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Lilly White stood in position with her silver dart gun aimed at Kyle Lambert. His eyes were on the dart gun. Kyle had dark brown hair, simple brown eyes and is probably in every sport in the school. He wasn't very handsome but girls practically fall over him because he was the sportyist guy in the school. But he wasn't very smart. The tallest, the biggest, the most muscular and yeah... You probably get it. Even though he was only 13. Lilly had long, pretty platinum blonde hair, mysterious light gray eyes and was basically very pretty. She was the sneakist, smartest, most cunning person in the school, one of the smartest and would surprisingly any fight she's in. Verbal or physical. She was 14. (A\N Sorry to interrupt but by this description can you guess which branch they're in?)

So back to the threat...

"Whoa little sis, where did that er... weapon come from?" Kyle asked.

"First let's get this straight dear brother." Lilly sneered the word in her British accent. When she's mad, nervous, scared or stressed out she'd slip into her British accent. "I'm older than you so I'm not little. Second, don't call me sis. I hate you and you know that. Third, this is a dart gun. Your little brain could never identify this so I guess I could make a small acceptation."

"To me you're little 'cause I'm taller than you." Kyle defended. Lilly raised an eyebrow.

"Is that all you have to say?"

"I'm telling Mom and Dad."

"And what might they say if they can't find this?" Kyle stepped forward and Lilly placed a finger on the trigger.

"Just do it!"

"You need to learn. I'm tired of doing your projects all the time."

"Fine. Then I'll tell Mom and Dad that I want you to do it then you'll have to do it."

"Fourth, I'm not your sibling whatever the legal papers say." Lilly continued her list. "I go by the last name White, not Lambert. Fifth, I will not EVER call them Mum or Dad. My Mum and Dad are..." Lilly narrowed her eyes. "Dead."

"Still..." Kyle taunted.

"Would you like me to squeeze the trigger?" Lilly said.

"Ok, I DON'T CARE!" yelled Kyle and lunged. Lilly squeezed the trigger and the knock-out dart hit Kyle in the shoulder. Lilly step sided easily as Kyle went limp.

"You don't mess with me." Lilly smirked then the doorbell rang. She looked down at her watch. 2:34 o'clock.

"Not until five. I wonder who it is." Lilly mused and held the dart gun behind her back. She was positive it was Kyle's friends. Lilly opened the door and shot the biggest person first. Only... he was clear not a friend of Kyle's. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and wore a purple sweat suit and made Kyle and his family looking like wimps.

"What the...?" the man said and crumbled to the floor.

"Oh my Gods. That was not meant to happen." Lilly gasped.

"Hmm..." said the other man, clearly amused. He had dark hair and gleaming amber eyes. He wore a priceless creamy white suit and looked like a male super model.

"You do have a antidote, right?" he asked.

"Of course I do. Only an idiot would shoot that without an antidote." Lilly was clearly annoyed and scared. Of course he British accent would still be there. Super Model waved his hand over the unconscious person.

"Riiiiight." Lilly said and ran to her room. She pulled the peeling wallpaper in the corner and a keypad appeared. She typed in her super secret code and pressed her finger against a small square.

"Accepted." said a computerized voice as the wall slid to one side showing a secret room. Lilly entered, grabbed antidote number 5 for poison number 5. She took a small vial and poured some in. She carefully placed the big bottle back on the shelf and closed the entrance then ran back towards the door. Super Model had propped Sport against the doorway.

"Ok." Lilly said. "I have it!" she put her dart gun in her belt and knelt beside Sport. She opened his mouth and poured the clear liquid in. Super Model just stood there watching. Lilly closed his mouth and massaged his throat to make him swallow it. She stood up and took a step back.

"Hopefully this will work!" Lilly said nervously.

"'Hopefully'?" Super Model asked in a silky smooth British accent.

"Er... I'm about 95% positive it'll work. I've never tested it because I never use it..." explained Lilly. Sport moaned and slowly got up. He glared at the girl.

"Soooorry!" she exclaimed and held her hands up in surrender.

"Why does my mouth taste like Skittles?" he asked. Lilly gave a sigh of relief and gave Super Model thumbs up.

"It worked. And taste good." Lilly smiled shyly.

"Anyways..." Super Model said. "Lilly White and Kyle Lambert live here if I'm not correct."

"Er, Kyle is currently unavailable." she answered and glanced towards the living room. "Also, Opal and Matthew Lambert aren't here. What do you want anyway?"

"We're here to-"

"Take me away to live in a five star mansion while you drop Kyle off in jail? I'm already packed! Or... Almost!" Lilly exclaimed.

"Er... Something like that. Taking you away yes, everything else not so much." Sport said. Just then a 16-year-old boy with dark blonde hair and jade green eyes sprinted up to the front porch. He looked like a normal teenager. And by his shirt which had a ninja on it, he must like ninjas.

