never heard of any Saiyan coming close to how he acts," Fasha said shrugging her shoulders.

"Seems like the only thing that resembles Saiyan nature are his love of fighting and how he likes to eat so much. Guess some things can't be conditioned out of a full Saiyan," Tora quipped.

There was a silence as Pan finished eating the small amount of food she had. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing. She was surprised they had food at all. She didn't think dead people needed to eat.

"Excuse me Tora was it? Can you explain your comment earlier on how only a Wanderer or a Primal showed respect from one Saiyan to another?" Pan asked.

Shugesh groaned out loud. "Oh don't get him started on another history lesson! I don't need another lecture of how the Primals didn't know how to fly and how long it took them to discover it," He complained.

"Shut it Shugesh. It's not many times I get someone is actually interested in our race's history and I won't let you ruin this for me," Tora snapped hotly at him.

"He's right you know, you do have a tendency to drag on and on explaining the less needed details," Fasha said matter-of-factly.

Tora shook his head and closed his eyes in silent thought for a minute. He was going over the facts in his head and was thinking of a quick simplified answer to not lose her with all of the facts.

"Just to appease these four block heads. A Primal are the Saiyans that lived on our original home planet before a Legendary Super Saiyan destroyed it. A Wanderer refers to our ancestors that looked for a new planet to live on," He said.

Pan nodded in understanding and thought it over. It made sense now that she thought about it. Although it did not explain a question that has been haunting even Vegeta since he was a small lad.

"From what my father told me space flight and the understanding of it didn't happen until either your generation or the one before it. How was it that the entire Saiyan race didn't go extinct at that exact moment when our people's original planet was blown to dust?" Pan asked.

Tora laughed at her question. "Now isn't that the question we've been asking for years? I mean here we have some Primals and Wanderers up close and personal. You want to know the ironic thing? Not only do none of them know, but it is hard to understand each other," Tora said.

"What do you mean? How do these earlier Saiyans not know and why can't you speak with them?" She asked.

"It stems from three reasons. The first is that not every Saiyan in existence was considered bad enough to have their physical body after they died. Most of our race from before Frieza killed us are the usual clouds seen inhabiting the afterlife. Those of us that do have our bodies keep them, because King Yemma in his infinite wisdom thinks an eternity of boredom is the just sentence for us. Sure it has gotten us to rethink our lives with nothing much to do and there have been a few fights that left us in a corner broken and bleeding. But, it hasn't really changed us as radically as he hoped," Borgos responded to her question.

Pan nodded. She knew that these Saiyans were down here for a reason. She was smart enough to understand that she was only kept here, because their goals were aligned somewhat. Had she just appeared down here over a year ago or more there was little doubt in her mind these Saiyans would possibly have beaten her unconscious or worse.

"The second reason is the earlier Saiyan groups here were not present when it happened. For example, a Primal was around before our original home planet blew up so he or she couldn't recount the events. Same goes for a Wanderer. They don't know how they were shuffled around the galaxy. From their recollection something or someone kept moving them when they were all asleep or unconscious. It's an astounding accomplishment to move an entire race around planets within the span of a few hours," He further explained.

Borgos took a deep breath to prepare his last reason. His words did hold some merit, but there were some chinks in his reasoning.

"Finally there's the language barrier. Our language has evolved throughout history. It's hard to translate what one group is saying to another. That's a reason why we're stationed our here on the border between us and the Wanderers. Tora here can understand them, because his parents taught him so of our ancient dialect," Borgos said.

"Don't you think it's a little strange how coincidentally no one from the time our original home planet blew up none of them have a physical body? And why can't you find a cloud soul of a Saiyan and ask them?" Pan questioned.

"Oh don't get me wrong. I agree completely with your first question. I can't imagine why it matters if we know now. I mean we're dead and can't really interact much with the mortal Universe. If I had to guess I'd say something or someone was not supposed to save our race and they've been hiding what they did since then," Borgos said.

"And to answer your second question it's because the clouded souls have little no memory of whom and what they were when they were alive. They remember their names and some of the crimes, but most of them are barely aware that they're down here. Mostly they get put into the soul cleansing machine where it cleanses the soul of evil. Usually for those in say purgatory or good enough to not be down here for all of eternity are reincarnated. The rest just remain trapped down here just like us," Tora answered her.

For the next fifteen minutes there was silence as everyone was kept to their own thoughts. Pan was getting more nervous as the minutes ticked by. She had to get back to her father with the sword so Kibito Kai could use it to defeat the Demon King.

"How much longer is it going to take for great-grandpa Bardock to return with the sword? It's been almost twenty minutes. Nappa couldn't have dragged granduncle Raditz to far away right?" She asked him.

She was met with the look of surprise from everyone. Borgos had his head tilted to the side in confusion while Tora and Shugesh had their eyebrows raised in surprise. Fasha on the crossed her arms over her chest in thought.

