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Rise of the Uzumaki Clan

Chapter 2

Naruto and Karin walked out into the school yard where all the other students where eating their lunches, talking, and playing ninja games. They where smiling and talking about the fact that Karin was in such a hurry that morning she had forgotten to grab something to eat and to make things worse she forgot her lunch. Naruto had decided to give her his lunch saying that he wasn't really that hungry because he had a big breakfast and that he could grab something at Ichirakus later.

"Are you sure? I could share it with you." She was still feeling guilty for forgetting her own lunch. "I'm sure. So where do you want to sit and eat?" He asked his newly discovered family member.

As Karin looked around the school yard for some place to sit and eat her lunch her eyes fell upon the Hyuuga girl agin. She was sitting on the other side of the school yard from them eating alone. On top of that she noticed the Hyuuga girl had looked very sad before turning her gaze to the ground. Karin found herself wanting to know more about this strange Hyuuga girl.

"How about over there." She pointed to the bench that Hinata was sitting at. It didn't take them long to cross the school yard. As they got closer to where Hinata was sitting they saw that she was crying. Karin looked over at her cousin and saw that he was no longer smiling but had a look of concern on his face. However before she could ask what was wrong Naruto had quickened his pace and was now kneeling down in front of the Hyuuga girl speaking in a soft voice.

"Hinata are you alright? Why are you crying?" This broke Hinata out of her thoughts as she flung her head up to see concerned sky blue eyes looking into her watery lavender eyes. Her face began to turn red.

"Na..Na..Naruto" She was shocked to see him and quickly turned away to hide her reddening face while brushing away her tears. "I..I ju..just g..go..got s..s..so..some du..dust i..in m..my e..e..eyes." Naruto continued to look at her with concern. "Are you sure?" Hinata continued to look away as she replied. "Y..Yes" she said while trying to hide the sadness in her voice.

Some what satisfied he stood back up and stepped back a little while putting on another wide grin. "By the way there is someone I would like you to meet."

Hinata took a moment after he stood up and backed away a little to gather herself before glancing back up at him. She was no longer crying but had to force a small smile when she saw Karin. "This is my cousin Karin Uzumaki. Karin this is Hinata Hyuuga of the Hyuuga Clan." Naruto said with a beaming smile. It took a moment for his words to fully sink in for Hinata. Her eyes went wide for a moment as she thought to herself. "Wait did he just say his cousin?"

This made her heart overflow with happiness as she sat up a little straighter and replaced her forced smile with a real one. "I..It's n..n..nice t..to m..me..meet y..you." She said over joyed on the inside that Karin wasn't Naruto's new girlfriend.

Karin couldn't help but notice how Hinata had reacted to her cousin when he finally reached her. Also how she reacted when he informed her she was just his cousin. There was no question about it she liked him but to what extent she still didn't know. Was it just a silly crush or was she in love with him. Naruto wasn't much better he had acted with so much concern when he saw her crying but now it was like he didn't even notice how she had reacted. Did he truly not know how she felt about him or just pretending not to know. One way or another she would get to the bottom of this later.

"Thank you it's nice to meet you as well." Karin knew she would have to befriend the girl if she was going to get the information she wanted later so she asked if she could join her for lunch. Hinata didn't mind now that she knew the girl was just Naruto's cousin. As Karin sat down beside her Naruto went to stand against the tree on the other side of Karin. Hinata noticed that he wasn't eating anything.

"Na..Na..Naruto yo..your n..n..not e..eating?" Hinata managed to shyly get out. But before he had the chance to answer Karin spoke up. "That's my fault. I was in such a hurry this morning that I hadn't eaten and on top of that I forgot my lunch. Naruto was nice enough to give me his.." Naruto interrupted her at that point. "I had a big breakfast this morning so I'm really not that hungry anyways." No sooner did he say that his stomach decided to disagree with him and voice its own opinion with a loud rumble.

Hinata and Karin couldn't help but giggle at this as Naruto smiled and scrached the back of his head. "I guess I'm hungrier than I thought." He said with a chuckle.

Hinata always packed a big lunch hoping that one day he would forget his own lunch and she could share with him. She knew she couldn't let this opportunity pass so pressing her index fingers together she shyly spoke. "Na..Naruto y..you c..can h..h..have s..so..some o..of m..m..mine I..I g..got p..pl..plenty." Her face beat red by the time she was done talking.

