Flying Jolly Roger

Everyone cheered in delight as their success, only to fall silent when a voice yelled out, "Brimstone and gall! Silence you dogs!" But they all smiled when they saw that it was Primrose at the helm, wearing Bonny's feathered cap, and smiling as she said in her own voice, "Or, I'll cast anchor in you!"

The cheering immediately grew louder and the smiles broader at this.

"Ready to cast off?" said Primrose.

"Aye, aye, Captain!" said the Lost Boys, Wesley and his sisters, as they took off for various parts of the ship, leaving Primrose alone with Jimmy.

Jimmy just smiled as she immediately ran into his arms and he spun her around before holding her tightly.

"I'm so proud of you, my brave daughter," he said.

"I couldn't have done it without you, Father," said Primrose, smiling. "Thank you. Thank you, for everything. I love you."

"I love you too," said Jimmy, as he stroked her hair. He glanced up at the eagle's nest, and Primrose followed his gaze and saw Wesley up there, as if he was waiting for her. Primrose did not move, as she didn't know what her father thought of the whole situation. But Jimmy just had a knowing look on his face as he pulled away and said, "Go to him."

"You mean it? You don't mind giving me away?" asked Primrose, as her heart leapt.

Jimmy shook his head. "I could no more give you away than I could give away my heart. But I think I can tolerate sharing you."

Primrose's face lit up as she kissed her father's cheek and hugged him once more. "And I'll always be your little girl first and foremost forever," she murmured, making him smile. "I'll see you later, Father."

She then flew up into the eagle's nest and landed in front of Wesley. She was about to speak, but then Wesley smiled and said, "Oh, the cleverness of you!"

Primrose smiled as she blushed a little. "Wesley, about what you said to me before you kissed me, did you mean it?" she asked, hesitantly.

"Every word," said Wesley, honestly. "I love you, Primrose."

Primrose's face lit up and she felt her heart swell with joy. He loves me. He truly loves me. "I love you too, Wes." She then wrapped her arms around his neck before she kissed him and he returned the kiss until they broke apart when their names were called.

"Oi, Captain Primrose, how long do you think we have until dawn?" called Jimmy.

"About nine hours, I'd wager," said Primrose. "Why?"

"Can this ship make it through the path back to London before then? The boys and I forgot our luggage in all the excitement and I think Wesley and his sisters should tie up loose ends," said Jimmy. "Do you think it's possible we could take a quick trip before it's too late?"

Primrose smiled. "Anything's possible when you've got friends beside you," she said. She then began playing her flute, and then suddenly, countless fairies emerged from the forest and lit up the ship with their dust and their song, causing the ship to fly above and beyond Neverland through dark starry skies and a sea of white clouds.

After arriving in London, Jimmy and the Lost Boys quickly packed up their possessions, (they even found a large stray dog which Primrose allowed them to bring with them) and then Wesley and his sisters took what they wanted from their old home before leaving a note in their father's study where it was sure to be found. The note read the following:

Dear Father and Aunt Millicent,

If you're wondering about our whereabouts, rest assured we're all safe and well. We've found a wonderful new life with a fantastic home and great people to share it with, including the family of the love of my life, the one to whom my kiss belongs to. Together, my sisters and I shall live happily for all of eternity. Good-bye and good luck to you both in your endeavors.


Wesley Michael Alexander, Joan Wendy Angela, & Moira Belle Darling.

After placing it at his father's desk, Wesley ran up to the nursery window where the Jolly Roger was just outside. He boarded the ship and then stood beside Primrose at the helm with Terence on her shoulder and Jimmy taking the captain's wheel as they began the return journey to Neverland where their new life together awaited them.

"So, with all the pirates in Neverland gone, it'll be a bit quiet, won't it?" asked Wesley.

"Oh, I wouldn't be too sure of that," said Jimmy. "Neverland's filled with excitement. We haven't even scratched the surface."

"With a million different islands, the best of company and all of eternity, we'll have the greatest adventures ever," said Primrose, as she held Wesley's hand in hers.

Wesley smiled back and turned his gaze to the horizon. None of them truly knew what lay ahead of them, but not a single one of them cared, because their new lives together were going to be the greatest adventures of them all.

The End