Double Dilemma

Chapter Ten – Something Amiss


It was late before Rogue and Wolverine got back. I was watching from my bedroom window, Scotch in hand. I watched as they pulled up on a motorcycle, and he helped her take her helmet off. I could see pretty clearly through the window as he leaned her back over the bike and kissed her – deeply, passionately – the way that I longed to kiss her. Her voice carried as she moaned, and I had to hobble over to shut my window – I couldn't take it. I couldn't take having to see her with him every day, day in and day out. But then again, I couldn't stay away from her. There was just something about her that drew me to her. She was with Wolverine, she was decidedly happy with him – but there was just something telling me over and over again that – I don't know – that she was – perfect. That I shouldn't give up, not that I wanted to – but because it wasn't over.

The other reality of my situation was that I was stuck at the mansion regardless of Rogue and Wolverine's status until we found Jean Grey, The Phoenix. Whatever was acceptable to call her, and I would have my day with Magneto. I had done my research, and was just starting to develop myself a different suit. It was hard without my home lab, but it was coming together nicely – on nights that I wasn't too exhausted from training. I watched like I was watching a car crash out the window, something I knew would hurt me to watch – but I couldn't pull my eyes away as Wolverine and Rogue grew tired of sucking face on the motorcycle and he was walking her into the mansion.

"Stark?" It was Storm, she hadn't been happy when I announced that I was going to sleep in my room for the night, "Are you ok?"

Did she mean that as I was standing in a dark room watching the love of my life make out with her love of her life? No, I wasn't ok – at all. I hid my glass in the curtains, and the bottle that was half gone with it.

"You're checking on me?" I asked, turning away from the window.

"Yes," She replied, "Why're you up? You should be resting."

"Rogue and her Wolvey just got back from their date," I said, making sure my voice sounded sarcastically sickeningly happy for them.

"Why would you do that to yourself?"

"Do what?" I asked, trying to avoid any deep conversations, "I'm thinking of getting a motorcycle – what do you think?"

"You won't be able to woo her away with a cooler bike, Stark," She pointed out, "I think you already knew that, though."

"She didn't even come to check on me," I said, in more a pondering state than anything else, "I thought she might."

"I think she's trying to let go of you, Stark," Storm replied as I sat down on my bed.

"She's letting me go?"

"She wants you to heal, she just wants to put a little distance," She said, "It must be hard, trying to keep both you and Wolverine happy. She's not the only girl in the world, you know."

I looked up from where I had been staring at the ground, and Storm had sat down on the bed next to me. I looked up at her, and she tucked a lock of my hair that had been in my face away – somewhere. She smiled softly.

"If that's what she wants," I said, and broke off – going into my own thoughts – barely aware that Storm was still in the same room.

She had been edging closer as I pondered what Rogue was doing – and why, if she was with Wolverine – I was having such a problem not wanting her. I wanted her to be happy, didn't I? I did. But for some reason I couldn't imagine her happy in any sort of future without me being there, with her – taking care of her. She was the only one I wanted, almost to the point where it didn't matter if she was with Wolverine – I would still love her – but it did. It did matter. All of a sudden, Storm was really close, and I jumped back in realization.

"What're you doing?" I asked and she took a step back, embarrassed.

"Sorry – it was stupid."

"Storm – I'm sorry," I felt bad for her, she was a good person – I just- "Rogue – she's…"

"She's who everyone wants," She was upset, clearly.

"Not everyone," I told her and she nodded – I sensed that she was going to be getting much more upset very quickly, "But she's the only one that I want."

I took a deep breath, and Storm sort of skirted out of the room, I assumed before she cried in front of me. I liked Storm, she was one of the very few decent people that I had come across, and a good friend. I felt bad, from my interactions with her – it was quite clear that she had been harboring her own little thing for the Wolverine too. Then, once he was with Rogue – she had started to change her focus onto me. And me, being in my awful and stupid state – I didn't really notice. I laid down on the bed, and just wanted to disappear.

"Tony?" There was a voice at the door that I would recognize anywhere.

My ears perked up instantaneously, but I managed to keep my composure as I sat up, and looked to the door. My room itself was pretty dark – but in the stream of light that was coming from the hall – I could see Rogue – standing in T-shirt and running shorts – her hair beautiful as always.

"What're you doing here?" I asked as she walked into the room, closing the door behind her, and I turned the light on the nightstand on so that I could keep my eyes on her.

