Chapter 7

Magnus took in a sharp intake of breath as he saw who had been knocking on his door so profusely. His eyes were wide and he had to force himself to close his open mouth. Magnus also knew that his knuckles were probably turning white from his tight grip on the handle of his door.

"Wha, what are you doing here?" Magnus tried again; surprised his voice was fairly steady considering he was pretty shaken up as he look at a boy who looked like had gone to hell and back.

"You wouldn't answer my calls." He said matter of factly.

The sound of his voice pulled Magnus out of his shock as his heart clenched up in his chest and he considered slamming the door shut before whatever this was could go on anymore. But as Magnus acted on this thought a foot was put in the door, not allowing it to close all the way, and the boy forced his way into the apartment.

"I don't remember inviting you in," Magnus said as anger started to build up within him a little.

"I invited myself in."

"What do you want?"

Magnus stared into the blue eyes that were dull and almost held a haunted look within them. This shook Magnus a little. He was so use to those eyes being clear and bright and focused. At the moment they weren't even close to the eyes he loved and yet they caused his heart to ache all the same.

"I want to talk to you."

"Well, I do not wish to talk to you. Confirming the fact that I was ignoring your calls."

"Would you stop acting childish for one moment and listen to what I have to say."

This enraged Magnus.

"You want me to stop acting childish! I'm not the one who was sneaking around and going behind people's back like a rowdy little ten year-old. I wasn't the one who lied about where I was going and what I was doing."

"You may never have lied, but you never told the truth either. How can you be so angry when I told everything and you gave nothing in return? Not once did you ever answer the questions I asked about you and your past, you always evaded the answer just like the fay would. Not necessarily lying, but certainly not telling me the truth either. All I wanted was answers and I thought I had found a way to get a few of them since you weren't willing to give them to me." The words were hard as they came from the tight set lips of their deliverer. It hit Magnus like a slap almost, stinging his flesh and his heart. He wasn't use to this person's voice sounding so cruel and angry.

"So this is all my fault?"

"I didn't say that, I said what did you expect. I get that you weren't happy with me going behind your back and I did tell you I was sorry. I hadn't intending things to go on as long as they did. In fact I was going to go the one time and be done but I went back a second time and a third and then after that it just escalated. That last day I went I had gone to say I was done and I held every intention of killing her."

"I've heard this all before." Magnus said crossly.

"I take it that you really don't care then."

"That would be the correct assumption."

The disheveled boy seemed to flinch a little at Magnus's words and he almost wanted to break down then and there and say he didn't care anymore and was willing to put it behind him. But another part, a stronger part, said that he couldn't forgive and that it was best to move on in life.

"That fast huh." Those cold blue eyes stared him down. "It was that fast to just forget all about me. Perhaps I shouldn't have wasted my time on you then either, seeing as I was just another thing to help you pass the time as you continued to live your immortal life."

The words pulled at Magnus's heart and made him consider once again to forgive.

"Fine then. I said what I wanted and I can see now that I never meant anything to you at all."

Magnus was frozen in place as he watched as the ragged figure started to walk away from him. How he longed to walk up to that figure and fling his arms around it and pull that frail body towards his own. But even if he dared to do such a thing he couldn't move anyways, not when his feet seemed to be glued to the floor.

Closing his eyes Magnus thought of Will and how he had fallen so in love with the that boy from London even though he knew Will would never feel the same way about him. He thought of Camille and how he had thought she had loved him and she never really had, at least not like he had loved her. He thought of all of his relationships, serious and not, and realized that the pain and sorrow of saying goodbye didn't even come close to how he felt now.

Opening his eyes he felt an unwanted tear slide down his cheek. Looking at the boy, who had turned around to look at him one last time, he saw that the eyes had dark circles around them and his skin was paler than normal. His hair was a mess and looked like it hadn't been washed in a few days. Magnus also noticed that even the clothes the young man had on seemed to fit looser than they had a few weeks ago. Finally Magnus's eyes spotted the glass bottle that was gripped loosely in one of the boy's hands.

"Are you drunk?" Magnus said aghast at the very idea.

"Not at the moment. Good day, Mr. Bane."

"Alexander. Wait."

Sorry it is short, but I will try hard to add more tomorrow if I have time. If I don't I'm afraid you will have to wait until next weekend. Hope you liked this chapter. I also hope you don't mind that I focus a little but on Magnus's relationship with Alec…