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Rise of the Uzumaki Clan

Chapter 3

Naruto, Karin, and Hinata were found unconscious in Naruto's apartment the day after activating the cube by Iruka and Hayate and taken to the hospital. The Hokage and the Hyuuga Clan where informed of the situation. Hinata's father Hiashi, sister Hanabi, and cousin Neji where the only Hyuuga that came to the hospital. When they arrived Hiashi demanded to know where his daughter was and what was wrong with her. After hearing Hiashi's loud arrival from down the hall Hayate went to tell him of what was going on.

"What the hell do you mean she was found unconscious in that monster's apartment? What the hell did that monster do to her?" Hiashi said but showing no anger.

Hayate wanted to hit Hiashi for calling his nephew a monster and blaming him for whatever happened but kept his cool. "Like I said when they never showed up for class at the academy today Iruka informed me and we went to Naruto's apartment to check up on him and my daughter Karin. We had no idea that your daughter was there. The only clue we have now is an emerald cube." Hayate said while keeping his anger in check. "Because of the situation they have been placed in the same room down the hall so that they could be monitored more easily. This was done on the Hokage's orders at the request of his old student Tsunade." Hayate finished explaining.

Hiashi didn't like what was going on but decided to wait until he could talk to the Hokage about getting his daughter out of that room. The three Hyuugas followed Hayate to the room. Hayate was the first to enter the room followed by the three Hyuugas. Once in the room Hiashi wasted little time in trying to get the Hokage to place Hinata in her own room.

"Would you shut your damn mouth Hiashi. I'm trying to help these kids and this is something I've never seen before. It is best for all three that I monitor them together. So if you care for your daughter stop your damn bitching." Tsunade said with clear anger in her voice.

Hiashi knew of Tsunade's skill as a medic ninja. So he stoped his protest after say one last thing. "After she wakes up I want her removed from this damn room and away from that monster."

Two and a half hours later Karin began to wake up. As she woke she looked around the room to see where she was. She saw that she was in a hospital room with a lot of people around. As soon as here eyes fell upon the Hyuugas she started to scream in fear. Her memory of her future came rushing back.

(Flashback: Karin's vision)

Karin had no trouble adjusting to her future self because she had read all of the instructions and knew what would happen. She was at one of the training grounds with a young girl. The girl was around the age of 12 with long sunny blond hair down to the middle of her back (strait like Hinata's hair after she grew it long), Hyuuga eyes with a blue tint to them, three wisker marks on each cheek, and looked a lot like Hinata in the face. She also had on black pants with orange butterflies at the loose bottom, a black sleeveless shirt with the Uzumaki symbol on the back, and an orange sash around her waist. Karin smiled at what she saw because she had a pretty good guess who this was just from the way she looked. They trained for about three hours before calling it a day.

"Kushina that is enough for today. Why don't we go get something to eat?" Future Karin asked while trying to catch her breath.

"Can we go to Ichiraku's for some ramen?" Kushina asked.

Future Karin smiled and gave her answer "Your becoming more and more like your dad every day you know that." Karin saw the grin on Kushina's face after her future self said that. It was the same grin that she had seen on Naruto.

"You really think so?" Kushina asked over joyed at hearing that.

"Yes I do. Now let go get something to eat." Future Karin said with a smile.

As they eat lunch Karin learned a lot about what was going on in the future. Naruto had become the 6th Hokage and was married to Hinata. They had 4 children three girls and a boy not to mention Hinata was pregnant with the fifth one. Kushina which was the oldest, Kurenai and Kasumi which were twins, and Minato being the only boy so far. She also found out that Naruto and Hinata was leading the Uzumaki Clan as the head family. To her surprise she had also gotten married to someone named Kiba Inuzuka. She just hoped she would get to meet him in this future so that she could see what he was like. She found out that she ranked as a jounin and was thinking of taking on a genin team with the hopes of having Kurenai and Kasumi on it.

As they where getting ready to leave Ichiraku's a man on a white dog come riding up yelling her name. He had two red makings on his face and to both Karins thought he looked very handsome. Kushina told Karin that she was going to go see her dad at the Hokage Tower and left. When she had left Future Karin walked up to the man standing next to the white dog and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips which made Karin want to blush like crazy if she could because she felt every minute of it. After they broke the kiss Karin got a better look at him and recognized him from her class. 'I am going to have to do something about this when I get back' she thought with a smile.

Future Karin and Kiba went to check up on Hinata after their kiss. That's when she saw the Uzumaki compound. She fell in love with it. It was rich with life and very colorful. It didn't take long to find Hinata she was in her garden watching Minato playing with some fox kits.

"Hey Hinata how have you been doing?" Future Karin asked.

Hinata turned to greet them and reviled an adult white fox on her lap that she was petting. "I've been doing good. What are you and Kiba doing here?" She asked with a smile glad to see them.

