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Rise Of The Uzumaki Clan

Chapter 4

Naruto's Future

Naru was walking up the stairs of the Hokage Tower when he felt a strange tingle go through his entire body. He just kept walking thinking nothing of it. Little did he know his past self just took up residents in his body to observe his future.

Naruto had no clue how he got to the Hokage Tower but what was frustrating him was that he had no control over his own body. He tried to stop several time and even call out but couldn't. He was becoming more and more frustrated the more he tried as his body took him up the tower. He had a good guess where he was going and it was confirmed when he reached the door to the Hokage's office. He was wondering why he was even there. Was he under a jutsu and didn't know it. If so when did it happen? It wasn't until Naru opened the door did he get his first clue to what was really going on. In front of him sitting in the Hokage's chair was a blond woman looking to be somewhere in her twenties with huge breast. He couldn't help but wonder who this was and why she was sitting in the Hokage's chair.

"Hey grandma Tsunade. What do you have for me today?" Naru asked in a very happy tone.

Tsunade looked up from the mountain of paper work on her desk and smiled. "You know brat I only let you get away with calling me that now because of Kushina. Speaking of which how is Hinata and Kushina doing?" Tsunade asked in a very caring voice.

Alright now Naruto wasn't just frustrated he was also highly confused at what was going on. As Naru told Tsunade how Hinata and Kushina was doing Naruto then realized what was going on. He was in his future self and was experiencing everything his future self was as if it was really him doing it. To say he was shock would be an understatement. All his frustration and some of his confusion seemed to slip away. He found out that he was married to Hinata Hyuuga and they had a five-year old daughter by the name of Kushina. He smiled on the inside after finding that out but didn't think he really deserved Hinata as his wife. After finding out who she was years ago he always thought she deserved someone better than him. He also found out that he was the head of his clan. He didn't know how that happened but decided that could wait till later because of something else he had found out. Hinata was handling all his clan responsibilities while he was doing his Hokage training. He wanted to grin ear to ear but before he could that's when it dawned on him if he was here to do Hokage training with the Hokage why wasn't the old man here? It took him a moment longer to fully realize that the woman sitting in the Hokage's chair was the Hokage in this future. That disappointed him a little because he wanted to take over after the old man. Seeing how old she appeared to be he realized he would be an old man himself by the time he finally became Hokage unless she was killed in battle before that. Overall things didn't seem bad so far for him. He figured he had a lot of great things going for him in his future.

Naruto wasn't as dumb and unobservant as most people would think. When he put his mind to something like his dream of becoming Hokage he was very observant and learned everything he needed to know. Even though it was boring as hell Naruto took Naru's lessons very seriously. There was still a lot that he didn't understand. Some of those things Tsunade would explain to Naru because he still didn't understand them and others he figured Naru had already learned. It didn't bother him that much because this gave him a leaping head start.

The Hokage lessons didn't end until a few hours after it got dark out. Tsunade stopped Naru on his way out of her office.

"Naruto I'm giving you the next three days off to spend with Hinata and Kushina. Because you have worked very hard in your lessons without complaint." She said.

Naru looked at her with a wide grin on his face while scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. "Thanks granny. Um, would you like to join us for dinner tomorrow night? It has been awhile since we all got together." Naru asked.

"I'd love to, Naruto." She said happily with a smile on her face.

Naru beamed at her accepting his invite. "Great I'll let Hinata know when I get home." He waved his goodbye and left.

Naruto didn't know where he was going after leaving the tower. The village looked so much different then what he was use to. It had grown over the years. Some things still looked the same but there was a lot that he didn't recognize. After a few minutes he came up on a large compound with the Uzumaki clan crest over the arch way of the door. As he went to enter the guards greeted him and welcomed him home. After entering he was further amazed at what he saw it was beautiful. It was like the buildings were built inside a huge garden full of lively color. There were all kind of flowers and trees in bloom and the lighting at night-time was chosen to reflect that beauty even at night. He followed the path ways to a large house that he assumed was his since his Naru unlocked the door and decided to enter it.

