It was a hot and sunny day. A very sunny day. A very hot sunny day. One of those days that made Fiona Coyne regret becoming a lifeguard.

Well... no, that was most days.

She had thought it would be a good, easy summer job. The pay was good... Well not by Fiona Coyne's standards but- You could sit around, soak up the sun. Gawk at hot girls in bikinis. Oh how she had been wrong.

Turns out, as much as she had thought that lifeguards just sat around most of the day. There actually were a lot of people that did not know how to swim. But insisted on it anyways.

The brunette shifted in her high lifeguard's seat. Which was bright white, making it very hard to look at in the glaring sun. The little attempt at an umbrella over her wasn't helping, and neither were her little uniform red board shorts. Which kept little of her thighs off of the hot, rough surface of the wooden chair.

The heat had definitely gotten to her, and she could feel sweat going down her neck. Despite having tied up her thick curls. There was a trickle of it sliding over her collarbone, and down her chest, and just, ew gross.

Another negative to being a lifeguard; you didn't get to go in the water unless someone was drowning, or you were on break.

Fiona stood, just to get her expensively lotion-ed soft skin off of the disgusting surface of the bench. (Really though when she was off shift she knew Jake was sitting there sweating just as much as she was, and, ew, boy sweat.)

From her new vantage point though she could easily see the whole beach, and the water of Lake Ontario, swarming with people.

There was a group of kids around her age playing chicken. Something she was supposed to stop..., but didn't. She looked from the four teenagers to a group of little kids in the shallow waves. Then back out to the edge of it. Where everyone thinned out.

A splashing, white watered, mess had emerged right near the boat line. Sometimes she hated kids for making her job so hard.

The brunette, squinting, and unable to make out if it was couple of kids being idiots, or someone drowning. She grabbed at her whistle. Letting out a long breath into it. When the splashing didn't stop she uttered a soft 'dammit,' under her breath.

Right as she brought the plastic whistle to her lips again the splashing abruptly stopped as rather large wave consumed that area. Fiona just barely made out a head going under before it.

She waited longer than she was supposed to. A small commotion around the spot in the water had started up.

She honestly wasn't hoping someone else would do something, or that she wouldn't have to. She had made more than one false call.

But by the time she was blowing her whistle again she had already hit the sand, and was running at a speed not easily achieved on the shifting, and burning sand.

Swimming through the strong waves was easy, and halfway there she realized she'd forgotten her rescue buoy... Some lifeguard.

She was half thankful, and half terrified when she got to the spot she had seen from her chair and there was someone there. But she didn't have much time to think. Really, she was just action.

It was a thin girl, and she looked unconscious. That was pretty much all Fiona comprehended, and that it was a lot deeper, and a lot further out than she had thought from her hot white perch high above.

She slid an arm around the girl. Forcing her way back through the waves. Glad that people parted so readily for her. Her mind so frantic she really barely comprehended the fact that it was because she was wearing a bright red lifeguard's uniform.

It was much harder when she reached the shallow water just before the beaches edge.

Fiona was infinitely glad that the girl was light by then. She was strong from lifeguard training, and basic body upkeep, but not that strong.

After what seemed like hours, which it could have been with this girls life practically ticking away by the millisecond. Fiona reached dry land and dropped her to the ground. Instantly checking her for a pulse, and breathing.

Her pulse was sluggish, just barely there. The airflow was a nada.

Countless training hours of CPR seemed to come to her brain like a godsend, and her savior instincts lapsed for a few seconds for her to feel stupidly uncertain about putting her mouth to this girl who- she seemed to realize in that same lapse was not unattractive- But her logical mind shoved it aside and she was already beginning the motions.

She had the girl's nose plugged, and her mouth opened. She was giving her one long breath of air. Fiona's heart was in her ears. The whole beach was seemingly gone, except for the cold un-breathing, un-moving, girl beneath her.

She counted the chest compressions in huffs of her own air. Which she then realized from the burning in her chest she was short of from the vigorous swim in and out of the chilling lake.

Oh well, she went in for another long breath, then chest compressions again. Her heart had slowed in her ears, somehow.

The thought didn't even register that this may not work, because it had to. The motions became mechanical, and she was unsure how long she had been attempting to revive her.

Then it worked. The girl was choking and sputtering, like something out of a movie. Her whole thin body convulsing as it expelled more than a mouthful of lake water.

Fiona watched in astonishment. Her hands still sitting laced on the girls sternum. As her eyelids fluttered open, flicking off droplets of water. To reveal two chocolatey brown orbs, clouded with confusion. They moved slowly from side to side, before landing on Fiona.

For some reason those eyes on her made her feel kind of fuzzy, and she could blame the way her thoughts clouded over on the fact she still hadn't quite caught her breath.

The girl coughed again. Expelling more water, and moving under Fiona's hands. Goosebumps rising on her skin, and for some reason on Fiona's too.

Fiona had pretty much forgotten that she was physically there. Until the girl directed her gaze to her. Coughing once more, less violently this time, and asking in a scratchy voice.

"Are you an angel?"

Fiona's mouth fell open, and she found herself unable to reply. Instead she let out a small sound between a sigh and a laugh escaped her lips. Her hands drew away from the girl, and she fell back on her calves. The beach seemed to materialize around the two of them. Then she managed to find her voice.


That and she found a small crowd of people. Some chattered loudly, some stared amazed, some looking terrified. But three shoved through the almost break-less circle in some kind of panic. Standing out obviously from those around them.

If not only from their panic-y demeanor from the very look of them.

There was the guy who led, clad only in a pair of black skull covered swim trunks and a thick chained necklace. With wavy dark hair. The perfect emo kid at the beach. Followed by a girl in a wide brimmed hat and comically big sunglasses. Then last stood a boy who looked like he'd never seen the sun he was so pale, with a large baggy shirt, and bright green shorts. A lost look on his face.

"Oh my god! Imogen!" The boy in the black shorts groaned. With eyes only for the girl who still seemed a bit more than dazed could cover. Her eyes flicking from Fiona's face, to the trio.

The crowd around them quickly broke up, and the girl in the hat looked to Fiona and gushed. "Thank god."

"Imogen I told you not to go in without me or Clare, we promised your mom you'd come home in one piece." The dark haired boy ranted. But with the compassion, and obvious relief at finding his friend okay never leaving his face.

"Is she going to be okay?" The girl asked Fiona. Distress still apparent in her tone.

"She should probably check with first aid, but she should be fine." Fiona replied, nodding rather dumbly. Possibly as shell-shocked as her near drowning victim.

"So I'm not dead?" The girl asked.

Which caused her panicky friends to almost at once relax. As if this was normal. Fiona felt her own shocked features shift at the question. into a small smile.

"Nope, you're alive, and probably well." The pale as a bone boy chuckled out.

"Thanks to you." She gave another little cough interrupting her statement. The dark haired boy had a hand on her back supporting her sitting position, and it seemed, soon to be standing one.

The look he was giving her, and the way he could barely tear his eyes away to look at Fiona and add his quick. "Yeah, thank you, so much..." Made her come to the almost immediate conclusion that this was her boyfriend.

She locked eyes with the little girl and felt a funny twist in her stomach, and, wow this girl was really pretty. Kind of adorable too. Which gave her a little fluttering in her stomach, like most pretty girls. It really helped that she had saved this girls life.

She simply smiled, a winning Coyne smile and retorted. "Just doing my job."