Ye olde prologue-

Desi sat all by her lonesome in her basement.

And by that, I mean she was busy playing video games and completely ignoring the stacks of homework that was due.

"Haha! Die, spotty bulborb!" She cackled as she threw purple pikmin like there was no tomorrow. She jumped when she heard a knock on the door that lead to the garage, and angrily paused the game as she took the wrist strap off and chucked her wiimote somewhere across the room. Walking over to the door, she muttered, "Gosh dang it, dad, why do you always have to interrupt me when I'm doing something important?"

Yes, murdering spotty bulborbs is apparently just that important.

Upon opening the door, however, she instantly stumbled backwards in pure disbelief. There, standing before her, was her soulbound OC, Celia, and the smirk on the character's face wasn't comforting in the least.

"Hello, author," Celia sneered. Her tone just caused the younger girl to continue to scoot backwards. (And nearly trip over a piano bench in the process.) "I'd love to have a chat with you about how I'm finally getting revenge along with my friends, buuut I figured you'll just learn this stuff as you go along anyways, so we're just going to wrap this up fast."

Desi couldn't even force herself to reply before Celia shoved her into a portal that had appeared right behind her.

And then the story got cliche, so everything just went dark.


Mystic sat on her bed, laptop in her lap and I-pod plugged in. Normally she kept one earbud out so she could hear her mom if she called, but not today. And due to the sound-blocking quality of her earbuds, she didn't notice a certain rebellious fairy princess grab the frying pan next to her.

"This is for all the hell you've put me through," Silva muttered as she slammed the frying pan over her authoress' head, knocking the other girl unconscious. She then pulled her authoress off the bed and unceremoniously threw her into the portal behind her.


"'kay, bye," came the cheerful voice of one Misery Elvira Weston as she hung up her phone. Instantly upon hanging up, her semi-cheerful look turned into a rather sulky one as she realized she had absolutely nothing to do. Her friend had just gotten off the phone with her, she had a feeling anything she wrote right now would be horrible, and she wasn't exactly in the mood to draw. That left reading. ...Well, she'd been meaning to read Harry Potter over again anyway. For what, the... 15... 20... something bajillionth time.

With a casual swerve of her old computer chair, Mikey turned from her desk and craptop (typo intended) and got up, walking over to her bookshelf. She frowned slightly at the state of it- stupid thing had no back wall, so books kept falling out of the other side. She briefly checked for spiders, lizards, and murderers with knives or guns (for some reason she didn't know; it was just dark in here and that was sort of making her paranoid) and shrugged slightly to herself, shifting her headphones before reaching into the shelf at her eye level and taking out Order of the Phoenix simply because she felt like it. What came next, she didn't expect- she let out a yell and lost balance, falling backward onto her rear with a painful thud. Why?

Because there was a grinning face staring at her out of her bookshelf.

And not just any grinning face- a grinning face she recognized.

Her own face.

"Hi~!" the Mikey-that-was-not-Mikey sang as she stepped out from behind the bookshelf. "Been a while, huh?"

Mikey stared at the doppelganger blankly.

Other!Mikey rolled her eyes and, in a poof of confetti and purple smoke, became another face that Mikey recognized: that of a certain spazzy brunette shapeshifter. Celeste Pike, better known as Abigail, grinned and waved her hand while wiggling her fingers. "How ya doin'~?"

"Abigail... you... how..." Mikey was quite clearly in shock, as that was the only thing she managed to get out.

"Hm... cat got your tongue?" Abigail reached down and snatched Mikey's wrist. "Well, everybody else had a fun idea, so I'm just joining in. Come on, get up."

Mikey slowly got to her feet as the shock began to wear off, blinking slowly and breathing very deeply as she tried to process the fact that Abigail was in her room. However, she barely had any time to consider what this might mean for her before pain suddenly exploded in the back of her head, and she fell to the floor again, this time unconscious.

Above her, Abigail held up a stolen imp's flute and whistled innocently.


"I've seen the door leading to your heart, and you don't guard it that well! What an embarrassing ta-" The Shadow of Fantasies suddenly burst into a coughing fit. "Dammit, that's the third time this recording session..."

