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I watch them from a far, their forms melded together like melting plastic. Coconut scented massage oil drips off her shoulders as he rubs her milky skin, causing her to moan slightly. I can see her nipples hardening through her lavender bathing suit, the already tight fabric becoming tighter. He reaches over and adjusts the umbrella, guarding his wife and himself from the wandering eyes of his children.

Or so he thought.

He runs his fingers through her caramel locks, the oil catching in her locks messily.

"Carlisle," she sighs, pushing away for a moment to try and fix her hair. Carlisle smiles and leans in to kiss his wife, her distress immediately forgotten as they engage in the passionate act. Esme hooks one shapely leg around Carlisle's waist, pulling her closer as Carlisle adjusts accordingly. I can see the strain in his pants grow as she whispers something in his ear. He chuckles softly and pulls her in for another kiss.

Their love is so pure, no innocent that it makes me sick. So many years I yearned to have what Esme has, oh how lucky she is to have that blonde god all to herself. I once thought Edward was all I needed, all I would ever hope for in a man, and then I saw Carlisle. Everything about him called me in, his voice, his smell, his elegant style, even his age, which was physically a few years older than me. I never spoke of my desires, not to Edward and most certainty not to Carlisle, who loves his wife more than life itself and would never even dream of leaving her, especially not for me.

When I woke up to my new vampire body I thought I would be welcomed by someone as beautiful as Alice or Esme, and to a certain degree I was, but when I looked into that mirror I didn't see the person I had hoped to see. I had been wanting Carlisle for so long I had imagined myself waking up to a body identical to Esme's, if for no other reason than to help me sleep at night. I knew Carlisle liked curvier women so I tried eating more before my transformation, but Nessie's pregnancy had soiled my plans and dropped me to a bone-skinny body of 98 pounds, even skinner then I was before. So now I'm stuck in this body that will never compare to what Carlisle already has, a shapely woman with a gleaming smile who is beautiful both inside and out.

"Hey, Carlisle? I think we're going to go explore the island a little more, and leave you two love birds alone," Alice called from the ocean, her bathing suit dripping as she came ashore, Jasper in tow. Rosalie followed, ringing her hair out gracefully. I used to envy my oldest sister, but I've grown out of that stage, Emmett does little for me.

Carlisle peeked out from behind the large umbrella stuck a few inches deep in the white sand. "Thanks, Alice. We'll come in a bit later. Where's Bella?"

I shrunk a little deeper into my hiding place, making sure the small alcove covered me entirely. I had chosen one of the steep cliffs overlooking the sea to spy on my 'parents,' a rocky indention perfect for obscuring my petite body.

"I don't know, probably just exploring or hunting, you know how she likes her alone time," the tiny vampire reminded him.

That is true; ever since I married Edward I've been spending more and more time away from the family, much to their surprise. Esme of course is always trying to include me in everything, as if I was the kid in the corner that always got left out. If only she knew what I thought of her, how much burning hatred resides in my heart for her, maybe then she wouldn't smile and welcome me into her family. Maybe then she wouldn't trust me so much, especially around her husband.

"Yes, she does," Carlisle muttered quietly, sinking back down to cuddle with the caramel haired beauty. Esme laid down on her stomach, relaxing into one of the fluffy towels Carlisle had brought out a few hours ago. She giggled lightly as he untied her bikini top, sitting up just a bit so he could pull it off and throw it over his shoulder nonchalantly.

"Whoa, dad! Wait till we're out of here until you start undressing mom!" Emmett bellowed, slapping a hand over his eyes. Rosalie grabbed his hand, rolling her eyes as they ran to the forest line, the rest of the family in tow.

Edward's bronze head streaked by, his body the quickest out of all of them. I used to admire that trait especially.

"Just call me if Bella comes looking for me," he yells to his father as he gallops past. Carlisle didn't bother with replying, or even nodding, knowing that Edward had gotten the message through his mind.

Jacob and Nessie were the last to leave. This trip to Esme Isle had been a celebration of sorts for Nessie and Jacob, an engagement party of sorts. Jacob had popped the question to my daughter a few days ago and after her prompt and positive reply Alice had the whole family whisked away to Esme's private island. The bags had already been packed, so I couldn't really decline, plus Edward was expecting me to go, and I have to keep up my image, wouldn't want my secret leaking. So I went and for the past week I have endured Carlisle and Esme's obvious shows of affection both day and night, night being the worst.

