Title: Beauty and the Mutt

Author: Rokutagrl

Adaptation: Beauty and the Beast

Pairings: HamaIzu; others as they crop out!

Warnings: Not too many as of now.

Disclaimer: I own not the story of Beauty and the Beast, but I do own this new twist. I also do not own the characters…

A/N: I wrote this almost 2 years ago and found it buried with some other missing work. I'm posting it in honor of HamaIzu day. Because. I'll try to work on it periodically along with my others. Lo siento.

Back in junior high, I broke the heart of the girl who loved me.

"I've always admired you, Hamada-kun!" She whispered with awe, valentine chocolates pushed into my chest. I didn't realize at the time accepting also meant to her that we were going out…

"You dog!" Her words hurt less than the smack she dealt.

"Do you know her?" My girlfriend wondered with a deep frown.

"No," I shrugged, completely. "We've never met."

I hadn't recognized her then. Not the shy, sweet girl who cooed her admiration of me, twisted in rage as she laid her feelings flat against my cheek. Twice.

I must have been a horrible person, to have not remembered much of her at all. She might have been pretty. Not the sort you see right away, but when you brush the hair from her pale eyes and she smiles gently—I imagine that she might have been that lovely kind of person.

But the last time I saw her—Ochi, I think it was—nothing was pretty about her. Nothing was real about her, either. She'd been… transformed into someone else. Something else.


I'm sure of it. Because that last time was in my room, half past midnight with her eyes a vermillion red borrowing deep into mine and I thought, This can't be happening.

I'd just come from her funeral.

"Sufffferrr," she hissed, like a venomous snake ready to strike. "May you share your true form upon love's first kiss."

This cannot be happening.

I tucked that sentiment under my hat for the next nine years, believing the next morning it had all been a dream. It had to be a dream, or I might have lost my sanity.

The night I met Izumi—the first time my gut dropped on my shoes, and my mouth dried, and my heart broke while it was still beating whole—I remembered too well the ghastly woman floating a foot above my bed as she cursed my future inamorata.

I sealed my fate upon his lips.