So excited to finally write a fifth story. Never thought I would get this far in one year! I love the reviews and the comments and the love I receive that encourages me to write and I am so glad everyone enjoys my stories. This one will hopefully start having elements of the end of season 1 and maybe start ringing in season 2. Now I'm sure you are tired of me rambling so I give you the answer to the mystery you have all patiently guessed and waited for. Enjoy!


Part IV

Boats Your Float

Nick sat on the bed, feeling sick to his stomach. How could Juliette not tell him she was pregnant? He rubbed the back of his neck and waited for her to come upstairs. He held the stick in his hand and tried not to look at it but found he couldn't stop staring at the little plus sign.

"Nick!" Juliette called, "How long does it take to get your towels?" Juliette called laughing.

Nick braced himself as he heard her coming towards the room. He took a few deep breaths and waited.

"Nick?" Juliette asked coming in, "You better not be shirking your chores." She giggled.

She stopped when she saw a pale-looking Nick sitting on the bed, staring at her sadly.

"Nick?" she asked stepping closer, "What's wrong?"

He looked down and then held up the white pregnancy test.

She furrowed her brows, "What is that?" she asked.

He looked up surprised, "Jule's isn't this yours?"

"What is it…" she asked again and took it from Nick, then gasped when she realized what it was.

"When were you going to tell me? Were you going to tell me?" Nick asked, getting angry.

"Nick, this…this isn't mine!" she gasped.

"It's not yours? It was in our bathroom." He explained, looking and feeling confused.

"Nick, I swear, this isn't mine." She said, putting the stick down and putting her hands on her hips and feeling out of breath suddenly.

"Then if it's not yours, who's is it?" he asked.

She shook her head and closed her eyes, "Nick, I can't believe you would think that…"

He looked at her and hugged her, "I'm sorry, it just…it threw me is all."

"Nick, I would always tell you something like that right away. I promise." She reassured him.

He kissed her, "I know, I'm sorry I overreacted." He sighed, "Now we just need to find out who it belongs to."

Juliette suddenly gasped again, only in utter terror, "Oh my God, no…" she groaned.

"What?" he asked.

She looked at him sadly, "Callie."


They had sent Rainie to bed early and were sitting with Callie at the table. Nick and Juliette sat across from her and were hoping that she would be honest with them.

"Callie…" Nick started, taking a breath. She looked confused, but was at least listening, "You're not in trouble, we just…need to know the truth."

"It's okay; we're here for you Callie." Juliette added, then looked at Nick who finally pulled out the white pregnancy test. He put it on the table and Callie's eyes got bigger.

"You know what this is." Nick told her, "And I found it this morning in the bathroom."

"You aren't in trouble, sweetie, I promise. You can tell us anything anytime." Juliette said.

Callie closed her eyes and shook her head and signed, "MINE NOT."

"Callie, you don't have to lie, we'll help you any way we can." Nick said.

Callie shook her head and looked at them, pleading with her eyes, "NO NOT MINE. ME NO BABY HAVE. CANT."

"Wait, you can't have children?" Nick asked.

Callie looked down sadly and nodded, "DOCTOR 3 YEARS PAST, SAY ME BROKEN. BABY, NO."

"Oh, Callie, hunny." Juliette said, getting up and sitting down next to her to hug her, "It's okay." She said.

Now Nick was very confused. If this wasn't Juliette's and it wasn't Callie's…and it certainly wasn't Rainie's, whose was it?

"Callie…do you know who this belongs to? It's okay, no one is in trouble, I just want to make sure that everyone is being safe and that no one is in any danger. You can tell me." He said.

Callie looked away, looking a little hesitant, then nodded, "ME KNOW WHO, THAT."

"Who is it?"


"Callie, I won't say anything unless it's an emergency, but I really need to know who this belongs to." Nick said.

Callie looked down and it broke her heart to sign, "HOLLY."


Sorry this was a little short but I definitely wanted to give you guys the newest one in a celebration of the coming of season 2! I've been watching my DVD's that I got on opening day ;p.

I noticed a lot of you wanted Rosalee to be pregnant, but let's face it, her and Monroe are a little smarter than some teenagers in love. Lol. Also, I did consider making it Callie, but I couldn't bring myself to do that to her. I felt like we were missing a bit of Holly drama, so here it comes. Soon to come is the unveiling to papa wolf. Sure that's gonna go down well.

I look forward to Season 2 tomorrow! Farewell fellow Grimmlins!