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"Who the fuck is this bitch?"

If Sakura wasn't literally rooted to her seat in absolute fear, she would have lashed out on the pale-skinned, robed figure in front of her. There was a silence from his partner, who, quite frankly, just looked bored. The first man fidgeted in spot for a moment, then opened his mouth.

"Kakuzu you asshat, don't fucking ignore my question. Who the fuck is she?"

He jabbed a finger in Sakura's direction. The one talking was a silver-haired man. He had striking purple eyes. His bare chest jutted out of an opening in his robe, and he had a giant scythe strapped to his back. Both a slashed Yugakure headband and an odd looking amulet hung from his neck, resting on his exposed torso. His partner stood rigid. He was slightly taller, and wore a mask that covered his face. Also, a white hood covered his head, cutting his hair off from view. Dark-skinned fingers peeked out of his robe's sleeve, painted with a dark green nail polish. Also, the man's eyes had an odd green tint about them. Each sported a different ring on their hands. After staring his partner down, the masked one simply shrugged.

"Can I sacrifice her to Jashin-sama?"

Finally the second one spoke up, his voice coming out in a deep grumble.

"No, Hidan, you can't sacrifice her to your bullshit god. Kill her if you must, but we actually have a mission to do. You've attracted enough attention as is, and we've probably got dozens of shinobi on our tail as we speak. I suppose killing another won't hurt, but no sacrifices."

The first one, who's partner had referred to as Hidan, got a sick-looking grin on his face as he raised his scythe. He barked out a quick rebuttal in regards to his "bullshit god" then sent the weapon flying down on Sakura. Right before the triple-bladed scythe came crashing down on Sakura's throat, her reflexes managed to kick in and she rolled out of the way, leaving the soft spot of ground below her to be completely demolished. Hidan broke out into a sadistic laughter.

"Finally someone with some fight in them! All of those other fuckers just sat there like idiots while I cut their damn heads off. Well, this one bastard with some smelly ass mutt put up a bit of a fight, but he was a waste of my damn time. It was funny as hell to watch him die though, his dog flipped shit."

Sakura stared at him in bewilderment. H-he killed Kiba… Kiba and Sakura were never the best of friends, but regardless, he was still a friend, a comrade, a member of the Rookie Nine… Sakura clenched her fist. Sending chakra radiating throughout her limbs, she raised a fist and flung herself at Hidan. Somewhat surprised at her brash charge, Hidan was caught off guard. Her fist landed, causing a sickening thud and the Akatsuki member went flying back.

"Ow – what the fuck Kakuzu! Why didn't you stop her?"

Once again, the stoic, masked man just shrugged, not making any attempt to help out his partner. Hidan got up and dusted off his robe, muttering vulgarities to himself. After straightening out his robe, he turned back to Sakura.

"Alright bitch, I'm done with your games."

Out of nowhere, Hidan's scythe flew into the air, propelled by a cord. Sakura just managed to avoid it, deterring her head enough so it just landed a scratch on her cheek. The cut was small, hardly drawing any blood. The blade retracted, flying right back towards Hidan. The man grasped the blade hungrily. He went to lick the blood of the scythe's blade when–


Suddenly, Kakashi's hand, wielding a blade of electrically charged chakra, appeared through Hidan's chest. Blood erupted out of the gaping hole where the man's heart should be. This was quickly followed up by a quick cut of an ANBU sword, striking right across the Akatsuki's throat. A bright splash of crimson flew into the sky, quickly plastering the ground. Hidan's head slowly fell off of his neck, rolling off to the side. All three Konoha ninja stood there, shocked at how easily one of the notorious Akatsuki had fallen.

"Well… that was easier than excepted." Kakashi said, voicing the thoughts of everyone present, save Kakuzu.

"Motherfucker! That hurt like hell!"

Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura's expressions quickly turned from shock to disbelief. They all turned their vision to the disemboweled head of Hidan, gaping at it with mortified looks.

"D-did his head just… talk?" Sakura spluttered out.

Kakashi just nodded solemnly. Hidan's head opened it's mouth once again.

"Kakuzu, get over here and re-attach my head dammit."