"I came to see you," She replied softly, sitting on the foot of the bed, "I'm sorry I didn't come check on you earlier."

"You were busy – out with your Wolverine, right?"

"Tony – "


The way she was looking at me, it made my skin burn hot, and only a fourth of it was anger. How could she treat me like this? Run off with her Wolverine, choose him so quickly over me – before she even really knew me. Then, come to my room this late, and look at me the way she was. The lust in her eyes wasn't something that was completely foreign, but what was she doing here? Why was she doing this? What Storm had said about her wanting to distance herself made sense – if she truly loved Wolverine – which I wouldn't be able to comprehend her actually doing in the first place – it hurt too much.

"Let me see your scars," She replied, "Show me what he did to you – and I'll show you what he's done to me."

It was a dangerous statement, and I had a feeling that if I were to show her, I would have quite a few more like it. But the way she was looking at me, in that moment – I didn't care. At this point, if Wolf-boy walked in I was screwed as it was – might as well see how far this would go. Wait a second – what had he done to her?

"Has he hurt you?" I asked, swallowing hard – I would kill him, I didn't care how impossible that statement was.

"Show them to me, Tony," Rogue encouraged, and I nodded.

"You wanna help me out?" I asked, raising my hands above my head – like a little kid.

"Of course," She replied, and was right up against me faster than I had thought possible for anyone to move.

She took the hem of the tank top I was wearing, and lifted it carefully, clearing my arms one at a time. She tossed my shirt to the side, setting it on the bed, as she traced some of the quickly scaring cuts on my torso and chest. The most noticeable was a long one that made a thin red line, a surface slice, from my right shoulder down across my left pectoral muscle, just under my chest magnet. She traced it with her finger, and it sent shivers down my spine, though not nearly as intensely as I thought it would be – but nonetheless a rush.

"Lay back," She whispered, her face sad as her eyes swiped down and registered where every scratch and gash was.

I did, she wasn't going to have to ask me twice. I watched through the dim light as she inspected just about every inch of me.

"I'm sorry about what he's done to you," She said, leaning down and kissing my chest.

"It's ok," I breathed, and she sat back up.

"No, it's not."

"Please don't be doing this because you're trying to fix something he's done," I told her, "I don't want any of this to have anything to do with him."

"It doesn't," She replied, "You have no idea how much I've been keeping myself back from you, Tony. I love you way more than you could ever know, or understand. I want you, Tony. I want you so bad it hurts me, every day I can't."

"And why can't you?" I asked her, taking her into my arms – and pulling her back to lay with me – which she gave right in to.

"It wouldn't end well," She replied, as I slipped my hand just under her shirt, and she allowed it.

Once I got my hand on her stomach, I knew what she had been hinting at. I could feel where I had always imagined smooth, soft, skin to be. It was full of marks, cuts so raised that I could feel them, and I sat up a little bit as I peeled her shirt up and over her head, so that she was lying in her bra beside me. Her torso was covered in cuts and bruises – like Wolverine had been using her as a practice dummy – and it made my blood boil.

"He did this to you?" I didn't even have to wait for an answer as I sat up, looking down at her, then leaned down to hover slightly over her, "May I?"

"Of course, babe," She replied and I kissed them all – every little scratch, cut, or bruise.

"I won't let him do this to you ever again," I whispered, ghosting around her ear, "Be mine, Rogue. I'll protect you from him. I'll take you away from here."

"I love you, Tony," She breathed back, her breath hitching under my touch, "I want you."

"Don't let this be about him," I said, my hands running softly around her core, up her neck.

"It's not," She assured me, her hand landing on my thigh, my flesh burning for her as she slipped her hand over to start unbuttoning my jeans.

"You're sure you want this?" I stopped her for a second, my hand on hers, only because I knew I had to – not because I wanted to.

"More than anything," She replied, and let go of her hand.


The morning after Logan's fight, I woke up early - with an eerie feeling running through my veins. Something that made all the hairs on my body stand up on end, and a shiver running continuously right through me. I didn't want to open my eyes yet, so I kept them closed – and snuggled in about as tight as I could to the warm body next to mine under the covers. I let my hand fall onto his chest and felt his arms wrap around me as if it were a reflex reaction. I nuzzled my face up on his chest and heard his deep, burly chuckle.

"Marie," He grumbled, and I looked up at him, popping my head up through the covers – we were in his room – it had been closer to where we had entered the mansion.

