The Three

There were times when Nick hated her; in fact he hated her most of the time. Yet in her own way she loved him; showed him the world he had left behind, stirred the memories of agony and longing in him, like a witch stirring a cauldron; reminded to cherish the warmth he had. And Nick might've loved her just a little, just for that.

Sometimes; when no one else seems to understand him, when they do things that scare him because he himself can't understand, he thinks of her. In a strange kind of way, now that he knows the definition of friend, now that he thinks he knows friendship; he thinks of her and Anzu.

He understood family now; Alan is family, and as much as Alan would hate it if he learned; Anzu and Liannnan are family too.

He remembered having fun with Anzu when they were summoned together, messing with the humans, understanding each other; like brothers.

Liannan and Anzu; a lover and a brother, friends.