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Chapter 6: Anthony's Restoration

The following day, Anthony was free of any troubles in his mind. His whole day was spent having fun, making use of his small size with the help of his friends and family. During the morning, Anthony climbed onto his parents' bed and jumped around on his father's face to wake him up. He got his father to rearrange the toy race track and place Anthony inside the tiny car. Anthony raised his arms in the air and cried with excitement, going at super-high speeds. His race ended when his mother had accidentally stepped on the track, causing Anthony to ram into her foot. Angie winced a little, then looked disbelieved at Anthony and Harvey. However, the three of them burst into laughter seconds later.

Shortly after Michelle had awakened, Anthony was laid back and relaxing in his sister's fingers, happily sucking on a bottle of pretend-milk which she was feeding him. After she finished, Michelle lightly tapped Anthony on the back, making him release a loud burp. The two laughed playfully just as Angie and Harvey came in. Angie held a camera as the two turned and faced them. Michelle held Anthony beside her face, and both grinned as Angie took the picture.

Up in Sector W's treehouse, Harvey Harper had grabbed a tiny piece of tape, using it to stick Anthony tight onto his yo-yo. Anthony smiled and gave a thumbs-up, and Harvey nodded. The yo-yo boy then began shooting his yo-yo, up-and-down and up-and-down. Anthony gave cries of excitement as he spun around at rapid speeds, switching between two directions like it was an amusement park ride. When Harvey stopped, Aranea, Fybi, and Sally approached him as Anthony's face turned green. Anthony spewed out some tiny barf, and the five friends burst into laughter.

Anthony was later back down in Michelle's room again, along with Fybi, Sally, and Aranea. The three girls, along with Michelle, sat down in a circle, laying their feet flat on the floor close to Anthony as they smiled. The little Anthony used both arms to pick up a large, long paintbrush. He wobbled around a little, but was able to stand his ground and hold it. Anthony jumped onto the edge of a container of pink paint and dipped the brush in before jumping onto Sally's foot. He used the long brush to carefully paint the girl's toenails a bright pink. Once he finished, Sally studied her bright-pink toenails and gave a gleeful smile.

Next, Anthony dipped the brush into some blue paint and jumped to Aranea's foot. Anthony steadily painted the girl's toenails a sparkling sky-blue color. Once he finished, Aranea raised and wiggled her sparkling blue toes. Anthony then walked over to Michelle's feet. But instead of putting paint on, he grabbed some mud from a small pile and threw it on her toes, and Michelle grinned as Anthony proceeded to rub it on. Afterwards, Anthony grabbed the brush and dipped into the green paint, going over to Fybi's feet. He stood on her foot as he rubbed the emerald-green paint onto her nails. Anthony looked up as Fybi's vibrant visage smiled. He stared beautifully at her face, not focusing on his painting as he accidentally painted the outside of the big toe's nail. Anthony gave a look of embarrassment at his mistake, so Fybi grabbed the boy and took his paintbrush, using it to make the front of his body green. Sally and Aranea also grabbed their paintbrushes and wiped him pink and blue. Michelle then took some mud and dropped it over the tiny boy, and everyone laughed.

Michelle later took Anthony to the backyard. Anthony looked up as his sister held a tiny pebble high above him in her fingers. Anthony smirked and gave a nod as he held his eyes shut. Michelle gingerly released the pebble from her hand, allowing it to fall towards Anthony. Anthony kept his eyes shut and listened intently as he felt the boulder-sized pebble moving closer. Once it was just inches away, Anthony kicked straight up and shot the pebble directly up at Michelle's eye. Michelle winced and rubbed her eye, but then gave a wide smile and a thumbs-up at Anthony's earthbending.

Anthony later stood in the living room floor, looking up at his giantess mother with a smirk as she raised a foot above him. Anthony nodded, and Angie brought her foot down, but Anthony jumped out of the way. Angie kept her smirk and kept trying to flatten her son, but Anthony was fast to dodge her feet. However, Angie was able to catch Anthony between her toes, smirking as he struggled to break free. But Anthony raised his mouth open and bit down, forcing his buckteeth into her big toe. Angie winced and released him, and Anthony raised his arms in victory.

Sometime later, Vweeb came over, and the two stood in Anthony's windowsill. Vweeb made a whistle and summoned his bluebird over, the creature lowering its wings for Vweeb to get on. Vweeb waved and gestured for Anthony to climb on as well, and so he did. Vweeb kicked his bird pet, and it took off into the heavens. Anthony gripped tight to its feathers as he felt the wind rushing by, soaring high over the neighborhood at high speeds. Anthony raised his arms in the air in excitement, but the boy ended up slipping and falling off the bird. He screamed as he fell hundreds of miles from his height, feeling he would reach the ground any second. But to his relief, he landed on top of some soft, hair-like substance, which was whitish-blonde. A giant hand reached up to grab him in its fingers, and Anthony was held in front of the face of Sally's mother, Sonya. Anthony chuckled sheepishly, and Sonya shook her head in disbelief before placing him on her shoulder, deciding to take him inside with her.

At the park, the little Anthony gripped his hands and feet tight to the huge pole, using every ounce of strength he could muster in order to climb it. The pole was massive compared to him, but he continued to climb. By the time he made it halfway up, he nearly slipped, and he looked down and gulped at the thousand-foot drop to the ground. He swallowed some saliva and focused back upward, determination on his visage as he kept climbing. Finally, he made it at the top of the monkey bar, very high above the desert of wood chips. He saw Aranea sitting at the top of the monkey bar, swinging her feet over the edge as she licked some ice cream. Anthony hurried over to her side. Aranea took notice of the boy and smiled as he climbed up onto her shoulder. She then held a second ice cream cone by her shoulder and allowed Anthony to jump on it, climbing and eating the mountain of vanilla.

