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Chapter 13: Rookery Brothers

General Store

In a general store downtown a shop keeper opened the cash register as a man held up a gun threateningly as he grabbed the cash from the register.

"Come on this is the third time this week," the old shop keeper said tiredly as he held his hands up.

"Yeah, well we live in dangerous times," chuckled the man as he dashed out of the store and ran through the snow.

Scotland 994 A.D.

"We should all go with you," argued the red haired female gargoyle.

"My love we have been through this," Goliath said calmly as he turned to face her before continuing to walk towards the tower.

As Goliath and the female gargoyle reached the top of the tower, he saw their rookery brother a gray gargoyle with white hair and fin like ears.

"Where do you go my brother?" he asked Goliath.

"To track down the Vikings, before they attack again," informed Goliath.

"Will you need help?" his rookery brother asked, but before he could reply Magus interrupted them.

"Foolish creatures, why are you still here?! If you wait any longer you won't have to find the Vikings they'll be at our gates again," accused Magus as he quickly ran down the tower steps.

"Why do we risk ourselves to protect the human's castle?" the female gargoyle asked disgusted at the disrespect shown to them.

"She's right let the Vikings has it, we can survive anywhere," his rookery brother persisted liking the idea of leaving.

"The gargoyle can no more stop protecting the castle than breathing the air," the old gargoyle said wisely as he walked up the steps to where Goliath and the two other gargoyles were.

"I would have you at my side old friend, I will need your tracking skills," smiled Goliath as the old gargoyle gave him a nod.

"Stay here and keep guard my brother, I will see you soon," assured Goliath as his rookery brother.

"And you my love, I never lose sight of," promised Goliath, as he lovingly stared into her eyes before turning as he and the old gargoyle, both jumped off the tower and glided away.

Clock Tower

I walked with Broadway, Brooklyn, and Lexington up the stairs since they had decided to stay to go to the movies, but I had decided to stay behind and keep Hudson company.

"We're going to the movies Hudson, do you want to come along?" asked Broadway as the three of them stopped on their way up the stairs.

"Thank you, lads, but no. Why go to out in the snow to see something that will be on cable soon enough. Besides someone needs to stay here and defend our home, "said Hudson and we all laughed as we all smiled amused.

"Hudson, we live above a police station what could happen?" asked Brooklyn.

"You know the old saying a gargoyle can no more stop protecting the castle-"recited Hudson.

"Then breathing the air," we all finished.

"We know Hudson," I laughed as Hudson gave us all an incredulous look.

"Where have I heard that before," muttered Brooklyn.

"We don't even live in a castle anymore," remarked Lexington.

"Do we have time to eat before the show/" asked Broadway, completely straying off topic.

As we stepped outside as the snow gracefully drifted to the ground, turned around and gave Brooklyn a slow kiss before we separated. I leaned my forehead against his as I whispered, "Be safe," as he simply nodded and leaned in to give me a kiss but-

"Come on lover boy," taunted Broadway, as Brooklyn growled before leaning away and ran to go after Broadway as they glided away laughing with Brooklyn yelling at him.

I walked inside and found a stool and sat beside Bronx as I scratched him behind the ear as he hummed in delight, and lightly stomped his foot on the ground.

"Hi, Elisa," I greeted from my spot beside Bronx as she walked over to where I sat.

"Woo nasty out there. How are you guys surviving this cold?" asked Elisa, wondering how we didn't show the slightest discomfort at the coldness of the clock tower.

"Cold doesn't bother us," Goliath informed from his spot on the bridge like structure that was above the steps leading outside the clock tower.

"Maybe not, but something is," she said noticing the sullen tone of Goliath's voice.

"Is it not time for you to go on duty?" asked Goliath, changing the subject.

"Yeah, guess it's time to do a little ol' protect and serve," chuckled Elisa.

"Protect and serve?" asked Goliath curiously, even I had wondered what she meant by that.

"It's the old police motto, it's what I live for," explained Elisa.

"Protect whom, and serve how?" Goliath further questioned.

"The people, the honest citizens we protect them and serve them. We do the same for each other," Elisa said passionately, as Goliath leaped down to where we were.

"You mean the police, you're clan," Goliath said sadly.

"Yeah, my clan who will disown me if I don't get back to work," Elisa said as she started to head to the stairs.

"I'll go with you perhaps I can learn something from this," said Goliath thoughtfully.