"We just came for a visit. So when is the due date for that one?" Kiba asked shaking his head.

"Any day now from what Sakura says." Hinata said while rubbing her belly.

They talked for a while until it started to get dark. "So do you and Kiba want to stay for dinner tonight?" Hinata asked.

"I would love to its been awhile since we had dinner with you and Naruto. What do you say Kiba?" Karin replied.

"I love to but I have to get ready for my mission tomorrow. Sorry, but if you want to stay Karin that's fine with me." Kiba said with an apologizing look on his face.

"That's ok Kiba maybe next time. I'll try not to be out too late so that we can spend some time together before your mission tomorrow ok." Future Karin said before kissing him on the lips sending Karin into another frenzy. Kiba left after that and Future Karin helped Hinata with dinner.

At dinner Karin finally got a good look at Hinata and Naruto's future kids that she didn't get to see earlier. Kurenai and Kasumi both had their mother's hair color. However Kurenai had her's cut like her mother did when she was younger and Kasumi's was long and put up in a bun. They both had eyes like Naruto's but were lavender colored instead of blue. They didn't have the whisker marks though and their faces had a good mix of both their parents. Minato had his father's wild unkept sunny blond hair, Hyuuga eyes with a blue tent to them, no whisker marks, and favored his father in the face more than his mother but you could still see some of her in him. After dinner the kids got ready for bed and Future Karin and Hinata sat out on the porch and talked a little more before Future Karin decided it was time to go home to her husband.

As Future Karin was leaving the Uzumaki Compound she heard loud screams coming from back at the main house. She turned around rushed back to the house reading herself for a fight. As she got closer to the main house she also started to hear fighting breaking out all over the compound. Karin was starting to get worried about what was going on and why someone would want to attack the Uzumaki Clan. As she got to the door to enter the house she saw five people getting ready to enter and they were not Uzumaki but Hyuuga.

"What the hell are the Hyuuga doing here Hiashi?" Future Karin yelled.

"Doing something that should have been done long ago. So if you don't want to die tonight I suggest you stand aside." Hiashi said calm as could be.

"LIKE HELL!" Future Karin screamed as she charged them.

(End of Flashback)

After removing the three Hyuugas Karin began to calm down a little but was still shaken up. Her father came to sit by her and gave her a hug trying to comfort her as much as he could telling her everything would be alright. It took 20 minutes to completely calm her down before they started to ask her questions on what had happened. She told them that after she got to the academy she had introduced herself but didn't reveal her clan name. How she talk to Naruto at the start of lunch and told him who she was and what they talked about. How when they finally did go out to the school yard to eat she had met Hinata and the three of them became friends. And how she and Hinata had went shopping after school (minus how Hinata felt about Naruto) while Naruto went to clean his apartment. After they got to Naruto's apartment they put everything away and that's when Naruto showed them the cube.

"Did Naruto say where he got the cube from?" The Hokage asked

"All he said was he bought it from a traveling merchant as a thank you gift to me and Hinata for doing all the shopping." Karin replied

"Did he say what this merchant looked like? or What his name was?" asked the Hokage.

"He said it was an old man but that was it." Karin answered.

"What about the cube? What happened with it?" Her father asked

"Naruto said the merchant told him it could tell us our future. He had him write down how to use it because he was afraid that he would forget. He handed me the cube first and then handed Hinata the instructions. She then handed them to me and after reading them I suggested we try it. Hinata didn't want to at first because she didn't want to be late getting home but I told her it would only take about an hour at most. It was still two hours till sunset so she would still have time to get home. So she agreed to try it. We sat on the floor and put the cube in the middle of us. The instructions said that we could all use it at the same time and could end our vision at any time by saying 'Return to Past' so we all put some of our chakra into it. A blinding bright light came from the cube that filled the room. The next thing I remember is being in my future self." Karin explained

"What do you mean in your future self?" Tsunade asked

"The instructions said that the person's conciousness would be teleported to the future and put into their future self. The person would experience everything their future self would. However the person would have no control over what they did." Karin explained

"So what you're saying is that anyone that uses that cube has their mind sent to the future and put into their future body while their body remains here in the here and now. So what would happen if their future body is injured or killed? Would their mind be sent back to their own body? or would the injury or death effect their real body and mind?" Tsunade ask trying to get a clearer pitcher of what was going on.

This was the first time Karin thought to look over her own body for injury after returning to it. "Well seeing as I don't have any injuries on my body I would say injuries to the future body don't effect it however I don't know about a death. I was brought back before my future self could die from her injuries." Karin said.

This worried her father. "What do you mean before your future self could die from her injuries? What happened? Does this have anything to do with the Hyuugas?" He asked.

