My Little . . . . Potter?

Harry awoke to the sound of chirping birds and found himself in a beautiful spring morning. Well it would be if he could see, at the moment he didn't have his glasses on. He had a major headache and what he could tell through the blurriness that the area around him was green and bright. He could vaguely make out what were two sleeping ponies near by. Well he thought they were ponies, they sure looked like ponies, except for the fact that they weren't the colors one would expect on a small horse. He rubbed his head right where his scar resided and clopped him self with a hoof.

The pain gave way to shock as he examined himself. His body was covered in dark brown fur and looked very similar to the blurred bodies of the other two ponies except with a pair of flapping feathered wings on his back. He let out a cry which jolted the other two into conciseness.

"Harry, it's too early, go back to sleep," grumbled a maroon colored pony with a short and fiery red mane.

His snout appeared to be covered with freckles. Harry stared at the grumbling pony and then the other which was light brown with a very bushy mane and tail with a horn on its head.

"Harry what's going on?" asked the pony bushy mane.

Harry gasped as he realized who the other ponies were.

"Ron, Hermione, Is that you?" he asked them.

A moment of silence past between the three friends as they stared at each other. Hermione was the first to break the silence, "What happened to us?"

"That's what you're worried about?!" Ron exclaimed, "I'm more worried about where we are!"

"What I want to know is how we got here and who sent us here," Harry commented.

They heard some one groan near by. "I'll go check that out," Harry told the other two "Just as soon as I find my glasses. Maybe who ever it is, is a professor of ours. Or some one that knows how to get us back to Hogwarts."

With that he turned and walked into the direction of the groan. And let out a gasp as his hoof bumped his glasses. He held them up happily then stared at his hoof that held the pair up like a hand.

"Careful Harry," Hermione whispered after him.

Harry put his glasses on then had taken only a few strides afterwards when he tripped over some poor creature lying before him. He got up and found himself sprawled across a pale colored pony with a blond mane, and pale feathered wings.

"Damn it Crabbe, can't you see that I'm sleeping here?" the blonde pony snapped.

The others gasped, "What are you beasts gaping at? And how did you get in my room?"

Hermione started giggling, she couldn't help it. The blonde pony was Draco Malfoy and the look he'd have once he found out what he'd been turned into was just too funny to imagine. The blonde pony turned and glared at the bushy one, causing her to stop giggling. He rubbed his eyes and froze when he realized that instead of a hand he was using a hoof.

"W- what's going on?" he stared at the other three in terror. "What have you done to me?!"

He tried to back away but found it hard to do in his new body, and ended up falling onto his back. Hermione was about to say something when they heard the groan again. Harry, Ron, and Hermione exchanged a glance with each other then the scared pony turned to investigate the noise, again. An awkward silence past between the stranded ponies, Draco wouldn't even glance at the other two. Harry returned shortly after with a green coated pony that had a long black mane and tail. He looked sullen and had a mark on his flanks, it looked like a bubbling cauldron.

Harry looked rather uncomfortable walking next to the other pony and the same went for the green pony. "Ok, I think that's everyone here," Harry told the tense group at large.

"Well that's great Harry, who's that," Ron gestured with his hoof to the green pony.

"This is Professor Snape," Harry replied.

Snape didn't seam all too happy at being introduced, or maybe it was the overly bright scenery.

"Well let's get going, there should be a town or something near by. I mean, we can't be the only smart beings here."

Everyone gathered nodded in agreement. Before they could decide on which direction to go they heard laughter. All five ponies turned their heads in the direction of the sound and saw two more ponies walking in their direction. One was grey with yellow hair, yellow eyes, except one was facing in another direction then it's neighbor, and grey wings; the other was pale green with brown hair. The new comers froze at the sight of the group. The pale green pony's face lit up at the sight of the group.

"What are you all doing here?" he said in a voice that was familiar to the other ponies. They stared at the pale green pony in confusion.

"You don't recognize me?" he smack his head with his hoof, "Of course not! I bet you didn't even recognize each other!" he exclaimed.

He beamed and gestured to him self, "I am Neville Longbottum. This," he gestured to the grey pony, "is Derpy Hooves. She's been showing me around here ever since I accidently landed here."

"And how did you manage that?" asked Draco snidely.

"Well there's actually this hidden stair case back at school, it has this missing step and well I fell through it and found myself here. Derpy showed up and helped me. She's also the reason of how I got back."

Neville and the grey pony grinned at each other. Draco made a face and acted like he was going to vomit.

"Then she can show us the way back right?" asked Ron.

"Yeah, I can but why not stay a little while. We're having this really awesome ceremony tomorrow. You guys should see it," Derpy said with a slight lisp.

"What's this—," Hermione said before she was interrupted by Draco.

"Who cares? I want to get home so I can tell my father about this," he said rudely.

Derpy frowned at the blonde pony, "Um well actually I don't think you can right now," she said. "Let me show all of you to Ponyville."

Neville stopped her, "Why not let me show them? I don't think that they want to get lost on their first day."

The grey pony nodded and gestured for the group to follow them.

I do not own any of the characters or places in this fanfic. Let me know what you think of this one and weather or not I should continue it. Sorry it's so short, kind of suffering from writer's block.