"Yeah, sure why not, my cars big. I'm sure my partner won't even notice you," Elisa said sarcastically.

I watched them go before turning back to the TV, but sighed when I felt Hudson's eyes on me.

"Alright, alright," I muttered as I stood up and quickly jogged after Goliath and Elisa.

Castle Wyvern

In one of the towers Xanatos turned off the machine that was conducting a bright red light, as Demona stood across from him with a book of spell and a bowl with pink smoke.

"If this works it will be a miracle," Xanatos said skeptically still not believing her new plan.

"None of your plans have worked: the Pack, the Steel Clan, all have proven useless," stated Demona, listing all of Xanatos' failed plans.

"Your stolen spells haven't been better," he retorted.

"No spells or science have defeated Goliath, but maybe the two will be more effective," Demona suggested as she threw some powder onto the covered form on the table.

"The cantraps have been spoken, the patterns of force are aligned now it's up to your machine Xanatos," continued Demona as she turned to face Xanatos.

Xanatos wordlessly pulled up two levers on his machine as his machine came alive with a bunch of beeps and lights; lightning then struck the covered figure.

Xanatos and Demona watched as a light emerged from the body and let out a cry of a gargoyle before reentering the body. They watched in awe as the motionless figure began to move and the light dimmed.

"It's alive, alive. I've always wanted to say that," Xanatos said gleefully to Demona.

As the figure sat up robotically as it pulled up the circuits that were connected to its head, as the cover fell from the body to reveal the silhouette of a gargoyle.

"As you said it's alive," said Demona, as she stared into the glowing red eye of the gargoyle.

"Can it hear us?" asked Xanatos.

"Do you remember me?" asked Demona as she gestured to herself.

The figure slowly nodded his head as he looked around.

"This is Xanatos my servant," she said as Xanatos looked at her appalled at her not liking the idea of being anyone's servant.

"What am I?" asked the gargoyle.

"You are Coldstone brought to life," explained Demona as she pointed at the confused gargoyle.

"Coldstone," said the figure.

"Don't you remember anything?" asked Demona.

"I remember the castle, Goliath my rookery brother, they went to find the Vikings, dawn came and then oblivion," the gargoyle said solemnly.

"Your brother abandoned us to the humans," Demona convinced.

"He's been seduced by their beliefs and has turned you into this," continued Demona as she showed him a mirror, and Coldstone roared and shattered the mirror.

With Elisa

Goliath and I watched from above on the rooftop as we watched Elisa exit her car and Matt walked in.

"Goliath, Dakota, can you hear me?" asked Elisa through the small mic attached to her jacket and the chip in her ear.

"Yes, we can hear you fine," I said into my own mic that hung around my neck.

"State of the art this thing picks up everything," praised Elisa.

"Yes, we could hear you perfectly," said Goliath.

"Why does that man keep his shop open, he could be robbed again, why does he not leave?" asked Goliath.

"Yes, isn't it human instinct to do whatever it takes to survive, here he is in blatant danger," I added curiously.

"This is a dying neighborhood Goliath, Dakota, the big markets won't even come here, and if he closes the store people will have no place to buy food. That's more important to him than hiding in his own little castle.

"His community needs him," Goliath said slowly, taking in the information.

"To survive," Elisa finished.

I heard the radio in the background as Goliath and I stepped back into the shadows before following after Elisa and Matt as they got into the car.


I watched in shock at all the police cars and damaged that had been done, as Goliath landed on a lite up sign and I landed beside him. Goliath and I quickly glided down and tackled the figure, as I glided over to Elisa and pulled her up from the ground. I gasped as Goliath was thrown into the bus leaving a huge dent as I rushed over to help him up.

"Dakota, what is that thing?" asked Elisa as she ran over to us and the police flashed a light onto the figure as it appeared to be a gargoyle but it had robotic parts.

"It's an abomination," Goliath said as I stared at the gargoyle sadly.

"Rookery brother, you betrayed us," growled the gargoyle as it shot a laser at us and Goliath pushed us out of the way.

As Goliath checked and saw that we were okay he went back and attacked the gargoyle. I quickly ran up and tackled the gargoyle as he threw me off of him.

"Dakota stay back!" yelled Goliath as I slowly nodded, as I saw goliath pinned beneath the gargoyle.

"I know you, you are my rookery brother," confirmed Goliath.

