AN: I wrote this some time ago in response to a challenge issued by I Am Not Creative Enough on the TV Tropes Negima fanfiction thread. At the moment, my judgment is just appalling enough to convince me that posting it is a good idea.

Challenge: "Write a believable scene in which Tsukuyomi squees over Chibi-Setsuna."

Over her many years of managing stalking as a lifestyle, Tsukuyomi had gotten used to some very interesting prevention measures from her prey. Traps and uncomfortable spells were almost a daily occurrence, and, if she was really lucky, Setsuna would get annoyed enough to come after her personally.

This was not usually the method she chose.

"Chibi-Setsuna reporting for duty! I am here to keep the menace known as Tsu-chan from interfering with Master and Kono-chan's goals!"

Floating in front of her was a positively adorable little imitation of her beloved Setsuna-senpai. It was waving its sword around very enthusiastically, and with a touch more exasperation, its stern scowl would have fit the real Setsuna's standard expression around her perfectly.

"Chibi-Setsuna? Don't tell me Senpai's gotten tired of playing with me herself? Sending a double to tell me that isn't very nice."

The little doll's scowl grew. "With me around, there is no need for Master to bother herself with the likes of you!"

Tsukuyomi prodded the doll's miniature sword curiously. A tiny droplet of blood slid down her fingertip. She licked it off and leaned into the doll's personal space, smiling. It tried to jump away, but she caught it in her hand easily. She ran her hand through the surprisingly realistic hair of her Senpai's cute doppelganger. The doll squirmed in irritation.

"Setsuna-senpai's skill with tracking spells has grown quite a bit in the past few years. She must have put a lot of work into you if she picked you over them."

The squirming stopped and Chibi-Setsuna puffed out its chest and beamed. "That's right!"

Tsukuyomi traced the doll's tiny face casually. It had Setuna's voice, too. A little. It sounded like Setsuna had as a young teenager.

That was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

"Most dolls would pop back to paper if I grabbed them like this, but it seems Senpai took extra care with you. You almost feel human. I don't think I'd mind having a taste."

"Of course!" the diminutive thing chirped, latching onto the compliment with ignorant gusto. "A normal doll would be no match for this mission! Master made absolutely sure that no evil would be able to drive me away from my task! You have no prayer of vanquishing me!"

"You're probably right about that," Tsukuyomi said brightly. "But that's no reason we can't have some fun together, is it?"

Chibi-Setsuna's large eyes glared up at her as it waved its sword aloft. "I am not here for fun! I have been tasked with the grave duty of guarding you!"

Tsukuyomi plucked the sword out of the doll's hands. Chibi-Setsuna shrieked in dismay. Tsukuyomi had to laugh at the small confirmation as a very familiar thrill began to flood her thoughts. She brushed her thumb over the doll's mouth and smiled happily at it.

"Then I'll just have my own fun with you!"

She drove the tiny sword through the doll's arm, removing her thumb from its mouth at just the right time to hear Setsuna's anguished scream. She laughed again and brought Chibi-Setsuna up against her cheek so that it would scream right into her ear.

"So cute!"