She slammed the 'stop' button on the recording and deleted the track, then fell back in her chair and took off the headset. "Screw the recording, I'll do it later." The fanfiction tyrant people called Senom muttered, trying in vain to smooth out her hair.

And because she had an empty house and absolutely nothing else to do, as all of her friends had mysteriously vanished at some point in the past little while (getting offline in a suspicious manner, seeing as how one did NOT take this long to play video games, another she didn't even remember what she was doing, and anotherrr had just stopped replying long ago), she decided it was the best idea ever to do absolutely nothing.

That plan was ruined as soon as she turned around.

"So do you usually suck this badly at that song?" Elizalilac Alexis raised an eyebrow, leaning back against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest. "I can understand not noticing someone behind you while recording, but I think it's something to worry about when you get up to get a Mountain Dew and don't notice for the whole trip."

Senom blinked.

"... Am I high?"

Lilac leaned forward and smacked her in the face.


The author rubbed her cheek irritably. "Taking that as a no. What're you doing here, Mary Sue?"

"... I really would've thought you'd be panicking."

"Yeah, I should be." Senom realized. "Your point? What're you gonna do anyway, kill me?"

"I wish." The Crystal Keeper rolled her eyes and then took out her racket. "No, it's something that'll probably result in a lot more pain on your end."

"... Wait, wha-"

The sentence was cut off by a blow to the head. Lilac put Dreamcatcher down and shoved Senom through the portal.

"... Celia, you owe me for this." She muttered before leaving.


Another late night alone, thanks to parents having to work late. But he known as TheManWithBacon, or just Bacon for short, didn't gave him time alone to work on stuff.

Or derp around with his computer. Either-or.

"Ok, almost done with the latest chapter...just gotta post it up and..."

A sudden noise from within the dark house cut off his train of thought.

"Eh? What was that?" he thought, leaning back in his chair and staring towards his open door. Standing up, Alex wiped the cracker crumbs off his pants and quickly downed the last few dregs of his soda before taking a peek out of his door into the hallway.

Nothing. Just lots and lots of dark.

"...maybe I'm just hearing things."

Suddenly, another thump.

"Then again, maybe not! Where's that knife of mine...?"

Going to his nightstand, Bacon grabbed the decorative knife that he had picked up on a trip to San Francisco and pulled it out of the sheath, staring at the curved stainless steel blade for a second before slowly stepping out the door into the hall. Gulping to himself, he held the knife in both hands and made his way out into the living room, also devoid of light.

"Hello?" he called out. "Someone there? If you're trying to steal my stuff, I'm warning you, I'm armed!"

"Oooooo, I'm so scared!" said a voice.

Directly behind him.

Spinning around, Bacon swung the knife and was suddenly rebuffed as a strong arm grabbed his own and twisted, forcing him to drop the weapon before a heavy, gauntleted hand clamped down over his mouth and forced him up against the wall behind him.

"MMMPHHGGGFHHHH!" came the strangled shout, shortly before the hand was removed.

"What the hell...Alex!?" Bacon exclaimed, looking dead into the face of the half-assed figment of his imagination. "How'd you...?"

"Spidersilk Cloak, remember?" Alex sneered, using his other hand to hold up the article of clothing. "You gave it to me, after all! Who knew it'd be so useful?"

"But...what's with all the hostility?!"

"What do YOU think? Ever since you thought me up, I've been stabbed, burned, nearly drowned, dislocated my leg...and that's just naming a few of the crappy things you've put me through!"

"What? B-but I..."

"What? You didn't think anyone was actually having to suffer through all that bullcrap? Well now you know, and me and my real friends are gonna make sure authors like YOU don't make all us OC's suffer anymore!"


He got no response from his OC, other than the young man cocking his arm back and throwing a heavy punch right into his face. The force of the hit slammed his head back into the wall, making stars explode in his vision as he crumpled to the ground, unconscious.

"THAT was for giving me such a terrible job in San Francisco!" Alex spat at his comatose creator, grabbing one of his legs and dragging him into a more open part of the living room.

As if on cue, a light suddenly split open the darkness, as a swirling portal appeared in the air before Alex.

"Right on schedule..." the traitorous OC thought, heaving the author through the portal and giving him a good kick on the backside for good measure, as both Bacon and the portal vanished into thin air.