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Rise Of The Uzumaki Clan

Chapter 1

Hokage's Tower

It had been a long night for Sarutobi the 3rd Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaf. He was about to finish up for the night when he heard the knock at the door. The door opened and the chunin that had guarded the door stepped into the room.

"Sorry Hokage there is a man here wishing to speak with you he says his name is Hayate Uzumaki and he has a young girl with him by the name of Karin Uzumaki which he claim is his daughter." He said after entering the room.

As the chunin gaurd awaited the Hokages answer he could see a mixed look on his face made up of surprise, shock, and dread. Before the chunin guard could ask if he should show them in or turn them away the Hokage ordered him to show them in and not to disturb him agin for the rest of the night. He did as he was told opening the door wider so that they could enter the room. He then retrieved two chairs for them to sit in before returning to his post. As they sat down in the chairs provided for them the Hokage could see that Hayate had a confused look that begged the question "Why are you sitting there and not Minato?" However before Hayate could ask any questions Sarutobi told them he had a lot of explaining to do. That many things have changed over the years that he had been gone.

The Hokage began to explain what has happened over the time that Hayate had been gone in as much detail that he could given the amount of time he had to cover. By the time he was done three and a half hours had passed. After he had finished silence fell upon the room for several minutes as the Hokage looked upon his guest only to see outrage on their faces and deep sadness in their eyes. Hayate finally took a deep breath to calm himself before speaking for the first time.

"I can see by your expression and the look in your eyes that everything that has happened while I was away has effected you deeply and that you did the best you could for my nephew. I can also see you care a great deal for him as well." Hayate looked at his daughter and then back to the Hokage before continuing.

"However now that I have returned from my jurney I would like to take the next two weeks to evaluate the current situation for myself. In that time I would also like for my daughter Karin to be enrolled at the Leaf Ninja Academy and placed in my nephew's class. I can assure you she has been well-educated in the ninja arts. She should have no problem keeping up with the other students." Hayate pauses to allow the Hokage to respond to his requests.

"I have no problem with you taking the time to get the full scope of the boy's current situation in the village. As for your daughter Karin I will have her enrolled at the academy in the morning and inform Iruka Umino that he will be getting a new student. However I would like to know how you plan to handle this? The boy thinks he has no family left alive. Will she be enrolling as herself or under a different name?" To the Hokages surprise it was Karin that spoke up to answer his question.

"I would like to be enrolled as myself. I think it may do him some good to know that he indeed has family. I'll stay discreet in my introduction until i have proper time to talk with him alone to inform him otherwise so that he isn't caught of guard in front of his other classmates." The Hokage was taken back a little by the thought and kindness that she put into her response and simply replied with a nod of approval.

Hayate looks at his daughter before addressing her. "Karin if Naruto ask about his parents I don't want you telling him anything more than his mother was my older sister and that I will personally inform him of them in two weeks." She nods her head in understanding.

This causes the Hokage to voice a very important question. "Hayate given my law to protect the boy and the length in which I've gone through over the years to protect him from his parents enemies how much do you plan to tell him?"

Hayate looks him dead in the eyes with a very serious look. "I plan to tell him everything. He needs to know the truth about where he came from, what he has inherited from his mother, and what he has inherited from his clan. These are things he needs to know so that he can begin to heal emotionally and keeping them from him will only cause more harm than good."

The Hokage shuts his eyes and takes in a deep breath thinking on the boys mental health up to this point. "Very well you are the boy closest of kin and I fell you have every right to do so. I will also have the papers drawn up in the morning so that you can take over as the boy's legal gaurden. Also do you any plans on where you will be staying?"

Hayate thinks on this for a moment before answering. "By any chance has anyone moved into my sisters old place? If not I would like to stay there while in the Leaf Village. As for Karin for the first two weeks I would like her to stay with her cousin Naruto so that they have a chance to build their family bond."

Sarutobi rubs his chin thinking on the current state of the house and the fact that Hayate wishes to have Karin live with Naruto for the next two weeks. "The house is still empty so that shouldn't be a problem. However seals have been put up to keep people away. You will have to wait untill tomorrow for me to remove them for you. As for Karin living with Naruto for the next two weeks it will be a tight fit in his small apartment but I see no problem with it."

Both the Hokage and Hayate glance over at the young girl as she yawns and the Hokage smiles. "I will arrange for a room to be booked at the inn for the two of you tonight. We can continue this tomorrow. I'm sure you are both tired from your travels and would like to rest and Karin does have a big day tomorrow."


Academy Classroom

Iruka sat at his desk in his classroom at the Leaf Ninja Academy thinking about his meeting earlier that morning with the Hokage. He still couldn't get his head around the information he had been told.


