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Chapter 3: The great journey of Weyard

Yuri's pov

We felt a ground shaking violently from somewhere in this area. We thought it was earthquake but it's not. Kanonno felt scare that an earthquake gonna spit beneath us. " What is going on? Why is there an earthquake around it? " Kanonno feared.

" I don't know. There's something wrong in this world. " I said. Kanonno is getting impatient and ran as she can. I stopped her from running towards Vale. " Kanonno, wait. It's getting dark already. We should camp here first and rest. "

" But, Yuri. " Kanonno worried.

I shook my head. Knowing Kanonno, she is more and even more worry about Jack. How I wish to make her calm down and relaxed. " No buts. We better sleep well first then towards to Vale and see if Jack is there. " Kanonno had calm down and sitting the dirt. Asbel has returned with a lots of stick to put some fire it.

" Yuri, can you cook a dinner for us? " I nodded. I grabbed some of an ingredient and cutting, cooking and stewing it. We all began to eat and chattering. " Do you think the stone said is true? About the threat and danger. " Asbel asked.

" I don't know. But I get this feeling that this world has a lot of threat to save Weyard. We only had to returned when there's only one threat. " Kanonno knew that only one threat would going back with other Ad Libitum.

I hope that I can meet Jack first if there's is no threat around us. Please. Don't make a threat around us until we meet Jack. Kanonno prayed.

Inside Sol Sanctum

Jack's pov

The guardian teleports us from other side of the portal inside Sol Sanctum but we need to run first. Garet went to asked me and Issac. " Did the floating eye thing save us? "

" Yeah. But no time to speaking like that. We're better run and fast as we can. " I said.

" Hold on. I can use my psynergy to escape the dungeon to the entrance. Take my hand, Garet, Jack. " Issac replied. They grab Issac hand and said 'Retreat'.

Outside Sol Sanctum, Vale

Jack's pov

In a second ago, we've at the entrance and ran outside. I saw all the villagers gathered near the shrine before the entrance to Mt. Aleph.

They also felt the tremor from the Sol Sanctum. I reunited Issac and Garet. " All the villagers are over there gathered near the shrine. They felt the tremor too. What are we going to do? " I asked.

" We had no choice but to tell them what happened to the Sol Sanctum, Jenna, Kraden and everything. Let's go. " Issac replied. Me and Garet nodded.

As we walk into them, the villagers saw us. Dora and Garet family went to their side and worried about why they at the Sol Sanctum. " Issac, Jack and Garet. You're all safe. " Dora noticed that Jenna and Kraden weren't there. " Where Jenna and Kraden? Wasn't those two with you? "

" Actually... " I spoke. The elder stopped and asked them to the shrine first then they all gathered. Me, Issac and Garet explain all everything Elemental Stars, the threat, Jenna and Kraden hostage and of course the floating eye that Garet said. The end of the story they explaining everything.

" We had no idea... The true sanctum. " Older man said.

" Are you sure Jenna and Kraden is a prisoners? " Dora questioned.

" No doubts, Ma'am. We've try to rescue them but we can't. We're no match against them. Felix is with them so don't worry. I'm sure he can stay with Jenna and Kraden to safe. " I replied.

The great healer had been quiet lately. Old man noticed him that he try not to something else. " What is it, Great Healer? You have been very quiet. "

Great Healer just got surprised. " That hovering stone, the one that appeared before Issac... "

" What about it? " Old man confused.

" I have seen it before in my dreams. In my mind's eye, it appeared again just now and spoke to me. " Great Healer said.

" You saw it just now? " Garet questioned.

" It must be the Wise One, guardian of the Elemental Stars. It told me what happened to you in Sol Sanctum. " Great Healer answered. The Wise One? The floating eye is The Wise One? So he's the one who teleport us back at the Sol Sanctum. I thought.

" So what does the Wise One say about the eruption? " Old man worried waiting to hear the answer.

" Will the volcano destroy Vale? " Dora worried too. The power is communicated for the Great Healer.

" It is impossible to stop the eruption now. " Everyone panicked. Vale is gonna be destroy by volcano erupted. " But Vale will be safe. The Wise One will prevent the lava from reaching it. " Great Healer sighed. His psynergy had something else inside of him.

" What's the matter, Great Healer? " Old man questioned.

