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Set at the beginning of Season 2.


"A person starts dying when they stop dreaming."

-Brian Williams

The wind whipped across the empty rooftop, the mid-day sun beating down with frightening intensity that would elicit the weather network to issue a UV warning…not that Karen Weiss was particularly interested in the weather. Her legs hung idly off the edge of the building as her head was crushed firmly in her hands, shoulders shaking.

-Those reports need to be done for tomorrow but…-

-I can't believe I got these two-for-one!-

-As if I was grounded for that…my mom is such a pain.-

-I swear to god I'm gonna kill someone if that deposit was late…-

Her face twitched. Her mind was racing with a million thoughts, so many that she believed she could barely hear her own. The people who walked obliviously thirty stories below her had no idea that she was able to hear everything…to feel what they were feeling and know what they were thinking about…and they had no idea how it tormented her.

Her tired eyes finally opened as she lifted her head from her hands. She hadn't slept for more than an hour or two in weeks and she hadn't dreamed in months. Her eyelids were so heavy that half the time they refused to stay open, but her brain refused to enter into the blissful unawareness of sleep. No. Her mind was always reeling with everyone else's thoughts…even when they slept.

She'd climbed the building that day to escape the torturous crowds that mulled below her. In reality she couldn't escape the streams of thoughts but at least they were quieter now, like a hum or an urgent whisper. As she watched the crowds below weave about their daily lives she couldn't help but realize that the asphalt far below her had never looked so soft and inviting before in her life. If she slid off the edge of the building right now she could fall into the blackened man-made earth below and sleep forever. Stop thinking forever. Not hear anything. Ever.


She wouldn't succumb that easily.

She looked at the bottle of pills in her hand. They were sought after, each one could earn her about fifteen dollars on the streets, but she had no intention of benefitting off the cash value of her medication. The little cream-colored pills were meant to put her to sleep. They'd worked at first and she'd never felt so relieved in her life. Then her 'gift' (as the psychologists had put it) had adapted and made them useless in safe doses. Then she'd moved to the not-safe ones.

She didn't want to die. That's what she kept telling herself. She did however want to sleep. She wanted to sleep for days, weeks, years if she could. She wanted to sleep and she wanted to dream; after all if she couldn't dream then what meaning did her life really hold? This is what made up her mind.

She popped the cap off the little bottle of cream-colored promises and started taking them in rapid succession, almost as though she was scared she would change her mind. Her mouth was full of the bitter pills and she washed them down with the contents of a bottle of warm water. She'd been on the rooftop for quite a while. It hurt to swallow so much at once but she didn't care.

She looked down at the ground far below her again and this time shifted her heavy legs off the ledge and let them slump on the other side. She rested her head on the low lip of the roof and watched the colors of the vehicles moving below her.

-God-damned traffic!-

-Will she like purple or red better?-

-I'm late! I'm late! Crap!-

She sighed against the heated concrete and smiled lightly as she saw the colors of the cars start to blur together. The sun started beating down with incredible ferocity that reminded her of a blanket in winter. Yes. A blanket of intensive UV rays sent to whisk her away into a deadly dream world that she avidly hoped would end in a coma. Permanent sleep. She had more than enough to catch up on.

She didn't know when she really slipped away or if she was starting to sleep at all. The problem with Insomnia was that you never really knew if you were awake or asleep, and hers was incredibly severe. Regardless, eventually the sounds of passing cars and the thoughts of their owners died away and her mind fell silent.

Beautifully silent.

Tieria sighed as he stepped out of the nondescript car he'd arrived in. He hated Earth's atmosphere and he hated the temperature of this particular city even more. He shivered as he felt himself sweat, something that he'd never quite gotten used to.

The person he was looking for was apparently on the roof of the tall office building in front of him. He wasn't sure what the reason for that was but as he looked up he couldn't immediately see anything. He'd have to go up himself.

He'd come to the building to fulfill his duties as VEDA's assistant. Of course VEDA wasn't giving him orders anymore, but this particular one held special significance to him. It was the last one they'd received before the system was hijacked. It was simple really, just a name and a face. Karen Weiss. She was the next one VEDA had chosen. It was simple enough to slip into the building in the late Sunday sun…and Karen had already broken in for him. He made his way to the elevator and ascended.

