The crack ended up being a root that Fiona had been leaned against. The girls' combined weight breaking it.

Eli and Clare were calling her name, because the red and blue lights were the police. Which someone had called about the teenagers partying in the campgrounds with drugs and alcohol. So they'd come to find her and get out of there.

Imogen listened to the couples hurried and anxious relaying of this information dismayed. Throwing a glance behind her to the girl she had been seconds away from kissing as her best friends urged her to get moving.

Fiona had a long list of emotions going through her as she heard about just how this night had gone so terribly wrong. Then as the girl she had been seconds away from kissing timidly started to follow her anxious friends disappointment masked all of those.

She wasn't even going to get a goodbye. She leaned back against the mangled tree trunk, not ready to start thinking about finding Drew and making her way home.

Her eyes wandered the dark branches interlocking above her, blocking out the light of the moon and stars. But occasionally lighting up with the quiet sirens of the police cars.

Until Imogen burst back through the trees, obviously in a hurry. She loosely gripped Fiona's denim covered hips and pressed her lips to the other girls cheek in a soft kiss. Pulling back to look the other brunette in the eye she smiled loosely. Whispering, "until we meet again, Fiona Coyne."

Then she was gone again, the resilient foliage covering even where she'd ran off to. Making Fiona wonder if that had really just happened. Only relying on the tingling in her cheek as proof.

Imogen's heartbeat felt funny in her chest the whole way home, and it wasn't from the narrow escape from the disastrous party. No matter how much Eli ranted about how Adam had to keep a closer watch on who shows up to his parties. Or more importantly, what they bring. Imogen couldn't think anything bad of it.

She had seen Fiona again, and actually talked to her beyond introductions. She had come across something you only read about in books, and saw in movies. She and Fiona definitely had a connection. One that made her heart beat a little faster. But that made her feel like she was going home at the same time.

When Eli dropped her off at her dad's. Clare asking six or seven times if she was alright in her strange, motherly way. Rather obviously in her very good girl mindset beyond shaken. Imogen could just barely nod, and couldn't stop herself from reaching up and touching her lips in a stupid way.

Because they were all tingly, and she hadn't even kissed her on the lips.

One thing was clear in her mind, she had to see that lifeguard girl again.

Fiona barely wanted to get out of bed the morning after that party. She felt like she had a bad hangover, she hadn't gotten to bed until two thirty last night. She'd only gotten home at one. After finding Drew, and untangling him from the girl she'd seen him run off with earlier. Admittedly a little bitter that she hadn't gotten more than a kiss on the cheek herself.

Except for the fact that she had been replaying that kiss over and over in her brain since the moment it had happened. It was definitely a better moment to be focused on than her memory of reviving Imogen.

She focused on every detail of the moment. How she had been flushed in the face. Obviously had run back from her friends hurried attempt at a getaway. Her hands on her hips, how at the last moment she had pivoted to the side and landed her kiss on Fiona's cheek instead of her lips. Then that whisper, how Imogen wholeheartedly believed that they'd get throw back together by fate again.

Fiona was sure it couldn't be more perfect. Even if she had kissed her on the lips.

She soon became stuck replaying that moment, and pretty much every other one from the party. Well, the parts of it she had spent with Imogen. She barely knew this girl, but she was sure that she had some type of feelings for her. Admittedly it was a bit much for a crush.

Five days past, and Fiona felt her own belief that she and Imogen would coincidentally bump into each other again beginning to fade. She had always been bad at having faith in things with no proof. She would not deny the fact that she was more than a bit of a pessimist.

Three times she almost went to Drew to ask him to get her in contact through his brother. But her pride kept winning out, and she really didn't need Drew teasing her about a crush.

The not very good looking fate of her 'relationship' or lack there of, even a friendly one, with Imogen had gotten Fiona into not the best of moods. Add the bright sun, and long shift to that and it was easy to see why Fiona didn't have a friend to be seen. Well one living in the country that is.

The brunette was currently off duty. The lifeguard's shifts working in an on two hours off two hours agenda. To prevent idle-ness, and boredom initiated sleep. They were pretty much all teenagers after all. There was an air-conditioned lounge for the off duty lifeguards, that Fiona usually did her best to avoid. But soda was free in there, and it was just so hot.

So she shouldn't have been surprised when she was approached by Mike Dallas. The boy was like dog, or a five year old. The more you told him he couldn't have something, the more he wanted it.

The blue-eyed girl nearly growled when he made his presence known.

"So Fiona, I have two tickets to a concert this Saturday-"

"Sorry Mike, but you're really not my type." Fiona cut him off. Definitely not in the mood to deal with his chasing.

