Un-Professionalism 3: Broken Home

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Ch1: Danger Zone

Two months later… Finn finds herself yet again in the doctor's office for another check up. Her doctor thought that because of her age that the first three months would be make or break her pregnancy or her 'danger zone' so she was in the doctor every week with checkups. She had told Moreno that she was on call or going to court. She didn't tell anyone that she was pregnant just in case she lost it; there was no reason to disrupt people lives she thought.

"Alright, Miss Finlay. I have your results and again we have healthy baby." The doctor said happy. Finn had already decided to keep it. "Here is the name of a very good OBGYN." The doctor says handing her a card, Doctor Hoyt Alta.

"Thank you, Doc." Finn said staring at the card.

"You can start telling people. Maybe the father?" the doctor asked.

"Maybe? Thank you." Finn said leaving. Her mind racing. She wanted to be a mother but she was never a place in her life where she thought it would be good. However this was like her last chance at motherhood and she wasn't going to let it pass up.

Finn goes to the department. This was going to be the most awkward and embarrassing and nerve wrecking moment of her life, it wasn't going to be her proudest moment. She was going to have to tell the man she was in a relationship with. A man she was quite infatuated with that she might lose because of something that happened when they weren't even together. She didn't want to lose Moreno now. Things between them had gotten so much better. However she needs to tell Moreno before she tells Nick. But she would have to tell both men either one of them could be the father.

"Hey, I thought you were off today?" Moreno asked smiling at her.

"Yeah, I have to talk to you… in private." Finn said quietly already feeling ashamed.

"Yeah, okay." Moreno said feeling the mood change. Moreno took her hand and brought her by the water fountain which was the only area available for privacy. "Is everything alright?"

"Carlos, you know that I cherish what we have and…"

"Finn, what's going on?" Moreno asked weary his Hispanic accent peaking as he looked at her.

"I'm pregnant…" Finn said Moreno eyes grew wide and his face turned to genuine shock and surprised. "That's not all…"

"What do you mean?" Moreno asked growing fearful as if he knew what was coming.

"You may not be… you might not be the father."


"I was with someone else around the time I got pregnant."

"How could you do this to me?!"

"I didn't mean to hurt you. We broke up and I didn't know if we were going to get back together… and I was feeling lonely and vulnerable…"

"It was Stokes? Wasn't it?!" Moreno said growing very upset.

"Carlos, I didn't mean to hurt you. But I'm being honest…"

"And what is that suppose to make it better that my girlfriend was with the most notorious player of the whole department? Finn…"

"I'm so sorry…" Finn cried as she so Moreno getting emotional. "I never met to hurt you."

"I will talk to you later." Moreno said leaving. Finn tried to grab his hand but he pulled it away. Finn watched as he walked away and went downstairs to the department. Finn fought her own tears but she sat down on a nearby bench and cried quietly.

Finn felt like she had no one to turn to. DB would judge and correct her like a father or older brother. Everyone else she couldn't tell she didn't trust anyone and the one she did trust she didn't want to tell.

Finn and Nick had drifted apart since there week in San Francisco. The aftermath of the shooting was minuscule at the work place but had havoc on their social lives. Nick and Finn went from enemies, to demented friends, to now just coworkers. Finn missed what they had but didn't want to go through all of that again. It was certainly different between the two and was only going to get more different whether that was going to be good was a mystery in itself.

Finn composes herself and debates whether or not to tell Nick now. What if Moreno saw him first? What if he saw them together and thought something different? She knew she had to tell him before he heard it from him or anyone else. It was her day off, though. She looks throughout the lab for him but doesn't see him anywhere. The lab was just about a ghost town except for the lab rats.

"Hey, I thought it was your day off?" Greg says excited leaving the break room with a manila folder in one hand and a coffee in the other.

"Yeah it is." Finn said smiling back at the young man.

"What are you doing here? If DB sees you he's going to think that you are volunteering to work." Greg warns continuing to walk with Finn.

"I'm looking for Nick," Finn said "have you seen him?"

"He's not going to be back here in a while." Greg said stopping in front of the print lab.

"What do you mean?" Finn asked worried/

"Sara and him, have nasty quadruple homicide." Greg said smiling. "I got to get these results on my own case but if I hear from him ill send him your way. Is it anything major?"

"No! I mean no. but if you see just let him know I was looking for but I'll just see him tomorrow so no worries." Finn said trying not to sound creepy or suspicious but Greg had already grown suspicious as he looking at Finn weird. "Never mind."

"Okay… I'm going to get my results now." Greg said awkwardly walking into the print lab. Finn curses at herself and just texts Nick asking for him to call her later, he never replies he never has.

Later on… Nick, Greg, and Sara are all walking out together. They are all equally exhausted. Nick and Sara were investigating there quadruple so Greg and the others had to race around town picking up the slack.

"I don't care how mad you get you don't just axe four people to death. Who does that?" Sara said in disbelief.

"Lindsay Borden?" Greg said Nick chuckled.

"Isn't that just a folk tale?" Nick asked seeing Moreno walking towards them from afar.

"It doesn't matter because she only killed her parents." Sara said smiling at the guys.

"You know if anyone else heard us in passerby they would think we are nuts?!" Greg said Nick and Sara laugh.

"We are!" Nick and Sara said in unison.

"Stokes!" Moreno called out. Nick turned still smiling and looked at Moreno.

"What's up, M…" Nick said as Moreno sucker punches him in the nose. Nick falls holding his nose as blood flows freely out.

"Whoa!" Sara said as Moreno jumps on him and the two start wrestling as Greg and Sara try and separates them.

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