brave new world

summary: a collection of snippets/drabbles/whatevers. one minute jan is jumping out of a friend's car and crossing the street, but then it all goes to hell. or technically, deep space nine.

disclaimer: nothing belongs to me, as per usual

so I had this crazy dream the other night after a DS9 marathon and that's how this plot bunny was born. don't judge me just because I had to get it out.

brave new world: one

"Thanks for the ride, Chris," she says, shutting the door maybe a little too hard, wincing because she knows what he'll say.

"Hey!" her friend exclaims, tossing her bag out the driver's window when she walks by. "What have I told you about taking your anger out on Red?"

"Yeah, I know!" is her distracted response and she doesn't realize how stupid she'd being. Doesn't notice that she forgets to check both ways again. Doesn't notice the light turned green a second before she starts to walk.


Chris's voice is the last thing she hears before everything goes black.

The world comes back into focus in a disorienting rush, not slow or quiet or gradual. Suddenly everything is so bright it burns and there are so many voices she can't keep up.

"What do you mean she just appeared out of nowhere? She had to have come from somewhere!"

"I'm sure she did but I'm tellin' you she poofed in!"

"Are you certain she did not transport?"

"I think I know what it looks like when someone transports, Worf-"

"Excuse me?" her soft voice interrupts the torrent of words passing between the people standing around her. Jan is sitting up now, one hand on her head which feels like it's just been cracked open and sewn back together. The last thing she remembers is Chris and the street and oh God was that a car?

"Where am I?" she's just confused, none of it makes sense. it's like she's trapped in a 90s sci fi movie with all the bleeping and blinking panels everywhere and the ugly, weird uniforms. this is a dream, she thinks. this has to be a really bad dream.

"You are on the Federation spacestation Deep Space Nine," replies the tall and strong looking dark skinned man, and that's when Jan notices the other dark skinned man...well man isn't really the right word.

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!" she exclaims, eyes so wide as she stares. His forehead has spikes, for Chrissake. It doesn't even cross her mind yet to ask what the fuck is the federation and how are they on a space station?

"You have never seen a Klingon before?" the spikes are still all she can look at even though the man, creature, question mark?! spoke to her.

"Klingon? Is that why your forehead has its own mountain range?" she asks, the words tumbling out of her mouth before she can stop them. "And what's the Federation? Like...the Russian Federation? You don't look like Putin and this doesn't look like the Kremlin. Wait, spacestation? This is not the fucking International Space Station..."

The group looks at her like she's the one with forehead spikes or a fifth eye or something. The one with the blue undershirt comes closer to examine her while the other three talk to themselves. With the gadgets in his hands she thinks he must be a doctor. Or maybe a mad scientist. She bats his hands away, frowning.

"What is the current stardate?" asks a woman with short, red hair and a less ugly uniform.

"Stardate? I don't even know what that means!" Jan grumbles. "As for the regular date, last I checked it was September 9th, 2012 and the last thing I remember was it being the morning, so-"

"2012?" the bald one asks, this time his brows are furrowed but head cocked like he's curious.

"That's what I said, isn't it? How long have I been out then, like a few days at the most, right?"

They look at each other, then at her, then back to each other. She wonders what on earth is going on. How did she end up at some nerd con or crazy Halloween party? Nothing is making any sense.

"The current year as you would put it is 2374." The Klingon? tells her and in very un-Jan-like fashion, she faints.

this isn't going to be a full fledged story. just a bunch of scenes, some of them close together in chronology and some not. I'm really bad at writing actually developed stories so this is easier. the kind of crackshit that comes to me in my dreams...haha