Disclaimer: Both franchises depicted in this story are owned by Hasbro.

On another note, this story was written in collaboration with Azure Dragon of the East. He actually came up with the idea as well as doing most of the writing. I just did a little outline work. Anyway, here is part one of the new three-fiction series. Hope you enjoy.

Equestria Transformed

Act 1: Autobots and Ponies


Chicago, Illinois – 03:27p.m.

The once beautiful and industrious city of Chicago had been reduced to miles upon miles of burning wreckage and smoking human corpses. Its glistening towers had been blown full of holes, halves toppled over and/or utterly destroyed. The cause of this chaos, a faction of Autonomous Mechanical life forms hailing from the ruined world of Cybertron.

They call themselves Decepticons.

They had come to Earth as a result of civil war on their home world with another faction known as the Autobots. The two sides, though of the same race, had very conflicting ideologies. The Autobots strongly believe that all life deserves to live freely and as such they will risk their lives to protect the innocent from tyranny. The Decepticons, however, believe that they are a chosen race meant to reign over all those they consider inferior. These beliefs had sparked a war that spanned across the galaxy and the centuries.

Now, both sides were locked in what they were sure was to be their final battle.

The Autobots were currently locked in a fire fight with their foes. Much to their fortune, their human allies came in from behind with reinforcements.

"MORTAR THAT BRIDGE!" Ratchet ordered the human troops.

The human soldiers heeded the order and began their support fire.

High above the atmosphere, Cybertron, the home planet of the Transformers, was hovering close enough to be visible from Earth's surface even by day. The one thing that protected Earth from Cybertron's greater gravitational pull was the spacebridge that called it here. The device's control system was currently protected by Shockwave along with a small squadron of Decepticons. The heavy fire from the group prevented the Autobots from getting any closer but hope came in the form of Optimus Prime swooping in, slashing, blasting and in all senses, making short work of the smaller Decepticons; Leaving Shockwave the only one left to defend the spacebridge control pillar.

The cyclopean robot open fired on the Autobot leader, but Optimus managed avoided the shot by rolling forward. Optimus quickly got back to his feet and reared his arm back. A series of claws extended from under his armor and set upon his knuckles. Optimus swung his fist with all his might, tearing out a portion of Shockwave's abdomen. Before the cyclopean Decepticon could recover, Optimus delivered a strong punch to his head. With his enemy stunned the Prime threw Shockwave to the ground and hovered over his broken body.

"You Die!"

The last Prime dug his hand in and ripped out the Decepticon's eye by its wiring, effectively ending him. Optimus then grabbed Shockwave's cannon arm and fired a shot at the cupola housing the spacebridge control pillar.

Sentinel watched in horror as the shot collided with the structure just below the cupola.


The remains crumbled down to the street with the pillar. Pieces of mortar and concrete pelted the alien device, leaving dents and dings until it all crashed into the pavement. The pillar twitched and sparked from the damage it sustained. But, to everyone's surprise, it started back up and fired the beam again, only this time it was red instead of blue. All watched as Cybertron was pushed back through the space bridge.

But it didn't stop there.

Arcs of energy lashed out from the planet, striking anything of Cybertronian origin across the Earth, living or otherwise. All those hit were then pulled up towards the metal planet. As they entered the wormhole, the Matrix of Leadership starts glowing before it left Optimus's chest. He reaches for it, but it flew out of the Autobot leader's reach. The matrix hit the beam before it glided toward Cybertron. There was a bright blue flash of light before there was darkness...