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Cat's POV

I was getting ready for school and smiled into the mirror. I was happy with how I looked for red hair was curled loosely and fell to my mid-back.I had a bubblegum pink strapless dress that came down to my mid-thighs. It had a black belt around the waist and a black half cardigan to cover my arms. Then I had small pink heels. While I was smiling at the mirror my phone went off.

To: Cat

From: Jade

I'm waiting outside. Hurry up before your brother starts throwing shit at me again!

I giggled to myself and stuffed my phone into my backpack and ran to Jade's car. "Sorry Jadey!" I said. She looked over at me and shrugged. "Whatever." she said as she started driving to school. "Thanks for driving me to school, today.." I mumbled, looking at my feet.

"You're welcome.. But, why couldn't your brother drive you?" she asked, keeping her eyes on the road.

I sighed to myself. "He got his car taken away.. So, he can't drive me."

"Ahh. What'd he do this time?"

"He was yelling at stuff and got pulled over. The cop tried reasoning with him, but he yelled at the cop. So, first they took away his license. Then his car."

Jade frowned. "Well.. I'll drive you, for now."

I looked at her. "Thank you!"

"You've been good to me, it's the least I can do.." she smiled, then glared at me for a second. "Tell anyone I said that and your giraffe will be shredded!"

I giggled and nodded. "Okay!"

Beck's POV

As I drove to school, I couldn't get this morning off my mind. Something was off. Usually when I go to my house my mom and dad are much more... Perky, you could say. Today they seemed rather glum.. I wonder what was wrong. If something happened, they should have said something. They usually do.. I shook my head. Nevermind, no use in worrying about it all day. I'll figure it out after school.

I parked my car at school and got out. A bit surprised by seeing that Jade drove Cat to school, but much to everyone's disbelief they are rather good friends. Still, usually Cat's brother drove her to school. I shrugged and made my way over to them. Cat looked at me and smiled but didn't say anything so I could surprise Jade. I slowly wrapped my arms around her waist, hugging her from behind. "Hey babe" I whispered into her ear and she smiled. Cat giggled. "C'mon! We have to go to out lockers, guys!" she said, happily. Jade seemed to study Cat's face for a second before nodding and following Cat into the school. "Yup. Another great day with Vega." she said bitterly. I had my arm around her waist and pulled her a little closer to me. "It'll be fine.." I said. She rolled her eyes, "Whatever."

Jade's POV

As soon as Cat explained why her brother couldn't drive her, I knew she lied. It was unlike Cat to lie, so I kept my attitude to a minimum while she was in the car. I didn't want her to be bothered by anything else. When we got out of the car, I was about to ask her what was going on. But, Beck showed up then and I knew she wouldn't tell me with him here. So, I looked at her, trying to figure what was going on with her. Nothing. Damn, that girl was good at putting on a mask. I've known her for years though; when something is bothering her, I know. While we were walking into the school, Beck seemed a bit off too. I figured he'd come around and if he didn't, I'd ask him later today.

I was sitting in Sikowitz's class, my head on Beck's shoulder, his arms around me. I smiled as he played with my hair. Sikowitz was going on about some new play. I lost interest, quickly. What was the point? Vega got the lead in every play. So, why would I care about it? I sat there sipping my coffee, still thinking about Cat this morning. Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted. "Jade," Sikowitz said, pulling me out of my own head, "You will be playing the lead for this play!" My eyes widened. "What?" I said, bitterly. "There weren't even auditions. I don't know what the plays abo-" I was cut off my Beck. "She'd love it. Thank you." I rolled my eyes. "Yeah. Whatever." The bell rang about ten minutes later. Beck and I stood up. "So, what's this play about?" I asked flatly. "Wicked." He responded, he bit his lip to suppress some laughter before continuing. "You'll be Elphaba.." My jaw dropped. Of course. I finally get the lead in a play and it's the Wicked Witch of the West. Beck continued, "Tori is Galinda, and Cat is Nessarose." I nodded, remembering the parts, clearly. "Who do you play?" I asked. "The Wizard of Oz. Andre plays Fiyero and Robbie plays Boq." he said, laughing a little. I nodded, again. "Kay" I mumbled and walked out of the classroom, looking for Cat. I ignored Beck as he ran after me.

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