In the Cullen house the walls are heavily soundproofed, and although our vampire hearing can still penetrate it is not nearly as loud as it would have been normally. No surprise when Carlisle built the house on Esme Isle he didn't bother with sound proofing anything, never thinking that anyone besides himself and his wife would ever grace its floors. Truth be told not many have. This is the first time all the Cullen's have been on Esme's island, and it's the first time Nessie and Jacob have ever been on the island, their expressions on first seeing it ranging from impressed to ecstatic.

Just like my first time here, way back, years ago when Edward took me here for our honeymoon. Our love was already fading then, or at least the love I had for him, and it was nice to be able to go somewhere that didn't just revolve around sex like some honeymoon spots.

I had loved it when I first saw it, the little island complete with a cute house lit up on the horizon. And then Edward told me Carlisle had bought it for Esme and my heart sunk. I no longer wanted to be on that island with Edward after hearing that Carlisle and Esme had had countless intimate encounters on that island. I didn't want to rest in the bed Esme had climaxed in, her husband's fingers dancing over her porcelain skin gently. I didn't want any of it, but like now I endured the visit and I endured Edward's body and his revolting roughness.

I had told myself I would never go back there again, but here I am on Esme Isle once again, its intoxicating smell making my nose curl in disgust. How can something so beautiful be so awful?

I eyed the feverish couple below me, shaking my head at what I saw. Esme had flipped over, showing off her pink, pert nipples and large breasts. Her chest heaved as Carlisle played with them pinching and twisting her nipples, his thumb grazing the underside of her breasts erotically. Her moans were throaty and deep as he leaned down to kiss each nipple, his tongue darting out to lick at the tender and pebbled flesh.

That's how something so beautiful can be so awful, because of Esme. She ruined everything I ever wanted in life, she took it away before I even opened my eyes for the first time. She took this beautiful, lush island and turned it into her own personal paradise, in other words my worst nightmare.

"Oh Carlisle!"

Her voice is breathy as Carlisle's hands move down to her bikini bottom, flicking the material impatiently.

"We can't…not here, Carlisle, what if Bella shows up?" Esme reasoned between moans. Carlisle frowned.

"Then she'll see what love looks like. Plus, you already have your top off, what's one more little piece of fabric anyway?"

Esme's eyes searched around the perimeter, checking for any unwanted eyes. I ducked before she could see me, my sigh of relief almost audible as she leaned back down, her search complete.

"I suppose, but please don't throw it like you did before. If anyone comes I want to be able to grab them quickly." Her voice sounded worried and strained.

Carlisle nodded and pulled off the rest of her bathing suit, her thighs lifting slightly so he could tug them off.

I thought back to the night before, where there hadn't been a single note of worry in Esme's voice. She had beckoned her lover up the stairs to their personal bedroom, seducing him easily. When Edward and I came here Edward didn't show me the entire house, as he made a promise to his mother to not show Bella her bedroom located upstairs, the only way up being a secluded and hidden staircase.

Esme showed me the room the first day we were here, much to my ire. It had been a nice and quiet day, away from everyone else who had gone hunting for the day. I had been reading a book in the 'blue room' when Esme knocked on the door softly, asking if she could come in. I allowed her to come in and she proceeded to come in and sit on the bed, her hand coming out to touch my foot gently, in a motherly way. I contemplated pulling it away, but didn't want to scare her off, so I allowed the rather offending touch to linger. She shifted awkwardly and smiled.

"I just was thinking you might want to see the bedroom Carlisle and I share here. I know how much you love the house, and since you didn't see it on your honeymoon and all…"

Esme's voice faded off as she looked down. It took me a moment to understand that she was awaiting my answer.

"Sure, Esme. Why not," I said, trying to keep the note of sarcasm out of my voice. I really didn't want to go, but I needed to keep up appearances, and if Edward heard I hadn't done anything aside from sit around and read he would begin to get suspicious.

"Wonderful! Come with me," she said giddily, grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the room hastily.