Kakuzu just glared at the head of Hidan, before slowly making his way over to it. He picked it up by the hair, much to the complaint of Hidan, and trudged over to his limp body. The gushing waterfall of blood inflicted by Kakashi's Raikiri had formed a formidable pool of irony liquid. Kakuzu placed Hidan's head back on the body, and a few threads slithered out of his cloak's arm. They quickly stitched the head back to the body.

"That's much better. Damn, that hurt like hell!"

Now re-assembled, Hidan proceeded to do what he initially aimed to. He gently lapped up the small sliver of Sakura's blood from his scythe.

"Kakuzu," Hidan said, while nodding towards Sasuke and Kakashi, "be a doll and take care of those assholes for me. I'll get the pink one."

As he said this, his skin slowly started to darken. White spots appeared along his arms, face, and exposed chest. They took on the appearance of bones, the blinding whites reflecting off of his now completely black pigment. Sticking his foot in the large blotch of his own blood that had gathered under him, he drew a symbol much like the one on his amulet – a circle with a triangle on the inside – on the ground, placing himself in the dead center. The immortal starts to break out into a rabid laughter.

"Now, let's relish in joint agony!"

Sakura was about to voice a question about this "joint agony", when her eyes widened. Hidan had pulled a retractable spear out of his cloak, and plunged into deep into his left shoulder. However, this isn't what caused Sakura's eyes to widen. It was the fact that just as Hidan did so, the kunoichi felt a searing pain creep over her left shoulder, a wound blossoming deep within it.

Kakashi, seeing the sudden wound, began to rush over to his former student. In an instant, Kakuzu appeared before him. Before Kakashi could react, a fist was rammed into his stomach, sending the brazen shinobi flying backwards. Kakashi quickly regained his composure, regarding his still-standing adversary wearily. He noted that the Akatsuki member's skin was considerably darkened from its natural color, presumably due to some Earth-style technique.

"That's a nifty technique you have there," the gray-haired man said, putting a hand over the headband he used as an eye patch. "Doton: Domu, if I'm correct." He flipped up his headband, revealing the tantalizing red eye that was often hidden behind it.

Kakuzu's eyes gleamed. "Kakashi of the Sharingan, eh? Quite a bounty on your head… I'll make sure I come back to collect your body after we're done here."

Kakashi arched in eyebrow. "You seem so sure of yourself. It's apparent that you possess an Earth-style affinity due to your Doton technique. As you've seen, I'm quite competent in Lightning releases. Even your crystallized skin won't be enough to repel a Raikiri."

The green-eyed man chuckled to himself. "That's quite true, Kakashi Hatake. However…"

Kakuzu's tore his cloak off, revealing a body that seemed to be held together by tons of stitches. On his back, four strange masks were implemented. Slowly, his entire body started to convulse. His limbs stretched apart, showing off an abundance of cords running throughout his being, shaking violently. Suddenly, his back exploded, and four separate entities shot out. They were each a mass of the black cords that Kakuzu possessed, and every one was adorned with a different mask.

"…I wouldn't so casually underestimate your opponent. And now, you die."

Kakuzu's body reconnected itself. One of the beings, which crouched on four legs and had odd-looking wings hanging on its back, opened its mouth. Several pellets of wind-enhanced chakra shot out at a rapid pace, flying directly towards Kakashi. Flying off to the side, Kakashi and Sasuke managed to avoid the ensuing explosive in the nick of time.

First earth, now wind…, Kakashi thought. He's strong too – and fast. Hm, this guy might be a tough one. Kakashi nodded towards Sasuke, and the boy's typically dark eyes flashed red. Kakuzu diverted his attention to the Uchiha.

"Another Sharingan user, eh? You must be Sasuke Uchiha. Itachi's brother. Hmph, I wonder if you're anywhere as strong as him. Well, you've made quite a name for yourself, as well as a decent bounty considering your age, so I guess you can't be that awful."

At the mention of Itachi, Sasuke's face contorted in rage. Without any sort of warning, Sasuke rushed towards Kakuzu, his hands flashing symbols.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!"

