"I don't believe you. There's no way in fucking hell you could pull it off." Lavi reasoned.

"I could." Kanda argued.

"You wouldn't survive a week!"

"Ha! You wish, Usagi."

"So it's on?"

"Fuck yeah. What's the reward?"

"The loser becomes the other's slave for a day."

"That's the best you got?" Kanda's eyebrow rose, clearly unimpressed.

"You have any better ideas?" He was pretty sure Kanda wouldn't be able to come up with anything better.

"You have to buy all my drinks whenever we go drinking. For the rest of my life."

Lavi's jaw dropped. "WHAT?! No. You drink too much!" They didn't go drinking very often, but on the rare occasion they did, Kanda held his alcohol very well.

"Che, whatever, but raise it to a month."

"Deal! Loser serves the winner, for a month. Absolutely NO exceptions."

"Just the way I like it," Kanda replied, a smirk growing on his face. He needed to go get a whip…

"Would you like frills on your maid outfit?"

"Shut the fuck up. I won't lose." He was very confident he would win. His pride was on the line, after all. Well, not his manly pride though… There was good reason as to the elaborate prize. This was no ordinary bet.

/Start Flashback/

It was just another day. Another incredibly annoying day spent with an incredibly annoying rabbit that is. The city really wasn't his thing. There were just way too many people for his taste. He could barely even handle the baka Usagi!

"Yuu-Chan! Over here, come quick!" Lavi's voice rang out, disrupted the little peace he had conjured during the redhead's absence. He decided to ignore him. "YUUUUUUUU-CHAN!" His eyebrow twitched, but he refused to give in. "YUU-CHAN, THERE'S A PURSE-SNATCHER!"

He whipped his head around and glared at the mongrel who dared yell at him. "And?" He asked. It really wasn't his problem. He continued to walk down 5th Avenue, dodging people of all sorts. It was just so damn packed in New York City. Why didn't the rabbit just find someone else to deal with his fucking problems, or better yet, deal with them himself?

"BUT YUU-CHAN, IT'S A CUTE GIRL! WHAT IF HE TRIES TO RAAAPE HER?" At this point, Kanda was done messing around. He turned around, going against the crowd and returning to the brick building he'd ditched Lavi at. However, the Rabbit was nowhere in sight.

"Where the hell are you?" Kanda snarled, eyes darting about in an attempt to locate the redhead. He noticed a small alleyway behind the building and decided to check it out.

Still wary, he noticed how grimy everything looked. There was graffiti covering the brick walls, and oil splattered the ground. Things ranging from nails to garbage cans to broken glass bottles littered the ground. He scoffed at it. It was truly disgusting. In fact, he had been about to turn around and leave when he heard the clanging of footsteps approaching from around the corner. He stopped dead in his tracks and prepared himself for combat.

Sure enough, a man in overalls and a ripped blue shirt with messy black hair and thick glasses came charging towards him, a small white purse clutched in his left hand.

Kanda smirked, this was too easy. He leaned against the wall, trying to ignore all the dirt. It wasn't that he was germaphobic but…but just eww. He could only imagine what crap was on the wall and now it was going to be all over his goddamn sweater. Great, just great.

As the man passed, he stuck out his foot just slightly, so it wasn't so noticeable. The purse-snatcher was in such a rush to get out of there, that he didn't even spare a glance to the hooded raven-haired teen leaning against the wall. Consequently, he tripped. And fell right smack on his face, dropping the purse on impact. He didn't waste any time though, as he scurried to his feet and dashed away.

Kanda leaned down to pick up the small, white purse. It was a clutch, snapped together by gold. That wasn't real gold, was it? No wonder the guy had chosen this purse. Not even including the contents, the actual purse was priceless! What kind of person could afford this?

"Yuu," Lavi gasped, making a sharp turn around the corner, then halting upon seeing his self-proclaimed best friend. "Yuu got it!"

"Shut up." Kanda replied, tossing the purse to Lavi who caught it skillfully. That's when he noticed, they had company. A small white haired girl stood behind Lavi. She had extremely pale skin, and a very slender build. She wore a pair of dark skinny jeans, a flowing red shirt, and black heels. Her long hair was loose in the wind, billowing around her. Somehow though, she looked like someone you wouldn't want to mess with. "That the owner?" He asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah. This is umm…What's your name?" Lavi sweat dropped. Kanda face palmed. How could he just help a random girl? Things like this were normal occurrences here, so why bother to help now?