After entering the house he could tell that everyone was already asleep. As he walked down the halls he stopped at a door with an orange butterfly painted on it. Naru quietly opened the door and stepped in. When he did the first thing Naruto's eyes fell upon was the child sleeping in her small bed peacefully. He didn't have to guess who it was he could tell from just looking at her. His heart began to overflow with love and he wanted to cry from pure joy and happiness. It was his daughter, his Kushina. He was so amazed at how beautiful and calm she looked. Naru walked slowly over to her so not to make a sound and kneeled down. He brushed her hair with his hand and gave her a soft loving kiss on the forehead before whispering his goodnight to her. "Goodnight and sweet dreams my beautiful butterfly." The contact with his daughter and the sweet words Naru had spoken made Naruto very emotional. Naru left closing the door quietly and continued down the hallway until he came to a stop at another door.

Naruto was still very emotional after his encounter with his daughter and wasn't paying any attention to what Naru was doing. Naru had entered the room and quickly but very quietly changed into is night wear (boxers only)and slipped into bed wrapping is arm around Hinata and kissing her softly on the back of her neck. This is when Naruto turned back to what Naru was doing.


Konoha Hospital (Tsunade)

Tsunade sat at a desk surrounded by books and scrolls trying to find any clue to help wake Naruto and Hinata. As she sat there she began to wonder how she ended up involved in all this to begin with.


"No I'm not going back to that damn village" Tsunade said with a bit of anger in her voice.

"Come on Lady Tsunade. You haven't been back there in years. When was the last time that we where even this close to Konoha? Besides you know you said that you would stop and check up on them the next time we came this way." Shizune replied.

It took poor Shizune two hours of very heated arguing and the promise of some very rare sake to get Tsunade to agree to go to Konoha for what Tsunade said would he a 'Hi and Bye' visit. Since Shizune was secretly leading them there while they argued it only took another hour to arrive. They arrived around two in the afternoon and headed straight for the Hokage's office. Tsunade didn't want to be in Konoha any longer than she had to. There were just too many bad memories connected to this village.

They walked very quickly to get to the Hokage Tower. When they arrived many of the older ninja and some of the younger ones knew who she was. They were surprised to see her back in Konoha. They also wondered what could have brought her back after very openly stating that she wouldn't ever come back. Tsunade and Shizune heard the many whispers from the ninja on their way up the tower to the Hokage's office but paid them no mind. Since she wasn't in the mood to be here in the first place Tsunade didn't bother to knock on the door she just walked right in.

Hiruzen Sarutobi the third Hokage looked up from his paperwork to see one of his old students standing in the doorway. He gave her a warm smile.

"Tsunade it's good to see you have come for a visit. How long has it been now?" he asked happy to see his former student.

Even though she didn't want to be back in the village she was truly happy to see her old teacher. "That depends on what you mean. If you're talking about this damn village not long enough, however for you too long. How have you been?" Tsunade carried a soft spot for very few people and it just so happens that Hiruzen was one of those people.

They spent the next hour or so catching up on what has gone on in each other's lives over the past few years. It didn't surprise Hiruzen that she was still drinking godly amounts of sake and losing even more godly amounts of money at gambling, she wasn't called the legendary sucker for nothing. However it did surprise her to hear about her godson's new situation. She was a little worried about what might happen when the truth was finally reviled to him. Before she could ask anything about it. Iruka come rushing through the door to inform the Hokage that Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuuga, and Karin Uzumaki had been found in Naruto's apartment unconscious. He told them that no matter what they tried they couldn't wake them so they took them to the hospital. On the way to the hospital Iruka filled them in on the details, which wasn't much.

(End of Flashback)

Tsunade couldn't find anything that remotely resembles what she was dealing with. She needed something, anything to go on. She needed help but didn't know where to start looking until she saw the cube sitting on her desk. "Shizune!" she called out to her assistant. After a moment her assistant come through the door from the next room.

"Yes Lady Tsunade" she replied once she entered the room.

"I think I have an idea of where to start looking for answers but I need Jiraiya for that. I need you to go to the Hokage and ask him if he can get him here as soon as possible. Also to be on the safe side, just in case he is unable to get here have Hayate send for that fuuinjutsu expert that Karin told us about. Uzumaki have a reputation for excelling in that field so even if Jiraiya is able to come two heads are better than one. One last thing it's just a gut feeling but tell the Hokage I'll also need his best genjutsu expert as well." Tsunade said in a commanding voice before Shizune left to do as she was told.

