Ch. 11

Osborn's failed plan.

Back at the palace, the crowd watches as the guards, Osborn's minions in disguise, plays the trumpets signaling the queen's entrance. The pig herself came out...but we all know, it is really the Piggy robot. Since the crowd can't tell the difference, they are easily fooled. They cheered wildly as the queen is about to make a speech.

"We have gathered here not only to celebrate my rule for 60 years but to honor someone," The robot Piggy began to say.

Behind a curtain, Norman Osborn smiles evilly from where he's at. Nearby, Gaston holds out a gun to Marie's back forcing him to read the cue cards held by Crocker as Marie speaks what needed to be spoken into a speaker.

"Someone who is of true and noble stature, I am honored to show to you a man among people, a gifted leader, A fighter for justice," What Marie said is spoken through the robot. Norman's time as ruler draws near.

Meanwhile Piggy is tied and gagged as she is brought to a balcony by Quickstrike in beast mode. Piggy looks horrified. Waiting below the balcony is an eager C-Rex who opened it's mouth up. The beast is hungry and Piggy is enough to satisfy the squid monster's stomach.

"Oh, tentacle boy!, Time to have some nice fat bacon!" Quickstrike called as he gets ready to toss Piggy over the balcony towards C-Rex.

Back in the other room, the robot Piggy continues, "...Someone who is a majestic mountain of humility. He is my new royal consort...Norman Osborn!

The crowd gasps horrified as the fiend came out wearing a crown and purple robe filled to the brink with medals and all sorts of bling-bling. The crowd also knows of Osborn's villainy and hated him.

But since the queen, who unknowingly to them is a robot, made him royal consort, they can't do anything to get him and just. Alvin raspberries the villain while his brother's Simon and Theodor cover his mouth in case the villain would make him pay for that.

Back at the waterfront, Marceline, Igor and Garfield run out. They don't have time to waste. Piggy is in danger. The vampire girl whistles signaling the lizard monster to run over.

"Hey, Zilla!" Marceline calls out. The lizard monster licks Garfield, happy to see him alive. This time, the girl did not mind it. She got other times to mind right now. "Let's get going, Zilla! Our queen pig is in mortal danger and we need to get there, pronto!"

Zilla gets ready as he help the riders get onto his back. In determination, Marceline points onward, "To Buckingham Palace!" Zilla roars and runs as fast as he can.

As the crowd watches on in horror, Norman Osborn gave an exaggerated bow to the robot queen as he begins, "Thank you so much, Queen Piggy. I hope you don't mind but since I am now the royal consort and all, I thought I could give out a few suggestions."

The fiend gets a roll of paper and unfolds it. The crowd yelps as it rolls onto the floor and down the aisle, going past the curtain where Lotso opens it to let the list through. Whatever is on the list cannot be good! Norman clears his throat as he begins, "Item 1..."

The fuzor groans as Piggy kicks him while he carries her to the balcony. She is trying to resist her capture.

"Stop it, you overgrown sausage!" snapped Quickstrike as C-Rex below still waits in anticipation. His snack is almost to its mouth now.

Zilla came running towards the palace. He runs in front of the carriage startling the horses doing so and almost squishing. But did that stop Zilla? Nope. He kept on running.

Soon Quickstrike got to the balcony's edge. C-Rex is waiting more anticipated than ever. Almost there...

Meanwhile, Zilla has got to the palace and rushes to a door. Upon arrival, he stopped to drop Marceline, Igor, and Garfield off as they rush through the odor.

The predacon at the balcony held Piggy over himself as C-Rex opens its mouth waiting for the snack.

"So long, fatso!" remarked Quickstrike straining. He gets ready to drop the load.

In the hallway, the heroes rush down in hope to save Piggy in the nick of time, by the time the predacon is about to drop her, Marceline pushes past the fuzor and grabs Piggy in the nick of time. The fuzor yelps in alarm as he almost fell off the balcony. Quickstrike grabs on the balcony and moves around to avoid the monster's jaws. At any rate, the mutant will eat anything, even him, again!

"That's It, I am really going to shoot you!" yelped Quickstrike in alarm.

Back down below, C-Rex hears some roaring and turns to see Zilla running and ramming it away from the castle and into the sea.

At the Great Hall, the crowd watches hopelessly as Norman Osborn continues reading his evil laws.

"Item number 96," Osborn gave a chuckle as he reads that. "There will be a heavy tax's that will be given to all the things that… well I don't like, such as the elderly," An old red panda named Shifu gasps in shock as he hears this, "the infirm," a boy in a wheelchair named Chip, "And little children."
The evil lunatic leans upside down over the railing and smirks at the chipmunk brothers. Alvin growls before his brothers pull him away.
"You maniac, that is the most stupidest law of all, your still crazy!" snapped Shifu furiously.
" Perhaps you didn't get the idea." said Norman as he furiously grasps Shifu's cane, making him fall. "I have the power!" He breaks the crutch in half making the crowd scared, gasping.
"Yes you do." said the robot Piggy in agreement.
"I am supreme!" boomed Doom as he got on the banister.
"Only you."
"This is my kingdom!"