"I have to go. I'm sorry. Thank you so much for your help!" With that, the mystery girl turned on her heel and left, not even bothering to receive her purse. Both teens looked after her in silence.

"I think I'm in love…" Lavi said, dreamily.

"How? You just fucking met the girl! You don't even know her name." Kanda replied, brushing off his cream sweater.

"I feel like I've known her all my life." Kanda pondered that for a moment. The girl did have a familiar air to her, but this was ridiculous.

"Snap out of it."

"It must be hard to be a girl." Lavi didn't seem to be listening. He had a dazed look in his eyes, and was staring off into space.

"What are you talking about?"

"Prey to everyone…Even if they were strong, they have so many predators…many more than men."

Kanda snorted. "You make it sound like they're doomed."

"They are!" Lavi insisted. "If you don't believe me, why don't you try it out?"

"Try out what?"

"Being a girl. I'll make a bet with you."


"I bet you couldn't go one week as a girl."

"I could go an entire year." Kanda countered, an annoyed expression played on his face.

"Ok," Lavi grinned, "One year it is."


Lavi shrugged, "You reap what you sow."

/End Flashback/

"You know Kanda, summer's almost over. Don't you think it's time we prepare for next year?" Lavi questioned as he sank onto the plush grey couch in their apartment.

"Che, I already have everything I need." Kanda replied, making tea in the small kitchen.

Lavi smiled maliciously. "Did you forget already, my dear friend? You are going to need a whole new wardrobe!"

Kanda snorted. "Why do I put up with you again?"

"I'm your BFF!" Lavi exclaimed, throwing his arms up in excitement. As soon as he saw the glare from Kanda however, he added, "And because it's cheaper this way…" A heavy silence followed.

"You know, I've been looking into schools for Yuuuuuu! I finally found one that's not too far away. It's called The Masters School. It's only like forty-five minutes from here!"

"You want me to drive forty-five minutes every fucking morning?!"

"No, silly, it's a boarding school! It'll be absolutely perfect." Lavi could swear Kanda's jaw touched the ground.

"How the fuck is a boarding school a good idea?! I'm going to have a roommate, idiot! How do you expect me to keep the secret then? Plus they're more expensive!"

Lavi shrugged. "You said you could do it." He picked up the remote to the 15" black & white T.V. they owned, lazily flipping through channels. When he found nothing, he jumped up and grabbed Kanda's wrist, effectively spilling his tea.

"You spilled my tea." Kanda frowned, eyebrow twitching.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. We're going shopping! I'll call Lenalee!"

Kanda groaned as he was forcefully dragged out of their small apartment. He didn't fight back though, because this was something he was going to have to do. At least he didn't have to wear a wig…

He risked a glance back, to ensure he had not been followed. This disguise made everything so complicated! Why couldn't his Master just pick out something normal? Damn him and his love for beauty. These heels were killing him! He slowed to a quick walk as he approached his building, the Black Order Recording Studios. It was a huge, black glass building that towered among most, even here in the big city.

He slipped through the sliding doors, and made his way towards the 'Staff Only' section.

"Hey, miss! Where do you think you're going?" Allen turned around only to come face to face with one of the security guards.

"Umm…I'm here to see Mas- uh Mister Cross."He replied smoothly with a falsetto voice. The man's face turned dark.

"I'm sorry, but that is not permitted." Shit, he really needed to get up there! He wasn't very fond of getting yelled at and hit by hammers…

"Ahh…umm…see ya!" He scrambled away, skidding down the polished halls, and up the stairs.

"WAIT! STOP!" Security chased after him, more joining the first man.

He kept running though, and didn't stop until he reached his destination; Room 17, Section 3. He knocked lightly before opening the door and entering the room.

He ducked the flying hammers as he proceeding to his Master's desk.

"What took you so long?!" The handsome man with vivacious red hair yelled. "I've been sitting here for hours!"

Allen rolled his eyes. "The woman under your desk says otherwise." A big-boobed blonde stepped out from under the desk, rolling her eyes. "You promised you'd stop doing that!"

Cross shrugged. "I remember no such thing, idiot."

"Yeah, whatever. Here." Allen shoved the bag of expensive wines at the man, who in turn opened one and poured it into a glass.

"Ah, nothing like a cold glass of wine! Oh, and here." He said, shoving a folder at Allen. "This is your new school. It's called The Mustard School, or some shit like that." Allen took the folder, studying the outside. It read in bold font,

~Welcome, to The Masters School~

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