"We wanted it to feel as secluded as possible so we tucked the staircase away in here," Esme said, opening up a door I had always thought was just a closet.

An elegant cast-iron spiral staircase awaited us, the dark iron creating floral patterns on each step, light streaming in from a small window to dance over each petal.

"Carlisle had everything made special, just for me," Esme said sweetly as we climbed the stairs. Her words sounded extremely selfish, but her voice made her statement sound kind, as if she were worshipping Carlisle instead of the other way around.

"You won't find anything in here anywhere else," she reminded me again as we neared the top. Her chirpy voice was starting to get annoying. I don't know how Carlisle can even stand her for more than a few minutes.

I must admit, the bedroom was a master piece. A large, majestic bed sat in the middle of the room, it's bedding a soft and muted gold. Red drapes fell from the ceiling, cascading around the bed and secluding the inhabitants from the outside world. The floor was a light wooden color, along with the dresser and nightstands. The walls were also a light golden color and covered in paintings and drawings, all of them signed by the devil herself. A large balcony overlooked the beach, complete with flowing white curtains and glass paned doors. There were a few chairs and a table by a stone fire place, their colors all soft just like the bed. A TV and a few computers sat on the mantle, along with a thin vase with a handful of native flowers blooming from its depths. I noticed the start of a claw foot tub in the bathroom, but my inspection was cut short when Esme promptly shut the door, a smile still on her face.

"Nothing you need to see in there," she murmured, pushing me away. I made a mental note to inspect that later.

"So you like it?" she asked sitting down in one of the chairs. She ushered me to do the same, which I reluctantly did.

"Yes, it's very nice. You are very lucky."

She thought I was talking about the room. If only she knew I meant her husband.

She laughed, "I am, aren't I? I don't deserve all this, though. Carlisle spoils me. In reality we were just at the right places at the right times. I sometimes think about what would have become of me had I never met Carlisle when I was sixteen. I probably would have killed myself much earlier then I tried."

"I wish you did," I muttered very quietly.

Esme's head turned and our eyes met, "What did you say, dear?"

"Nothing. It was nothing," I said as I stood up to leave.

"Wait, you don't have to leave. I shouldn't have been talking about that anyway, what a depressing topic. We can talk about whatever you want, Bella, I just want to talk to you. You've seemed a little…distant these past couple years. I just want to know what's wrong."

You want to know what's wrong, Esme? I love your husband, that's what's wrong.

"I really must be going. I have things I need to do. Thank you for showing me this, Esme." I made a move to leave but Esme grabbed my arm.

"Please, Bella. I want to help, you can talk to me. Whatever it is I won't judge you, I promise." She looked at me with pleading eyes, her lips slightly pouty. The lips that Carlisle kisses every night.

"I said I need to go," I said sharply, pulling my arm away from the woman's grasp. She sighed in defeat as I left, my feet stomping on the steps loudly.

Later that night I rejected Edward's offer of sex, saying I just 'wasn't in the mood'. He mumbled something that sounded like 'you're never in the mood,' and let, spending the night alone, swimming around the island a few times.

I listened, just as I do every night, to Carlisle and Esme as their love became physical, their cries of ecstasy becoming louder every hour. The other couples were at it as well, aside from Nessie and Jacob of course, but their screams didn't seem nearly as potent as the oldest vampire couple.

In my eyes the other couples have nothing on Carlisle and Esme, though I wish they did. I wish Carlisle and Esme weren't made for each other, like two pieces of a puzzle, but they are.

Rosalie and Emmett are too fast and too rough, forgetting to take their time and appreciate every second like a mature couple. Alice and Jasper have the emotional element, but their love making is awkward and Alice's screams are more like squeaks. Edward is inexperienced, and so am I, making us the worst couple in the house by far, of course we don't harbor those 'undying feelings of love' as the other Cullen's do.

Carlisle and Esme's love is passionate and slow. Carlisle pays attention to the details in his marriage, and sex is no exception. Esme always comes first whatever the situation may be, and she never leaves unsatisfied, of course Carlisle doesn't either. They mold to each other's bodies, flowing together like a fountain, falling into each other's embrace easily. He worships her body and she worships his, his hands glide over her rounded curves, her hands roam his chiseled features.

