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No... This has to be some mistake!

Tigress was frozen in place momentarilly as she saw the wolves attack Jiro. He was cornered, and there were so many... She stood there in frozen horror, able to hear and see but not stop it.

The blade came out.. she could hear it, hear Jiro groan in pain, then the zing of the blade...

Her world seemed to stop as his dying breath rasped out of his body.

"Jiro!" she finally got herself to scream.

The wolves turned to give her a fiendish glare before three of them came at her at once. Her eyes glanced briefly at Jiro's still form before a decision clicked in her head.

"Come at me, you mangy mutts!" she dared them, and the other bandits, and the other consults of Silas's stopped what they were doing to watch the fight. A ring of people surrounded Tigress and the three bandits, pulling them closer than Tigress liked, but she would manage.

"Mangy mutts?" one of them laughed. "Ha! You over-groomed beauty queens couldn't fight us if we were training dummies! Even you, who I'm sure is new, could do nothing to stop us!"

The rest of the wolf bandits howled their agreement, and then started jeering at Tigress.

"So you have no clue who I am?" Tigress purred curiously.

One of the wolves cocked his head to the side. "Uh... no. And I don't really care, kitty!"

Tigress forced herself to remain calm, although she wanted to rip them apart limb from limb. "Then this should be all the better." she grinned, then sailed over their heads as they came at her. She then turned, spinning into a spin kick that threw the middle wolf to the ground. Flipping up into a handstand, she then started spinning, sending the other two wolves sprawling.

The wolves got back to their feet shakily and threw her a disgusted look.

"Save the fighting for the men, kitty!" One of them jeered.

"Yeah!" Another agreed. "Go back to your dresses!"

Tigress laughed bitterly and leapt back as the third, who had remained silent, came at her with his sword. She backflipped back up against the wall and as he came at her again, planted her hands on the wall in such a way that when she arched back her whole body swung with her, lifting her onto the wall.

"Why all the dodging?" The wolf who insisted on calling her "kitty" hissed. "You too scared to fight?"

Tigress leapt from one the closest wolf's head to the ground and pounced at him, knocking him to the ground. With one paw on his throat and her hind legs holding his down, she gave him a vile glare.

"I dare you to say that again." she snarled before getting off.

"Over-grown kitty!" he replied. "We will make mince meat out of you!"

Tigress laughed again, which only made him angrier. "I would like to see you try!" she taunted.

Her back stopped against something hard and furry and when she turned around, she was staring up into the eyes of a much bigger wolf than the three. Without a word he kicked her hard in the ribs and she fell to the ground. He then continued to kick her and the other three wolves joined in until she could barely supress her screams. Then they stepped back and the leader gave a growl.

"And this is what happens when you defy us!" he called out, voice strong and clear. "Now must we go on?" he picked Tigress up and slung her onto his shoulder.

"Now," he continued as all the other wolves formed a tight ring around Silas's consults. "we are taking you all hostage. Any resistance and this one-" he shook Tigress and she moaned in pain. "dies. Got it?"

There wasn't another word as they were all dragged away.

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