"You can actually tell how long it's been since he left?" Shugesh asked.

"Of course I can. I may be five and half, but I know how to count time," She said.

"Pan…time has no meaning here. There's no purpose of it down here. No one ever keeps track since everyone is stuck down here forever. After a while people tend to forget how to tell how much time is passed since they first arrived. Unless you're extremely bitter like Frieza you only tend to have a generalization of how much time has passed. Even then you could be wrong. What could be only fifteen minutes to you could be twenty years back on your planet and vice-versa," Fasha stated.

Pan looked shocked at the statement. Does this that the war was over? That both her friends and family were dead or that they won and that they aged far faster than her.

Tora raised his hand and shook his head. "Think of it as a sporadic time dilation. What could be feeling like days to you would you only be a minute on Earth. Remember time has no meaning or purpose here. When you're dead and stuck down here, it's like you're stuck in one moment for all of eternity. Never aging or growing just frozen in place," He said.

Pan tried to draw correlations between what Tora said and how the Hyperbolic Time Chamber worked. It worked in a similar fashion, but the Chamber had a fixed set time dilation. While here it was sporadic and changed very fast.

"I don't understand it myself and the only ones that do are probably King Yemma and the Kais. You could try asking them if you ever see them, but I think it would take them a while to explain. I wouldn't be surprised if they understood it either," Shugesh said shrugging his shoulders.

Suddenly she felt two powers approaching. They seemed familiar. When they got closer she identified them as Bardock and Raditz approaching the camp.

They both landed in front of the fire. Well Bardock landed on his feet while Raditz almost face planted into the ground. Pan could see that Nappa had roughed him up really good.

"I'm going to sleep now…wake me up in three weeks," Raditz mumbled.

"Nappa give you a hard time with your sparing session?" Shugesh asked snickering at him.

"Stop talking. It's distracting me from going into unconsciousness," Raditz said waving his hand at his direction.

Bardock rolled his eyes at his eldest son. He roughly grabbed his shoulder and hoisted him up into a sitting position. He then pushed him to sit between Fasha and Tora.

"Here's your sword back kid," Bardock said placing it down next to Pan.

"Is it really hard for you to ask me to move? Or are you so brain-dead from Frieza killing you that you forgot how not manhandle everyone that ticks you off?" Raditz asked in annoyance.

Bardock shot his son a glare to quiet him down. He turned his attention toward Tora. "Go and alert the Wanderer camp. King Vegeta is asking for a meeting between the three heads," He told him.

Tora nodded, got up, and began walking over to the camp behind them. No doubt to translate the message.

"Ooh, so King Vegeta is actually considering going to war against the Demons? Now he's calling to meet with the leaders of the other groups? This ought to be interesting," Borgos commented.

"No doubt it will be. The last time he did this it almost ended with them beating each other into unconscious. Who's going to be attending?" Shugesh asked.

"Myself, Pan, and Raditz will be presenting our case toward them," Bardock said.

Raditz blinked at his father's words. "What? Why do I have to come? I told you I don't support this mad idea of yours. You can make yourself a fool in front of King Vegeta and the others. I have no interest in being labeled a madman thank you," Raditz said.

"You're going, because I said so and as your father you will do as I say!" Bardock snapped at his youngest.

Raditz huffed at his father's response and grumbled. He picked up some of the food lying on the ground and began eating.

"Pan you have to come with me. I have to go on guard duty and I don't trust you with Raditz," He said.

"You think granduncle Raditz would kill me?" Pan asked semi-shocked.

"No, even he isn't that stupid. But, I wouldn't put it past him to knock you unconscious and drag you off so you'd miss our meeting," Bardock said.

Pan turned her head toward Raditz who only stared at her. His face was void of any expression. No doubt Bardock would verbally snap or smack his son upside the head if he said anything.

"Not to mention that the rest of my group should be accompanying Tora, but it appears they seem to have forgotten even their own duties," He said toward his group.

Fasha merely rolled her eyes as she got up and walked after Tora while Shugesh and Borgos showed that they did forget the reason they were out there. Chuckling nervously they left before Bardock could say anything toward them.

"Where are off to?" Pan asked.

"To go do one of the most boring and maddening job anyone can be assigned here," Bardock responded irritably.

"Word of advice Pan. Don't leave my father's side. Unless you actually want to die," Raditz stated nonchalantly.

"Where are we going?" Pan asked again a little worried.

"I'll explain on the way and for once listen to Raditz. This may be the one where someone would want to listen to him," Bardock said powering up and taking off.

Pan followed after a moment of hesitation and turning toward Raditz. The older Saiyan didn't say or do anything. He only continued to eat his food and pretended she wasn't there at all.

Pan powered up and took off after Bardock not sure what Raditz or Bardock meant, but she was certain that it wasn't going to be good.

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