"No you are my betrayer," he growled as he threw Goliath off of him.

I ignored about what Goliath said and tackled the gargoyle and we rolled around in the debris as I struggled to not get hit by the built in laser in his arm. He managed to push me off of him and I fell beside Goliath, as Goliath tried to help me up debris fell on us and we were pushed back to the ground. I groaned as I hazily saw the gargoyle above us and my eyes widened as he effortlessly picked Goliath up and held him over his head.

"You will pay for destroying our clan," the gargoyle yelled as he was hit by a disk of metal.

"Let him down ugly and I mean now!"

I turned and saw Broadway, Brooklyn, and Lexington sitting on a turned over police car as they continued to hit him with the metal disks. While he was distracted I knocked him over with a quick swish of my tail as I quickly pushed myself up as Goliath glided over to where my friends were.

"Goliath what is that thing?" asked Brooklyn.

"It is one of us….or used to be," Goliath said regretfully.

"You are all traitors you will all pay," he vowed.

"Why are you attacking us/" asked Goliath as we all moved forward.

"You betrayed our clan, destroyed it," he yelled as he clutched his head.

"We were all betrayed," Goliath explained.

"To true."

We all turned and saw Demona gliding down with the steel clan.

"Ugh, can't we get a break," I said frustrated.

"You told him these lies, I lived for my clan!" Goliath shouted up at where Demona stood.

"And they died for you, smashed to dust by the humans you trusted," she yelled back.

I finally turned around and noticed all the humans standing around.

"You guys…" I said as I saw most of the humans staring at us in disbelief.

This was not good.

"We have each created our own clans Goliath, you have yours, and I have mine," Demona said coolly.

"You have no clan; your clan is merely steel!" I shouted as Goliath pushed me back with his arm.

"You have no clan, you don't know the meaning of the word," Goliath said repeating half of my statement.

"Destroy them, Coldstone," Demona ordered as the red steel clan member placed a hand on her shoulder stopping her momentarily.

"Destroy them, destroy them and we will survive," Demona promised.

"Survive? Like this?" Coldstone questioned gesturing to his form.

"Appearances mean nothing, we are the true gargoyles. They have been corrupted by the humans" said Demona.

'Really, we've been changed take a look in the mirror,' I thought as I held myself back from saying anything.

"There has been enough death, there are so few of us left my brother," Goliath said softly.

The gargoyle paused as he shifted his glance between Demona and us, I turned and my eyes widened as I saw the news reporter stepping out of a van with a camera crew.

"Goliath, Dakota, we don't want this on the 11 o'clock news," Elisa said through the chip as I stared at Goliath worriedly.

"Xanatos, I'm sure you can communicate via your robots, and I doubt you want to see anymore destruction come to your city. Perhaps we should move to some place less fragile," reasoned Goliath.

"No we finish this now," demanded Demona.

"An excellent suggestion Goliath, I propose we reconvene," said Xanatos' voice from the red robot.

We quickly scaled a building as we glided away from the humans. We quickly flew to the bridge as my friends and I all gasped out of breath.

"Hey, looks like we beat them here," noted Lexington.

"If only," I said as I heard the sound of the steel clan flying toward us.

Brooklyn quickly pulled me to him as a laser blasted at us and we all flew into different directions. I was underneath Brooklyn as he had tried to shield me from the blast.

"Ugh, remind me to be fashionably late next time," groaned Brooklyn as I pulled him up.

I quickly pushed Brooklyn off the bridge as Demona shot at us with her gun and I jumped off the bridge gliding away.

I watched as Brooklyn tackled Demona, but which resulted in them bouncing of one of the cables and landing on the bridge.

"Brooklyn!" I yelled as I glided down beside him and gently put one of his arms around me as I helped him up.

"You did it," I whispered to him as he smiled at me weakly and I pulled him out of the middle of the bridge.

I gently placed him down out of the way as I watched Broadway and Lexington, "I need to go help, I'll be back though," I promised as he nodded and I quickly glided up to help Broadway.

Broadway got tangled in the cables as the red gargoyle aimed to fire at him, I tackled him causing him to fall onto the bridge, as I ripped his head off and I saw Xanatos!

"No way," I whispered as he suddenly pushed me off of him and shakily stood up.

"GOLIATH!" I screamed as I saw him and Coldstone fall off the top of the bridge into the water.