"And what is your type?" Dallas's cool guy facade seemed to finally falter.

"Females." She'd avoided it for this long because she knew it would just be turned into something sexual to him but Fiona knew she was just going to have play the gay card eventually.

"No way. If you want to pretend you don't want to go out with me go ahead, but you don't have to lie." He replied, thumbs sliding into the waist band of his swim trunks. Obviously trying to stay cool.

"I'm not lying. I like girls, a lot." Fiona gripped her can of soda, irritated. She'd more than once had someone not believe her about her sexuality, and she was sure it was one of the most irritating things there was out there.

"So you expect me to believe you're some kind of dyke? You're way to... hot." The dark boy chuckled, and Fiona rolled her eyes. Glancing around the small lounge area to find it, surprisingly empty, and decided to do what her diva heart desired and storm out of the place in a huff.

Once outside she headed for the small line of trees that separated the beach from the parking lot. Marching along them with a deep frown on her lips, and anger bubbling up in her.

It wasn't just what Dallas had said. Although the guy had been annoying her all summer. It was everything in her that was mad, and frustrated being pushed to the edge. She gave the cool sand a hard kick, sending it up in a spray in front of her.

People didn't usually set up their camps this close to the trees. Even though it had a wonderful amount of shade from the near wall of medium sized trees it was quite far from the water. The of course main attraction at a beach.

At the moment Fiona couldn't be more grateful. So of course her first reaction when she felt a tap on her shoulder was to whip around a growl of 'what!' on her lips.

The anger in her vanished the second she saw just who it was standing behind her. She had expected Dallas. Which was ridiculous because she would have heard his footsteps meters away hurried in the sand, and she would have felt him looming over her. Not to mention the finger that tapped her wasn't bratwurst sized.

But still she was very pleasantly surprised to find bright brown eyes, and a the innocent round face of Imogen. Clad in only a very loose knit sweater, and black bikini beneath.

"Fiona!" She was grinning rather hugely, and seemed just thrilled to find her there.

"Imogen." Fiona replied, with a grin herself. Imogen's seemed rather contagious. "I was beginning to think the universe gave up on us."

"Oh... this one was all me... I kind of dragged my friends here, I wanted to... see you, and I thought this was the most likely place." The shorter brunette smiled nervously. The first show of nerves Fiona had seen from the girl.

"Oh, you wanted to see me?" Fiona couldn't help the flutter in her heart at that idea. Or the way it made her mind go to hopeful places.

"Yeah, I kind of wanted to..." Imogen had gotten a few inches closer somehow. She slowly trailed off, lifting her eyes from the sand which she had been stirring with her bare toes. "Finish what I started."

Fiona didn't have time to think about what that meant. Or stupidly stop her like she had the last time, because Imogen had barely finished her statement then she was kissing her.

Lips slow, and timid. Just a simple short kiss, like she had given her cheek the last time. Before she pulled away a few centimeters. Giving Fiona a rather big out.

An out, Fiona did not want to take. She gripped the other girls shoulders and brought her back for another timid kiss.

Neither had ever thought that kissing someone you barely knew a thing about would feel quite so right. But it did. It felt perfect.

Imogen's hands had found their own place on Fiona's hips. So when they did break they were still very close, and Imogen was staring into Fiona's sky blue eyes when she opened them, wondering if the electric she felt going through the rest of her body could been seen in her eyes. If Fiona could feel it in the places they were touching.

"I really like you, and I want to get to know you better." Imogen stated in a rush. Her cheeks were rather flushed under their naturally tan hue, and her grip on Fiona had tightened. "That's what, what I wanted to say." The brown-eyed girl looked back at her feet. Bare toes almost touching Fiona's in the cool sand.

"I'd really like that." Fiona couldn't dream of containing her smile now. "Would you like to go, to lunch with me?" The taller brunette, a bit begrudgingly, lifted a hand from Imogen's shoulder to gesture somewhere over it.

"Now?" The pigtailed girl asked. Sounding somewhere between surprised and hopeful. Her voice higher than before.

"If you want." Fiona replied, eyes flicking to the side, and Imogen wondered briefly if she detected a note of uncertainty.

Briefly that is, because she was a bit preoccupied with shaking her head. Maybe a bit to enthusiastically in the positive.

A small giggle passed through Fiona's lips at the other girl's eagerness. The sound seem to break the sliver of apprehension. Returning the calm, natural flow between them almost instantly.

Imogen, throwing caution to the wind, leaned onto her toes and pressed a swift kiss to Fiona's lips.

She was pretty sure nothing had ever felt more right.