A looming fireball erupted from Sasuke's mouth, seemingly engulfing Kakuzu and his four creatures. A giant cloud of smoke settled over everyone in the vicinity. As the area cleared, Sasuke stared in dismay. Another one of Kakuzu's beings stood in front of the rest, water flowing out of it's mouth. The water joined to erect a giant wall, completely counter-acting Sasuke's fire release jutsu. The wall collapsed, sending a current of water crashing down on Sasuke. He quickly jumped up, avoiding the tumultuous crush of the waves. Sasuke flipped backwards, landing in a shallow puddle of the giant wall's remains. In the blink of an eye, another one of the creatures – this time a tall-standing beast – shot a beam of lightning straight at the floods that resulting due to the fallen wall. Sasuke wittingly jumped to the sky, avoiding the resulting blast of the enhanced lightning move.

Out of nowhere, an empowered hand came crashing down on Sasuke's back, sending him flying back towards the ground. He landed with a deafening thud, creating a small indent in the earth below him. Kakashi quickly ran over to him. Kakuzu landed a tad bit more gracefully than the man he just struck down, cracking his knuckles.

"I guess you're not nearly as strong as Itachi. Should be expected though, hardly anyone is. Still, I thought you'd be a bit more of a challenge than that."

Sasuke, blood dabbled on his chin from the steady flow of it falling from his mouth, forced himself up.

"Sh-shut the fuck up, freak." Sasuke spat out between heavy breaths.

Kakuzu just stared down at the fallen Uchiha, eyes as bland and unrevealing as ever. He slowly lift his arms up in front of him, and his arms split slightly where they were stitched together, a mass of the steel-like cords erupting out of his arms. The cords enveloped Sasuke, penning him down to the ground. Kakuzu slowly made his way towards Sasuke's body.

"I'm going to rip your heart out."

Sasuke just grunted at Kakuzu's seemingly definite assertion. As Kakuzu neared Sasuke, a sudden electrical current exploded around his body.

"Chidori Nagashi!"

The flaying waves seemingly made out of strands of Chidori struck Kakuzu, sending him flying back and to the ground. Apparently, the lightning-charged move took an extra affect on the earth-style shell Kakuzu had around his body. One of the charges had struck Kakuzu through the heart. His body lay there, eyes dead, unmoving. Kakashi stepped over towards Sasuke's heaving body, extending a hand. Sasuke just beat the hand away and lifted himself up on his own.

Looking at the boy questioningly, Kakashi said "I didn't know you developed a new form of Chidori."

"Hn. I've been working on it for a while."

Kakashi nodded and turned towards the body of the seemingly dead Kakuzu. He opened his mouth as if to speak, but found no words came out as, much to his horror, the crouching, winged wind styled beast Kakuzu had released from his body suddenly collided into his exposed back. The beast was sucked into his body as one might be into a ravaging tornado. There was utter silence, nothing moved. Then all of Kakuzu's fallen body jumped up, a heartbeat flowing through his entire body. The body convulsed again. Then again. Finally, the dead man stopped jerking around. Slowly, Kakuzu got to his knees, a hand on the ground. He was doubled over panting. After a short moment, he stood tall and straight as he had before. He opened his mouth as to speak, but Hidan's shrill call could be heard across the small area they had been fighting in.

"Dude that was pussy shit! That Uchiha bitch got one of your hearts! Damn, I know you're old and all, but you let some amateur like him take one out? God, you're such a pussy man."

They all turned towards the bleeding man incredulously. Kakashi had completely forgotten about Sakura. He glanced over at her. She was alive, but sported several major wounds. She still held her shoulder, the initial wound inflicted by Hidan's curse. Also, she had a major gash on her left thigh, and her right knee was demolished. She had cuts running up and down both arms. One hung limply by her side, the other grasping her left shoulder. The kunoichi was pushed to her limit, completely exhausted, ready to collapse.

