Pulling away slowly, Allen breathed gently onto Kanda's lips, their faces still inches apart. His eyes were half closed, and his mouth parted.

"And what, if I may ask, was that one for?" Kanda asked, staring down at the Moyashi in confusion. He was pretty damn sure he'd already been dealt his payback from before, so what was it? He couldn't help but realize, however, that he wasn't particularly bothered by it.

Allen ignored his question. "Let's go get a drink." He said instead, dragging Kanda over to the bartender, ignoring the samurai's protest. After receiving it, Allen nudged Kanda, handing him the drink.

Taking it cautiously, he asked, "What is this?"

"Alcohol." Allen replied with a smirk, his hips swaying to the music. He was just glad the karaoke contest was over. He wouldn't have to hear another amateur singer for another hour when the victor would be announced to sing another song, but hopefully that would be Kanda. Grudgingly, he'd admit that the teen wasn't half bad at all. In fact, even by his standards he was pretty good.

Tentatively, Kanda took a sip. He immediately felt it go to his head, regretting the fact that he hadn't eaten. But shit, even then this stuff was strong! He took another sip, larger this time, and let it slowly slip down his throat. Its flavor wasn't all that bad…another sip. Actually it was very bearable. Very bearable indeed, especially considering it wasn't soba. Tipping the glass back, he licked his lips leisurely, savoring the last few drops. He placed the glass on the vibrating counter, taking a seat, as the crowd was thickening. Perhaps it was time to retire soon…where was the damn Moyashi? Yup, definitely time to leave.

He set his glass down on the counter, and rose from his seat to find the white haired teen. Weaving through the large mob of people (much to his distaste), he kept his eye out for the musician. Where the hell could he have gotten? The room was only so big….

Suddenly, he spotted a small patch of white, bobbing amongst the crowd. He wasted no time to investigate. Hurrying over, he confirmed the suspect as Allen. However, said target seemed to be accompanied by another man. His first reaction was that it was the rabbit, but upon closer speculation, he realized the two people were nothing alike despite their shared hair colour. This man was much taller and elegant. His face was long and he wore glasses and a half-mask. He was clad in a sleek black suit, left undone in the front for a more casual look. Then he realized, he'd seen this man before briefly in his office…what had the Moyashi called him again? Oh yeah, Cross.

The two of them seemed to be in deep conversation…well to be more exact, an argument. By the looks of it, however, the Moyashi was losing. As he couldn't quite make out their words among the confusion, he decided to approach them directly.

"Oi, Moyashi!" Kanda yelled out, stepping into the conversation.

"Huh?" Allen turned around, hearing the familiar nickname. He smiled when he saw Kanda. "Hey."

"I'm leaving." Kanda replied, looking at Allen strangely. Since when was the Moyashi happy to see him?

Allen frowned. "Why? The winner for karaoke hasn't even been announced yet!" He took a sip from the wine glass he was holding.

"Oi, idiot, tell your fag of a lover that you're busy. You've got more fucking important things to do than fuck him." The red haired man interrupted, eyeing Kanda suspiciously.

A sigh escaped the musician's mouth. It seemed that he was used to this treatment. "Kanda, this is my manager, Cross Marian. He generally goes by Dickface though." He cringed as the back of Cross's fist implanted into his face. "You totally deserved it, Master." He rolled his eyes.

Kanda looked at Allen funny. The headache of a redhead (a trait that seemed to run with the colour) had called them lovers, and the statement hadn't even been denied. He felt like he was missing something…

"Shut up! You're lucky I fucking came out here just to talk to your shitty face." Cross replied, downing his alcohol.

"As if! Don't even try to tell me you haven't been doing…other stuff tonight." Allen replied, slamming his glass down on some poor man's table as if preparing himself for a fight.

Kanda could feel his eyebrow begin to twitch as the two continued their argument in the background. He was called Moyashi's lover and completely ignored. He just wanted to fucking leave. "I'm going now." He announced to Allen, and then proceeding to walk out through the crowds and towards their room.