His expression softened a little as he blinked and spoke softly to her. "Are you sure? I don't want you to go hungry because of me. I can always get a bite to eat at Ichriakus later."

Hinata nodded her head. "I..I'm s..sure." Then stood and walked over to Naruto and handed him a sandwich, two rice balls, and a small cup of tea she had secretly made just for him that morning. She then returned to her own lunch after Naruto thanked her. After just a couple of bite he couldn't help but tell her how great of a cook she was. This only made her blush even more if that was possible. The three of them sat there eating and talking a little till lunch was over and returning to class to finish the day.


Hokage Tower

Hayate Uzumaki decided to return to the Hokage Tower around 1pm the next day to finish his meeting with the Hokage. As he made his way through the village he couldn't help but notice how much it has changed since he was here last. There were a lot of new businesses and homes that had sprung up. Some of the things he did remember had also changed a little. And the people seemed much more lively too. He just shook his head and continued on to the tower. When he finally arrived he made his way to the top where the Hokage's office was and announced himself to the chunin guards at the door. It didn't take long before he was once agin sitting in front of the Hokage. He began to debrief him on the secret mission the 4th Hokage had sent him on many years ago.

"Minato had heard rumors of surviving members of the Uzumaki Clan. He summoned me and gave me a mission to look into the rumor. He told me that there would be no time limit for this mission. If I was to find any survivors I was free to bring them back to Konoha or try to rebuild the Village Hidden in the Whirling Tide. After about three months of following false leads I came upon a small family living in the Land of Rain. It was one man, his wife, and their son. The man didn't share our blood however the woman and the child did have Uzumaki blood. I stayed with them for about two months before deciding it was time to continue my mission. Because of the war going on then they decided to join me in my search for more surviving Uzumaki. Over several long years we stayed in the shadows not wanting to let our old enemies know there had been survivors. We finally settled in the Land of Whirlpool until I could make arrangements to move my clan here to Konoha. As of now there are 20 survivors that share Uzumaki blood. I have stepped in as acting head of our clan. The true head was my sister because she was the first-born and now that she is gone her only heir Naruto Uzumaki will now become the head of the Uzumaki clan upon his 16th birthday. Until that time he will be trained to take on that role."

The Hokage puffed on his pipe as he took this all in. "Given further approval by the council of elders I see now reason to refuse the Uzumaki Clan entry into the village. Also I would like a more detailed report by the end of the week." He took a moment to take another puff of his pipe before continuing. "Was there anything els you wished to talk about involving your clan?"

Hayate thought about it for a moment there was just one other thing he wanted to discuss with the Hokage involving his clan. "Yes, given the relationship our two villages have had in the past I would like to make a recommendation. I would like for all members of my clan to receive a whirling Tide headband upon graduation at the Konoha Ninja Academy. This will be done to remember where we came from but they will still be considered leaf ninja. It would also be nice for any of the new graduates that volunteered to be allowed to wear one as well."

The Hokage rubs his chin in thought of this. "That sounds like a good idea. One must always remember where they came from so that they know who they are. I will also run that by the council as well."


Karin was proud of herself. After lunch she had come up with the perfect plan to get some answers out of her new Hyuga friend. She decided to invite her along for her shopping she needed to do after school for her and Naruto. While Naruto would go home and clean his apartment and wait for them. She would tell her it was because it would speed up the shopping since she still didn't know her way around the village and didn't want to get lost along the way. Also this would give them time to get to know each other better. So when class was over for the day she stopped Hinata on her way out of the classroom.

"Hey Hinata I just got a great idea. If you don't have any plans would you like to join me in some shopping? I need to pick up some stuff for me and Naruto. Besides that it would be a good time for me to get to know my new friend better while Naruto cleans his apartment." Naruto grinned and scratched the back of his head while standing behind his cousin. "My apartment is kind of messy now that you mention it."

Hinata stood there trying to remember if she needed to do anything after school today. After a moment she couldn't think of anything and she did want to get to know her new friend. "Su..Sure th..that s..s..sounds n..nice." She said while looking down and pressing her index fingers together. Her face was also pink just from the thought of shopping for her Naruto.