" Something even more dreadful than Vale's destruction looms ahead. " Great Healer said.

" What could be worse than the destruction of Vale? " Garet said.

" A terrible power. The Elemental Star gems house incredible power. " Great Healer frightened.

" And Vale has been guarding those gems? " Issac said.

" The elemental lighthouse will loose that power upon the world. Once the power of the gems has been released, the whole world will... " Great Healer paused.

" The Wise One wants us to get the gems back, doesn't he? " Dora said. Great Healer shake his head. Everyone was confused.

" The world is ours, to save or to destroy. Our inaction may bring about its destruction. " Everyone panicked hearing those word say save or destroy. " We cannot hope for salvation. We must save ourselves. " He said.

" Then what can we do? " Dora said. Great Healer walk at us and decided who will go and prevent the destruction.

" Acquiring the Elemental Stars is their fate alone. " Great Healer gestured us. Dora knew that me, Issac and Garet gonna exiled Vale for saving the world.

" Are you suggesting we place the fate of the world... in the hands of Issac and Garet? " Dora questioned and worried.

" Garet is only a child. You can't expect him to bear such a burden. " Old man protested.

" The Wise One has spoken. Each of you shares responsibility for this. Now, each of you must make your own decision! " Great Healer said.

" I don't know what to do. Jack, Issac, you two decided first. " Garet said.

" I can't let the world been destruct by them. So I'm going to stop them. We have to even to cost my life and people of Weyard. " I decided.

" Jack's right. We cannot let them use the Elemental Stars to lit the lighthouse. The world need us, Garet " Issac decided too.

" Oh great. Jack and Issac decided. You can't mean it. " Garet protested. Old man angry at him.

" You chose to leave your decision to Jack and Issac. There shall be no further discussion. " He said. Garet try to decided as well to not get angry by Old man. Great Healer is looking at the ceiling and talking someone else.

" O, Wise One, these three have accepted your quest. Give us your next command! " Around the room suddenly the light had bright a little, the Wise One appears in the Sanctum connected to speak Great Healer.

" You three are quite brave to take on this quest. I shall be watching you. Choose your destiny wisely, young ones. " With that, the Wise One disappears in the shrine. Dora was surprised that is the Wise One.

" What did the Wise One say? " Old man questioned.

" Felix must unlock the power. " Great Healer said. What? What that supposed to mean? I thought. What did he mean Felix must unlock. " Find the lighthouses... You'll have the guidance of the Elemental Star... "

" Um... Then what? " Garet questioned.

" Seek the elementals... The Djinn... They will prove useful. " Great Healer said. Djinn? Whats that? One thing for sure we've gonna find out first. I thought.

" Anything else? " I said. Great Healer shook his head.

" That is all. " He said. Great, that means we've done. Problem solved. I thought. Old man surprised the Great Healer just said.

" That's it!? Isn't there anything else you can tell them? " Old man questioned.

" That is all, Mayor. I leave it up to you, Jack, Issac and Garet. " Great Healer heading to exit and leaves them behind. Two priests following him as well leaving them too. Old man went to Jack and others.

" Well, what good are those guys!? Sending children off with no help or direction. " Old man said. He is so annoying! I thought.

" I agree, but... They didn't give us any other choice. The world depending on them. Jack, would you take care of them for me? " Dora questioned me.

I nodded back. " Don't worry, Dora. I make sure to take care of them once the world is safe from destruct " I replied.

Dora was worried that her son was leaving to the journey. " Thank you, Jack. "

" We've start at tomorrow. We're better get some sleep for tomorrow. " I said. Issac and Garet nodded and we're all went home getting preparation, some food, weapon, armor and tent well some of it doesn't have.

The next day

Vale – Entrance

Jack's pov

All the villagers had gathered at the entrance to said goodbye for me, Issac and Garet. Even thought I not from this village or this world. Dora is so kind to take care for me acting like her own second son. It make me happy.

" We are counting on you, Issac and Jack. Oh, and you, too, Garet. " Great Healer said. Then, Kay walk at us.

" Don't drink the water if it smells funny. And... take this with you, too. " Kay kindly give it to me. So, I take a herb. It were be useful went I was injured. Kay is blushing red at her cheek. I smiled at her and said thank you. Looks to me, she was also worried at me instead of Garet. I thought at my head. Garet is getting pissed off by Kay lectures.