Konoha Hospital (Hayate)

Hayate was in the hospital room with the three children that was brought in the day before. He was worried about all three of them but more so about Naruto. This was because the boy had the nine tailed fox in him and he didn't know if the fox had a hand in this or not. He was hoping it was the ladder. Then there was his daughter Karin she would have nightmares about what happened in her future vision every time she would fall asleep. Tsunade had to give her something to keep her from dreaming for the time being. He even worried about the Hyuuga girl who according to his daughter is destined to be with his nephew. Hinata and her children seemed to be the main targets in Karin's vision and the worst part was she was being targeted by her own clan the Hyuugas.

As Hayate sat there watching over the children the door to the room opened. He looked to see who it was only to see that it was, Shizune, Tsunade's personal assistant that had walked through the door with what Hayate considered a very beautiful woman he had not seen before. She had long, black, shoulder-length untamed hair, and what he would also consider to be the most beautiful red eyes. She was wearing a red mesh blouse with only the red right sleeve visible. Over that she had very broad material which resembled bandages with a pattern similar to those of rose thorns, which was perfect because he thought she was as beautiful as one.

"Good morning Hayate. This is Kurenai Yuuhi and she is a genjutsu expert. She has come to check Naruto and Hinata for any signs of genjutsu being used on the children. This was done at Tsunade's request and she has also requested that the Hokage send for Jiraiya so that he can examin the cube. He should be here within the next week or two if not sooner. She has also requested that you send for your best fuuinjutsu expert to help in the study of the cube." She told him.

Hayate could only think of one person that fit that bill and that was Kai Uzumaki, Nagato's son. "I will send for him at once if it will help. Tell Lady Tsunade that he should be here within the week, given there are no delays." He replied.


Hinata's Future

Hinata's mind was still in a state of blissful mush. She was still trying to recover from a night of blissful love-making that Hina and Naruto had engaged in the night before. She had never really thought about that kind of thing before but she couldn't deny that it was the best night of her life and it was with Naruto. He had come home late last night from his Hokage training and began to kiss Hina on the back of the neck. Next thing she knew they were passionately making love for several hours. By the time they were done Hinata couldn't even form anything resembling a coherent thought. Now here she was sharing breakfast with her future family.

"Hinata there is something that I forgot to tell you about last night when I got home. Grandma Tsunade gave me today and the next two days off to spend with you and Kushina. I also invited her to dinner tonight. I hope that's all right it has been awhile since we all got together for dinner." Naruto informed his lovely wife.

Before Hina could answer him Kushina happily spoke up. "Grandma is coming over!" She was very happy to hear this and it showed by the joyful laughter coming out of her mouth.

Hina walked over and sat a plate of cinnamon rolls down on the table for them all to share. She then kissed her daughter on the top of her head. "Yes honey your grandmother will be joining us for dinner tonight." She then took her seat next to Naruto on the other side of the table. "So what should we do today since you have the day off from your Hokage training." She asked her husband before taking a bite of a cinnamon roll.

Naruto smiled at his family before answering her question. "Well on the way home last night I thought a lot about that. I decided that since I have three days off we could do whatever you and Kushina wanted to do. I'll be happy just spending time with my girls no matter what we do." He said in a very loving voice.

The three of them spent the rest of breakfast talking about what they could do for the day and the next two days. Hina had come up with the idea of the three of them spending the day in the park together with a picnic for lunch. Kushina liked that idea because every time they went to the park she always had fun with her daddy. Then they would come back and get ready to have dinner with Lady Tsunade. They also planned out the next two days. tomorrow they would go to Ino's family flower shop to get some new flower to plant in their private garden. Hina and Naruto both loved to work in the garden and Kushina had also taken a liking to it. That was one of the reasons that the Uzumaki compound looked like it was built inside one. On the last day Hina and Naruto decided to do whatever Kushina wanted to do within reason. So after breakfast Naruto went to get Kushina ready to go to the park while Hina put to a picnic basket together. When she was done she also went to get ready.

