Hey, everybody! Here is sort of a sequel fic to Mason and the Minish Door. This is also sort of based off The Ant Bully, for obvious reasons. Anyhoo, here's the first chapter, here we go.

Chapter 1: Anthony's Torture

Ashland Park

A smile was spread across Anthony McKenzie's face, the boy laying back on a park bench as he twisted something tiny in his nose. "Ahh…" the boy sighed in relief before pulling the thing out of his nose, which now had a booger over it. Anthony scrapped the booger onto the park bench, giving the tiny alien, Vweeb a chance to gasp for breath.

"Can't I take a break now, Anthony?" the alien pleaded.

"Ah, come on, Vweeb. Aren't we having a good time?" Anthony asked innocently, holding the alien by his shirt above his face. "You make a real nice nose-cleaner."

"Well, my idea of a good time doesn't involve being forced to dig out boogers against my will."

"Like little pests like you actually have a will."

"Says you. Isn't that your mom coming?"

"Huh? Where?" the bully looked behind him to where the alien pointed. "Hey!" Vweeb was able to shake free of his grasp and drop to the ground, dashing across the park as fast as possible.

"Makava! Heeelp!-" Vweeb's cry was cut short as the alien felt himself caught and trapped between Anthony's giant toes.

"And just WHERE are you goin'?" the bully asked and glared.

"Where does it look like? Away from you. Now let me go!" Vweeb demanded, trying to squirm free.

"You know, Vweeb, I never liked that cocky attitude of yours." Anthony stated, raising his foot and wiggling Vweeb between his toes. "Little pests like you thinking they're so much better than everyone, when I can easily crush you under my toes."

"Says the guy who only likes to torture people. You're pathetic."

"Let's see you say that when you're two-dimensional!" Anthony began to squish his toes together.


"Anthony, leave him alone." At this, Anthony looked as Sally, Harvey, and Aranea approached him with angry looks. "What did poor little Vweeb ever do to you?"

"Duh. He acts like a know-it-all jerk because he's got that 'Kateenian pride.'"

"Uh, he acts like a jerk?" Aranea asked. "Then why aren't you the one crying for help?"

"Yeah. What's your deal?" Harvey asked.

"Pray, do not be so hard on him." Fybi Fulbright spoke, floating down beside Anthony. "Clearly, Anthony is packed with great anger and rage, and expresses it by causing Vweeb pain and misery. 'Tis that not right?"

"Sounds about right." Harvey nodded.

"Meeh. Whatever." Anthony just waved them off and began his walk out of the park. "I'm going home. See you guys later."

Afterwards, Sally picked Vweeb up in her palm and brushed any dirt off him. "We're very sorry, Vweeb. We wish Anthony wouldn't act so mean sometimes."

"Ah, it's okay. Hehe. I'm kinda used to it. What really matters is I still keep my pride." He smiled.

"Still, we really wish we could do something to help."

"If only Anthony knew how it exactly felt to be tortured like that." Aranea said. A smirk then appeared on her face. "Hey… didn't my cousin, Panini tell me about some magic door that shrunk her and Cheren?"

"Come on, Aranea, we couldn't do that to our leader." Sally told her.

"Why not? We'd be technically helping him, wouldn't we?"

"Maybe, but that just feels a little mean. Maybe we should just wait for him to learn on his own."

"Heh. Besides, my mom's just gonna call his mom when I get home." Vweeb chuckled.

"Yeah, but she always does. It never really helps any." Harvey reminded.

"Eh. Oh well." Vweeb shrugged. "I guess I'll just have to keep living with it until something happens…"

McKenzie Household

Shortly after returning home, Anthony began playing his Nintendo 3DS as he lied down on his bed. A knock was heard at his door as his mother, Angie creaked it open. "Anyone home?"

"Come in, Mom."

Angie walked in and stood over her son with a disappointed look. "Anthony, Vweeb's mother called. Talked about somebody tormenting her son at the park. Any idea who that might be?"

