Note: unless otherwise stated most dialogue with noncyborgs would be in French-seeing as they are living in France.

Parenthood was the hardest task they had set down to in a long time. Fran was somewhat prepared having taken care of Ivan, but Irene was different. For starters she wasn't a cyborg and so didn't have Ivan's ability to communicate what she needed. Irene was tiny, and so much more fragile than they were used to. Gilmore left after a few weeks, all the while assuring Françoise that the baby was healthy.

And so began their toughest duty yet.

The first time Irene got sick Françoise panicked. In the decade since she became a cyborg Fran had begun to forget some of the aspects that no longer effected her. Illness was a thing of the past for all of the 00s. When Albert got home that afternoon she and the baby were ready to go into town. "We have to take her to the doctor Albert, she's ill." The desperation in Fran was almost amusing to him.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

She turned to angry and worried eyes on him. "I can hear it in her lungs. She's got it in her lungs."

"Alright then." He said opening the door for her. "On the way back I'll have to fuel up the truck. Tomorrow I've got a lot of driving to do."

"Oh you won't stay home and help me with Irene?" She asked.

"Only if it's serious." Albert replied. "Have you forgotten what having a job means?"

"Right," Fran replied quietly. She had found the return to traditional life a bit overwhelming. Almost harder than fighting Black Ghost. "I've forgotten that humans still get sick. I almost miss it," She sighed handing Irene to Albert so she could climb into the truck. He handed the baby up to her.

"Yeah, it means something to be able to get sick," he replied before shutting her door and climbing behind the wheel.

In town they found a doctor's office after asking several people. He was a young man and he looked at the couple with a raised eyebrow. "You've not been to a doctor here?" He asked. "She's nearly five months old. There's no records on her from any nearby hospitals."

Fran and Albert shared a look. "My father is a doctor," she replied. "He's out of town on business. He's been taking care of Irene and the two of us. That's why she doesn't have any medical records Dr. Beloq."

"You're father would be?" The doctor asked his blue eyes inquisitive.

"Isaac Gilmore," Albert answered with a finality in his voice. He didn't think asking questions about medical history was proper while Fran sat here worrying over Irene.

Dr. Beloq looked down at the girl. "Well, it sounds like she's got a bronchial infection. How long has she had a cold?"

"What cold?" Françoise asked. "She's had no symptoms until today."

"That is odd. Good thing you came here. I'll just prescribe her a light antibiotic. Do you have insurance?" Beloq asked.

"No." Albert replied. "My employer doesn't provide it and I can't pay for it just yet."

Beloq sighed. "This will cost you a lot more than you think. I've started a medical file for her here, if you want to get yourselves in the system as well make an appointment for a physical." He wrote something on a slip of paper and then handed it to Albert along with a business card. "Give me a call if symptoms worsen or new issues arise. The secretary will give you your bill." He left the room.

"Next time call Gilmore." Albert whispered as they left the office. The bill had been rather heavy, almost a hundred dollars for an outpatient urgent examination.

"I won't bring her back here." Fran agreed. "I don't feel comfortable around men like him." She remarked getting in the truck.

"Ok, let's get this filled and then go fuel up." Albert started the engine. "Though I'm impressed with Irene. She didn't cry once."

"That's cause she's a good girl, she knows better than to make a scene." Fran smiled. Albert caught sight of the light in her eyes, it was the light he had seen the past few months. A look of fulfillment, All she ever wanted was to be a mother and a wife. The battlefield doesn't suit her at all.