" I know not to drink stagnant water, Sis! " Garet exclaimed.

" Don't listen to him, Issac! He's a pig! He'll eat anything that's not tied down! " Aaron said. One of the Priest looked around that Dora wasn't here to see them goodbye.

" Hmm... Dora is very late... " Priest said. Aaron realized he need to give to Isaac first.

" Oh! That's right! Aunty Dora asked me to give this to you, Issac. " Aaron give Issac a Catch Beads. Issac really appreciated his mother for a journey. But he realized too why his mother haven't come to say goodbye. He knows that this journey is take a while to returned his home.

" Take care my mother for me. " Issac said. Everyone nodded.

" I guess we're all set to go, huh, Issac? " Garet questioned.

" Think again, Garet! It must be very difficult for Dora... " Kay said.

" As Garet's mother, I know how Dora must be feeling. But I still have Garet's father, whild Dora has only Issac. She doesn't want you to go, Issac, but she knows you have to, and it hurts to see you leave. " Garet's mother said. Kay walking towards me face met each other.

" Jack, you're be careful, too, okay? Even though you'll lost your memory. But I don't want you die out there saving the world or making a hero your own alone. Don't do anything stupid, okay? Promise me. " Kay said.

" Don't worry, I'll be fine. I have friends now. But I will get my memory back and I promised I won't do anything stupid my own. " I said. I hugging her. She is blushing and hugging back. Aaron was happy cause Kay worried me. And Garet, I don't know if he is happy.

" They can't keep standing around here like this, or they'll never leave. So, one final farewell, everyone! " Mayor said.

" Farewell! " All villagers shouted.

We've all leaving to Vale and the journey had begin. Just a mile away, we've look back at Vale again for one last look. Issac who was the one spoken. " I can't believe we've finally going to save the world. "

Garet too believe they gonna save the world. " Yeah, we've can finally explore the world, the town, make more friend too, even the sea as well. " Issac nodded.

Vale is just a beginning for us to journey. I wonder if I get my memory at the journey. If there is, well I might be journey first and Kraden gave it to me some device that not from this world. It can find my memory from different direction or object who make it like a puzzle or to find a way to get it.

" Jack! " Came out of nowhere. Did someone call my name? I turned around and saw a pink haired girl with a pigtail on her right side wearing a maple leaf hairpin, green eye and a man who looks to me he's a bit twenty years old, purple haired man grabbed his sword from left handed. And the last one is a red-haired boy and his sword at his hips wearing a full white uniform except from the inside part and outside part. I seen them before but what. Pink-haired girl ran at me and embraced the hug. Did I know this girl? I thought. " Jack. I can't believe you're alive. " I was confused that what she meant by alive and somehow she knows me. She look at me like some kind control mind freak. " Jack. Don't you recognize me? " I shook my heads. Pink-haired girl, purple or indigo-haired and red-haired widened eye surprised that I don't know her. She step back and her tears gonna start out. " It can't be. It just can't be. There's no way he remember me. Why? Why he doesn't remember me? " She sobbed. Issac and Garet doesn't know what happened. Purple-haired man walk towards me.

" Jack, are you sure you'll don't remember me or her? " I shook my head again. " Impossible! We've been finding you three weeks ago. " Purple-haired man said.

" Umm... Excuse me, are three of them are Jack's friend? " Garet questioned.

" That's right. We try to find him for three weeks. You'll see... " Red-haired boy explained Jack recruit, other world, Ad Libitum, his history, and everything before Jack new member and Jack lost memories. " And there you go. That's how Jack it is. What about you two? How did you know Jack? "

Issac explained too, they save him, lost his memories, bolder incident, three years ago and threat and danger in this world. " Wait, did you say three years ago? " Issac nodded. " Jack, how old are you before three years now? " Purple-haired questioned

" I was fourteen years old. Three years ago, and now, I'm seventeen years old. " Pink-haired girl, purple-haired men and red-haired boy eye widened that my age change three years ago.

" I can't believe this. We're been try to find you three weeks from the outside of this world. And you been inside for three years already change your age. Amazing! " Purple-haired said.

" Okay, but first, your name, then second, our name, and lastly, well whatever you do to something you want to talk. " Garet said.