"Iruka I have summoned you here this morning to tell you that you will have a new student at the academy. I will bring her by after the morning roll call. I have also been informed that she is well-trained in the ninja arts and should have no problems keeping up with the other students. However there is also something els you should know of about your new student. Her name is Karin Uzumaki and she is the younger cousin of Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto is yet to be informed of her and she wishes do be the one to tell him who she is without causing him any discomfort in front of his classmates. So I would suggest a discreet introduction until she talks with him."

Iruka sat there for a moment in shock at what the Hokage had just told him before speaking. "Hokage I thought Naruto had no family. Who are they? Where did they come from? Why was Naruto never told about them?"

Sarutobi lights his pipe before giving him an answer. "Naruto's mother had a younger brother that left the village when he was sixteen on a personal mission approved by the 4th Hokage. This was before Naruto's mother became pregnant with him so he knew nothing about Naruto. After Naruto's parents died I tried to find him for five years with no success. I had to finally give up the search because there was no leads to follow and no evidence that he was still alive. Naruto was never told of him because I didn't know if he was alive or dead and I didn't want to give him false hope. As for where he has been I will find that out later today."

Iruka couldn't believe what he was hearing. In the short time he knew Naruto he looked at him as a little brother and didn't want to see him get hurt. "Iruka I know you feel for the boy as I do. That's why I need you to keep a close eye on him for a while to make sure he is doing alright." The Hokage said with a little worry in his voice.

Confused by that statement he asks. "Hokage do you suspect something bad will happen?"

Sarutobi turns and looks out the window. "Naruto's uncle Hayate is planing to tell him of a great many things soon. One of those thing is the demon he has locked away inside of him and I'm not sure how he will take that news."

(End of Flashback)

Iruka's thoughts where interupted as his students began to come into the classroom.

It took about fifteen minutes for the students to calm down so that Iruka could take roll call for the day. After which almost like perfect clockwork he heard a knock at the door. It opened and the Hokage walked through followed by a short young red-headed girl with glasses. The Hokage smiled as he greeted the class.

"Good morning everyone I have brought you a new student. I'll leave your teacher with her introduction as I have Hokage matter to attend." Upon those words he left the classroom to prepare for his meeting with Hayate Uzumaki.

After the Hokage left Iruka stepped around to the front of his desk and put his hand on the girl's shoulder. "Why don't you introduce yourself to the rest of class and tell us a little bit about yourself."

Kirin looked up at Iruka and gave him a gentle smile before nodding her head. "My name is Karin and I'm from a small clan in the east. I traveled here with my father Hayate who has left me in the care of my older causin for the next two weeks while he takes care of some family buisness..." She contiued to tell them some of her likes and dislikes before finishing.

It was not lost on Iruka that the girl purposely did not give her clan name. Most likely she was waiting to talk with Naruto alone first so that both could save face in front of their classmates incase the conversation didn't go well. So before any of his students could ask questions he stepped up to address his new student. "Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself to the class. You can have a seat anywhere you like now."

Karin looked around the room to see where the empty seats were located. There where only three empty seats to choose from. The first two where on ether side of a blond boy in an orange and blue outfit with ocean blue eyes and three whisker marks on each cheeks. He was the only student in the class that matched her cousin's description and he sat in the front row on the right side of the room. The last open seat was in the far back row on the left side of the room next to a small girl about her size with short indigo hair and lavender eyes that had no pupils. From the look of her eyes Karin guessed that she must be one of those Hyuugas that her father told her about. However what got her attention about the girl was the fact that while everyone in the class was focused on her during her introduction this Hyuuga girl focused all her attention on her cousin Naruto. In the end she decided to investigate that later and sat down next to her cousin Naruto. Class began and went by quickly leading up to lunch. As the class was being dismissed for lunch Karin put her hand on Naruto's and turned to look him in the face. She could see he had a small blush on it most likely from her putting her hand on his. She spoke in a whisper to him so the others wouldn't hear.

"Can we talk before you go to lunch? I have something very important I need to tell you in private." Naruto was still blushing a little as he grinned wide and scratched the back of his head. "Sure what did you want to talk about." After all he did think she was cute. Even a very close second to his secret crush and looked very intelligent in those glasses of her's.

Kirin waited until everyone including Iruka left the classroom before she began to speak. "Naruto what I'm about to tell you will most likely come as a shock to you. Last night me and my father arrived here in Konaha. My father and his older sister lived here as children after their village was destroyed. My father decided to leave the village when he was sixteen on a personal family mission given to him by the 4th Hokage. While he was gone on this mission he received no news of his sister or the village so when we arrived last night we had no clue as to what has happened while he was away. After meeting with the 3rd Hokage we found out that his sister had died over 11 years ago. This came as very sad new but we also received some really great news as well. We found out that she had a son and that he was still alive. Now let me give a more proper introduction. My name is Karin Uzumaki daughter of Hayate Uzumaki and younger cousin to you Naruto Uzumaki. I come from the Land of Whirlpool and was born in the birth place of the Uzumaki Clan the Village Hidden in the Whirling Tide."