However, not long after he'd turned, he felt a large hand grab his shirt and pull him back.

"Where do you think you're going, girl?"

"I am not a fucking girl." Kanda growled between clenched teeth, glaring flames towards Allen's manager or master, or whatever the hell he was. He didn't really give a fuck. "Unless my memory has been impaired, we've already been over this."

"Is that so?" Cross replied snickering.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot!" Allen broke in. "You two have met." He paused, shuddering at the memory.

Cross shrugged. "As if I'd remember something that pointless." He whistled, and two busty ladies latched onto his two arms. "Don't forget, idiot apprentice."

"I swear…" Allen's eyebrow twitched as he clenched his fist. "I am so going to kill him one day!"

"Alright everyone, I have the results of the karaoke competition!" Allen was interrupted by the DJ. "The votes are in, and it seems we have a winner!" He yelled enthusiastically, pumping his hand in the air to rile up the crowd.

Kanda scowled at the gesture. The place was already much too loud for his taste.

"Ready?!" A drum roll sounded in the background, the audience itching in anticipation. "The winner is…Cross Marian! Would Cross Marian please report to the stage for a second performance and to receive his prize?"

Allen's mouth dropped, and Kanda turned to face the stage with an eyebrow raised. Had that man even participated…? According to the roar of the women, he had, but then again…it wasn't like the voting paper had had the contestants' names on them. Anyone's name could've been written down.

Somewhere near the exit Cross's voice rang out. "As if I'd want Allen Walker's shit." He sneered, guiding himself and the two women out of the restaurant, leaving an extremely pissed Allen in his wake.

"Say, Tyki, are you sure Yuu's alright?" Lavi asked, looking up from the book he was currently reading.

"Yes, bunny boy, quit your pointless worrying. It's just me and you for the next…hmm…two days now. What is it you'd like to do, anything in particular?" Tyki laughed, placing his right palm across his chest and bowing to mimic a butler. "Ask and you shall receive."

"Hmm…nope, I dunno. Anything you'd like t'do?" Lavi replied, not taking his eye of the book.

"As a matter of fact, there is."

"Oh? Let's hear it." Lavi said, closing the book and placing it on the table. Currently, they were relaxing at Lavi's apartment. It was the day after the party incident with Kanda, and although many reassurances came from Tyki, Lavi couldn't shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong.

"I'd love to take you on a tour of my office. How 'bout it?"

Lavi paused to consider this. Although he'd known the Portuguese man for nearly five years now, he still had no idea what exactly his job might be. It's always been some sort of mystery, so why would the man bother to show him now? "Uhh…sure, I guess. Where is it?"

"It's a surprise." Tyki answered, smirking as he pulled out a blindfold from his pocket. "C'mon, I'm driving." He grabbed his coat off the table, and opened the door to make his way to the car. "I'll blindfold you in the car!" He yelled back to Lavi as he exited.

Curiosity getting the best of him, Lavi also took up his coat and followed the man to the car.

"Is there any food there?" Lavi asked in the car, the blindfold secured tightly over his good and bad eye. "I'm starving!"

"Plenty, fear not." Tyki replied, taking a sharp turn into what Lavi presumed to be a parking lot. Swerving again, the car came to a halt, parked perfectly in one of the many spaces. "We've arrived, allow me to lead you in, bunny boy."

"Only if you stop calling me that ridiculous name." Lavi joked, stepping out of the vehicle cautiously after Tyki opened the door.

"This way." Tyki directed, taking hold of Lavi's shoulder's from behind to lead him. He walked flawlessly though the parking lot, approaching the tall building. After being reciprocated at the door by a number of attendants, he whispered to Lavi, "Alright, you may remove the blindfold." As Lavi did so, he continued. "Welcome to the Millennium Records, boy."

As soon as Lavi's blindfold was off, however, the attendants were on him. Taken by surprise, he was just barely able to dodge their attack. He leapt back…right into the chest of Tyki Mikk.