Anthony and Vweeb quietly climbed up the sandbox in the park, peeking over the top as the werecats, Lilac and Berry, dug around in the sand. They quickly dropped to the sand, and Anthony hurried over from behind Lilac and climbed to her back, grabbing the cat's tail as she yelped and began to pounce around, with Anthony riding her like a bull. Berry stared confusedly, wondering what she was doing, but Vweeb suddenly climbed onto her head and yanked her hair, beginning to ride her around, too.

The Sector W team was later up on Moonbase, having lunch in the cafeteria. As Anthony and Vweeb sat on the table, Sunni and Darcy Chariton walked over with two hamburgers, which were titanic from Anthony and Vweeb's view. However, the two psychic girls used their powers to shrink the burgers down in size, 'til they were only as big as crumbs. They placed the burgers beside Anthony and Vweeb for them to eat, now that they were perfect for their size. They opened their mouths wide and chowed down on their burgers.

Later, Anthony and Vweeb were down at the beach in swim trunks. They laughed and joyously bounced, up and down, on a soft, jiggly substance. The round, peach-colored substance was very soft, and the two had lots of fun bouncing on it. As Rachel Uno lay on the sand in her blue bikini, she smiled as the tiny boys happily jumped on her big, round breasts like trampolines.

Still at the beach, Anthony was tied to a volleyball as Dillon York held him in the air. There were two 4-person teams, boys vs. girls: Dillon, Francis, Mason, and Lee Andrew were on the boys' team, and Leanne Andrea, Aurora, Sheila, and Haruka were on the girls' team. Dillon made the first throw, and the teams began hitting their ball back and forth, while Anthony remained tied to it, cheering excitedly as he flew through the air.

Cheren Uno watched the volleyball game from several feet away, chuckling lightly at his playful cousin before walking away.

Outside the ball of twigs

Cheren Uno stared up at the humongous tree-made ball before him. He sucked in a breath of anxiety and released it, clutching the Master Sword tight in his left hand as he walked forward. He raised his sword and was able to cut open a path into the massive ball. He sliced his way through and was able to make it into the interior, which was packed with tons of towering trees and branches, the entire area alit with a strange pink lighting. "VIRIDI! SHOW YOURSELF!" the Supreme Leader yelled into the otherworldly forest.

"AHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" the goddess's holographic image made itself known, the giantess teenager towering high over Cheren. "Well, well, well. I didn't expect a HUMAN to try and come in here. Think you can stop me?" she smirked.

"I'm not here to fight you, Viridi. I'm only here to talk. Leader to… well, goddess."

"ONLY here to talk? Well, that's surprising. What is it?"

"I know it was you that put that curse on Anthony. And I also know it was you that created the Minish Door."

"Well, SOMEONE'S been doing their homework. Yes, it's true. I put the hex on Anthony because I was SICK of watching his horrible treatment towards Vweeb and OTHER small creatures. And I set that Minish Door there to test on Mason and Sheila, and watch them be crushed like little bugs by their own kind. I didn't quite expect you and Panini to walk in it, though."

"Look, Viridi, I can't just sit around and let you do this. I'd like to calmly ask you to stop what you're planning, and change Anthony back to normal."

"Eee HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE! Really? A HUMAN telling a goddess what to do? That's rich, if not very stupid… And why do you care so much about Anthony, anyway? He's annoying! Nobody likes him, and he's the biggest brat in the KND."

"Look, I know Anthony can be annoying sometimes, and he isn't the friendliest guy. But he's my cousin. He's family. And people DO care about him, by the way." He stated with a glare. "And I'm not leaving until you agree to change him back."

"You'd stand before an all-powerful goddess to help your cousin? Wow… that's noble. Unfortunately, you're out of luck. I have NO intentions of restoring Anthony to normal height. He just looks SO much more adorable when he's tiny like that! He's remaining that way for the REST of his life! And there's NOTHING you can do about it! Ah ha ha ha!"

"Grrrr! Alright, then. I guess I'll have to fight you for it." Cheren readied his sword.

"Hmmm. I like your fire. I think it's time you meet one of my finest warriors." Cheren's eyes widened when a huge, flaming ball was hurling down his way. "Goooo CRAGALANCE!"

"Huh? AAAAHHHH!" The flaming ball made impact with the operative, knocking him unconscious.

McKenzie Household; backyard

Nighttime had arrived. The stars shone beautifully in the black night sky, and the full moon shone even brighter and bigger. After their long, fun-filled day, Anthony and Vweeb sat back and relaxed in the jungle that was Anthony's backyard, gazing up at the heavenly stars as the sounds of crickets chirping filled the night air. "Wow… it doesn't matter if you're big or small. The sky looks just the same." Anthony spoke quietly.

"Hm. Sure does, don't it? And somewhere beyond those stars is Galaxia in all its glory." Vweeb said.

"Yeah. …It… kinda makes you think, don't it? How… small and insignificant we all are. In reality."

"Well, compared to everything else. There's billions of stars, billions of galaxies… and our planets are just tiny specks of dust to it all. And we're the micro organisms that feed off of it."