By the time they got to the park Hinata was finally in a state of mind where she could observe her future better. She liked what she had seen and experienced so far in this future. If anyone was to ask her about it she would most likely tell them she was in heaven. She never wanted to leave this future and decided to see it through to the end no matter what. She did wonder how the other two were doing in their future visions and that's when something hit her. Karin had told them right before they put their chakra into the cube that there was a chance that they could share a future vision. As she looked at Naruto and Kushina playing together as Hina sat under a tree made her wonder 'what if Naruto ended up in the same future as I did? If so does that mean we both…' her mind stopped right there as she began to remember what happened the night before.


Naruto's Future

Naruto couldn't believe what had happened the day before. He wasn't unhappy about it. In fact he considered it to be the best day of his life. Any and all thoughts he had about not being good enough for Hinata was washed away by every touch and every kiss they shared the night before. He could tell just how much they cared for each other. He never thought about that kind of stuff but now that it happened, with Hinata of all people. He couldn't help but wonder how wonderful those hours were. He didn't know what this feeling was that he was feeling about Hinata was but it had grown into something greater than it had been. As he sat at the table sharing breakfast with is future family he was happier than he had ever been in his entire life. It made him think of the first time he had noticed her.


Naruto was walking the streets of Konoha minding his own business and trying to ignore the glares and hateful whispers. He was on his way to see the Hokage to get his monthly allowance. That is when he saw her she looked very sad and although she was with a lot of her family she also looked so alone. He knew what it was like to be alone and wanted to go up to her and befriend her. However he also knew what would happen if he tried. So he continued on to the Hokage Tower to get his monthly allowance but decided to try to find out who she was later.

After giving him his monthly allowance the Hokage noticed that Naruto was looking a little more down than normal so he asked what was wrong.

"Well you see on my way here I saw a girl around my age with short indigo hair and her eyes looked different from everyone else. They were a beautiful lavender but didn't have any pupils and they also looked so sad and lonely." He spoke the last part in a low tone knowing how it felt to be alone.

The Hokage rubbed his chin while taking a puff of his pipe thinking on who this girl could be. "The girl you saw must have been Hinata Hyuuga of the Hyuuga clan. Her mother just died and that must be why she looked so sad."

"Hyuuga Clan?" Naruto asked.

"Yes they are a noble and strong family that posses the Byakugan eyes. They are considered the most powerful clan in Konoha and perhaps even the entire ninja world. Some even consider them to be the closest thing to royalty that the village has. Hinata Hyuuga is their heir to the clan or as some may consider her princess of the Hyuuga clan." The Hokage told him.

Naruto didn't get a chance to encounter her again for several weeks. He had been just wondering the streets killing time when he heard a girl crying out apologies. He went to check out what was going on when he saw her there on her hands and knees surrounded by three boys. He tried to help her but ended up getting badly beaten in the process. He was happy that she was alright in the end but as he got to his feet after everyone had left he clench his hand into a fist and made her a promise.

(End of Flashback)

Naruto was now in the park playing with his daughter while Hinata sat under a tree watching and setting out their lunch. Naruto was happy and having fun so much so he never wanted it to end. It was like the rest of the world didn't even exist. He wanted to stay here forever if he could in his own slice of heaven. As the day went on he enjoyed lunch with his family and played games with them just having fun. It wasn't until the sun was starting to set that they decided to return home and prepare for their dinner with the Hokage.


Somewhere In The Land Of Fire

An old man dressed in merchant clothing was walking down a dark hallway. He stopped in front of a large door and knocked three times. He waited for a voice to let him know it was alright to come in. After a moment he was told to he enter. As he entered a large room with many dark shadows he spoke.

"My Lord I have done as you have asked and delivered the cube into the hands of Naruto Uzumaki. However there may be a problem with your plan he is planning to use the cube with two other. Before leaving I confirmed the identities of the two to be Hinata Hyuuga and Karin Uzumaki." The old man informed the mysterious man hiding in the shadows of the room.

"There is nothing to be worried about everything is going according to plan." A hand reaches out from the shadows to hand the old man two scrolls. "These scrolls detail the next two phases of the plan and remember Shadow what will happen if you disappoint me again." The mysterious man said.

The old man bowed to the mysterious man and took his leave from the room. He began to walk a ways down the hall before stopping under one of the very few torches. He opened the scrolls to read them and find out what his next mission was. He just smiled as he read the scrolls because his Lord had already planned for all three of the children to be involved and much more. After reading the scrolls he set off to complete his next two tasks.

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