Ali woke up in the back of a truck, arms tied behind her back and a cloth loosely tied around her mouth.
She rolled onto her stomach carefully, not wanting to let her kidnappers know she was awake, and looked up at the driver's seat.
Dominic was driving the car, and Matt was sitting in the passenger seat, asleep.
"Finally awake, Alisha?"
Feeling defiant, Ali refused to answer, until he jerked the car and caused her to hit her head on the window. Wincing in pain, she looked at the mirror through watery eyes.
"Defiance won't work anymore, brat. You're mine."
Ali shook her head, narrowing her eyes at him, until Matt smacked her across the face.
"You better start behaving or it's going to cost you."
Ducking her head, the four-year-old let a tear roll down her face unseen. All she wanted to do was go home to her dad.
"Daddy Jeff..."

Jeff sat on the porch, his stringy hair falling around his red eyes. Not sleeping and eating for a week had taken its toll on the Superstar, but he felt like it was useless without his little girl there.
"Alicat...Where are you, baby girl?"
He looked down at his necklace, thoughts slowing for a moment, before his eyes widened and he ran inside.
"Guys! We can get her back!"
Shane looked up at his best friend with a confused expression.
"The necklaces me and Matt wear are chipped, bro. Every Hardy necklace is chipped, which means Ali's is too."
Shannon looked at him with a grin.
"Dude, you think ahead!"
"Where's your laptop, Shan?"
Shannon pulled out his computer and Jeff plugged the USB-chipped necklace into the hard drive, bringing up both Matt and Ali's signals.
"We got her!"
"Just outside of Holly Springs."
Jezebelle walked inside with her helmet on.
"I'm going."
"No, Belle. Matt will know something's up. Hey Shan, you still got Glenn's little sister on speed-dial?"
"Call her. Tell her to take her bike and drive up here."

Jezebel Jacobs walked out of her art studio with her cellphone, talking to Shannon.
"He did what?"
"Kidnapped Jeff's little girl. We found her though."
"So what do I need to do?"
"Go get her back."
"Easily done. I'll call Glenn and Mark, see if one of them can't come with me."
"Thanks, Jez."
"No problem, Shan. Hey, when I get there, you wanna have dinner or something?"
"Love to, sweetheart."
Jez grinned and hung up, then turned to her neice.
"Hey Emmy, you wanna go on a road trip?"
Ember Jacobs looked up and nodded.
"Who we gonna go see?"
"Uncle Jeff and Uncle Shane and Uncle Shannon."
"Cool! And Ali?"
Jez froze, then nodded.
"We're picking her up along the way, girlie."
Picking the girl up, Jezebel put on the small helmet that Tristen had sent.
"Emmy, your mom is so paranoid."
Ember giggled and hugged her aunt.
"I know."