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Chapter 6

I woke quickly, startled. I sat up, panting slightly. Furrowing my brow, I tried to remember what that dream had been about. I plucked at my lower lip, trying to remember. It had been one of those amazing dreams that fled your mind the moment you woke up, leaving you desperate and despairing. I sighed, resigning myself to the fact I wasn't going to remember, and rolled out of bed. I pulled at my hair, bringing a chunk around to my face. It was lank and curly from being slept on.

I felt gross. Sort of hot and sticky from sleeping so long under hot blankets. I stumbled into my bathroom, the lightest amount of lingering drowsiness clinging to me. I stepped out of my pajamas and stepped into the shower. Knowing I wouldn't wake up if I turned the water hot, I only moved the knob slightly. I held in a shriek as freezing water blasted me. I clenched my fists for a moment and waiting for the sting of cold to subside. I eventually grew used to the temperature and finished my shower.

I shut off the water and stepped out of the shower, water droplets cascading down my shoulders. I toweled at my body for a minute before retreating into my room; I could air-dry. I thumbed through my drawers, pulling out a pair of denim shorts and a cream tank top, along with my underwear. I got dressed quickly and fluffed at my still damp hair. I decided it could air-dry.

I grabbed my phone, slipping it into my pocket. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I glanced at the clock on the microwave; it was almost ten in the morning. I noticed a small piece of paper on the counter. A note. I picked it up and studied it.

Tory- I've gone to Loggerhead for work. I'm spending the night with Whitney tonight and won't be back until tomorrow morning, around eleven or so. There's stuff for lunch and dinner in the fridge. Stay out of trouble!


My heart sped. Kit was gone until tomorrow morning. I suddenly recalled what I had told Ben before I had turned and went inside, leaving him stunned on the front steps to my townhouse. He could come over without any interruptions…

I grabbed my phone from my pocket and shot Ben a text, telling him to come over. A reply beeped back almost immediately, letting me know that he was on his way. I seized some string cheese and a water bottle from the fridge and quickly downed the food. I sat on the edge of the counter, sipping nervously. It was getting old, the way Ben's presence made me feel like I might go to pieces any second. I was supposed to be the fearless leader. Maybe I could let my guard down sometimes… Just for Ben, I decided.

A shrill sound broke through my thoughts; the door bell had rung. I leapt off the counter and dashed to the front door, my partially dried hair flapping at my back. I wrenched open the door and faced the boy standing on my doorstep. He smiled slightly and reached out to cup my cheek. I nuzzled into it lightly and stepped aside to let him inside. He stepped in lightly and surveyed me. A blushed reached my cheeks.

"Good afternoon," he chuckled. I turned to shut the door and laughed.

"Hi there," I replied. I spun around and threw myself into his arms. They automatically reached out to catch me and their warm safety circled my waist, holding me close. I reached up to ensnare his neck in my arms, stretching up on my tiptoes, sighing into his chest. Ben. I felt something touch my hair and I looked up to meet his lips. I smiled into the gentle kiss.

He broke away and moved to sit on the couch. I groaned at him. "We're not to be formal. Come to my room, geez," I complained. I headed to the stairs and raced up, taking the steps two at a time. I bounded down the hall and pushed open the door to my bedroom, Ben's light footsteps behind me.

He grinned at me and sat on my bed. I was thankful that I had cleaned my room yesterday. I shut the door and moved to sit next to him. I looked up at him. "So how as your day?" I asked nonchalantly.

He shrugged. "Boring. Better now that I'm with you. I just worked on Sewee this morning and had a cup of gross coffee." He smiled gently at me. I blushed slightly and shifted closer to him. "And what did Tory do today?"

I giggled. "Absolutely nothing. I've only been awake for about two hours or so. I've taken a shower and then invited you over," I said. I didn't miss the flash in his eyes when I mentioned my shower.

"You're really productive," he joked, chucking my chin. I wrinkled my nose and shook my head.

"It's summer. I can be as lazy as I want to," I retorted. He leaned forward to kiss my cheek and I shamelessly turned my head. Our lips met and something wild took over me.

My breath came in a wild gasp and I clutched at his hair, yanking at it with small hands. His hands grabbed at my face before moving down to my shoulders, then to my waist, then my hips. The roaming hands paused a moment before I was roughly yanked into his lap. I gave a small yip of a noise before settling against him.

I opened my mouth and our mouths worked against each other's quietly. My breathing was labored and his tongue snaked its way into my mouth, quickly asserting its dominance over mine. My hands moved to his neck and I clutched at it as I leaned back, gasping for air. Ben didn't break, however, moving his mouth to my chin, jaw, and neck. Planting quick, tempting kisses.

I whispered his name as he pulled us back. I vaguely noted that we lying down on my bed, him underneath me. I resumed kissing him, a haze clouding my mind completely. I was barely aware that we were becoming undressed, the feeling of his warm skin delicious under my fingers.

I was euphoric when I felt us finally melt together.

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