"And another thread twists into the fabulous yarn. This will make for an interesting story!"Alice said joyfully adding another doll to the house.

"Dead center." A guy said. He walked up to the robot and stepped on its head. "I've been waiting for them to put you back online. Remember the last time we met?" He said crushing its head. "What just happened!?" Yoh yelled. "Just like the red man." Ganta said. He made an angry noise. "Hmm?" The guy said. "I don't know who your yelling about. The name is Senji." He said. Ganta still ran at him. Sighing, Senji revealed two rings that had blades on them, he cut himself in the arms. His blood formed two blades. "Branch of sin; crow claw." He said as he cut one of Ganta's hands. "Don't think you're the only deadman. Only lunatics and stupid kids think their special." He said. "How did you…" Ganta started. "Deadmen can manipulate their blood and use it as a weapon." Senji said. Ganta looked at his hand. "All I have to do is bleed?" he said as the blood rose into the palm of his hand and formed a ball. He shot it at Senji. It hit him with a POP. Ganta shot another at him. This time Senji blocked it. It looked like something was about to go down until shots were fired. Senji and Ganta fell down and it was revealed that they both had darts sticking out of their backs. A bunch of men took Senji and Ganta away and took the rest of them. Kuromi struggled a bit and Shiro was majorly struggling. She was yelling a lot of things but Kuromi wasn't paying attention, not even to the men who were talking on video chat to someone. Next thing she knew she, Mina, Shiro and Yoh were being thrown into a dark tunnel. "Looks like we got paid for this after all." One of the guards said holding up some of Yoh's cast point cards. "Hey give those back! They're mine!" Yoh yelled. Kuromi grabbed one of the guard's arms. "Give them back you meany!" She yelled. "Get off of me!" He yelled closing the door. She picked up some of the cards. "Sorry I couldn't get all of them back." She said handing them back to Yoh. "That's okay." He said. "How are we going to get out of here?" Mina asked. "Well I'm pretty sure they closed up the service vent so we can't do that again." Yoh said. "Then we just walk!" Kuromi said starting down the tunnel with everyone following her. "I'm worried about Ganta." Shiro said walking along. "Don't worry about him, he can fend for himself pretty well." Yoh said. "He's never been very good at defending himself!" Shiro yelled. "Well not all of us can drop kick robots." Yoh said. "Yeah. You know what's the best thing about Ganta? He always gets back up!" She said.

They reached some kind of command center. Shiro went off on her own. Mina and Kuromi followed Yoh and watched him take out all of the officers. He picked up a walkie talkie and started talking into it. Kuromi checked all the officers to make sure they didn't get up. Yoh got up and started off. "Why are we doing this?!" Mina yelled after him. Kuromi shushed Mina and gave her a look that said 'lts a justified decision.' Mina nodded. They followed Yoh. He walked toward a grate in the floor. Kuromi noticed Shiro on the wall. "Hey look!" She said pointing. Suddenly Shiro was shot by someone. She was seriously hurt but instead of falling she started regenerating. "She must be a deadman too!" Kuromi said. Shiro passed out and two white haired people took her away.