" My name is Yuri Lowell. " He pointed himself then at her. " Her name is Kanonno Grassvalley. " And finally, he point at red-haired. " And lastly, Asbel Lhant. " He introduced them.

" All right, it's our turn now. My name is Issac, and this is my childhood friend, Garet. " Issac introduced them too.

" Introducing over. Now, since Jack lost his memories and Weyard is in trouble. Ad Libitum will chosen this quest and help you to save the world and also we've helping too to find Jack memory as well. No hard feeling? " Yuri said.

" Thank you, Yuri. This will be helping us. " Issac said. There's something shiny at Issac body.

" Issac! The Mars stone! " Garet said. He took it out and it shine brightly shoot the beam at Jack gauntlet.

" I can feel the new power inside me and my gauntlet too. I'm gonna test it out. " Zombie came out of nowhere and attack me. I dodged and use Overlimit. The blue-colored aura shine at my body. " Garouhouko " Swing my kick up to mid-air, focus my power and fist down the ground and the wave move forward hit a zombie. Issac and Garet stuck and can't move wonder why they stuck. Yuri, Kanonno and Asbel knew what I do next. " Satsugeki... " Using left side high kick hit the enemies to push back far, ran forward to the enemy, using 5-hit combo, again 5-hit combo from behind then push it back far, gather the aura and ran forward to the enemy. " Bukouken! " punch the enemy and it push far away and dead.

I breathed heavily.

" Was that a Mystic Artes? " Asbel questioned. Issac and Garet confused.

" What is a Mystic Artes? " Garet questioned too. Yuri explained about Mystic Artes. " So, is like ulimate attack, right? " Yuri nodded. Unfortunately, only someone who has a special skill, of course.

" Hey, Jack. What happened to your sword? " Yuri questioned.

" I don't know. It must be wash away before I was been rescued. " I answered. The sound had began detected came out of nowhere. I took it out was Kraden who gave it to me finding my memories. I point it where it is and it show to keep moving. I was first forward when the other stood still.

( SKIT )

As I was keep moving behind me, Yuri and other following behind. Asbel was spoke to it first. " What device for? " He questioned.

" For Jack's memories, our friend found a device that can find his memory, the directions it pointed, the louder and closer, or puzzle and object. " Issac answered. That's good. I yell at them to come towards me and also found that strange glowing brown monster thing running around. We've moving closer to it and it saw us coming this way.

" Oh! A traveling warrior! And I can sense you two an Adept. " Issac and Garet widened eyes that it knew those two an Adept. " You are just the kind of fighter that I've been looking for. " Everyone confusing that what it's talking about. " Won't you please take me along with you? If you want, it will be advantage to your journey. I am a Venus Djinn. " Me, Issac and Garet was surprised that we found the first Djinn. So, that is a Djinn. That means the device is pointed at the Djinn. It must have my memory. But have to wait. I thought.

"My name is Flint. I must find my comrades. We were separated from each other when the volcano erupted. " Volcano erupted. It must be the Wise One released all of Djinn. That mean more Djinn all over the continent. I thought. " Maybe you can help gather my friends together as you travel. If you let me join, I'll prove to be very beneficial to you Adepts! Your Psynergy will grow stronger, and your Adept skills will also improve. You can call on us in battle or just use our power to boost your own! " Hmm... So, Djinn has it's own power but only Adept can use it to call it's own name. Depending on Djinn attack power and support. That's a very interesting Djinn. I thought. " If you call on many of us at once, our powers will work together! " Many of us at once? Maybe it must be more powerful or summon. But we've only got one. More Djinn are waiting for us. I thought. " What do you think? Will you take me with you? " Flint questioned.

" Yeah, we could just use manpower for our journey. Won't you agree, Garet? " Issac questioned him.

" You already read my mind, Issac. Sure. " Garet answered. Flint is happily that they take him with us.

" Oh, you'll see! You won't regret it! " Flint said. After he join Issac, he saw me and heading towards me. " There something about you is missing. "

" Did you have my memory pieces? " I questioned.

" Yep, here you go! " Flint handed to give to me. I grabbed my memory pieces and it went inside my body. I suddenly getting a headaches or mental sickness or something else.

