Okay, let me start this off by saying that Fanfiction deleted this story for... WHATEVER fucking reason, and being the dumbass I am, I didn't save ANY of it. So, I'm redoing The Grand Design... Again. This time, I'm going to follow Shadowfang's summary, cause it was REALLY good, except I don't think I'll have Rona go to Africa... Anyway, that's it, I'm sorry for this, but now I can make my continuation better than it once was.


"Kuo. What. Happened?"

His sighed despairingly.

"My informant has told me that the warlord of the West is due to mate with Tigress in four days."


Po who had just arrived back on the scene had an expression of complete and utter horror on his face.

The mating ceremony had been bumped up.


His mind flashed to the lion goddess that had brought him back to life

What were the gods doing up there? Getting drunk?

Po glared up towards the ceiling in exasperation…

Suki…what the crap?

Suki... what the crap?

That's what Po's last thought was before a fiery rage filled his whole body and he stormed out of the small house. The rain made him even more wet, but now he didn't care. The only thing that registered was... Okay, actually, it was a couple of things.

A. Tigress had only had four days left before she was tied down to Silas, the bastard.

And B. Whatever the gods were doing, they sure as hell weren't paying attention to what was happening to the Furious Five, which would soon become the Furious Four if something wasn't done, and soon!

He sat down on the bottom wooden step, head in paws as he thought about the dire situation.

"... I know love is hard, Po..." Shifu told him as he too scurried into the wet. He was silent, scaring Po when he spoke. "But really, do you believe that there is anything we can do?"

"There is everything we can do to save Tigress!" Po snarled, tail lashing in anger. "I won't give up on her!"

Shifu remained silent, thinking of what to say. Finally he found it.

"Remember one of the hardest Dragon Warrior lessons to master... Inner peace?" Shifu finally asked.

"But what's the use of all of that?" Po whispered. "She was my inner peace... I was only able to perfect it because I thought she had died..." A new steely resolve filled Po and he stood up.

"Look, Shifu, thank you for helping me and all, but I have to save her."

Shifu looked ready to say something but Po interrupted him.

"She's my inner peace, Master Shifu." Po said softly. "You understand... don't you?"

Shifu nodded slowly, seeing that for one of the first times, Po was teaching a lesson, not pretending to listen to one.

"Of course I do, Po... And I'm not going to stop you."

"Thank you, Master Shifu."

"Tigress, come back to the room." Rhian commanded. "NOW."

"Or what?" Tigress snarled in reply, orange eyes gleaming ferally. "I will not go near those combs!" they had been arguing for over half an hour now, and Tigress's patience was growing thin... well, thinner.

"You have to!" Rhian told her harshly. "Silas wants you combed and groomed before he comes to get you, which is in an hour!"

"To hell with what he wants!" Tigress yowled in outrage. "I am under no one's control, and I refuse to be treated like I am!"

Rhian scowled at her insolence and nodded to something behind Tigress. Tigress prepared to spin around when something wrapped a hoof around her waist and picked her up off the ground. She writhed in the grasp of one of the Ox warriors, trying to land a kick onto his kneecaps or perhaps smack him in the face with her forearm instead.

But her hopes were in vain, for either she couldn't get enough snap to her kicks or he was just too resilient, for he didn't let her go.

With a flick of her tail, Rhian turned and guided the burdened Ox back to Tigress's room. Once inside, it was a whole force of speed that got Tigress from the Ox into Rhian's arms, and then there was barely enough time for the Ox to leave the room and seal shut the door from the other side.

"Are we going to be a good kitty now?" Rhian asked tauntingly, enjoying herself way too much.

"Go to hell." Tigress spat out maliciously, though the fight was leaving her and she allowed herself to be set into a chair.

Good gods... Rhian thought. I should have done this half an hour ago...

A near pain-staking hour later, Tigress was groomed clean and sleek. Her fur no longer had mats and after much arguing, she allowed them to put a kimono on her body. She nearly ripped everyone apart in the time it took to get it on, but she figured she would wait this out.

Wait this out... she told herself. Wait it out. Po and everyone will come for you soon...

She told her inner-self to take a hike, for there was no way in hell that everyone was going to make it time.

Oh, and Pepper Teach says that if she was Tigress, she would have killed Silas by now... Over and over and over again.

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