"Don't bother resisting, boy." He sneered, reaching into his pocket to retrieve a gag. "You've already lost."

"Hey, Kanda, would you like to go somewhere else to eat? You've got to be hungry."

In truth, he was starving. However, he was not about to give in to such weak needs. "No." He would much rather relax. Perhaps he would have some time for meditation…

"Alright then…" Allen sighed, Kanda was being difficult as always.

He watched as Kanda walked into the room, and headed towards the bed. The samurai then seemed to remember something, changing his direction abruptly to that of the bathroom. As soon as he got there, he entered, closing the door firmly behind him. A minute or two later, he came out dressed in one of the hotel's robes. Allen remained by the door, watching Kanda with pure curiosity. What on earth was he up to now?

"Stop gawking, Moyashi. If you're coming in, hurry up. Otherwise, leave." Kanda spoke with obvious irritation as he took a seat on the bed.

Allen raised an eyebrow, but didn't waste any time joining the Japanese teen. His anger was something he wished to avoid at all costs. His irritation on the other hand…well that was a completely different story. "Yes, sir!" He jokingly saluted as he reached the bed and stood before the samurai.

"Moyashi…" Kanda started. His head was raised but his eyes gazed past.

"It's Allen."

Kanda's eyes immediately snapped into attention. "I have a question."

"Oh? And what might that be?"

"Stop being a smartass." Kanda grunted disapprovingly. He paused, as if uncertain to continue. "Why…are we here?"

"Huh?" Allen cocked his head to the side. That was not what he'd been expecting. "Uh…well…it was the closest place I could find I guess…"

"You know what I fucking meant. Why are we in this situation? Why bother stay at a hotel?"

"Well…I wanted to make sure you recovered properly…" Allen replied slowly, unsure of what exactly to say. There was many ways to interpret Kanda's question, and although he was fairly confident he knew what he wished to know, Allen decided not to involve him. It was better this way.

"Che, since you're obviously not going to talk, I have a proposition for you." Before Allen could respond, he continued. "I challenge you to a sparring match. When I win, you answer my question properly."

"What do I get if I win?" Allen butted in, the inner gambler inside of him coming out.

"I don't care, whatever. You are not going to win."

"We'll see." He replied, a wide smirk breaking out across his face. "What about we change it up a bit? We each get to choose a challenge, then the spar will be the tiebreak if needed at the end."

"Fine." Kanda muttered, seeing no point in arguing.

"So, what'll the first event be, baKanda?"

"Let me think!" Kanda snapped. What hell was there besides sparring? Something that he knew he could beat the Moyashi in, something he was superior at… "A strength contest." He concluded. It might not be the most exciting thing, but the ridiculing stare coming from the musician was beginning to bug him.

"What kind?"

"Basic exercises - whoever stops first loses."

"Oh.." Allen frowned. He had a serious disadvantage here being a musician against a samurai. "Alright then, you name it and we'll begin."

Kanda paused. He needed something simple that could be manipulated into something harder. Like… "Pushups." Allen raised an eyebrow at the simplicity, at which Kanda smirked. "One handed pushups. Switch arms after every hundred."

"Alright." Allen agreed, taking off the loosely tied ribbon from his neck and removing his buttoned shirt to avoid the nuisance. He then grabbed the t-shirt he'd slept in last night, slipped it over his head. "Okay, let's start." He smiled seemingly innocently, and got down on the floor.

It wasn't until then that Kanda had begun to develop any doubts on his victory. It made him feel on edge, nervous even; a feeling that only Allen seemed to be able to stir in him. Why was the teen smiling like that?! And the other thing…that red arm of his. What exactly was it? He'd noticed it on multiple occasions, but never mentioned it, as there had been more important things going on, and he wasn't really one to pry. The more he thought about it, however, the more curious he got. He decided to add it to his list of questions to ask when he won.

Kanda also assumed the position, his hands and knees down. "Ready?" He asked, looking over at the ever-confident seeming Allen Walker. A quick nod of the other's head and he extended his legs out, only his right arm supporting him. "Make sure you count. Start!" He exclaimed, and the battle began.