"We ready or what?" he asked.

"No." Super Model said.

"Fah!" Lilly exclaimed suddenly and started messing around on her watch. "How did I have this in the wrong time zone?" Holograms started popping up and she started doing stuff, pressing things with her finger.

"Doesn't Ned's watch do something like that?" asked Ninja.

"Erm, I think so..." Sport answered. The actually time was 4:45: Lilly groaned.

"They'll be back in 15 minutes." Lilly said. "Er... Come in but I'm watching you all." Ninja, Super Model and Sport entered the house. They all sat in the kitchen.

"So where is Kyle?" asked Sport.

"Um... He's here..." Lilly muttered and put the glass of water to her lips.

"You had the dart gun out for a reason I suppose?" Super Model said.

"Yeah... He annoyed me and I'm not wasting an antidote on him." Lilly said.

"Might as well introduce ourselves." Super Model muttered.

"Hamilton Holt." said Hamilton.

"Dan Cahill." said Dan.

"Ian Kabra." said Ian.

"So um, why are you here?" Lilly asked twirling the dart gun on her finger.

"Where's the other person?!" asked Dan. Kyle moaned and staggered in the kitchen. He had a murderous look in his eyes.

"I am going to kill you White." he growled.

"Not unless you can catch me!" Lilly exclaimed and ducked behind Hamilton. "You want me? Go through him."

"Whoa, I never agreed to be someone's bodyguard." Hamilton said.

"Then move out of the way so I can killed her!" he said and ran towards Lilly. She darted out of the way and crouched behind Ian.

"Oh my god. That kid looks light the Holts. No offense Hamilton." said Dan.

"Wait, who are you?" asked Kyle.

"We need to talk to your parents." explained Ian. Just then the door opened and closed with a thud!.

"You are dead when they find out you let strangers in the house." grinned Kyle and ran to the door.

"Helloooo Kyle!" cooed Opal. Lilly gagged and ran upstairs silently. She went to her secret room and pulled her hearing device out. A cheap 'small Ipod' in the Scholastic book orders. But she gave it a full tweaks and it works a lot better. Lilly stuck the earplugs in and listened on the second floor.

"Mama, Lilly let complete strangers in the house!" Kyle complained.

"WHAAAT?!" screeched Opal and she marched into the kitchen.

"Hello, ." Ian said in his smooth sweet voice.

"Who are YOU?" she asked.

"We will call the cops." growled Matthew.

"My companions and I are here from Cahill's Base-"

"Did you said Cahill Base?" interrupted Matthew.

"Yes." Ian continued. "We are here to collect your children from harm from an evil organizations, The Vespers."

"You're here to take my Kyle away?" gasped Opal.

"For protective reasons. Unless you would like them to stay home but they will be watched 24/7." Ian answered.

"Let Kyle and-"

"NOOOO! I'm going! Just give me a few minutes to pack!" Lilly yelled and went to her closet she pulled out four already packed suitcases and brought out a silver messenger bag. She put in her items from her secret room. Her dart gun hung from her belt, the small back-up dart kit in her bag, her listening Ipod device, her zoom-in computerized sunglasses, all the small antidote vials, laser ring, her silver chained recording necklace, knock-out lip gloss and baggies of organized grenades. (Some disguised as earrings.) Then Lilly pulled out two silver metal suitcases and loaded everything else in the two suitcases.

(Would a new paragraph be here?)

She made three trips to drag down all her luggage.

"Ready!" grinned Lilly and stuck her tongue out at the Lambert family.

"Where is this base located?" Matthew asked.

"Authorized information." Lilly snapped and Ian said. Lilly took her weapon cases while Hamilton took three and Dan took one. She carefully laid it on top and went to the passenger seat.

"Let's go!" exclaimed Lilly.

"Are you going to say bye to your M-"

"They're not my parents. I'm NOT a Lambert I'm a White. And no I'm not cause I hate them." Lilly interrupted Dan through gritted teeth.

"Hamilton will arrive later than us so just incase we're being tailed, he leads them away." Ian said. Lilly nodded and Dan grinned.

"Ok, ready?" he asked and punched the gas.

"Don't kill us Daniel!" Ian exclaimed and gripped the arm rest.

"Go faster! This is fun!" Lilly laughed.

"My name is DAN Kabra. Get that in your head." Dan said and jerked left.

"WEEEEE!" cheered Lilly, smiling very wide.

So the three Cahills and other Cahill head back to Base in the 'unknown' location. Ian talked on his phone about the progress. Lilly White left while the Lambert family will be watched and protected. An unknown adventure waits for the newly arrived Cahill.

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