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Jason cursed, rubbing his arm. He glared at his wife. "The hell was that for?" which earned him another slap.

Piper leaned in closer and hissed in his ear, "In case you haven't noticed, this is a kindergarten teacher! You can't just start cursing!"

Jason glared even harder. "A, She made me fail Jetpack Joyride, 2, that wasn't cursing, and D, there aren't any kids around, so who cares?"

Piper glared back at him. "We need to give a good first impression on his teacher so she doesn't think we're idiots!"

"We are!"





Jason and Piper Grace wheeled around to see Mrs. Suzzane, their son's kindergarten teacher, glaring sternly at them. "The conference will start now," she said, leading them into the room.

"Nice first impression," Jason whispered to Piper, holding the door open for her.

She stuck out her tongue and stomped on his foot. "You're an idiot."

They followed the teacher into the room and sat down in two plastic yellow chairs across from the teacher's desk. The room had light blue walls and four sets of desks clumped together, around five or so desks in each clump. There were wooden bookcases on the far left side of the room, for the kids to hang up their coats and backpacks, and to keep their lunch boxes. The walls of the room were covered with posters that had stuff written on them like, "Wash your hands! Spider man does, too!", and "Math is fun! Dora says so!"

Mrs. Suzzane sighed and pulled out a file. "Robert...Joseph...Grace," she said, with a long pause in between every word. Jason's ADHD was making him squirm, or he would have also noticed the tone of her voice.

"Yes?" Piper said timidly.

The teacher sighed again. "Monday, October the 4th, twelve-thirteen PM. Emily Brooks gets an electric shock."

Jason and Piper stared straight ahead, stifling laughs. "How..." said Jason, "How can you assume Bobby did that?"

She looked at Piper and said, "He told me."

Jason stifled another laugh, while Piper said, "Did he say why?"

"Apparently, Emily was bragging about how her dad was in the military and how his dad wasn't as cool because he wasn't in the military."

If only she knew, thought Jason, That would definitely shut her up. Out loud, he said, "So? It's a valid reason. He was provoked, and he acted in self-defense."

Mrs. Suzzane didn't say anything for a while. She then pulled out another piece of paper. "Wednesday, October the 13th, eleven forty-two AM. He asked Dwight Bailey for his bag of Doritos, and Dwight gave it to him."

That's my charmspeaking boy, thought Piper. "How is that a bad thing?"

Mrs. Suzzane looked at Piper for a second and then said, "Well...he...might have used force, of threatened him."

Jason glared at her. "Is that a fact?"

"Uh, well..."

"And you were there, unless, you're a bad teacher who doesn't watch over her class. What happened?"

His son's teacher glared at him, and he glared back, "Are you accusing me of being a bad-"

Piper saved the teacher from possibly being struck by lightning. "What my husband means to say..." she shot Jason a warning look, "...is we want to know exactly what you saw."

The teacher was silent for a moment, then said, "He tapped Dwight on the shoulder. Pointed to the bag of Doritos. Said something. And Dwight gave it to him."

"So how is that wrong?" Jason demanded. "He asked nicely, and he gave it to him."

Defeated, the teacher sighed and moved on, "Two days ago, three-fifteen PM. Jake Greenberg misses the bus."

Piper and Jason exchanged glances. "Why?" asked Piper.

"He was on the roof."

Jason burst out in laughter, but quickly stopped when he caught the look his wife was giving him. He composed himself, and, with a straight face, said, "What does that have to do with our son?"

Mrs. Suzzane glared at him and said, "Well...we're not sure...but we have reasonable suspicion, because of all the other things that he did."

Jason snorted. "Bull-"

Piper clamped a hand over his mouth and smiled apologetically at the teacher. "Er, yes, we're sorry about all of that. But will you tell us about his grades?"

The teacher pulled out another sheet of paper and took a deep breath. "I've got good news and bad news."

"Good news first," Jason blurted out.

"The good news...is that the bad news is easy to tell you."

Piper looked quizzically at the teacher. "What?"

"Well," she said, "He's failing everything."

Contrary to what Annabeth would have done, Jason and Piper just nodded understandably. They knew what it felt like. "I see," said Jason.

Piper leaned forward. "But," she said, and a wave of sweet-smelling mist washed over the teacher, who's expression turned to confusion, "Wouldn't it be a lot better if you changed all of Bobby's grades to A's? A pluses on everything would be great, right?"

The teacher just stared at Piper and then nodded slowly. "I'll do that."

"Good," said Piper, standing up, "We'll take our leave now. Thank you for being so cooperative!"

The teacher mumbled, "Anytime."

Driving back home, Jason turned to Piper at a red light. "That wasn't very nice. Or even morally correct."

Piper grinned evilly and kissed him on the cheek. "I try."

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