"Hehehe. And I guess we're the most micro organisms of them all." Anthony chuckled.

"Nnaah. You're more micro than I am. Shorty."

"Haha! I guess so!" The two friends laughed for a while. When it died down, Anthony turned to face Vweeb. "Listen, Vweeb… I really am sorry for always being such a bully to you before. You know, shoving you up my nose, farting on you, peeing on you… it really wasn't cool."

"Ah well. But now that you're tiny, I might actually miss all that. Especially looking at those big, ugly feet of yours."


"Hey, Anthony… how come you never wear shoes, anyway?"

"Hm?" Anthony looked down at his feet at this. "I dunno… I just… always liked being barefoot, I guess." The boy pressed his feet to the ground and began to wiggle his toes between the dirt. "Feeling the dirt beneath my feet… the mud and bugs that stuck under my toenails… the grass sticking up between my toes… it always just felt so good for some reason. It's… kind of like how Fybi loves flying. It makes me feel free, I guess. Closer to the earth, to what I really am."

"An earthbender? Well, that would make sense."

"Yeah. Though ironically, I've never been very good at it. That's sort of why I liked to bully you, too. My feet are the biggest in the family, with my sister's being the tiniest. And she always kicks my butt when it comes to earthbending."

"Well, the size of your feet matters as much as the size of your body: not much at all."

"Got that true. I always felt so weak compared to her. So humiliated. That's why I liked to pick on you so much, to feel better about myself."

"I think we've already established that. Hehe."

"Still, you can imagine how degrading it is being this size next to her."

"I probably can. My younger sister's a lot bigger than me, and stronger, too. I always have to rely on her to save me from bullies. It's pretty embarrassing, being overpowered by your own younger sister. Still, she isn't so bad, really. I really like playing with her."

"Yeah. Mine, too. I've gotten used to being small, actually. I may never get to feel grass between my toes again… but I think I'm okay with that. I have really great friends to play with. I have loving parents to look after me. And from this height…" he made a goofy smile, "Fybi just looks sooo…"

"Beautiful? Magnificent? Punctual?"

"Huh?..." Anthony rose a brow at that last word. His eyes widened at realization of his words. "Wait… WHAT? N-No, not… um…" he looked away and blushed.

"Come on, Dude, you can tell me. It's obvious that I like Arianna." Vweeb then sighed away, dreamily. "She's just so beautiful…"

"Yeah… Fybi is amazing…" Anthony stated dreamily.

"Her grass-green hair is just magnificent…" Vweeb continued.

"Her angelic voice…" Anthony continued.

"Her warm, grape-colored hands…"

"Those gorgeous green eyes…"

Both of them then released louder sighs and both said, "I wish Arianna/Fybi would take me and…" The two stopped themselves and exchanged confused glances.

"Did you say somethin'?" Anthony asked.

"Eh. I dunno."

"Okay, then." The two lied down and rested their heads on their arms as they stared up into the heavens.

"…Hey, Anthony. Dare you to fly all the way to Galaxia on my teeny little hovercraft."


They felt the ground shake a bit, somebody walking across the grass, and soon found Angie's towering figure looking down on them with a smile. "Come on, you two, let's get inside, before you get eaten." She said with a grin.

"Hehe, okay, Mom." Anthony chuckled as he and Vweeb climbed onto her open hand.

Angie carried the two back inside as they suddenly heard a knocking at the front door. Angie gently set the two boys on the living room table and walked to answer it. "Hey, Rachel!" she greeted.

"Hi, Aunt Rachel!" Anthony waved from the table.

Rachel held a look of worry on her face, which Angie took notice of. "What's wrong?"

"Angie, Anthony… Panini said she saw Cheren head into the giant twig ball earlier, and he hasn't come back since!"

Anthony and Vweeb exchanged looks of worry and horror.

Outside the ball of twigs

Sector W, along with many operatives were gathered outside the gigantic ball of forest which consumed the chilidog factory. Anthony gulped, staring up at the tremendous ball of wood as he and Vweeb stood on Michelle's shoulder. "It… sure is big up close."

"I saw Cheren go in there, and he never came back out." Panini stated with worry.

"He's must've gone in there to challenge Viridi." Sally figured.

"Sweet…" Harvey stared.

Anthony dropped onto the ground and stepped a bit closer, amazed at the size of the spherical forest. He looked like just a little ant to everyone else, but everyone else probably looked like ants to that ball, and especially Viridi. "First she turns me tiny… and now she's taken my cousin!" Anthony said angrily.


"Huh?" Anthony turned as his teammates and sister looked down at him.

"What's our plan, Anthony? We have to go in there, don't we?" Sally asked.

"I…I dunno, guys. Viridi looks kinda tough. At my size, she'll wipe me out like nothing."

"Oh, come on! I thought the whole point of these exercises was for you to learn size doesn't matter." Vweeb said.

"Yeah, Anthony. Did your brain turn teeny, too?" Michelle asked.

"I know, but guys, she's a goddess. She can easily stomp on me."

"But Anthony, we have to go in there to save your cousin, right?" Aranea asked.

"And besides, you won't be alone. We're coming with you!" Sally said with enthusiasm.

"Huh?" Anthony raised a brow in question. "You guys… would help me?"

"Well, of course we would, Anthony." Sally smiled. "You're our leader."

"And a team always follows the leader." Harvey followed.

"No matter how teeny of a meanie you are." Aranea joked.