"I dunno." Anthony mumbled, still focused on his game.

"Don't lie to me, Anthony."

"Alright, fine. So what?"

Angie sat down on his bed and said, "Anthony, I don't wanna come home everyday and find a message about one of my children bullying their son. From the same person everytime no less."

"Mmmm…" Anthony grumpily mumbled.

"Anthony, why do you like to pick on Vweeb, anyway?"

"Because he's always acting like he knows everything. Always havin' that cocky attitude of his, and I hate it."

"Well… maybe that 'cocky attitude' is what gives him the strength to keep going. I mean, he is only 1 inch big. Not that I'm saying he's weak or anything, but does he really deserve to be bullied just because he feels pride in his small stature? I mean, what if you were small like that? Wouldn't you want the confidence?"

"Thankfully, I'm not like that. And if I was, I'd rather just wait for somebody to come and step on me. I wouldn't be good for anything like that."

"Now, Anthony, don't go around saying that. If anything, you'd still have the love and support of your family and friends. That's all that matters, really."

"No it isn't. My friends barely even like me."

"Oh, Anthony." Angie looked down depressedly as she stood up. "If only you really knew. Hm-hm, you're just like your father. You'll understand someday. Anyway, dinner's gonna be ready soon. Get ready to come down." The green-wearing woman began to walk out of his room.

"Am I grounded for bullying Vweeb?" Anthony asked.

Angie stopped and thought for a minute. "Well… I normally would do that, but it doesn't really seem to do anything. Oh well. I'll think of something." With that, she left and shut the door to her son's room.

That's when Anthony heard some kind of knock on his window. He paused his game and turned to look. He got up and opened his window, finding nothing outside. However, he was startled slightly when Fybi Fulbright flipped over and hung upside-down from above the window. "Me hopes I am not interrupting anything?"


Fybi turned right-side up and hovered just outside his window, resting her arms on the sill. "Pray tell, dost thou really think thine friends do not care for thee at all?"

"I dunno, Fybi…"

"Dost thou think I hath no care for thou?"

"Well… not really. I mean, you are my best friend, right?"

"Mayhaps I am." Fybi smirked. "And one worthy of the title 'best friend' must do his/her best to prove so, am I incorrect?"

"Yeah… what's your point?"

"Point being that I wish to understand thy reasons for cruel ways towards Vweeb. Pray tell, why dost thou desire to see yon Kateenian squirm beneath thy feet? 'Tis because of his cocky manner? Or wast I right the first time?"

Anthony was silent for a moment. "Well… maybe you were. I mean, I've always been picked on a lot. For one thing, I'm only 7, and my feet are bigger than my moms. It's hard being different, you know?"

"Mm-hm, yea. Asketh the half-angel, verily."

"Hehe, sorry. Anyway, sometimes I wonder if my own sector cares about me even."

"I am certain the others care for thou as much ast I do. Mayhap thou needst to clear thine mind a little. Wouldst thou like to have a quick flight before thine dinner?"

"Hehe, no thanks, Fybi. Maybe some other time…"

"Very well." She lightly giggled a little. "'Tis funny, really. I see thee almost as small as Vweeb all the time. When we soar into the heavens. Do I not give thee love and support?"

Anthony chuckled. "Yeah, I guess you do. Well… see you later, Fybi." Anthony smiled and waved.

"Until the more late, my friend." With that, the frizzy-haired angel flapped her wings and soared into the skies above.

Anthony rested his elbows on the windowsill and stared beautifully at his friend, watching her wave out in the distant heavens. She always looked so beautiful and free, flying away like that. Unbeknownst to him, Michelle stood and smirked outside his door. She ran in and began singing and pointing, "Anthony/Fybi, sitting on a cloud! M-A-K-I-N-G OUT!"

"Grrrr! Michelle!" Anthony angrily began running after his giggling sister.

