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A/N: So I was recently turned down by an agency to represent a book I wrote and I have lost the desire to work on that story for the time being. I thought it was a sign telling me to vent some of my writing needs on Sam and Dean. So yes, there will be plenty of danger and violence! Hopefully you all enjoy this little adventure!

"Come on Sammy, tell me you have something! I'm tired of this motel and it's stupid little unicorn decorations!" Dean said in annoyance, flicking a small porcelain unicorn in disgust. It flew across the room and shattered against the far wall. Dean grinned, "Then again…"

Sam rolled his eyes, "You know we have to pay for that, right?"

"Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, they can't charge us if they never know. We'll be out of here before the maid comes," Dean grinned, moving another unicorn into position. He was about to flick it, sending it into oblivion, when Sam smacked his hand on the table. He ended up only nicking the unicorn and knocking it on its side. He dropped his head in defeat. Damn unicorns.

"I've got something," Sam said, standing and bringing his laptop over to his brother's bed. The page he was viewing depicted a small town newspaper, the headline screaming FIVE DEAD, NO SUSPECTS.

Dean shrugged, "So? Some back-road hillbilly probably snapped and went on a killing spree. I don't see how that's how problem."

"Normally it wouldn't be, but look here, 'only one thing connected all five murders: sulfur. Every crime scene was heavy with the scent of sulfur…' that sounds like a demon to me."

Dean nodded, scratching his chin, "Okay, so maybe demon is going around killing innocent hicks in their homes or maybe there was a lot of gunpowder in the air. Why would a demon go around killing random people?"

Sam shrugged, "Who knows? But when do demons ever make much sense?"

"Fair enough. Where is this place?"

"Ninety miles west. Nebraska."

"Let's get moving then."

Almost two hours later the brothers pulled into the dark parking lot of a small clapboard motel with a flickering vacancy sign. Dean went in, paying for their room and getting their key before jogging back to the car. He pulled the Impala around the little front office and parked in front of one of the back rooms. Small golden numbers were tacked to the green door. 513.

They climbed from the car, Sam stretching before moving around to the trunk where Dean was already unloading the bags. Dean dropped Sam's to the ground with a smirk and Sam huffed, rolling his eyes, "Real grown up Dean."

Dean shrugged, "Whoever said I was grown-up? I'm still a kid at heart."

Sam shook his head at Dean's taunting wink and cocky grin before he grabbed his bag and headed for their room. Dean slammed the trunk and brushed past Sam, unlocking the door and pushing it open. He motioned Sam first, "Ladies first."

Sam glowered at his big brother but walked into the room all the same. This one was much better than their last. Not a unicorn in sight. Just a bunch of deer heads on the walls and rickety wooden chairs. Plus plaid-covered beds. Well, it wasn't paradise but at least wasn't girly either. Dean dropped his bag on the bed closest to the door and fell onto the mattress, "Well, at least there's not unicorns, right?"

Sam chuckled and nodded, "Yeah. Thankfully."

Dean sat up and grinned wickedly, "We should probably go check out the local bar. I bet someone there knows something. I could really go for a beer too."

Sam laughed, "Yeah I'm sure the beer is all you have on your mind. That and a nice blonde, right?"

Dean feigned insult, "That's a terrible thing to say to your attractive chick-magnet of a brother. Just because I get all the chicks doesn't mean you should be bitter. I'm sure there's someone out there for you, little brother."

Sam dropped his bag and moved toward the door, "Jerk."

Dean grinned, "Bitch."

The local bar wasn't much of an affair. A few ripped booths and some less-than-perfect barstools. A man stood behind the bar, wiping down some glasses and laughing at something a man in a flannel shirt was saying. There weren't many people in the bar, a few men in flannel shirts and workbooks and a woman seated in the back corner. She glanced up as the brothers walked in, her green eyes landing on Dean and then swiveling to Dean. Dean grinned and walked toward her. She stood and headed his direction. Her dark hair was in a high ponytail, swinging side to side as she walked. She wore a black tank top under a black leather jacket. Tight black jeans were tucked into black boots. She was gorgeous. She stopped inches from Dean and he placed a hand on her elbow, "Name's Dean."

She smiled and brushed a hand down Dean's cheek. His eyes darkened with desire and she smirked before she stepped around him, "Bye-bye Dean."

Dean watched her go, a shocked look on his face, "Wait, I didn't catch your name."

She winked, "You're right, you didn't."

Sam nodded as she passed with an amused grin plastered across his face. She patted his shoulder and strode through the doors of the bar. A waitress walked over to Dean, holding out a bill, "She said you would take care of this."

Dean looked flabbergasted, he took the bill and his eyes widened, "One hundred dollars?! What the hell did she order that's worth one hundred dollars?!"

The waitress backed away slightly and held her hands up defensively, "She ordered two of our best wines and a steak meal. The wine is worth forty dollars a bottle."

Dean growled out a few choice words but handed over one of his many fake credit cards. The waitress took it and hurried back behind the bar. The bartender watched the brothers with a mixture of curiosity, annoyance and maybe even a twinge of amusement. Things were getting interesting around here.

Two hours later the brothers were back in their motel room and Dean was still fuming, "I can't believe the nerve of that woman! Making me pay for her drinks and food! I'm going to find her and make sure she repays every god damn penny!"

Sam was trying hard not to laugh and failing miserably, "Admit it, you're just pissed you couldn't make her drool over you."

Dean glared at his brother, "Shut it, Sam."

Sam laughed harder and made his way to the bathroom, "It's okay Dean, eventually beauty fades. It happens to everyone. Maybe we can stop at a retirement home once we're done so you can hit on older women, I'm sure they'd love it! I can eve make sure they give you a room with a nice view."

Sam shut the door just as a pillow landed with a thud against the door.

Okay, so hopefully that wasn't too bad! I know there wasn't a lot going on in this chapter but I promise it'll start picking up soon! I'm trying to make an actual story out of this one so bear with me! ^.^ Reviews are lovely!