I quickly climbed up to Broadway and quickly cut the cables from him, as he fell with a thump onto the bridge.

"We need to do something," I cried frantically as I looked into the icy water below.


Beneath the water Coldstone and Goliath drifted downwards as Coldstone stared at Goliath, the old gargoyle's words coming to his mind, "A gargoyle can no longer stop protecting the castle than breathing the air…..breathing the air….protect,"

Goliath grabbed onto Coldstone's wrist before letting go and continuing to drift down, Coldstone quickly grabbed Goliath's hand and pulled him up out of the water, and flew out of the water.


"Look," shouted Broadway, as Coldstone carried a limp Goliath in his arms.

"Is he…" I trailed off not willing to finish my sentence.

"He lives," Coldstone confirmed as he walked towards us.

"Goliath, you're okay," I said happily as we all rushed over to him.

"But you're not," Demona's voice rang out as we all spun to face her.

"Thank you so much for saving Goliath for me," she said as she pointed the gun at us.

"Wait," started Xanatos, but was cut off by Coldstone.

"She told me destroying my brother is the only way for me to survive is that all it is for us mere survival?" asked Coldstone.

"Isn't that enough?" Demona asked in return.

"No gargoyles protect, it is our nature, our purpose, to lose that is to be corrupt empty, lifeless," Goliath stated.

"And what do you protect?" asked Coldstone.

"Enough of this," shouted Demona as she shot a laser at Goliath.

It seemed almost as if it had happened in slow motion as Coldstone, jumped on front of Goliath and fell of the bridge into the water below.

"No!" shouted Goliath, as he jumped in after Coldstone, and we all rushed to the railing.

"At least I can finish you three," Demona said as she aimed the gun at us and I unconsciously shrunk myself back into Brooklyn's embrace.

I watched as Xanatos fired at Demona knocking the gun out of her hands, "I told you I want them alive," Xanatos said just as he was tackled by Bronx.

Xanatos quickly threw Bronx off of him but Bronx came back pinning Xanatos, as Elisa ran forward with Hudson behind her. So this was her backup, I couldn't help but smirk as I watched Xanatos pinned under our guard dog Bronx.

"It's over Xanatos," said Elisa as she aimed her gun at him.

"I don't think so," he smirked as he flew up out from under Bronx and grabbed Demona flying off.

We all looked down ashamed as Elisa questioned us about what happened.

"It took me a while to lose Matt and get Hudson, is everyone okay? Where's the monster?" Elisa asked.

"He wasn't a monster he was family and now he's gone," Goliath said sadly as he walked forward sopping wet without Coldstone.

"I'm sorry," Elisa said sadly as Goliath now stood in front of us.

I walked forward and hugged Goliath as he sighed and hugged me with one arm before I returned to my spot next to Brooklyn.

"Come on, let's go home," said Goliath, as we all smiled and nodded.

"Goliath, you told Coldstone gargoyles protect," said Lexington as he stared up at Goliath.

"Like we breathe boy, you know that," Hudson chimed in.

"But what do we protect?" asked Brooklyn.

"The clock tower," said Hudson immediately.

"No that is merely where we sleep, this island, Manhattan, this is our castle. From this day forward we protect all who live here human and gargoyle alike," explained Goliath.

"Are you alright? Is there anything you need?" asked Elisa from beside Goliath.

"Yes, I need a detective," he said as he picked Elisa up and we all glided back to the clock tower.

Goliath informed us we had one stop to make as we ended up cornering a man, and making him return the money he had stolen from a shopkeeper.

We had decided to sleep on the rooftop in front of the store, as Brooklyn suddenly swung me around and into a dip, as he leaned in and kissed me. I hurriedly stood up and blushed as he smirked and I gapped as he didn't even blush as he swiftly grabbed my hand, and before I could respond the sun rose and we turned to stone.

General Store

The man rushed into the store with a gun, as the shop keeper sighed and put his hands up, "Not again, can't you rob somebody else this time," he complained, as the man came up to the counter.

"I'm not robbing you man, do me a favor call the cops so I can turn myself in," the man said hurriedly as he grabbed a bag and poured out all the cash he had stolen.

"What? Why?" the shopkeeper asked baffled at the man's sudden change of demeanor.

"Because seven monsters just told me to," he responded as he slide down into a crouch in front of the counter.


"You know what guys the city feels safer already," said Elisa to the stone gargoyles as she made her way off the rooftop.

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