The small blonde four-year-old hid behind a crate as the man who referred to himself as her father walked past, angrily muttering.

"Alisha Sierra Torrez! Get your ass out here!"

Whimpering, she crouched further into her hiding spot before bolting for the nearest door and pounding on it.

A black-haired little girl answered the door.


"Help me."

The little girl pulled Alisha inside and locked the door.


Tristen Jacobs walked out of the bathroom to see her daughter trying to calm down a shaking child.

"Emmy? Baby who is this?"

"I don't know! She was pounding on our door. Mommy she has owies on her everywhere."

Tristen's eyes widened as he saw various bruises and burns dotting the child's body.

"Emmy, sweetie, I need you to stay in here and keep the door locked. I'm gonna go find Daddy and Uncle Mark, okay?"

Ember was sniffling by this point, but she nodded.

"We gonna help her, right momma?"

"Yes, Emmy Bear."

Jeff Hardy limped backstage, wincing. That Swanton had taken a lot out of him.

He watched as Tristen Jacobs raced by, then stopped and ran back to him.


"Girl do not call me Nero," he said jokingly.

"Shut up. I need a favor."


"I need you to go watch Ember and another little girl for me. They're in my locker room."

Jeff nodded.

"I will."

"Thank you."

Jeff walked to the locker room, knocking on the door.

"Little Enigma!"

He heard sniffling from behind the door.

"Emmy? Emmy open the door."

The door swung open and a pair of arms wrapped around his waist,

"Unca Jeff."

"Emmy what's wrong?"

He walked in and saw a little girl huddled in the corner, crying.

"Emmy? Who's this?"

"Ali. She has a bunch of owies Unca Jeff."

Jeff crouched next to the little girl.


Ali looked up to see a man with orange and green hair looking down at her.

"You okay there, angel eyes?"

She whimpered and looked over at the other little girl.


"It okay, Ali. He's nice."

Jeff sat back and waited, until finally Ali lifted her head and wiped her eyes.

"You not gonna hit me?"

He froze and shook his head.

"No, baby. I'm not gonna hit you."


"I pinkie swear, little cat."

She curled her finger around his and he smiled.