They both began at an insanely fast pace, tied at one hundred within the minute, and neither showing signs of slowing.

After ten minutes however, both had slowed their paces, reaching only five hundred in total. By this time, Allen had begun to slow drastically, as regular strength training was not exactly entailed in the job description of a musician. His pace slowed even further as he started to consider the practicality of this challenge as a whole. Was it worth the effort to win? Kanda was quite a formidable opponent, and perhaps he deserved to learn the truth…then again, he hated to lose. He sighed. This was not going to be easy either way.

"I concede, baKanda. You win, this time." Allen finally said, using all his willpower. Kanda was worthy of the truth.

Looking over at the lightly panting Moyashi, Kanda furrowed his brows in an attempt to decipher his thoughts. He didn't appear to be at his limit, and as far as he could tell, Allen was extremely competitive with him. So what possible motivation could he have for throwing the challenge?

"It's my turn now, right?" Allen asked, disrupting Kanda thoughts. He didn't bother to reply. "I'll take that as a yes. Okay…how about a nice little game of poker? Wait, no…make that strip poker."

The grin on Allen's face was enough to make any man wet his pants. Well, except Kanda. He would hold strong! Hopefully anyways…he did not have a good feeling about this.

For Allen, whose second nature was gambling, it was hard to control his natural instincts, but somehow he'd managed. For now he sat in front of Kanda with only his pants left; his shirt, shoes, socks and everything else lay discarded to his left. The samurai had not escaped completely either however, as an equally large stack lay neatly beside him as well. After Allen had announced the dare, they'd both piled back on the clothes they'd worn earlier in hopes of a slower defeat.

He was cheating in a way he'd never bothered with before; matching the other player in a dead tie. They were at sudden death, as they'd agreed that they'd only strip to their boxers, no further.

Dealing the final round, Allen secured his loss. He was not in the mood to spar. As if he'd be able to restrain himself to lose against that arse.

They put down their cards, and sure enough Kanda had won.

Faking a pout, Allen declared his loss to which Kanda looked stunned. "Why do you look so surprised baKanda? Didn't you tell me you would win?"

"Che, I'm not." He had to admit though; he'd been slightly looking forward to sparring with the Moyashi. He liked a good challenge now and then, and it seemed that he could hold his own. "Question time."

"Sure…ask away."

Debating which question to start with, Kanda walked over to the large bed and sat down in quiet, still thinking. He didn't budge when Allen sat down beside him. He had begun to second guess himself. Perhaps it really wasn't any of his business why they were in this situation. Maybe he wouldn't even want to hear the answer. Maybe this went a lot further back than he intended to pry. Perhaps this wasn't a good idea after all. He wasn't the type to nose his way in to other people's lives, so why start now?

"Kanda?" Allen s voice asked quietly. He could hear it, but it sounded so far away, so distant. Kanda could feel himself sinking, drowning into the past. He'd thought too much, too hard and too deep. His past was beginning to resurface, old memories providing torturous visions. He couldn't do this. Why should he even bother? What was the point of going on any further? What was the point of living?

There was none, that's what. Absolutely none, everything was completely pointless, why couldn't anyone see it? Everyone's life was for naught. No matter what a person did, they'd always remain human; they'd die someday and then be altogether forgotten.

Slowly, he whispered to no one in particular. "Why even bother living? What's the point?" He was vaguely aware of a pair of warm arms encircling him, gently embracing him.

"For moments like this." The owner of the arms answered tenderly after a few moments, his voice rich and smooth, comforting him immediately. Like an anchor on reality, he could feel himself coming back to his surroundings, his body, and his company. He let out a deep sigh, relaxing from his tense position.

"Go to sleep, Kanda. It's been a long day." Allen spoke again, lifting up the covers so they could get under.

Kanda followed him sluggishly, crawling besides the musician and closing his eyes. As the warm arms surrounded him once more he couldn't help but think of the Moyashi's previous statement.

For moments like this…

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