Osborn laughs madly making the crowd cowers under his shadow. With Norman Osborn as the royal consort now, there is nothing they could do.

What Osborn didn't know however is that in the backroom, Marceline has arrived and sees Marie and the other baddies. It's Time to make a move.

Norman pauses as he calms down, clears his throat, and sat down. Turning to the robot Piggy, "Of course, with your highnesses permission."

Osborn waits for the robot to say something. No answer. He figures the robot has stopped working and gave it a light slap. Sure enough, it got going.

"Of course..." Suddenly the robot Piggy's eyes narrows as it snapped, "You evil freak."

"What?" Norman said alarmed. This came from out of nowhere!

"You are not my royal consort!"

Osborn yelps and covers the mouth. Turning to the angry crowd, he said sheepishly, "Our majesty is such a jokester."

The robot got freed and snapped, "You are a fake and nothing more!"

"Logan." groaned Norman Osborn under his breath angrily. What is going on? The toy maker was supposed to say what is on the cue cards under a big penalty. Marie is going to pay for this! The faker smiles nervously at the crowd.

Back in the back room, unknown to Norman, Marceline has seized the controls. She and her friends has managed to overpower the baddies and saved Marie, who is hugging Garfield happily while Igor hold a rope that is tied around the dazed villains, and Piggy smirks as she gave a tight tug to the rope tied around Quickstrike who is still in beast mode.

Marceline, in delight, continues speaking through the speaker as she continues to humiliated the villain, "You are a corrupt, vicious, demented, nut job. There is no scheme you wouldn't do."

With a smirk, the detective jerks the controls making the robot's head fly up and spin, biting Norman on the nose making him yelp. The crowd looks suspicious as he forces the head back down. Soon the arms spring out making him yelped as they hit him in the stomach. The faker tries to hide the robot from view but he can tell in horror that they are not falling for it anymore.

"No depravity you wouldn't do!" yelled the robot as it pushes past Norman. The villain quickly forces his weight on the robot but it springs upward bringing him up with it causing him to fall soon after.

Marceline smirks as she decided to get to the point, "You Osborn..."

The Vampire girl now jerk the controls harder causing the robot outside to fall apart revealing the villain's ruse a lot more, making the crowd more angry than before.

The robot Piggy continues, "Are none other than one of the most hated super villains in all of New York, known as..."

"DON'T SAY IT!" yelled Norman almost to the point of his anger as he grabs the robot by the neck.

But unfortunately, that point came as Marceline came out from behind the curtain and points at Osborn yelling, "The Green Goblin!"

Osborn looks horrified as he screams, arching his back. Not only is Marceline still alive, she also revealed his old alter ego!

"Arrest that maniac!" yelled Marceline. She, with the help of Igor and Piggy jump on Norman and attack him.

The crowd was furious. Osborn has committed treachery and tries to take over, making his evil plans to ruin their lives. It's payback time!

The crowd rushes forward to help take on Norman while anyone not doing so overpowered Osborn's men not tied up yet. The battle gets more intense than that in the pub earlier.

Garfield watches smirking as Collector's plan is falling apart, unknown to him, Quickstrike transformed into his robot mode and got loose, now free he then approached the unknowing Garfield.

Meanwhile, Zilla and C-Rex are continuing their battle against each other then soon they dive under water continuing their battle, all who is are watching started to see bubbles and blood like color starts to appear and raising from the sea is a familiar looking mutant who looked to the sky and roared with victory.

Zilla has won.

Norman Osborn screams as he got his attackers off of him. He can't believe it! His plan was so perfect and now it's ruined, thanks to Marceline once more! The crowd is getting closer now. It's only a matter of time before the faker is behind bars for good!

He hears a whistle making him look up. Quickstrike is on a high balcony holding a familiar boy.

"I got the brat!" said Quickstrike.

Marie looks horrified. Her son has been captured...again! With a smirk, Norman jumps from person to person and grabs a rope. Using it, he swings towards the balcony and landing on it. Marceline, Igor, and Marie try to follow but stops when they see Garfield being held over the edge by a ticked off Norman Osborn.

"Stay where you are or the boy dies!" snapped Osborn evilly. The group watches helplessly until Norman disappear behind the curtain with Garfield in tow.

"Come on, guys! We got to move!" yelled Marceline. The chase begins to save Garfield!

Author's note

The final battle is upon us now get ready for some fun.