They parted ways at the academy gates Naruto going home to clean while Hinata and Karin went shopping. On the way to their first stop they didn't talk much but what little they had Karin noticed that Hinata didn't seem to stutter as much as she did when her cousin was around. Their first stop was a ninja supply store that Hinata always used to get her training tools. After entering the store Karin decided to put her plan further into motion by asking Hinata a few simple questions about her and her cousin Naruto.

Hinata and Karin was on their way to Naruto's apartment. They had just finished with the shopping. Karin looked over at Hinata and couldn't help but smile. She had finally got the little shy Hyuuga girl to admit her feeling at the last store they had stopped at. It was a food store and while they shopped Karin decided to just come out with it and stop playing games.


"Hinata there is something I have wanted to ask about. It is a personal question that I hope you can trust me enough to answer truthfully." Hinata looked at her as she spoke and was wondering what this personal question could be. "I noticed the way you act around my cousin. First how you gave him all your attention during my introduction this morning. Then at lunch how you acted around him when he told you I was just his cousin. So the question I was wanting to ask was. How do you truly feel about him?"

Hinata turned her gaze to the ground while her face started to turn red from embarrassment and was pressing her fingers together. She really didn't know how to answer that question herself not after what all has happened today. Karin saw that she was having a hard time coming out with it. So she promised not to say anything to Naruto about how she felt and it would be their little secret. It took a while longer but Hinata finally told her how she felt. "I think I might love him" she stuttered out.

As they continued their shopping at the food store Hinata explained more about how she felt about Naruto. How until today she had just admired him and drew strength from him. How she so badly wanted to be his friend but was too shy to ask him. That she perhaps even liked him as more than just a friend. But when she saw the two of them together something inside her changed. It was like her feeling for him had suddenly grown stronger and started to scream out to her. She tried to be happy for him even though her heart felt like it was breaking into a million pieces. Also how when she found out that they were just cousins her heart overflowed with a happiness she had never felt before.

Flashback End

Karin was brought out of her memories of her friends love confession as they arrived at the door to Naruto's apartment. As they entered the apartment Hinata was nervous about being in her long time crush's apartment. They set the bags on the table and floor as they looked around. Naruto welcomed them and helped them put everything away. After they were done he thanked both of them for everything they had gotten for him. He then remembered the gift he had gotten on the way home for Karin and Hinata as a thank you gift for doing all the shopping.

"I got this for the two of you as a thank you gift for the shopping. The merchant said it could tell someone their future. He even said we could all use it at the same time." Naruto said with a smile as he retrieved a small cube from his bag.

He handed Karin a small cube that looked like it was made out of emerald and had gold makings on it. "H..How d..does i..it w..wo..work?" Hinata stuttered out. Naruto had then remembered the old man he had bought it from gave him a piece of paper with instructions on it. After retrieving it from his pocket he gave it to Hinata.

"I didn't think I could remember so I had him write it down for me." He said with a smile.

Hinata gave the instructions to Karin to read after she was done giving it a quick look. After Karin was done reading over the entire thing she put on a sly grin. She knew she couldn't say anything to Naruto about how Hinata felt and she was pretty sure he felt the same way about her. So this would have to do. She just hoped that it was far enough into the future where they had already confessed their love.

"Why don't we try it out? I think it would be fun." Karin said still with her sly smile on her face.

"H..How l..long w..wi..will t..ta..take? F..Father w..will b..be u..up..upset i..if I..I'm o..o..out p..past d..da..dark." Hinata asked not wanting to get yelled at by her father for being out to late.

"Don't worry Hinata the instructions state that a vision of the future normally don't last more than an hour at most. The sun won't be down for another two hours so you have plenty of time to get home." Karin told her.

So they all gathered around the cube on the floor. "Alright from what the instructions said all we have to do is put some of our chakra into the cube. If at anytime you wish your future vision to end all you have to do is say 'Return to past' and your vision will end. This is a one shot deal. So once it is over its little more than a paper weight for us. Others could still use it but we won't be able to. One last thing. The instructions state that if more than one person is using the cube at the same time it doesn't mean they will see the same future. It just means there is a greater chance of a shared future being shown. So are you ready?" Karin asked after informing them a little about how the cube worked.

Both Naruto and Hinata nodded their heads showing that they were ready. All three placed a hand on the cube and started to put their chakra into it. A bright light flashed covering the entire room for several minutes. before fading away leaving all three of them unconscious on the floor.