"And whilst thou may be small, our lives are devoted to thee." Fybi said. "As best friends always are."

"I'm coming, too, Big Brother!" Michelle cheered. "I need to help, too!"

Anthony smiled, touched by his friends' devotion to help him. All four members of Sector W lined up before their tiny, inch tall leader and saluted, all wearing determined expressions, and Michelle gave a little salute as well. "What are your orders, Captain?" Sally asked.

Anthony smirked and made his announcement. "Kids Next Door… TO THE S.C.A.M.P.E.R.!"

Sector W's S.C.A.M.P.E.R.

"All systems, check." Sally reported from her station.

"All cannons ready to go." Harvey reported.

"We're online. Everything's a-go." Aranea reported from the communication station.

"Prithee, we art ready for takeoff." Fybi reported from the pilot's seat.

"All right, guys," Anthony spoke as he and Vweeb sat on Michelle's lap, the 5-year-old sitting gleefully in the captain's seat with her legs spread out. "Let's shove off! Our target: Viridi's Forest! Let's teach that goddess what happens when you shrink a member of the Kids Next Door, and then kidnap that member's cousin, who also happens to be the Supreme Leader! We'll see to it that she NEVER blows up a factory again! Kids Next Door… GO!" At his command, the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. took off and shot for Viridi's Forest. (Play "Viridi, Goddess of Nature" from Kid Icarus: Uprising!)

Stage 3: Viridi's Forest

Mission: Rescue Cheren and banish Viridi away!

Act 1

The S.C.A.M.P.E.R. flew straight for the humongous ball as Harvey launched missiles, blowing open a hole in the top. "Okay. We're good to go in." he reported.

"Not so fast!" Viridi's voice echoed. "RISE, my children! Banish these dweebs FROM the air!"

"'Dweeb'? Not sweet." Harvey said.

At that moment, a series of flying acorn creatures, called Nutskis, came flying out of the forest, launching acorn bombs at the kids. The S.C.A.M.P.E.R. avoided around as they launched missiles at the creatures, blowing them up. Afterwards, a squad of Trynamites flew out of the hole, exploding into three shrapnel pieces that came flying at the kids like missiles. The S.C.A.M.P.E.R. shook as it took the hits, but the team kept flying their way to the opening. "Alright, guys, prepare to go in." Anthony ordered. The S.C.A.M.P.E.R. did a somersault before diving into the opening, then began flying across a tremendous forest of giant, pink trees.

"So, this is where the Goddess of Nature lives?" Aranea asked, looking baffled at all of the pinkness inside. "Sure is a pretty twisted version of nature."

"I'm nowhere near as twisted as you humans! Polluting my precious skies with your smoke clouds just to slaughter animals and make CHILIDOGS? ! Talk about SICK! !"

A couple of Dipple Dops appeared and began launching bombs at the ship, which exploded into water geysers. "WHOA!" they screamed, their ship taking slight damage from the strong water. Sally and Harvey quickly launched lasers to destroy the creatures, but that's when a bunch of Zerts came out. Since the kids' ship was already wet, the Zerts easily damaged them by unleashing lightning. The kids took painful zaps inside of their ship as Sally and Aranea's pigtails stuck straight up, and Fybi's hair became puffy. The girls shook their hair back to normal as Sally launched more lasers at the electric enemies. The Zerts dodged around the attacks as they launched more electric blasts, dealing more damage against their ship.

"Owie!" Michelle yelped, taking another zap. "Anthony, I don't wanna smell like Mom's burnt meatloaf."

"Hurry up, you two!" Anthony demanded.

"Okay, hold your horses." Sally replied as she and Harvey switched on the ship's shield. The Zerts launched more beams, which absorbed into the shield, building up power in the ship. "Okay… fire!" They pressed a button and launched an electrical shockwave, wiping the enemies out.

"Steerike!" Harvey fist-pumped.

"Gah, you pathetic humans! Always have to settle things the violent way, huh?" Viridi asked.

"You started it." Aranea shot back. "You kidnapped our Supreme Leader and cursed our friend. If you want us to stop, you'd better fix everything."

"Oh-ho-ho, how precious. You kids may be tough against demons and evil adults. But, uh, my Forces of Nature are NOT what you're used to. Get ready, children! Defend this forest at all costs!"

"We'll see how YOU'RE used to getting your butt kicked by a bunch of tiny wimps!" Anthony yelled.

"Here, here!" Vweeb cheered.

The ship flew further into the forest as groups of Pew-Pew turrets stood upon the branches and launched cannonballs at them. The kids easily shot lasers to wipe out the Pew-Pews as they flew in between more trees. A series of Badoots appeared ahead of them, separating into twos as they conjured laser ropes. The S.C.A.M.P.E.R. took more damage as they flew through the lasers, unable to absorb them with their shield. The sped up as a bunch of Lethiniums launched powerful lasers from tree branches, flying through a hole through a large tree. They were about to fly between two more trees when a Lurchthorn appeared in their way. The giant fishbone monster started launching wooden missiles, but the kids evaded and wiped out a few of its cannons. The Lurchthorn flew ahead as the kids kept going, still avoiding the skeleton's shots as they launched at its head. The Lurchthorn fell into pieces, allowing the kids to progress.

"Well, Kids Next Door, I'm impressed. Seems your selfish qualities are stronger than I imagined."

"Hey. Sometimes being selfish isn't all bad." Aranea remarked.

"But I think I've let you play around in my forest long enough. So allow me to introduce you to my covert ops specialists. Oh, FLAAGEEEEES."

