It all began that day in his first year when he just happened to be sitting by the lake eating a pack of redvines. Scorpius was very peaceful until Rose Weasley walked up and sat beside him. They both sat in silence for a minute until Rose broke the silence.

"You know that twizlers are way better then redvines, right?" She questioned holding up a pack of twizlers.

"No way!" he answered back, "redvines are the best! They have that great chemical taste!" Rose cough/laughed before answering.

"Chemical taste, really?" Rose said sarcasticly. "twizlers actually taste like fruit".

"Fruit?" he said back with his left eyebrow raised. "Who needs fruit when you have a whole pack of candies with ingredients that you can't even pronounce!" He brought on.

"Well then at least I'm not going to die of heart disease when I'm 20." Rose proclaimed. "So I'll see you when you decide to eat candy that actually tastes good. Bye Scorpius." She announced annoyed and stalked away after handing him a twizler. Scorpius watched her leave but was disturbed by a new voice that he reconized as Albus, Rose's cousin.

"She likes you man." he commented as he shook his head.

"Really?!" Scorpius asked surprised. Albus just nodded his head sarcasticly. Scorpius then stood up and sprinted to Rose while yelling, "Rose! Wait!" Albus just shook his head and muttered to himself,

"that guy seriously needs to learn to realize when a girl likes him."

Okay, that was probably the shortest one-shot I have ever written. My sister and I had a contest to write a Scrose fic so here is mine! Also, if you want me to continue this, Review and tell me! Also, if you like Percy Jackson, read my other story Percy Jackson's surprise Birthday party! Also, are you with Scorpius (Redvines) or Rose (twizlers)?