And every second I hear them makes my jealousy burn that much hotter and that much brighter. My envy for Esme has gone so deep that I know one day it'll snap. What day that will be escapes me, but I have a feeling it'll be soon.

"More…please," Esme begs, her moans bringing me back to the present. I peer down over the ledge, met by the sight of Carlisle thrusting two fingers into Esme's wet core. Esme's back arched as Carlisle placed another finger on her slit, his thumb playing with her clit.

"More what, Essie?"

I've always hated Carlisle's pet name for Esme. Essie. It sounds more like a child's name then the name a husband uses for his wife in bed, or should I say sand.

Esme groans, tossing her head wildly, "More pressure…umf!"

Carlisle pushes another finger in, grinning as he does it. "You like that?"

She twists a bit, nodding her head frantically. "But I need you, Carlisle! Please!"

He pushes in, harder this time causing her to moan loudly, throwing her body like a possessed woman. "Don't you want to cum for me, baby?"

Esme grunts, pushing her hips upwards. "Ugh…course, just push on…"

Her voice falls off as Carlisle catches her in a kiss, his teeth nipping at her ruby colored lips.

"Push on what, Essie?" Carlisle cooed in her ear, pressing his lips to her cheek delicately, his hand still nestled in her folds.

She bit back a scream, her back arching again, "M-my…"

"Your what, dear?" he asked, kissing her neck and then her breasts as he made his way down her body, his tongue darting out every so often to lap at her skin, tasting her.

"My clit, Carlisle! Please…" she panted. Esme's hands tangled themselves into Carlisle's locks as he neared the apex of her thighs. Carlisle licked his lips expectedly.

"Is that what you want?" Carlisle teased, pulling his hand out of Esme's heat. She whimpered in disappointment, her face pained. Carlisle licked his hand clean and ran it through his wife's hair before leaning down to kiss her mound. She shuddered at the touch, her mouth opening to release a long moan.

Esme, knowing he wanted an answer, replied quickly. "That's what I want."

Carlisle smiled devilishly, his teeth nibbling at her folds. His tongue came out to sweep over her slit, causing her to jump at the sudden feeling. Carlisle chuckled, "Then I shall comply, my goddess, my wife, my Esme."

A pool had begun to form in my panties, the wetness seeping through. I want him so bad; no I need him so bad. I deserve him more than her, I'm better than her.

Carlisle dived in, his mouth slurping up his wife's juices, Esme's hips bucking into his mouth. "Faster!" Esme pleaded, her hands gripping the towel beneath her. Small tears began to form in the fabric as Carlisle neared the little bundle of nerves Esme wanted him to so badly touch. He licked around the little nub, kissing it delicately. Esme writhed under his touch, her juices flowing into Carlisle's mouth freely, and then he bit down.

Carlisle's name fell from Esme's mouth as a scream, bouncing off the cliffs and trees as she reached her orgasm. She twisted in Carlisle's arms as he licked her clean and left her heat and picked her up carefully, pulling her into a tight embrace. Her hair fanned out over her shoulders, her breasts pushing themselves against his chest erotically.

Carlisle moaned as they kissed, allowing Esme to taste herself on his lips. Her eyes slipped shut as Carlisle pulled the towel out from under them, wrapping himself and his wife in its fluffiness. Esme maneuvered herself into Carlisle's lap and sighed.

"You give me so much pleasure, yet you ask for nothing in return. Don't you want to bury yourself in my hot, wet pussy right now?" Esme asked innocently, leaning back on Carlisle's shoulder and staring into his eyes dreamily.

Carlisle kissed the top of his wife's head but shook his head. Esme looked back, a look of hurt crossing her face. Carlisle caught it and his eyes widened.

"No, I didn't mean I don't want you Esme, trust me, I do, but I think I heard something coming from the cliffs. I didn't want to strip when Bella might be staring at us," Carlisle said.

Shit! Great, now I got to find some way to get myself out of this one without looking like either a complete pervert or a man stealing bitch. This is not my day.

Esme looked at Carlisle, her eyebrow cocked. "So you'll finger me and eat me out with someone watching but you won't take off your pants?"

Carlisle sighed, "I just now heard it, Essie. It's no big deal, it was probably nothing. We'll just finish this later."