The kids gasped when a squad of green, ghostlike creatures poofed out of thin air. The Flages raised their scythe-hands and began striking all corners of the ship. "Ay! They hath struck our engines!" Fybi exclaimed.

"Brace for impact!" Anthony cried. The kids all screamed as the ship began spiraling, the engines smoking as the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. fell and crashed to the ground. (Play "Reset Bomb Forest" from Kid Icarus: Uprising.)

Act 2

The Sector W squad recovered from the crash, brushing themselves off as they were covered in soot. "Is everyone alright?" Anthony asked, climbing onto Michelle's shoulder.

"Uwuh… I think I got dust in my ears." Vweeb said.

"My, you Kids Next Door are a stubborn bunch. Or perhaps I mean to say 'insignificant'. Doesn't matter. You'll never save Cheren. Come on, children! Bury those pests in the ground!"

"Not gonna happen, Viridi!" Anthony yelled back.

The kids hurried into an open field area of the pink forest as Parashooters soared down, launching lasers along the ground which the kids dodged. Sally launched her yo-yo and grabbed one's wing, swinging it into another Parashooter. As a Parashooter flew down to blast Harvey, the boy jumped onto its back and wrapped his yo-yo around it, using it to control the creature. He made the Parashooter shoot others of its kind, taking them all out before jumping down to his friends, letting the creature crash into a wall. The group hurried up a small hill onto a higher level of the field. Toxiecaps came out and started bouncing poisonous balls their way, exploding into clouds of gas.

Fybi used her airbending to blow the gas clouds away before Michelle stomped the ground and started kicking rocks toward the fungus. The Toxiecaps broke apart as the kids continued to a large, wooden wall. From above the wall, a Lethinium was launching a laser down, trying to shoot them. Fybi flapped her wings and flew up the wall, going behind the laser flower as she launched an air blast and blew it over the edge. Sally then launched her yo-yo up there, grabbing Michelle's arm as she hauled them up. Harvey did the same, grabbing Aranea's arm and pulling them up.

The team continued along the trail of a large tree branch path, where Zerts created electric barriers to block their way. Vweeb pulled out his Tri-gun and set it to 'Stun', shooting the electric tree bark and disabling their barriers. They hurried over as Aranea shot her M.U.S.K.E.T. to take out the Zerts. They soon reached a point in the trail where the road split into two, going around a tree. Attached to that tree appeared to be a man, struggling to break free of vines. "Hey! That man looks like he needs help."

"So, then let's help him!" Anthony decided. Vweeb shot his ray gun to break the vines, the man falling to the ground.

"Thank you!" he said quickly before hurrying away.

"Methinks they art innocent chilidogs workers, having survived the apocalypse to their factory." Fybi figured.

"Then we might as well save them, too." Anthony suggested.

The group hurried along the road as they saw they were coming to a ruined, torn up building, where several rats seemed to roam around. "Hey, it looks like the factory is still sort of intact." Harvey observed.

The holographic image of Viridi's gigantic form appeared. "Well, of course! My Reset Bombs leave wildlife and natural habitats unscathed. They're only programmed to exterminate disgusting humans!"

"Well, that totally makes it the perfect weapon of genocide." Vweeb commented.

"It may look freaky now, but in just a few years, this place will be restored to its natural green aura! Trees will grow, flowers will bloom, and the natural food chain will take over. It'll be mankind's winter, and the beginning of MY spring!"

As they approached the old ruins, a Jitterthug popped out, along with some Meebas. The green Jitterthug charged energy spheres above him and launched at the kids, who avoided as Vweeb blasted his ray gun at him. The Jitterthug seemed unaffected as he kept launching energy spheres. Two of the Meebas were charging at Aranea, leaping into the air as they attempted to shoot down and strike with their horns. Aranea flipped out of the way, getting behind the ostrich-legged enemies. She noticed the single eyes on their rears, gaining a disgusted expression as she shot them with her M.U.S.K.E.T., making their behinds sizzle as they ran about uncontrollably. Aranea shuddered with disgust before dodging another Meeba.

The Jitterthug then turned red, charging at Sally and Harvey as he grabbed the two in his hands, slamming them together before tossing them away. Michelle began to shoot rocks from the ground, pelting the monster as he was knocked onto his back. Michelle then stomped a sharp rock from the ground and penetrated the Jitterthug. As the last Meeba was charging toward Aranea, Sally and Harvey tossed and wrapped their yo-yos around the other, causing the Meeba to trip over their string.

The kids hurried into the ruins of the factory, where they found another worker tied to a wall. Aranea shot mustard and broke the vines, allowing the man to escape. They turned around a corner of a wall, where an Urgle dropped down from above. The tree-bark-made enemy charged at the kids, scooping them in its bulldozer-like hands and flinging them up like a catapult. They dropped to the ground with a thud as Michelle recovered, grabbing some ruined chunks of the factory and kicking them at the Urgle. Harvey swung his yo-yo and wrapped around its wrists, then began swinging around the Urgle before it was tied up, falling over. Vweeb then proceeded to jump down and shoot in its eye, destroying it.

