So, once upon a time there was this lady pirate. And somehow she ended up on the Flying Duthman which was weird because how often do you see a lady pirate, right? So she's on the Dutchman and obviously nobody wants to be there. And Will gave her an amazing idea.

So she was sitting with the rest of the crew one night, watching them play Liar's Dice. Hard game that, seriously. Have you ever tried playing? Bugger, it's hard. Anyway, she was watching them play and waited until the game was through before claiming the table and pieces for herself before announcing:

"I challenge the captain!"

Jones doesn't much like being challenged. Especially since he got duped the last time with Will and Bootstrap. That really pissed him off and you really don't want to piss on Davy Jones. He could do with a little amusement though so he clunked on down before decks and joined the crew for the game. That a woman was challenging him, a new addition no less was surprising but hey! It's fun to break spirits that way so why the fuck not? He could do with some amusement.

"The wages?"

"My freedom if I win."

"And if you lose?"

"My virginity."


"What did you say?"

"You heard me."

"A pirate lass and you've yet to lay with any man?"

"What, wanna call me a liar already?"

Game on bitch! So they sat down and got to playing, both of them being quite a challenge for the other. It was a good game though and Jones won in the end. So he dragged her off to his cabin by the hair and had his way with her. The whole crew could hear some loud whoopin' and hollerin' all night long and well into the day. And nobody could tell if it was the captain or the girl who challenged him. Obviously she wasn't lying though otherwise he'd have thrown her overboard and watched her suffer a bit.

But no, they had sex like twenty times that night which was the most sex Jones had ever had in his life. And inside the room where no one could see, they took turns riding each other like animals. It was like a fucking nature documentary.

The end.