Unknown – Jack's memory

3rd person pov

" I finally made it. So, this is what Yuri joined the guild. I can't believe I was alone to find him. I hope Misaki will be okay. Without me, she will getting alone. " He enter a strange airship. A pink-haired girl with a pigtail only right side, save Jack enter the airship and approach him.

" Hello, can I help you with something? " She said.

" Oh, hello. Umm, yeah, I was looking someone who own this guild. I want to join this guild cause I heard my friend is here too. " Jack said.

" I see. Then, follow me. " Jack follow her to the owner of this guild. As they reached, there's was a young girl who is 12 years old, dark skin wearing a pirate hat? I guess. " Chat, this young boy wants to join the guild. " Pink-haired girl said.

Dark skin girl coming towards Jack and checking him. " How old are you? " She questioned him.

" 14 years old. " He answered.

" Why you want to join? " She questioned.

" Well... " Jack paused. Someone entered the bridge.

" Jack? Is that you? " Familiar voice said. Jack turned around and saw a purple-haired boy. It was Yuri.

" Yuri! I finally found you. " He happily found his best friend.

" You finally found me? Why are you here? " Yuri couldn't believe it that Jack came all the way to find him.

" Yuri. Do you know him? " Pink-haired girl said. Yuri nodded.

" He was my best friends. His name is Kudo Jack. Do you know the name Kudo Master. " He said. Pink-haired girl widened eye and nodded.

" Yeah, I heard about him. The one who protect the people, the town, and his friends who met him through all the world, right? " Yuri nodded.

" That's him. I just met him before I met Jack and I was his best friend too. " Yuri said. Pink-haired girl surprised that a legendary Kudo Master who has his son right here. " Jack is Kudo Master adopted son and also adopted daughter who name is Kudo Misaki too, which is Jack little sister. She was 1 years older than him which mean she is 13 years old. Right, Jack? "

Jack nodded. " That's right. It's a really long story since Master parents found me and my little sister, Misaki. They decided to become my grandparents and Master which is my father. Then, Master agree to become his adopted son and daughter. " Jack replied.

" I heard Master has his legendary sword which is the same sword you have, Jack. How come your sword is the same as your father sword? I only heard has one sword only for a legendary Master. " Pink-haired girl said.

" We don't know quite yet. Even though Master couldn't figure it yet. Which is a quite mystery. Chat, could you let him join this guild? He doesn't like to be alone without me. " Yuri said. Chat try to think about something.

" What about your little sister, Jack? Would she also alone without you with her? " Chat questioned him.

" I know Misaki needs me. But she will be fine. Beside, my father friend guild member and my uncle too will take care her. " Jack answered.

" In that case, you have become an officially a member of Ad Libitum. My name is Chat. This ship here is Van Eltia and I'm a captain of this ship. " Chat said. Then, next is a pink-haired girl turn.

" And my name is Kanonno Grassvalley. Please to meet you, Jack. Don't forget, there are lot's of member too for you to introduced. So, that all of them will become your friend. " Kanonno said.

" That's right. Jack, do you remember what your father said to his own guild? Becoming a member of the guild will also as a family. " Yuri said.

" Yeah, it just like my father said. And I would glad to meet everyone in this guild. " Jack happily joining the guild and found his best friend Yuri Lowell.

Angara – Upper Western Region between Vale and Vault

Jack's pov

" Jack. Hey, Jack. You're okay? " Yuri said. I managed to focus my vision and shook my head instantly. I look around, everyone saw me worried. " Jack, what happened? "

" I... suddenly... remember... that time when I try to find you in that guild. That day when I just join the member of Ad Libitum and then I met you Kanonno and Chat. " I remembered.

" That was a month ago before you fell off and then arrive at Weyard. So, that was your first memory pieces. " Yuri said.

" That mean is Djinn was the one who has Jack memory pieces. " Garet said.

" It's gonna take a while to find all Djinn to get the Jack memory pieces. Are you sure about that, Jack? This is a long journey to find your memory pieces. " Issac said.

" I don't care it's a long journey. I just want to get my memory back. But I glad I can through this journey to meet new friends. Well, then let's save Weyard and stop from the destruction. " I exclaimed. Everyone nodded. And so, Me, Issac and Garet are onward to save and stop the destruction. With the help of Ad Libitum, the first team who arrive with me and other was Yuri Lowell, Kanonno Grassvalley and Asbel Lhant joined the aid and saving the world too.

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