Naruto was completely blown away by this. His face no longer had a blush on it but one of compleat shock and while her words began to really sink in tear began to fall down his cheeks. For the first time in his life he wasn't alone he had family and she was sitting right in front of him. He was so overcome with emotions that he couldn't speak so he reached out and hugged her tight while still crying. She returned the hug comforting him for about ten long minutes before he broke the hug and wiped the tears away. Karin asked him if he was ok after he wiped his tears away. Naruto put on the biggest grin he could before answering.

"You kidding I'm better than ok I have a family." Karin returned his smile with one of her own. She was glad he took the news as well as he did.

"Um Naruto I know you might have a lot of question so is there anything you would like to ask?" Naruto thought about it and he knew what he wanted to ask first he just hoped she had the answers he was looking for.

"Karin do you know who my parents are? What they where like? I'm sure your father must have told you about them." He asked in a hopeful voice.

She knew that would be the first thing he would ask. All she could think at that moment was 'Damn father for not letting me say anything'. She really did want to tell him everything and not hold back but she gave her word to her father that she wouldn't tell him about his parents.

"Naruto father has asked me not to tell you because he wishes to tell you himself in two weeks. I know it's going to drive you crazy because if I was in your position it would drive me crazy. But know that he is truly the better one to ask." Karin said while trying to see how he took her answer.

Naruto now had a sad expression on his face from her comment and spoke in a low voice. "You can't even tell me a little bit about them not even their names?" It hurt that she couldn't tell him anything about them.

"Naruto I gave my word and a Uzumaki never goes back on their word." Those words alone brightened him up a little.

He regained his smile and decided to ask something els. He asked about the Land of Whirlpool and the Village Hidden in the Whirling Tide. He asked about the Uzumaki Clan and how big it really was. Karin was happy he didn't ask any questions she couldn't answer and gladly told him all about her homeland and village. She even told him that the Uzimaki Clan had 20 current members including him. That her father was only the acting head but never told her who the real head of the clan was that it would be a surprise. She even told him told him of a very powerful cousin they had. His name was Nagato Uzumaki and her father found in the Land of Rain as a young boy living with is mother and father during some war. Also that Nagato had a son by the name of Kai Uzumaki that was extremely gifted in fuuinjutsu in the likes that hasn't been seen in over 100 years in their clan.

Naruto was about to ask another question but before he could Karin asked one of her own. "So Naruto you don't mind that father dumped me on you for the next two weeks do you? Because he said I was to stay with you until he come to get us."

Naruto took a few moments to think over his current living conditions and what changes he would have to make. He had a very small apartment barely big enough for one person and only one bed. It didn't take him long to decide that he would give her the bed and he could sleep on the floor. Then there was the food situation he only had enough for one person and it was all ramen. He knew that would a problem but he could cut back so that there would be enough. After explaining what he had come up with to her she giggled a little causing him to look confused.

"Naruto you don't have to go though all that trouble father gave me enough money to help us both get by for the next two weeks. I can go shopping after school today for anything we may need." Before anything els could be spoken her stomach began to growl loudly. They both burst out in laughter. "Come on Karin we can go outside and eat our lunches and talk more while we eat."


Academy School Yard

For some reason Hinata wasn't very hungry today and she couldn't get what she saw as she walked out the classroom out of her head. Karin had placed her hand on top of Naruto's and whispered something to him. He was blushing and had a great big smile on his face before she finally exited the classroom. Maybe she likes him and he likes her. If so than she should be happy for him. However she wasn't and just the thought of them as a couple made her heart hurt so much. Did she care for him more than she realized. She knew that she never felt like this when she would see him go after Sakura Haruno but then agin maybe deep down she knew he never stood a chance with her. All the other girls in the class never paid any attention to him they where always too focused on going after Sasuke Uchiha. They didn't even bother with the other boys expecially Naruto. So she never had to worry about anyone trying to take him from her. As her thought continued to wonder she glanced up from the spot on the ground she was looking at to see Naruto and Karin. They where walking out of the building and into the school yard. Both where smiling and talking about Kami only knows what. Now a new emotion surfaced in Hinata. Was this jealousy she was feeling she couldn't tell or at least didn't want to admit it was. She truely did want to be happy for him. Even if the site in front of her made her heart shatter into a million pieces. She couldn't take it anymore she lowered her head and started to stare at the ground agin.

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