"Logan?" I smiled coyly up at him and he smirked.

"Good morning, Darlin'," He leaned down and kissed me softly as I rolled over so that I was simply lying on top of him comfortably, he chuckled as I buried my face into his chest, "What's the matter?"

"I don't know," I replied, "There's just something wrong. It woke me up – just this feeling I have."

"Well allow me to try and take it away for you?" He offered innocently as he leaned in and kissed me again.

"I love you," I beamed, reaching up and running my hand through his hair, "But really, something just doesn't feel right."

"We're not working our asses off in the danger room?" He asked as I fell back onto the pillow facing him again, "Professor gave us the morning off. And I vote, we spent the whole morning in bed."

It was hard to hold onto my bad feeling when logic like that was being tossed around. I snuggled myself up tight to him and looked out the window – it was barely light out.

"Do you think anyone's up?"

"No," He replied, watching me throw on one of his flannel shirts –which fell to my knees, "Why?"

"I can go get a change of clothes for today, and no one'll be any the wiser," I smirked and he smiled.

"You're not going anywhere like that," He put on his tough guy impersonation.

"And just what are you gonna do about it, sugar?"

I barely gave him any time to react as I opened the door and ran out into the hallway. I smiled at him from just the other side of the doorway, and he hopped out of bed, pulling on a pair of his boxers that had been strewn on the floor the night before. I looked down the hall and saw something that made the world seem to be put on pause. Tony was a little ways down the hall – only in his jeans – but that wasn't the weird part. In his arms, pinning him against the wall – was me. I was in a white cami and short silky PJ set, and I was making out with Tony – in the hall.

"This," Logan replied, scooping me up in his arms bridal style.


He set me down the second he spotted it, and set me down, very carefully on my feet. He gave me a look like 'stay right here' that he knew I wouldn't actually follow if it got to the point where I had to. He ran over to the – couple - claws drawn. He took – me – by the neck with his arms, and I started to scream.

"Let go, let go," My voice screamed, "Tony, babe, he'll hurt me again."

"Let go of her, hairball," Tony replied and Logan shook his head.

"I would never lay a hand on Rogue," Logan replied, raising a claw to Mystique's stomach.

"Get the fucking hell away from her!" Tony was about to hit his bracelets – and things were going to get very messy, very quickly.

"Tony!" I broke my silence, and he looked over at me, then back at Mystique.

"The Fuck?" Tony looked beyond confused.

"It's simple Stark," Logan growled, then leaned down to talk to Mystique, "Do you want another scar, or are you willing to just show yourself?"

"Tony, don't let him do this to me," Mystique-me said, "He'll hurt me again – I'm the real Rogue – not her. She's the imposter."

"Really?" Logan asked, "Then what, perchance did I tell her the first night that I told her I loved her?"

There was a silence, in which Mystique could not answer, and she returned to her blue state, realizing just how outnumbered she was. That was when I piped up.

"You told me to shut up," I said, "Among other things."

"Of all the things I said to you that night, you pick up on 'shut up'?" He shot me a look as Tony just still looked kind of shocked.

"You do have a way with women, Wolverine," Mystique felt brave, and Logan growled – angrily, not like the playful way he did with me.

'Stark, I'm delighted to inform you that the woman you were sucking the lips off of was in fact this wonderful shape shifting blue ball of sunshine," Logan, having addressed the immediate issue was now processing what he'd seen, "Not my girl. This one's name's Mystique, she's Magneto's girl."

"Oh, he did more than just suck face," Mystique was just trying to cause trouble, why else would she be here, "He got everything he wanted last night, didn't you babe? You just couldn't imagine the idea of Rogue being so sad, and the big bad Wolverine beating her up. You were going to take her away from everything, weren't you. Dream come true for you, huh lover-boy?"

"Enough," I finally spoke up, "Your despicable. This is a new low, even for you, Mystique."

I was blushing – I knew it, but for both of the men in front of me's sakes, I couldn't let her go on any further.

"What is going on here?! This is a school!" The professor wheeled up, obviously upset by the fact that we were all half-naked, "Rogue and Logan, I will not comment on what goes on between you behind closed doors - but honestly in the hallways? - Raven - Logan, What is the meaning of this?"

"It seems like Mystique here had a little fun with Stark last night," Logan was about to punch a wall, with Mystique still in fist, "In Rogue's body."

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