The kids looked up as the path continued up several platforms of the ruins. Aranea climbed and jumped her way up, Fybi flew up, Sally and Harvey hauled themselves up with their yo-yos, while Michelle stomped the ground and flung herself up there with a rock. They landed atop the ruins, where they carefully balanced their way across the small ledge, in which Aranea had no trouble balancing across with her short height. A Mahva appeared and conjured a barrier to block their way while Lethiniums launched lasers from tree branches above. Fybi blew a gust of air at one of the flowers, making it turn and blasts its laser at another branch, making other Lethiniums fall down. Aranea kept shooting the Mahva's barrier with her M.U.S.K.E.T. until it was disabled. Afterwards, she shot the barrier enemy and took it down.

The kids eventually reached the end of the walkway, continuing along another tree-branch path where a man was strapped to some bark. Michelle yanked the vines off and set him free, the man hurrying out of the forest as fast as he could. As the group moved along the path, several Megontas, giant pill bug enemies, rolled their way up the route and tried to bowl them over, but they jumped out of the way. The pill bugs turned and attempted to roll at them again, so the kids ran as fast as they could to get away. They were reaching a turn in the road, jumping to the side and causing the giant bugs to roll over the edge. They saw the end of the path just ahead, which led to another large ruin.

Once they made it to the bottom of the path, a Boom Stomper enemy dropped in their way, along with several Bumpety Bombs. The rolling time-bombs approached the kids as they ran away. Michelle stomped the ground and flung one of the bombs into the Boom Stomper. Angered, the Boom Stomper leapt up and smashed the ground, creating a shockwave that blew the kids off their feet. As they recovered, they gasped as the Bumpety Bombs were approaching, so Michelle quickly created a rocky barrier to shield them from the explosions. The rock barrier was blown away, and as the smoke cleared, the Boom Stomper stomped closer. They hurried out of the way before it could topple over on them. Sally and Harvey tossed their yo-yos over its downed form, but the monster stood up and easily shook them off.

The Boom Stomper was stepping toward Michelle, but Aranea quickly fired mustard in its path, causing it to slip and fall to its back. Aranea shot a trail of mustard behind the Boom Stomper, and Fybi charged at the creature with an aerial screw-kick, colliding with the monster and making it slide across the mustard, slipping over the edge. With the enemies defeated, they hurried over to the ruined wall. Michelle stomped an opening into the wall, allowing them inside. (End song.)

The seven kids stared up at yet another towering tree, on the other side of a large arena-like field. They looked closer at someone appeared strapped to the tree, gasping with shock once they noticed it was Cheren Uno. "Eee HA HA ha ha ha ha!" Viridi cackled as her image made its presence known again. "Poor little Cherry thought he'd come and 'negotiate' with me! But it seems he couldn't stand the better against my Forces."

"Grrrr!" Anthony grumbled, dropping to the ground beside Michelle. "Let him go, now!"

"I don't THINK so, Shortypants. As what was happening to those other humans, my roots are slowly creeping their way into Cheren's form. They will eventually overtake his body, and he will become another part of beautiful nature!"

"You really are sick, Viridi, you know that?" Anthony told her.

"Sick… though very slick. Like water on a very sunny day. Anyway, I believe you caused enough of a ruckus in MY domain. It's time for you to meet the warrior which Cheren was so helpless to defeat. Goooo, CRAGALANCHE!"

The kids immediately jumped back as a meteor collided with the ground. The smoke cleared as a large, buff rock monster emerged from the rubble. He wore a goofy, happy smile on his face, and his orange eyes were wide open. The grey stone monster pounded its belly with its large fists before facing the children.

"This boy is Cragalanche. The Force of Nature with the hardest outer exterior. No other soldier can last a second against his powerful fists. Your Kids Next Door allies defeated my precious Almighty Poo, so now Cragalanche will make them pay by taking YOUR lives."

"Viridi, just change Anthony back and let Cheren go, now." Sally demanded.

"Yeah, Viridi." Vweeb followed. "No one likes big, ugly bullies, you know."

"Oh. Am I supposed to be afraid adorable little bugs like you? Nature dictates that bugs get smashed or eaten by the bigger species. And that's what my little Cragalanche is gonna do to you."

"Don't think so just yet, Viridi." Anthony stated as they prepared to battle the stone monster. "Here we come!" (Play the "Diababa (Second Half)" theme from Zelda: Twilight Princess!)

Boss fight: Cragalanche

The Cragalanche launched its long, stretchy fist at the group, but they dodged out of the way as Michelle began kicking rocks at the monster. Cragalanche seemed unaffected by the stones as he rolled toward the 5-year-old, pushing her over, then leaping in the air in attempt to crush Sally and Harvey, who ran out of the way. As Cragalanche stood up to face Aranea, Vweeb took notice of a huge, red crater on his rear. "Guys, look! I found a weak spot!"

"Gah, he was supposed to get that fixed! !" Viridi exclaimed.

"Sweet! Guys, focus on the rear!" Anthony ordered.

When Vweeb tried to shoot the rear, Cragalanche turned to him and slammed his fists, attempting crush him. Vweeb avoided as Cragalanche then took notice of Anthony. The monster swung his fist, and Anthony watched it come down. As the giant fist drew closer to him, Anthony immediately kicked upward and blew a hole open, preventing him from getting squashed. The shrunken boy hurriedly made his way through the inside of Cragalanche's arm. Meanwhile, the monster kept trying to swing its fists at the others. Fybi flew around in the air, trying to launch gumballs from her G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A., but Cragalanche swung his huge fist and knocked her to the ground. The stone monster then rolled his way to her and pinned the angel to the ground.