Unlike the other names that VEDA had given, Karen's purpose hadn't been specified. It had irked Tieria at first, then it had driven him to look through her past (which surprisingly yielded nothing), then he'd decided that he wasn't supposed to know yet. Possibly, he would never know. He'd decided to search for her now as they'd finally received a lead on her whereabouts. He'd managed to trace a prescription that she had and he'd used satellite imagery to follow her to the rooftop that he hoped she was still passed out on.

Celesital Being was being pulled back together again. Times were beginning to call for it…it seemed that the united world couldn't manage to stay peaceful on its own. The rising of the A-Laws was something disturbing to say the least, and he couldn't help but feel unnerved by the fact that they'd have to intervene without VEDA again.

The elevator reached the thirty-fifth floor and Tieria turned the corner to see the short staircase that he imagined lead to the roof in case of emergency. The building was equipped with a helicopter landing pad and as such the staircase was in the open so arriving guests could immediately see the grandeur of the penthouse floor. The door at the top of the staircase opened easily when he pushed against it. Clearly she hadn't expected anyone to come up after her, or perhaps she didn't care if they did.

His initial scan of the rooftop didn't yield any sign of her immediately so he turned the corner of the rooftop exit.

There she was.

Her head was cradled against the low lip of the roof, her unruly auburn hair having fallen over her face in the afternoon breeze. Her legs were pulled halfway up to her chest and one of her arms draped carelessly over the edge of the thirty-five storey building, as though she was at home in a bed.

At first glance she seemed to be peacefully sleeping, but the empty yellow bottle next to her head painted a very different possibility. Tieria quickly knelt beside her and felt for a pulse, then noted how strained her breaths were. A thin layer of sweat covered her entire body and her lips were a strange shade of purple. Suddenly the roof made sense…she'd come here to die.

"This woman?" he said to no one in particular before pressing a button on his earpiece. He slid her wallet from her pocket easily and flipped through to find her ID.

'Tieria?' Feldt's voice rang through the little speaker.

"I'll need the helicopter pickup that was discussed as soon as possible. Bring the doctor."


He looked down at the female and sighed. "So you are Reverie Traum. I find this incredibly hard to believe."


Jolting, burning pain.

Was she dying?


There were hands on her stomach, hands on her face, a tube forcing its way down her throat. Voices.

"We've got to get rid of those pills! Start as soon as possible!"

She could feel some kind of sludge filling her mouth, the castoff of what was going into her stomach. It made her chest feel like a full-grown man was sitting on it, like she was being crushed.

Her eyes slid open a tiny bit to see what was going on. Bright, painful light filled them and they closed again within seconds. It had been just long enough to send her head swirling in nausea. She wanted to roll to her side and throw up but her body refused to move. Her limbs were made of lead and her head pounded with the beat of her heart.

Alive. Alive. Alive.

It taunted her.

Scorching acid burned its way back up her throat and she felt her lungs revolt as some of the burning sludge hit them.

"She's choking! Get her on her side!"

Firm hands rolled her over and she felt her stomach start vicious contractions one after the other, the accursed black sludge sliding over her lips.

Alive. Alive. Alive.

It was like she was spewing the words from her mouth with every retch. She heaved over and over and over again. This time her eyes snapped open to see the black tar-like substance that had splashed across the ground. They were pumping her stomach.


Who were they?

Another retch at the idea that she had no clue where she was. No idea who had ripped her out of the first good sleep she'd had in weeks. This time she heaved so hard she saw colors and little black dots.

There was nothing left to spew and she was held there for a few more moments before her mystery team came to the same realization. A cloth wiped her face gently but quickly, then another tube was introduced, this time into her nose. She could vaguely feel the absent flicking of an attendant searching for a vein in her hand.

-She has delicate hands…if her veins weren't so dark from the overdose I'd never have a hope of avoiding damage.-

-There's so much….it smells horrible…and it's so black…-

-Why would someone do this to themselves?-

The thoughts were back. Again. Had she really expected them to leave? Was it pointless for her to have been hopeful?

"Put her under and get the fluids going. There isn't much more we can do at this point without knowing what these pills were prescribed for. I don't want to do any more damage by adding new medications."

-And to take that many pills, she must really want to sleep.-

Finally, a thought that she wanted to hear. Yes. Sedatives. Sleep. Dream.

Alive. Alive. Alive.

She was alive. When she woke up next she'd figure out what that would entail.

Right now she needed to drift off into blissful, undisturbed sleep.