Conversely, Hidan had a glorified look on his face. He relished in the pain he inflicted on himself – and in turn, Sakura. Every stab, every slash, every cut set him off, giggling crazily and shouting out in a lurid rush of pleasure. His spear was held loosely in his right hand, dripping with an excess of fresh gore. Kakashi looked at the scene with disgust. Glancing over at Kakuzu, he noticed that the man was still a bit disoriented, thrown off his typical façade of daunting superiority. Deciding to aid Sakura, the gray-haired man bolted off in her direction. Kakuzu noticed, but made no attempt to stop the man. Instead, the water creature lurched off towards Kakashi. It released a giant bullet of water towards the shinobi. Kakashi slid off to the side, narrowly missing the bulk of the attack. He collected chakra in his hand, then it exploded into a ball of electricity. Instead of his trademark Raikiri however, the ball jumped from his hand and took the form of a hound, bounding towards the hulking being that combated the man.

"Raiton: Raiju Hashiri no Jutsu!"

With the water-bearing creature now battling the rough dog made of pure lightning, Kakashi covered the distance between himself and Sakura. In that short time, however, Kakuzu managed to recover from his ailments. In a dash, the ancient shinobi appeared before Kakashi. He again struck him, sending the Sharingan wielder crashing back, next to the stumbling Sasuke. Kakashi, his attempt at trying to save Sakura foiled, regarded Kakuzu.

"You… you should be dead. How are you seemingly back at 100%, let alone alive?"

Chuckling, Kakuzu responded. "Since you're going to die here, I might as well enlighten you. In truth, I'm 93 years of age." This statement resulted in more dubious stares from Kakashi, as well as Sasuke. "How have I maintained and preserved my body throughout the ages? I simply tear out the hearts and other vital organs of my fallen enemies. I transplant them into myself, extending my lifespan. In total, I have five hearts. You've just killed one, which I congratulate you on, Sasuke. Rarely does one manage to lay a blow on me, let alone kill me once. However, I'm afraid your luck ends here. Now you die."

Without any time to react to Kakuzu's explanation, the fire beast released a giant current of flames towards the still recuperating Kakashi and Sasuke. They both managed to roll out of the way in time to avoid any major damage, but Sasuke scorched the top of his left arm ever so lightly. Despite the faint brush with the over-bearing flames, they burnt deeply and harshly into his skin, mangling up the entirety of his upper arm. Sasuke grimaced, but slowly dragged himself up. Kakashi was already up, quietly observing the situation.

Sasuke was winded, exhausted, and, above all, injured. Kakashi himself had taken several blows and used up a decent amount of chakra as well. He was starting to tire, rapidly too. At the same time, Kakuzu seemed as strong and collected as ever, the effects of battle seemingly holding no control over him. This could be bad…, Kakashi thought. He looked off to his side. His hound was still ravaging the water creature. Behind them, Sakura and Hidan still stood there, facing off. Assessing the situation as grim, Kakashi decided it was either go big or go home. He closed his left eye, focusing. He was shifting his Sharingan into it's Mangekyo state. He planned on attempting to take out the four remaining hearts of Kakuzu and Hidan in one final, probably suicidal, stroke. Using his new technique of the Mangekyo Sharingan, Kamui, which sucks anything it's aimed at into an alternate dimension. He took in one final breath, ready to finish it. Well, here goes nothi-

Then, out of nowhere, a giant gust of wind came flying through the area. The surrounding trees swayed with the pull of the wind. Everyone stumbled over a bit, not able to maintain their footing as the wind pounded against them. Hidan flew out of his curse site, and Sakura collapsed to the ground. As the wind receded, a giant cloud of dust was kicked up. Finally, the wind subsided, leaving only the cloud of dust, deluding everyone's vision.

Right as the dust settled, a flash of yellow flew by Kakashi, Sasuke, and Kakuzu, all still trying to see properly. The dust still lingered, teasing their vision. At the sight of the yellow flash, Kakashi reeled back. His thoughts were racing. M-Minato-sensei… no, no, there's no way… Then… it has to be-!

Suddenly, another explosion happened of to their side. A voice, all too familiar and yet ever so alien, rang out.


Hidan's scream of pain echoed in the ears of everyone as the dust finally settled down for good, revealing a yellow-haired, blue-eyed man standing over Hidan, a small crater cracked into the ground under him.