Anthony kept making his way through Cragalanche's inside before successfully finding the crater in his rear. Anthony punched the rocky walls several times and dealt damage against Cragalanche. The monster was forced to get off of Fybi, gripping its rear in pain as he bounced around. Eventually, Anthony shot out of the stone monster, and Cragalanche fell over in exhaust. With him weakened, the operatives pulled out weapons and began to shoot the weak spot from behind.

Cragalanche stood to his feet and faced them again. The monster grabbed the ground and began waving it like a blanket, blowing the operatives back. Michelle landed on her feet as the five-year-old burrowed beneath the ground. She attempted to dig over to Cragalanche, but the monster dug underground himself and encountered her, punching the little girl straight above the surface, landing her on her head. Cragalanche reemerged and started punching shockwaves, but Sally dodged as she shot her C.O.N.E.C.A.N.N.O.N. at him. Cragalanche punched the cones away and attempted to roll at her again, but Harvey pulled Sally out of the way with his yo-yo.

Harvey then got an idea and picked up Vweeb, placing the little alien on his yo-yo. Vweeb held on tight as Harvey launched the yo-yo, wrapping around Cragalanche's body. Vweeb grabbed onto Cragalanche as the monster simply spun around, swinging Harvey around in a circle before the boy was forced to release. Vweeb climbed up to the monster's eyes and shot his ray gun at them, temporarily blinding the creature as it fell over. The kids hurried behind and blasted their weapons at his rear. Cragalanche stood up after a while, conjuring several meteors and launching them at the kids.

"Guy don't talk much, does he?" Anthony said.

"Well, he is a rock. They're more of the strong, silent type." Viridi replied.

"And yet, you made singing crap." Aranea retorted.

"Uugh. Cragalanche, just destroy them."

"Come on, guys, let's finish this already." Anthony said.

"Don't we have to save Cheren, too?" Sally asked, looking up as Cheren was still strapped to the bark.

"I've got a plan." Anthony told her. "Let's just keep him busy."

Cragalanche leapt into the air and attempted to crush Aranea, but the blue-wearing girl slid out of the way. Fybi charged another aerial screw-kick and shot down at Cragalanche, but the beast simply grabbed her by the leg and started bashing her against the ground. "Hey, Craggybrain!" The monster directed his attention behind him, seeing the teeny Anthony on the ground. "Ever heard of pickin' on someone who nowhere near matches your own size?"

At this, Cragalanche decided to release Fybi, slamming his fist onto the ground at Anthony. Anthony jumped to the side and grabbed the side of Cragalanche's fist, climbing up. Anthony ran across the huge arm as Cragalanche attempted to crush him, but the tiny boy was swift to dodge. Anthony gripped tight to the fist as Cragalanche began trying to shake him off. His fist swung all around the air, gaining more speed as Anthony held on. Anthony looked over to where his cousin was trapped, so when Cragalanche swung that way, Anthony released the arm and was thrown all the way to Cheren.

Anthony landed atop the boy's hair and climbed down to his ear. "Hey! Cousin Cheren! Wake up!" he yelled, but the older cousin wouldn't awake. Anthony saw the vines down below and dropped down. The bucktoothed leader used all the strength he could muster to pull the vines' grip away from Cheren. Anthony bit his teeth into the vines and was able to pull a few away, but was quickly running out of energy.

He began gasping for breath as the vines soon wrapped around Cheren again, but a laser blast suddenly shot the vines and burned them. Anthony looked up with a wide smile as Vweeb blew the smoke from his gun. "You didn't expect to save him alone, huh?" With that, Anthony climbed up beside him as Vweeb blasted all of the other vines. As a result, Cheren, Anthony, and Vweeb were about to drop to the ground, but Fybi thankfully flew over and grabbed the Supreme Leader by the arms, carefully lowering them to the ground. Cragalanche rolled over and launched his fist up, but the angel dodged out of the way. Anthony leapt from Cheren's shoulder and onto the fist, hurrying down to Cragalanche.

The monster tried to smash him, but Anthony jumped and landed on his big lips. He gripped the lower and upper lips and forced them open, slipping into his mouth. Inside, Anthony punched and kicked all of the random rocks he could, attempting to do more harm to Cragalanche. "What is he doing? !" Viridi exclaimed as Cragalanche began groaning.

"It's boulder time, baby!" Anthony exclaimed as he used his power to create a Boulder-n-Chain. He rapidly swung the boulder all around the inside, breaking several rocks inside Cragalanche. When Anthony broke down another wall, he found a large, glowing, beating rock that was designed like a heart. Anthony smirked and charged another powerful swing with his Boulder-n-Chain, launching at the heart, and breaking it into pieces. (End song.)

"Mmmmmmmm…" Cragalanche groaned, unable to move anymore as he immediately fell to the ground. Many lights pierced through cracks in his body, the kids shielding their eyes from the brightness as Cragalanche's body exploded. Rocks and pebbles flew everywhere, leaving only a pile of rubble where he once stood.

"Anthony!" Sally yelled with worry as they all hurried over. They moved all of the rocks they could out of the way before finding their diminutive leader, all covered with soot. Fybi scooped the little boy into her hands as Vweeb jumped down from her shoulder, observing him. Anthony suddenly began coughing, regaining consciousness as he stood up.

"It's okay, guys. It'll take more than a rock to finish me." At this, smiles appeared on everyone's faces.

"NOOOO!" They all turned to Viridi's gigantic, panicking form. "You've killed my CRAGALANCHE! You're just a helpless little bug! ! How is this possible? ?"

