Blue Beetle oneshots

A/N: Oh god. I loved Blue Beetle and DC comics as a kid and kinda still do. Bear with please. Italics is thoughts. Bold is effects/action. Mostly from Nightwing's/Dick Grayson's perspective. It is kind of AU-ish. I tweaked some things but overall it sould be the same.

Jaime meets Nightwing

Nightwing had just became team leader and decided he was not ready for this kind of crap. The day started out normal; he got out of bed, ate, pooped, brushed up, went to freaking school, yep nothing out of the ordinary there, but Batman was in the cave. THE Batman who was supposed to be on a mission to save the planet was in his cave and that would be fine except he was dragging a blue boy, and headed toward him with a determined look on his face. Nightwing took a moment to collect his thoughts.

"I'm pretty sure me and Wally haven't pulled anything lately, well I haven't. so whatever it is it isn't my fault right?," Dick thought to himself. Out loud he said, "Hey Bats, what's up? Who's the squirt?"

"Your new team member. Name's Blue Beetle, here," and with that Bruce tossed a file at Dick's face and the boy at Dick's arms and spun around and left.

"Just once," Dick muttered to himself, "could you just say please and thank you? Would it kill you?"

"Sorry…" the boy in the blue muttered snapping Dick's attention onto him.

"No problem, he does that a lot. You get used to it," Dick said with a comforting smile, "I'm Nightwing. Blue beetle right? So they finally found another one huh?"

Dick motioned for the boy to sit down and sat across from the kid while reading his file. Huh. That's weird. Apparently the kid has actually worked with the Justice League. He helped a couple of them out a few times , mostly small stuff. He also worked solo for a bit. Apparently then the kid, Jaime Reyes a fifteen year old from El Paso, TX, found out about and prevented a full on alien invasion from this ting called the Reach. Nightwing flipped to the next page labeled Affiliations outside of the League. According to this sheet his mother was a paramedic, his father a former soldier, and he had a little sister that was ten; them and his two best friends Paco and Brenda all knew his identity. On top of that he allied himself with the magical group the Posse, the witch la Dama and her gang, Dan Garret the first Blue Beetle, Garret's granddaughter Danielle who was an expert in mechanics and metahumans, the Green Lantern Guy Gardner, and a young urban magician called Traci 13. On top of that, following the invasion with the aliens called the reach this Jaime kid got on the good side of all the other Reach aliens although none have been found or contacted yet so that is merely speculation at the moment. Wow, color Dick impressed; it sounded like the kid had a whole army on his side. Dick allowed himself to sneak a glance at Jaime; he didn't look all that impressive. In fact, he just looked scared. Dick flipped to the last page that read Powers and Abilities. This page talked about how Jaime had only slightly above average hand to hand combat training and had the super strong alien beetle weapon/AI Khaji Da. The thing gave Jaime all sorts of blasters, shields, and abilities like flying and breathing underwater. Jaime himself was an average human boy, Hispanic, fifteen going on sixteen, and in good physical condition despite being a bit smaller for his age.

Dick finished reading, looked up, and said, "So Jaime, you became Blue Beetle about a year and a half ago? And you want to join the team?"

"Yes Sir," came the polite reply that Nightwing had come to expect of small town kids, especially from the south.

"Hm, well I see no reason to reject you, but I will tell you this; everyone here is more experienced than you by at least two or three years, a couple of us have been trained since birth. You're gonna be the rookie in every sense of the term. I'm not trying to knock your confidence either, but your actual fighting skills are a bit…"

"Lacking?" Jaime offered, "I know, but I've already decided to do this whole hero thing so I might as well do it right."

"Well," Dick said while smirking, "It's nice to have someone not half assed. Welcome to the team."

"Really?" asked Jaime, a bit shocked.

"Yep," Dick said happily, "Welcome aboard to Young Justice Blue Beetle. Look forward to working with you and all that."

"Thanks," Jaime said with a flattering smile. Dick could almost see what all those people saw in the kid.

Nightwing came to a conclusion. Jaime Reyes wasn't incredible nor had he been trained into the life. Jaime picked up a random rock that turned out to be dangerous technology that embedded itself into his spine. The beetle, for the most part, seemed to be completely compliant to Jaime. The kid could have been anything, done anything. Gome bad. Gone rogue. Completely ignored his powers. However, in the mess of his life he chose to save people because he could. In Dick's experience when people are given so much power so quickly, they go crazy, but this kid held it together. He wasn't a replacement Kord; Kord trained and prepared for this life. This Jaime was just a confused and harmless teenage boy. He may do the group some good. Give it some conscience, and if not…well it's never a bad idea to have someone who can fire plasma cannons on your side.