Karin looked over at the unconscious bodies of Naruto and Hinata and started to cry. The others saw this and wondered what part they played in her future that would make her breakdown and cry. After about five minutes she stopped crying and whispered a very soft sorry to Hinata which only her father head because of how close he was to her. She then began to tell them about her vision up to the point where she started to leave the Uzumaki Compound for the night. She paused for a moment asking for a glass of water and gathering her thought of what had happened after that. She really didn't want to have to relive it agin it was just so painful. After collecting her thoughts and drinking her water she began to tell the rest of what happened.

(Flashback: Kirin's vision)

After rushing Hiashi and the other four Hyuuga all she felt was pain godly amounts of pain before hitting the ground hard. Her future self had fallen unconscious however she could still feel all that pain and hear everything that went on around her.

"Neji I want to take care of the children. Take these two with you to help. Hanabi you'll come with me to take care of you failer and decrease of a sister." Hiashi said

"What about her?" an unknown Hyuuga male asked.

"Leave her she'll be dead soon anyways Neji." A woman said Karin guessing it to be Hanabi sence she was the only female of them.

Karin was scared more than she has ever been in her life. The only thing that was running through her mind now was 'Kami please don't let anything bad happen to them' over and over agin. She could hear the fighting going on all around her as her future self remained unconscious. After what seemed like forever her future self began to wake up. She tried to stand but couldn't so she began to crawl over dead bodies as she entered the house. It was a horrific site blood was everywhere and the screams she just wanted it all to go away. Then she heard a familiar voices calling to her. It was Naruto, her father, Nagato, and Kai they came rushing up to her.

"Karin what the hell happened? Where are Hinata and the kids?" Naruto asked with a mix of anger, fear, and panic in his voice.

"Hiashi and Hyuuga attacked...after Hinata and the kids...trying to kill..." Future Karin managed to get out before coughing up a lot of blood. She could see Naruto's eyes change from his beautiful sky blue eyes to the raging blood-red eyes of the Kyuubi.

"Kai stay here and see if you can help Karin. Uncle Hayate and Nagato come with me no prisoners we're going to kill every last one of them." Naruto said with wrathful rage in his voice then they took off into the house. Kai tries to heal Future Karin's injuries but is having little luck due to how bad they are.

Future Karin puts her hand on his face "It's alright...tell Kiba...i'll always love...him" Karin managed to tell Kai before she starts coughing up a lot more blood.

(End of Flashback)

"After that the next thing I remember was waking up here." Karin said as she began to cry agin. Her father held her in his arms comforting her as she cried.

"As far as I can see from what you told us is your future self was seconds from death. So perhaps as a fail safe if the future body is about to die then you return to your own body. But I can't be 100% on that." Tsunade comments. "I hope your right because who knows what is happening to the others in their future bodies." The Hokage said before leaving the room with Tsunade to tell Hiashi on what they have learned.

Hiashi and the others was sitting in the hall waiting to be informed on what was going on when the door opened. The Hokage and Tsunade stepped out and closed the door behind them.

"So have you found out what that monster did to my daughter yet?" Hiashi asked

"Yes we do have new information and no it wasn't the Uzumaki boy who caused it. It would seem that it was the cube that was found with them." Tsunade said while trying to hold back her anger toward Hiashi. "From what Karin Uzumaki has told us the cube has the ability to teleport a person's mind to their future self. While in their future self they experience everything they experience but with no control over what they do." Tsunade is interrupted by Hanabi at this point.

"How is something like that possible?" Hanabi asked.

"I don't know yet. However it was their choice to do it. For the cube to sent a person to the future they have to put their own chakra into it." Tsunade said

"Are you telling me my daughter did this to herself. I can't believe that it had to be something that monster in there did to her." Hiashi said

"I don't give a DAMN what you believe. Right now this is the only lead we have and I have a traumatized little girl in there because of you DAMNED Hyuugas" Tsunade said clearly very angry and pissed off.

"Alright that is enough out of the both of you. Tsunade finish telling Hiashi what you have discovered about his daughter's condition. And not another word out of any of you until she finishes undersood." The Hokage said with authority. They all nodded their understanding and Tsunade began explaining the rest.

"Karin Uzumaki did tell us that the process can be reversed by the person that uses the cube by saying 'Return to past' however it also seem to have a fail safe of some kind. In her vision so to speak she was seconds away from death and her future body was beyond repair. At that moment she was sent back to her own body without injury to her own body. However considering what she told us that happened and her current mental health I'm worried about psychological damage. We don't know how long they will remain it this state because according to the instructions they were given on how to use the cube. The visions where only suppose to last about an hour and as you can see this has gone far beyond that. So until they wake up or we find a way to wake them there is nothing more we can do. That is every thing you need to know concerning Hinata Hyuuga's condition. Now if you don't mind I have to check on the Uzumaki girl." Tsunade turned around and entered the room closing the door behind her.

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