They all put on glares as Anthony and Vweeb jumped to the ground, the Sector Leader jabbing a finger toward the goddess. "Listen, Viridi. Just because I'm small, doesn't mean at all that I'm helpless. I used to think so, too, but then I realized, strength doesn't come from your size." As Anthony spoke, Viridi's and Sector W's eyes widened as Anthony's body begun to glow. "It comes from your heart. And the more friends you have, the stronger your heart is. As long as I have my friends, I don't need to be big. I'm as strong as ever, ant-size or not! …Huh?" The glowing around Anthony stopped, and the boy began to realize what happened.

"ANTHONY!" Sally cheered as they all wrapped the boy around their arms. "You're back to normal! !"

"O miracle of miracles!" Fybi cheered.

"Hehe. It looks like learning that bug life lesson was all it took." Vweeb laughed.

"Well, that's no surprise." Aranea remarked.

"Hehe… I guess I am!" Anthony exclaimed, feeling extremely relieved.

"Hey, Viridi." Harvey smirked at the goddess. "Guess your little curse was a failure after all."

"Now, DO us all a favor and get OFF this planet!" Anthony ordered.

"Grrrr! You lousy, SNOTTY little Kids Next Door! I'LL MAKE SURE YOU ALL PAY THE PRICE! !" With those last words, the vision faded.

"Whooa!" the kids felt a rumbling in the earth as the entire forest began to collapse.

"And, THAT'S our cue to run." Aranea figured.

"Quick, grab Cheren and let's go." Anthony ordered. Sally and Harvey did so and grabbed the Supreme Leader, immediately hurrying out of the forest.

Outside the ruined forest

Anthony breathed the scent of fresh air, letting the sun warm his face as he felt the grass stick up from between his toes. "Ahh… it's good to be big again."

"Yaaay!" Michelle cheered, dashing over and leaping onto her brother's back. "Big Brother is back!"

"Aw, good to see you, too, Little Sis." Anthony replied with a joyous grin.

KND Moonbase

"Fellow Kids Next Door," Cheren spoke before legions of operatives within Moonbase Auditorium, the Sector W kids on stage with him, "thanks to the works of Sector W, the ball of wood and trees has been removed from the chilidog factory's premises, and construction of a new factory is in the works."

The many operatives burst into cheers.

"And now, here to say a few words, is Numbuh 363 II, leader of Sector W." The kids cheered and clapped as Anthony McKenzie stepped up to the microphone, Vweeb standing on his shoulder. Cheren first spoke to him, "As thanks for banishing Viridi's forces, and also saving me, I present to you this medal of honor." With that, Cheren placed the gold 'KND' medal around Anthony's neck. "I'm sorry I doubted you, Cous. There's clearly more to strength than size."

"That's okay, Cheren. Now if you'll excuse me." Cheren stepped aside and allowed Anthony to speak into the microphone.

"Fellow Kids Next Door, I've been through a lot these past few days. I've eaten baby food, almost been stepped on, been farted on, shoved up Harvey's nose, and became one of my sister's toes."

The kids all laughed a little.

"It made me feel a lot like my friend, Vweeb here. And it made me realize how much of a jerk I've been." Anthony said with a look of guilt. "But, I've learned a lesson from all that. It doesn't matter if you're big or small. Big as a building, small as a cockroach, the only real strength comes from your heart. And as long as you got friends to help you, you'll never feel small."

As the kids roared with more cheers, Anthony went back to stand by his friends, and Cheren stood once again before the podium. "Kids Next Door, we've achieved a great victory today. BUT, this may only be the first of many strikes from our new foe, Viridi. AND her army, the Forces of Nature." Hearing this, the operatives put on more serious looks. "We don't know where she comes from… but it's my safest bet the Kids Next Door will be at war with this new menace. And I hereby dub these, the 'Nature Wars'. Most of us may not come out of it OK… but if we all stand strong, Viridi will never beat us! The Kids Next Door will win, and Viridi and her tree-hugging henchmen will STAY OUT of our planet forever! KIDS NEXT DOOR RULEZ!"


Viridi's Lair

"Grrrr! Those rotten Kids Next Door!" Viridi grumbled inside her dark room. "They haven't seen the last of me!"

"Calm down, Mistress Viridi. We'll have them destroyed very soon." Arlon assured.

"I should hope. Otherwise, my Reset Bombs will have to go to waste again. Cragalanche's death can't be in vain. It's time we send someone to match those kids' quick wits. That's your call, Phosphora."

The woman stepped out of the shadows, her hair a dark-blond. She wore white shorts and a white bellybutton shirt, long, black open-toed boots, and a vine growing around her left leg and left arm. She also wore a long, blue scarf, which had the form of lightning at the end of it, and bluish-purple eyes. "So, it's my turn to get into the fight now? Pfft, this'll be easy." She said with a smirk.

Backyard of McKenzie Household

With the fighting done, Anthony McKenzie lied back and relaxed on the soft grass, listening to the peaceful, calming breeze blow along the green blades. Vweeb, the little alien, was calmly relaxed on Anthony's chest as both friends drifted into sleep, the warm embrace of dreams overtaking their minds.

Ahh, sorry I've held this off for so long, but I had to finish up Firstborn. Well-p, here's to another Nextgen story completed. Lol quite possibly the most kiddie thing I've ever written. ;P Next time, the fight against Viridi continues in the NEXT Nextgen story, Scorched Wings, starring Fybi Fulbright. I will see you later.