Esme smirked smugly and turned back around. Carlisle took down the umbrella, folding it up quickly and allowing the couple to stare at the ocean, snuggled closely together and completely happy.

Now's my chance.

I hopped from my hiding place to the ground and raced to the forest, my limbs pumping as ran, hoping to God I could get away. They were distracted after all, right?



I stopped, the leaves from a short palm tree almost brushing my face. I had been so close.

I turned around slowly, meeting the surprised but concerned face of Esme, her body wrapped in a towel, Carlisle a few feet behind her.

"What are you doing here?! W-what did you see?" Esme asked, tremors lining her voice. Carlisle put a hand on Esme's shoulder, reassuring her. I winced slightly, wishing so desperately that he would do the same to me, but he never would because he belongs to her. I'm not even his mistress.

I bristled slightly, and tossed a few strands of hair over my shoulder, trying to look nonchalant. "I was just daydreaming in the one of the caves up there," I said, gesturing towards the cliffs. Esme glanced up, pulling the towel around her body tighter. "I must have just lost track of time."

"Y-you didn't see…anything?" Esme asked, looking a little sheepish. Carlisle kissed the side of her face and she smiled. I winced again.

"See what?" I asked, playing dumb.

"Surely you heard…?" Carlisle said, tilting his head slightly. The gesture was adorable and my panties became that much damper. I wondered momentarily if he could smell it.

"You don't have to play dumb with us, Bella. It's ok if you wanted to watch, everyone has to learn somewhere!" Carlisle said, almost cheerfully. Esme shot him a look, causing him to shrug.

"I wasn't watching –"

"It's ok, if you were, dear," Esme said, though her facial expression said differently.

"You've seemed a little down lately, Bella," Carlisle said, "Don't you think, Esme?" His wife nodded obediently, pulling the towel closer. Any closer and she'll pop, wouldn't that be a shame?

"I'm fine; I was just going back…"

Carlisle placed a hand on my shoulder, smiling slightly as he did. My dead heart fluttered under his touch, my panties soaking through. He's so perfect, so beautiful. I just want to stare at him all day long and feel his hand in mine, his lips on mine…

"If you and Edward are having trouble in the bedroom, or just getting bored, I'm sure Esme can give you some tips. Can't you, Essie?"

"Of course," Esme said, though it sounded incredibly strained, then again who can blame her. I just watched her get fingered; I mean if that doesn't embarrass you I don't know what will.

Carlisle pulled his hand away and I muffled a sigh. "Don't be afraid of talking to us, Bella, we just want you to be happy."

I decided to stop trying to cover up my shit and just act naïve. They always fall for young, innocent Bella. "I know. I'm sorry I was spying on you guys, it's just that Edward and I still don't understand some things pertaining to that…subject. I just wanted to see how the pros do it. I'm sorry."

I looked at the ground and faked a pout, twisting my foot in the sand sadly.

Esme's rigid composure melted and she smiled sympathetically, "That's fine, Bella. Some things don't come naturally and sometimes you just need to learn them. Not everything's instinct."

Carlisle nodded, "Would you like to talk to Esme now? I have some work to get done so I won't get in your way. And I'm sure Essie here can have you wrapped up before Edward gets back home."

Great. Now he thinks I don't know what sex is and he wants his wife to reach me. This day just got worse.

"I would really rather not, I think I've had enough embarrassment for one day. Plus, don't you guys have something to finish?" I asked, smirking at Esme's bathing suit a few yards away.

"That can always wait, sweetie. Are you sure you don't want to talk?" Esme asked, grabbing my hand. I suppressed the urge to pull away, not wanting any part of her touching me.

"I'll be fine. It won't happen again," I promised.

"Don't be afraid to talk to us, Bella. You're a part of this family and I just want you to know that we will never judge you," Carlisle said, grabbing his wife's hand. She smiled up at him, her eyes twinkling.

God I hate her.

"Ok, thanks Carlisle. I'll see you guys later, I'm just going to go find Edward," I called as they walk back down the beach to collect their stuff, their hands still connected.

I thought I could live this way, pushing my feelings down, my feelings being my undying love for Carlisle and my extreme hatred for Esme. But I couldn't. They bubbled up, burning me and everyone around me worse than I expected they would.


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