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Sam was yanked from the vehicle almost twenty minutes later, bound and gagged. The ropes were chafing against his wrists and he was disoriented from the blindfold covering his eyes. He would have asked to have it removed, albeit rather sarcastically, but the bandana wrapped around his mouth wasn't going to allow that. So he took deep breaths through his nose while being prodded forward. The air smelled strange, almost oily, and he wondered where exactly he was.

He knew the moment they were inside because the air went from somewhat fresh to stuffy and humid. The oily scent became more pronounced and he wrinkled his nose. It was a disgusting stench. A chair was pulled across concrete, the grating sound of it harsh on his ears. Someone shoved him into it, tied his wrists and ankles to it and removed the blindfold. He glanced around. He was in some kind of hangar. Old propellers were lying around, rusted and worn after years of disuse. Forgotten.

The gag was not removed from his mouth and soon the man from his vision was standing in front of him. Silver glinted in the dim lighting and a moment later Sam was biting down on the gag to smother his screams as the knife was embedded in his thigh. The demon before him laughed and yanked the knife free, "Poor little Sammy Winchester, all alone. What will you do without your big brother here to save you?"

Sam glared at the demon, his breathing coming in rapid little bursts. The demon laughed again, his head tilting back and his whole body shaking, "It's a little late to try playing the tough guy Sam. We already know your weaknesses and we know how to hurt you."

Still Sam glared. He may be their captive right now but he was never very good at acting out the part. In fact, he was much better at finding a way to get free. Right now, there wasn't much he could use but demons always became too cocky. They always slipped up. And that's usually when he and his brother found a way out of their traps. He just needed to be patient.

The demon came close to Sam's face, their noses nearly touching, "When I'm through with you you're going to wish we just killed you and got it over with. I like to take my time with my victims, make them suffer for days before finally taking their lives. You'll be begging me for death, Sam Winchester."

Sam's breathing picked up and his eyes narrowed. He was giving his usual 'try and fuck with me' expression. And he would be giving it until the moment he died.


Slam! Sophia jumped when Dean came storming back into the room, slamming the door shut behind him. It wasn't that she was frightened really, just a little startled. Dean had been gone for about fifteen minutes, claiming he needed to pick up some things from his motel room. Sophia got the feeling he was also looking for signs of his brother while he was out there. She couldn't blame him. If it was her younger sister out there she'd be acting the same way. Fortunately, Sophia's sister had no idea what was really out there. That the things going bump in the night were real and her big sister was hunting them.

"Anything?" Dean's voice was gruff and he barely glanced her way, tossing a duffel onto the bed and falling heavily on the mattress. He looked even worse than he had when he left, which was saying a lot. Already his hair was a rumpled mess and he kept wiping his hands down his face, making him look old and tired. She didn't want to know what he would look like if they didn't find Sam within the next few days.

Sophia let out a sigh, raking a hand through her hair, Dean's anxiety rubbing off on her, "No. Nothing. These demons are good. They're hiding their tracks better than any other demons I've ever gone against."

Dean smacked the mattress, "Son of a bitch."

Sophia stood and moved in front of him, not entirely sure what she could do to comfort him but feeling like she should say something, "We'll find him. It hasn't been long yet. We have time still. They'll slip up eventually, they always do."

Dean looked up at her with a broken expression, the tough and arrogant guy from the bar the night before was completely gone, "I've already lost him once. I can't lose him again."

She frowned, confused, but nodded, "I understand. You won't have to go through that again. I'll help you and we'll find him."

Dean nodded and looked to the floor, "Where could they hide in a town like this?"

Three hours later and they weren't much farther in their search for the demons. Their searches weren't turning up much of anything. There were only a few places in the town that were unoccupied but they were also ruins. Fires or just the natural wear and tear every building goes through. Nothing suitable for hiding out and torturing anyone. They had to expand their search radius to come across anything that might be a little more suitable. Of course, once they did that they found hundreds of viable options. There were airports and abandoned factories for miles around. This was once a big place and now there were buildings everywhere just waiting to be used for anything.

"This isn't getting us anywhere," Dean said after a while, slamming his beer bottle down on the table and leaning back in his chair. His mouth was set in a hard line, his eyes burning with anger as he stared at the computer screen in front of him.

Sophia was curled up on the bed, looking through some of the town records and trying to ignore the brooding and dark aura coming from Dean's side of the room. His sudden outburst made her jump, startled by his anger as he voiced his worry through rage. She knew that feeling fairly well, she had lost more than she ever spoke of out loud, and she also knew that it could be consuming and Dean probably wouldn't be able to let go of that anger until Sam was back by his side, alive and safe. Which was really the only reason why Sophia was still here. Normally she'd be long gone, searching out her next hunt and figuring out the best way to take down the big bad in her way. This time, she was sitting in a motel room with a hunter she had only just met trying to find another hunter she knew next to nothing about aside from the stories other hunters whispered. She knew the Winchester brothers were good. They were beyond good, really, so she shouldn't be all that worried. But she also knew they tended to bring trouble with them wherever they went. They were like fire: if you stood too close you would get burned. She was afraid she was going to get burned staying here with these boys.

"Maybe we should canvass the area a bit, ask around and see if anyone has noticed anything suspicious?" Sophia suggested, sitting up and stretching a bit. She'd been sitting in one place for three hours straight made the need to move almost unbearable. She wasn't one to sit around and do nothing for extended periods of time; she didn't know how the brothers could put up with this kind of research because Dean didn't seem to be growing restless. He was just frustrated and angry with the whole situation.

Dean tossed his now empty beer bottle into the trash bin where it clanked and clattered against the others are inside the plastic basket. He turned toward her, raking a hand through his hair and looking like he could about twenty hours of sleep and some food, "If we do that then we're just putting ourselves in danger and giving them a chance to capture us as well."

"But I don't think they're after you or me. They could have taken us before, easy. This is about Sam, they probably won't pay much attention to us until we're knocking on their front door. These are demonsafter all, they aren't very smart."

Dean gave a smirk and shook his head a bit, looking more alive and more human than he had since Sam was taken, "You're pretty new to this whole hunting business aren't you?"

She gave a sheepish little shrug, "I've been in the game for a couple of years now."

Dean let out a small bark of laughter at that, "And I've been doing this since I was a kid, which means you're pretty damn green to me. How many demons have you ganked? Ghosts? Werewolves? Vampires?"

Sophia frowned, her eyes hard as she stood, "Just because you've been at this longer than me does not mean you get to treat me like I'm some stupid little girl. I know my stuff, okay?"

The grin on his face was a little more real and reached his eyes this time, "Okay. So, lunch?"

Sophia rolled her eyes, this was going to be interesting.

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