Hinata's Vision

Hinata slowly began to regain consciousness and found herself in complete darkness. She couldn't move or speak out no matter how hard she tried. Then she felt something jumping on her yelling at her. "Mommy mommy wake up I'm hungry." It was the sounds of a little girl. Light began to break through the darkness as Hinata opened her eyes. She didn't know where she was it looked to be a very large bedroom. She could see that she was on a large bed and a little girl sat next to her smiling. Hinata realized that her body was acting and speaking on its own. She could still feel, see, and listen to what was going on around her but had no control. Then the memory of what had happened came back to her. She had used the cube to see into the future. She was only an observer and her future self was in control. This made the vision so much more real than she thought it would be. Now that her mind was relaxed she took in everything around her and listened to what was said. The first thing she focused on was the little girl who had just woken her future self up. She looked like she was around five years old with long blond hair, light blue hyuuga eyes, and three whisker marks on each of her cheeks. Hinata gasped as she realized who the little girl was calling mommy and from the look of her there was only one person she could think of that could be her father, Naruto. Hinata wanted to cry she was so happy because her and Naruto had a beautiful little girl together.

Her future self finally got up to get dressed when she looked in the mirror. Hinata was amazed at what she saw she was beautiful like her mother was. Hinata saw that she was wearing a white kimono with the purple flowers and the Uzumaki family symbol on it. After getting dressed she got her daughter dressed in a beautiful white kimono with orange butterflies and the Uzumaki family symbol on the back. Then they headed off to get something to eat. Apparently she was living in a clan compound like that of the hyuuga's. However it seemed to have much more life and color to it. As they continued walking to the kitchen everyone she ran into had greeted her as if she was the head of the Uzumaki Clan and her daughter was its heir. She thought to herself "Does this mean that Naruto is the head of his clan?" She knew they had gotten married when she saw the ring on her finger while dressing her daughter. But this was something that she hadn't been expecting. It was feeling her with so much happiness just thinking about it. The life she was seeing was something that she could only dream of happening. When they finally arrived at the kitchen she saw someone who looked very familiar to her. It looked like her little sister Hanabi but much older. She had also grown into a beautiful woman. Hinata decided to listen closely to their conversation hoping to find out more about her future life.

"Hanabi what are you doing here? Won't father and the elder be upset if they find out that your here?" Future Hinata said with surprise.

"I don't care if they know. The two of you are my family. I missed you so I came for a visit to see how you've been." Hanabi said looking down smiling at her niece.

Future Hinata sat her daughter on the counter before gave her sister a hug. "I just don't want you getting in trouble because of us. You know how angry father can get." Hanabi just smirked at that.

"Like I said you and Kushina are my family too. So if father wants to get angry let him. There is nothing he or the elders can do about it. After all I am his only heir now that you're a Uzumaki."

Future Hinata put on a more serious face before asking her before asking next question. "Have you head anything yet or was their last attempt their last try?" Hanabi also turned more serious at this new conversation.

"Nothing yet. However you know as well as I do they will never give up. They are hell-bent on keeping the secrets of the byakugan within the Hyuuga Clan."

Future Hinata was looking disappointed now. "I know they have already tried sealing me once and failed because of Naruto. He doesn't even know about the six other attempts on mine and Kushina's life after that." Hinata was in shock "Is my family really trying to kill me and my daughter? Why would I keep that from Naruto?" She thought to herself.

The conversation after that had become nothing more than small talk as Future Hinata finished making breakfast for the three of them. It wasn't nothing too special just how their lives had been the last couple of weeks. She found out that her future self worked part-time at the Leaf Ninja Academy as a teacher. That she was also good friends with a couple of classmates Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka. Along with someone from the Hidden Sand named Temari who was married to Shikamaru Nara. Also that Naruto was training to become the 6th Hokage. apparently the 3rd Hokage had appointed the Legendary Sannin Lady Tsunade as the 5th Hokage. After breakfast Hanabi said her goodby to Future Hinata and Kushina before heading off to prepare for a mission she had received. Future Hinata and Kushina went about their day. Nothing eventful happened the rest of the day just some shopping and tending to clan needs. Through out the day she didn't see Naruto not once which disappointed Hinata she wanted to see how much he has changed. But it wouldn't be until later that night that she would see fully see how much he had changed.

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