Unknown Location

The mysterious being, Viridi watched with pure anger and disgust as Anthony's recent torment towards Vweeb replayed on her crystal ball. "That Anthony makes me so SICK! I've HAD it with that human! Grrr, that's it!" She raised and aimed her staff at the crystal ball. "I'm gonna-" The spell she was gonna cast redirected and knocked the staff right out of her hand.

"My goodness, Mistress Viridi, do show restraint!" Arlon ordered. "Your current banishment prevents you from performing any rash act against humans."

"Grrrr! Well, what am I supposed to do, wait for that beaver freak to eventually KILL the helpless little guy?"

"Hold on, hold on." Phosphora spoke up. "He said you can't do anything RASH… which was why I was thinking of a different alternative. You've heard of… 'hexing', right?"

"'Hexing'? You mean placing a curse on someone for doing something unjustly?"

"Riiight! Even Lady Palutena does it. The idea is to make the victim- er, one who receives the hex to stand in the shoes of the one he is unfair to."

"Mm, but Anthony does not even wear shoes." Arlon said.

"It's a figure of speech, Arlon!" Viridi shouted. "And I see where you're getting at. But that still doesn't help, I'm still banished."

"Oh, actually, it does. Like I said, Lady Palutena uses them, too. They're for the purpose of helping humanity see the error of their ways. And when they have learned, the hex reverses itself. Ergo, you wouldn't be doing anything 'rash' by putting a hex on Anthony. You would actually be helping him… or so it seems."

"Ohh, I get it! By putting this hex on Anthony, he'll know the pain and misery of being a member of the bug kingdom. If he doesn't see the error of his ways (which he won't), he will be SQUASHED by his own kind! Ahh ha ha ha ha! An ingenious plan indeed, Phosphora! Now to put it into motion! Anthony's going to be having a little surprise when he wakes up."

McKenzie Household

Nighttime had fallen. Anthony McKenzie lie on his bed, covered up in blankets as he loudly snored away. A mysterious green smog slowly creeped its way into his window. The smog made its way up his nose, and Anthony shook around in his sleep.

Anthony stood in the middle of a vast wasteland of steam, startling awake as he stared up at the pitch-black sky. "W-Whuh? Where am I?"

"Eee hee hee hee hee hee!" He snapped his attention ahead at this echoing, female giggle. The titanic image of a teenage girl made its presence known. "Nice to meet you, Anthony McKenzie. Well, I WISH it was nice, but YOU aren't."

"Whuh? Who are you?"

"That's none of your business. I've been watching what you were doing, and I am NOT amused."

"What? Brothers fight with sisters all the time."

"It's not that. …Well, it's SORT of that. But let's get to the topic at hand. I'm talking about Vweeb. I really don't like how you've been tormenting him so much."

"Well, what's it to you? What are you, the Supreme Deity of the Kateenians or something?"

"You might say that. Regardless, I cannot sit around any longer and watch what you're doing. Which is why I decided to place on you, a gift. A 'hex', rather."

"A hex?"

"THIS hex." The giantess waved her staff above Anthony and began to sprinkle a sparkling green dust down. "Never again shall you enforce the little one's whining. May you remain in their shoes, no matter how tiny. Let all of your words be directed at you. Until your morals are learned, 'TIL ETERNITY, YOU'RE THROUGH!" She flicked her staff one last time, and made Anthony flash with greenness.

"…Umm…" he looked baffled at what just happened, not feeling any different. "What?"

"There! I hexed you! I hope you enjoy!"

"But… I still don't get it."

"Simple little humans. You'll understand soon enough. Until then, talk to you later!" With that, the mysterious being faded away.

Anthony felt himself surrounded by whiteness as this vision came to an end.

And here was the first chapter. Lol the story is also sort of based off of an episode of American Dad I watched. Anyway, next time, we will see the result of this little 'hex'. Later.